Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor

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Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 BBY (age 67)

Physical Description












Personal Information

Old Folks' Home Alanna Taldrya Bubbles Taldrya Cantor Family Taldryan

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



Diamond Sword, Emerald Dagger, Sapphire Blade

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

Admiral (Ret.) Bar Owner Dark Jedi





Personal Ship:

X-Wing Corel's Rage

Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor

Crix Madine



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Character History

Early life

Childhood (19 BBY - 9 BBY)


Born in 19 BBY, Keirdagh was the only child of Bernird and Marika Cantor. His parents were the owners of a small but idyllic bed and breakfast inn located on the outskirts of the popular tourist destination of Tyrena, near the renowned Gold Beaches. Despite the unrest that had captured the galaxy in the face of the Clone Wars, the businesses and scenic destinations around this leisure community maintained a bustling business. As such, Keirdagh’s earliest memories are of his parents busily tending to the business of running a bed and breakfast, and playing with their guests children.

Growing up in a household that was also a business instilled in Keirdagh at a young age the importance of following instructions quickly. Even as a child, Keirdagh knew his responsibility to his family to help them maintain a good business, and that he had to work hard to achieve what he wanted. It was not a mirthful childhood filled with frivolity and abandon, but none-the-less; it was a happy one, surrounded by his family who he loved dearly. The importance of family would be a character trait that would come to define Keirdagh for much of his later life.

In 9 BBY, at the age of 10 Keirdagh’s father and mother had had enough of the grind of running a full-time bed and breakfast, and decided to embark on another adventure. Keeping their small cottage, Bernird purchased a small pub one of the smaller neighbourhoods of Tyrena, and soon found he had a willing assistant in his young son. Drawn to both helping his father tend bar, as well as cooking the simple Corellian pub fare that they served Keirdagh believed himself to be preparing for a simple life, following in his father’s footsteps and running the family business.

Adolescence (9 BBY - 4 BBY)

Keirdagh's Home City of Tyrena
Anessa Bell
Anessa Bell

Between spending his days in school, and helping his father out in the pub, Keirdagh had a very busy childhood. His parents, growing somewhat concerned that their young son was growing up too fast, and missing out on the simple joys of being a child began to encourage Keirdagh to take an interest in other facets of life. Realizing that the easiest way to do this would be to get him involved with children his own age, his parents began to seek other hobbies that Keirdagh could participate in. It was a stroke of luck that one of their old customers from the Bed and Breakfast contacted the Cantor’s and enquired about staying at their home during their upcoming vacation to the Gold Beaches.

So it was that in 4 BBY, Garm Bell – an executive in the powerful Corellian Engineering Corporation – along with his wife Fiolla and daughter Anessa came to stay at the Cantor’s seaside cottage. Despite having been playmates many years before, Anessa and Keirdagh had no recollection of one another, and certainly neither had the issue of dealing with raging hormones when they were mere children. Such was not to be the case on the Bell’s return to the Cantor home. The infatuation between the two adolescents was both immediate and mutual, a fact that both sets of parents either chose to overlook or did not recognize.

In what would begin as a whirlwind romance of puppy love, would eventually change both Anessa’s and Keirdagh’s life forever. For Keirdagh’s parent’s part, the two weeks that the Bell family stayed with them was wonderful. Their son had finally taken an interest in something other than work, and was visibly happier for the experience. Little did they know however how intimate the short lived relationship between Anessa and Keirdagh had grown.

Despite the brevity of their tryst, Keirdagh developed strong feelings for Anessa, and upon the Bell’s return to Coronet, the youth dropped quickly into an emotional spiral, and his parent’s quick joy at the young man’s transformation quickly turned to despair. No longer having the drive to seemingly do anything, lethargy came across the young man, and it was with great relief that Benird took a call from Garm Bell two months after their visit, hoping that the man might be returning with his family.

Scandal! 3BBY

Bernird could never have known however that the news he was about to receive would not be the answer to his concerns for his son, but the beginning of a much longer, more harrowing journey to come. Anessa at the tender age of 16 was pregnant. Under pressure from her parents she revealed that she had been with no one other than Keirdagh. The news, predictably, hit the small tightly knit Cantor family like a proton torpedo. Torn, as most families are at news of this magnitude, between joy and horror the elder Cantor began an argument that would haunt him the rest of his life.

Bernird was furious with his son that he could so easily throw away his future for multiple hours of mind-blowing pleasure. The ensuing row between them nearly tore apart the once almost impenetrable bonds of familial affection. It was with bitter and harsh anger that the elder Cantor accused his son of ruining his family’s good name, and stormed out of the house. Knowing that his husband would be headed to the pub to bury himself in his work Marika followed, hoping to calm him and force a reconciliation between father and son.

