Andan Taldrya Marshall

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Andan Taldrya Marshall
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 BBY

Physical Description







185 lbs


Black, worn long and usually tied back



Personal Information



The enemies of Taldryan

Lightsaber Color(s):

Orange, White

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Verdanaian, Shadow Fist, Jeswandi, Hapan, Dulon

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era, Rebellion Era, Rise of the Empire Era


Clan Taldryan, House Archanis, House Ektrosis, Sons of Taldryan, Sith Order

Personal Ship:

VT-49 Avenger



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Character History


Andan Taldrya Marshall started out life as one of many Zabrak colonists on Talus in the Corellian system. His parents were normal – hardly worth mentioning; his childhood was average for a settler on a Zabrak colony. He grew up dreaming of something better than farming his parent's meager plot of land; he wasn't sure what he wanted, just that he wanted more.

The robes worn by Andan Taldrya Marshall

Teen and Adult

It was 5 ABY when Andan, a 15 year old who had just been through his rite of passage and received his facial tattoos, disappeared. He left his parents' home one night with some credits, a change of clothes, and designs on greatness. He got himself hired on to a freighter crew and flew with them until it was clear that they were not the vehicle to excitement and greatness. For the next few years, Andan traveled the stars taking jobs as they came. He fancied himself a bounty hunter for a time, but found that he had no taste for it and gave up that life quickly. In 8 ABY he ran into a group calling itself the Emperors' Hammer. The group called itself the restoration of the Empire, but was truly no more than an Imperial warlord's band. He joined the group, as it seemed to offer the best chance at action and adventure, and was able to quickly progress through their training program. He was assigned to the Spectre Squadron on the SSD Avenger and eventually rose to command the squadron. After a time, he became the aid to the Emperors' Hammer's Fleet Commander and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. However, this political position was not the sort of adventure he was after and quickly resigned the post and returned to his squadron. After an eventful and distinguished naval career, he would retire to pursue other interests.

Dark Brotherhood

While training with the Emperors' Hammer TIE Corps, Andan was identified as force sensitive offered training in the Dark Side. The young Zabarak, although he barely knew what the Force was, felt that this was his true calling, and accepted the invitation. He progressed through the Shadow Academy quickly, showing a strong aptitude for strategy and space combat. After graduation, Andan spent the majority of his time focusing on his naval career, although he did not neglect developing his newfound powers. Information about him between his graduation from the Shadow Academy in 10 ABY and 27 ABY is hard to come by. It is known that Andan eventually ended up calling Clan Taldryan his home and worked directly under the various consuls who lead the clan, but the exact work he did is a secrete only known by the consuls he worked under and Andan himself. During this time he was awarded the Taldrya name and made a Son of Taldryan.

During the Fall of Antei in 27 ABY, Taldryan suffered a tremendous loss: Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya, the Quaestor of House Archanis, was killed in battle. Duga Taldrya Arkarso, Consul of Taldryan, quickly contacted Andan and informed him of Taldryan’s problem. Andan stepped up and replaced Taku as Quaestor. Battlefield promotions are never the smoothest transitions, but that is made even worse when the promotee was virtually unknown except for members of the clan summit. Andan was able to transition into power as easily as anyone could be expected to in that situation and he led his house during the remainder of the conflict and continues to do so to this day.

During 28 ABY, House Archanis was closed once again due to lack of membership. Andan transferred to House Ektrosis at this time, where he remained until 31 ABY. He kept his title as Viceroy of Volcanus out of necessity - someone had to run the planet.

In 31 ABY, Andan returned from a semi-retirement to take the position of Taldryan's Proconsul. His activities during this time were largely unknown, but that isn't unexpected since prior to taking Quaestor of Archanis he'd been a completely unknown figure in the clan. It is known, however, that much of his time was spent on his personal estate on Sarmus, with frequent trips to Kalus.


Andan is fairly introverted and prefers to spend time by himself or in small groups when possible. His greatest motivation is, as one would expect of a Sith of his rank, to increase his power, prestige, and influence. His fierce loyalty to Clan Taldryan, means that he will often put the needs of the clan above his own, but he is constantly searching for ways to improve the standing of both the clan and himself. His personality can be cold and distant, but he has a genuine desire to see those whom he sees as friends and allies succeed.


Two lightsabers currently used by Andan

Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya had a standing order saying that if he were to die while Quaestor of House Archanis, his personal effects were to be given to his successor. After his death in the Eighth Great Jedi War, Taku's few possessions were transferred to Andan, including four lightsabers. The first is a simple lightsaber constructed from parts Taku removed from the lightsaber of the first Jedi he killed. This lightsaber was of a simple tube with rings cut into it to aid in grip; the crystal used produced a brilliant orange blade. The second lightsaber was built during Taku's time in Clan Alvaak and is purple and features an extra long blade, as was customary in the clan.

Both of these lightsabers are kept in a display case in Andan's office on Volcanus. The third lightsaber is based on the lightsaber carried by the then-Chancellor Palpatine and also features a purple blade, although this was a normal length saber and does not show affiliation with Clan Alvaak. The fourth saber is a unique one with a red leather wrapped handle and a stylized hilt from a bladed sword. There is also a small Taldryan crest inlaid in the hilt of the saber; the blade is white. Andan felt honored to carry the lightsaber used by such an esteemed member of Taldryan and he chose to honor the memory of the former Quaestor by building a new lightsaber with the same hilt. The blade on this latest lightsaber is an intense orange and Andan plans on converting it to dual phase once he acquires the parts and knowledge to do so. He carries both of these lightsabers with him daily.

Taku Matsuki Taldrya's Lightsaber has become a relic of House Archanis and, as the last Quaestor of House Archanis, he holds the lightsaber.


For a long time, Andan had been interested in studying dual saber combat. Although he had begun his DB career with the goal of studying Dun Moch and Trakata, in early 27 ABY he began to study Ataru and Sokan. Towards the end of 28 ABY, Andan's study of the two forms reached a point where he could use them in combat. At that point, he switched his primary style to Sokan.

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Another saber that Andan received from Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya

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