Aerwin Tribwell

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Aerwin Tribwell is a Jedi in the clan Odan-Urr and house Satele Shan. She is a Togruta female born on Shili but grew up on New Tython. This is where Kaira Rohana found the young woman and trained her to be a Jedi.

Aerwin Tribwell
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5'2 m




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Kaira Rohana



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Character History

The young years

Aerwin was born to parents Tarsh and Lengon Tribwell on the planet Shili in the year 7ABY. Even though her birth was on the Togruta home world she had never lived there for more than two months. The young couple, looking for something new had left Shili, the only home they had known. It didn’t take them long to really not like space travel. They had heard of a planet in the Outer Rim that had set up colonies on it called New Typhon. They had done some research and felt it would be a quiet place to raise Aerwin out of the war raging across the galaxy. It was the year 9 ABY when they settled on New Typhon.

The way the tribes were set up on New Typhon reminded them of home. This worked well for their family and they built their new home on very edge of Tanduran. This was a hard time for the Tribwells as they were building a home, taking care of a baby and learning about their new home. Rarely did they go to town or see anyone. They wanted to be left alone to raise their family the way they saw fit. Aerwin grew strong over this time in her life. It truly was a quiet life for her and her family.

After only seven years on New Tython Aerwin had three sisters and a brother. They were learning to hunt as a family. It was as Aerwin turned 8 years old that her mother Tarsh and her younger sisters Jani, Gian, and Leya saw that Aerwin had a power that they did not in hunting. This was part of the reason Tarsh and Lengon left Shili in the first place. They thought maybe Aerwin was special with the power of the Force like her great great uncle.

Now that her parents were sure that she had Force abilities Aerwin started special family training. Her father knew there were Jedi on New Tython but he did not want Aerwin taken to them yet. As time went on her abilities grew so much, but in the year 33 ABY there was an event that caused Aerwin to strike out on her own.

Aerwins’ family did not fight her on this but they did ask that she stay on the planet. It was a hard time for the young woman. The event that caused her to strike out on her own happened with her brother Totgon and her sister Leya. One bright sunny morning they left their family home and headed into the jungle to hunt. As always they went as a group but on this day their family changed forever. Totgon, who was leading his first hunt, was young and foolish. After only two hours they found their first kill, a boar-like creature. It only took moments for Aerwin to see their mistake and as her voice rang out to her sister and brother they were taken off guard. Aerwin saved her brother that day but their sister Leya was killed. No one in the family blamed Aerwin but she felt if she had known more of the Force she could have saved her sister.

It didn’t take long before Aerwin found herself living in the capital city Menat Ombo. After only a few months Kaira Rohana happened to find Aerwin in a small cantina. The two hit it off well. Kaira took Aerwin to her small home where she started the woman's Jedi training outside of her clan Odan-Urr’s knowledge and outside of the Brotherhood. At this time Kaira set up for Aerwin to help raise and hide Kaira’s daughter. Aerwin told Kaira of her family and they went to visit. At that moment Kaira saw a way to hide Krystal from not only Odan-Urr but from the Brotherhood as well. Kaira asked Aerwin and her parents to take Krystal in and they were more than happy to do so. Once this was done Kaira was able to fight for her House harder.

Months turned into years and it wasn’t long before Kaira had seen a vision that scared her. Aerwin still had not joined Odan-Urr but she wanted to tell Kaira she was going to join within the month. With a smile Kaira told Aerwin her vision. Then she made the woman promise to wait until her death, which was only a few months if not weeks away. “Go to Ji. Tell him what I have told you. Be tested and take over for me where I left off. Raise Krystal as a Jedi. Do not Fall. Do not let her Fall.”

That day was the last day Aerwin saw Kaira. News of Kairas’ death trickled down to her and the day after she found out Aerwin walked up to the base of Odan-Urr to find Ji. It was not Ji who found her however. It was Seer A'lora Kituri, leader of the Clan who found her. Aerwin knew that Kaira had thought highly of this woman so she told her who she was and that Kaira had trained her to take over for her. With that A’lora had her tested then allowed her to join the Clan, putting her into Kairas’ old position.

A new chapter had begun.