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Roche Asteroids

Date of Birth:

11 ABY

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1.92 M


81 KG





Personal Information

Selika Roh

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Meleu Karthdo

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Kz'set, like many Verpine, is tall and lanky with thick green carapace. S/he generally prefers light armor in shades of red and black, though s/he tends not to wear anything below the waist. This is normal for Verpine due to their extremely long and unusually shaped legs.

Character History

Early Life

Kz'set was born on the Roche asteroid "Nickel One" in the year 14 ABY. Hir upbringing was similar to that of most Verpine as s/he was raised and educated communally by the hive. From a rather young age Kz'set showed an extraordinary intellect and an aptitude for mechanics and engineering but that was rather common among hir peers. What wasn't as common was hir strong interest in military strategy. S/he'd often searched out holos of famous battles and texts on military history and tactics. The hive wasn't sure what to make of this interest, but they did not stifle it and some even encouraged it. However this was by far not Kz'set's most unusual feature.

What baffled the hive the most was Kz'set's unusually uncanny ability to predict problems before they occurred. No one could really explain how or why, but s/he simply knew when something was about to break. The Hive mistakenly attributed this talent simply to an extraordinarily gifted analytical mind and nothing else. S/he also exhibited well above average reflexes, but that too was dismissed as something mundane. For whatever reason, neither of these signs of Force sensitivity were ever explored and Kz'set never came to the attention of the Jedi.

After completing hir education, Kz'set took a position as an engineer for (Slayn and Korpril) despite some urging by the hive and others to apply to the Galactic Alliance Fleet Academy. Though s/he had many assignments, hir primary work with the corporation was working on upgrades to the targeting systems of B-Wing fighters and other craft.


In 35 ABY, Kz'set was dispatched to the Corporate Sector as part of a team of Slayn and Korpril engineers tasked with uncovering faults in parts being manufactured by various suppliers. Little to the Verpines' knowledge, the faults had been the results of sabotage performed by a pirate and slaving group aligned with the One Sith. The One Sith were lacking in experienced technicians and their plan was to use the sabotage to lure out a group of engineers and then capture and enslave them. As they did not want to risk exposing themselves, they hired a pirate gang to do their bidding. Why they targeted the Verpine specifically is unclear.

The pirates launched their attack as the Verpines' transport passed near the edges of the Stygian Caldera. Using a CC-7700 interdictor, they pulled the transport from hyperspace, disabled it, and took Kz'set and the other Verpine captive. They were taken to Korriban where the One Sith masters quickly realized that Kz'set was different from the other slaves. It didn't take them long to realize that s/he was Force sensitive. Seeing a potential recruit, the One Sith sought to make Kz'set's life a living hell until s/he lashed out with the Dark Side.

Though life as a One Sith slave was already a brutal one, Kz'set's was purposely made worse. S/he was worked longer, slept less, and was subject to more brutal discipline. S/he was fitted with a shock collar that had been modified with special transmitters that were meant to both jam and transmit uncomfortable signals through hir antennae. This particular method of torture was particularly maddening to Kz'set and despite initially resolving not to react to the torture, it wasn't long until the Verpine finally did lash out. Kz'set remembered little of the incident in question aside from a bloody overseer impaled on durasteel scaffolding and hir surprise at hir masters' pleasure over the event.

One Sith

Kz'set's time as a member of the One Sith was fractious at best. While they recognized hir force-user and trained him in the Sith ways, they never quite treated him as an equal. As a being of cold logic and intellect, Kz'set was a quick study and hir power grew rapidly. This both pleased and concerned his One Sith masters since, given how he came into their fold, that there was a risk he would betray them that was even beyond the usual risk of Sith betrayal. Thus they kept a close watch on Kz'set, keeping him just close enough to make use of his talents but far enough away from anything critical.

While the One Sith would occasionally make use of Kz'set to eliminate opponents, more frequently they would use hir as a tactical analyst. S/he had a particular skill for noticing flaws in defenses that could be exploited to the One Sith's advantage. Some have speculated that while s/he didn't plan the One Sith's attack on the Brotherhood single-handedly and did not directly participate in it, s/he played a significant part in its success. As the Brotherhood retaliated, Kz'set would routinely point out flaws in formations, individuals that could be exploited, and divisions that could be deepened, and similar information. Whether it was shear ego on their part or the latent distrust they had for Kz'set, the One Sith leadership never acted on this advice which led to defeat after defeat.

There was one member of the One Sith who Kz’set gained a grudging respect for, Synin Torin. While many of the One Sith “mentored” the Verpine, Synin took a particular interest in him for his technical talents. Synin specialized in the art of Mechu-deru, fusing the Force to droids and other technology, and Kz’set was more than a little curious about such things. Because of the common interest and Kz’set’s already strong knowledge of technology, Synin was just slightly less cruel to the Verpine than some of the other One Sith.

Coming to the Brotherhood

Personality Profile

On the whole, Kz'set is a cold, calculating and intellectual being who tends to resort to wit as opposed to strength to get things done. S/he despises rash action and prefers to thoroughly think every decision through though hir mind does work more quickly than that of some beings. While not entirely reclusive nor shy, Kz'set does generally stay quiet in most social situations and prefers to interact with people that are more on hir level intellectually. S/he tends to over analyze most situations, though not to the point of complete indecision.

Kz'set may not be the most skilled interrogator as s/he's not great with people. S/he doesn't shy away from torture in which s/he takes no particular pleasure or displeasure in using instead viewing it as just another tool to accomplish a goal.

Combat Profile


Kz'set, unlike most Sith, doesn't have a disdain for any particular type of weapon or equipment. Be it a blaster, lightsaber, or knife, s/he will use any tool to get the job done. That said, s/he does have a preference for certain weapons. Foremost among these is the Verpine Shatter Gun, an advanced slugthrower produced by hir hive. While s/he always had a love for the weapon, s/he now realizes it's potential as a weapon to defeat other force trained individuals.


Successor character to Arden Karn

Positions Held
Before Position After
Famosus Aspicio Rollmaster of Plagueis
38 ABY
N/A Quaestor of House Karness Muur
38 ABY
Callus Bo'Amar
Koth Rai'Hakk Proconsul of Plagueis
38 ABY
Telaris "Mav" Cantor Magistrate to the Voice
38 ABY