Anessa Bell
Anessa Bell

So it was, that when Garm and Anessa Bell landed their land speeder outside of the cottage, Keirdagh was home alone brooding over his fight with his father, and the future of his unborn child. It was not to be a happy reunion with the mother of his child, and Garm Bell took no pleasure in seeing the young man either, refusing to let the two adolescents speak and demanding to speak to Keirdagh’s father. Coming on the heels of another shattering argument, Keirdagh was in no mood to be dismissed by this man who was blocking his way to both the woman he believed he loved and who was the mother of his child. The argument soon came to blows, and such was the rage that came over Keirdagh that he felt his first manifestation of the force, punching Garm Bell with such force that the elder man flew backwards and smashed his head into the speeder that Anessa was ensconced within.

It was at this moment that Bernird and Marika had returned to their home in order to make amends with their son. Embarrassed and bloodied, Garm rose to his feet and issued a proclamation that would haunt Keirdagh for years. He announced that so long as Keirdagh was on Corellia, Anessa nor her child would never be allowed within hailing distance of the Cantor family. As he jumped into his speeder, Keirdagh stared into Anessa’s tear filled eyes and knew that the love he felt for the woman was both very real, and worth fighting for. Turning to his parents, he pleaded forgiveness, and begged that they let him set it right.

Recognizing, with the maturity he had not recently displayed, that this situation was in actuality, entirely his fault, Keirdagh proposed a plan. At first his parents objected and argued against his planned course of action. But Keirdagh was adamant, he knew that if he were to have any sort of chance at having a family of his own with Anessa, he had to do the hardest thing of all: walk away. With him away from Corellia, Keirdagh believed Garm’s anger would subside and let Bernird and Marika have a role in the child’s life, and once that was established, perhaps Keirdagh would finally be able to beg forgiveness and return.

When Bernird contacted Garm and outlined Keirdagh’s proposal, Garm concurred, and suggested a destination for the young scofflaw that would prove his worth as a father, and perhaps one day a son-in-law: The Imperial Academy on Carida. Utilizing his contacts at the CEC with the government Garm ensured Keirdagh was shipped off planet mere weeks after their confrontation.

The Empire

The Caridan Military Academy (3-1 BBY)

Caridan Naval Command Officer's School

For Keirdagh, adjusting to life within the confines of a military academy was fairly simple. From a young age he had been following orders, and keeping tight schedules. On Carida, in the Naval Command Officer’s School, Keirdagh settled immediately into the routines, and soon began to thrive. Now receiving constant updates from Anessa on their child and working to better himself beyond what had previously been his wildest dreams, Keirdagh began to feel content in his role.

In the barracks, Keirdagh would soon be introduced to one of the men who would eventually become one of his closest friends and mentors, Kyle Kessler. Kessler was the Prefect of the dormitory where Keirdagh was quartered, and the two became fast friends. Kessler, being a few years older than Keirdagh, and having enrolled in the college earlier would soon graduate, and the two would subsequently lose touch for many years.

As a student within the Academy, Keirdagh soon began to excel in his command training and develop a reputation as a brilliant tactician and leader. As it was, in his second year at the Academy at the age of only 17, his classmates in the Naval Command School voted him to be the Student Commandant, the equivalent of Class President in civilian institutions. The distinction honoured Keirdagh greatly, and he retained the Commandant position until the day of his graduation, where he was given the duty of giving the final address to his co-laureates.

Starfighter Training aboard Chimaera (1 BBY - 1 ABY)

Keirdagh's Flight Helmet aboard the Chimaera.

"Welcome aboard the Chimaera recruits, report to the duty master for your assignments."
―Commander Gilad Pellaeon

Upon graduation it was standard procedure within the Imperial Navy for promising candidates to be assigned to temporary posts aboard one of the fleet's Star Destroyers, in order to give them better opportunities to advance within the ranks. Keirdagh, as Student Commandant fit this description perfectly, and upon his graduation he was transferred to the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera under the command of Captain Calo Drusan.

Beginning his training on the Chimaera was an eye opening experience for the young man from Corellia. Having graduated from the prestigious Caridan academy, Keirdagh had felt that he would receive some measure of special consideration in his continued training, but this was not to be the case. The Chimaera was well known throughout the fleet as an extremely efficient ship, and new recruits were expected to earn their keep, and were given no preference except for the plaudits they would earn aboard. As it was, Keirdagh's first position was as a minor assistant for the Starfighter Wing Commander. This was where the first opportunity was afforded to him to participate in TIE Fighter simulations. The results were remarkable.

In his first training mission, acting as a human simulate for Rebel pilots Keirdagh along with his other human analogs defeated the TIE Squadron they were simming against. In subsequent missions, Keirdagh’s proficiency scores reached a level that was unmatched by any of the pilots currently stationed on the Chimaera. As his scores continued to range in the exceptional, Keirdagh requested transfer from Fleet Command into Starfighter command, and his request was approved after 3 months aboard the Chimaera. Once a promising Fleet candidate, Keirdagh was now the star of Chimaera’s fighter squadron corps. It was here that Keirdagh would earn the callsign "Yacko", a name he would keep for the rest of his years, due to his inability to keep idle chatter and taunts off the comm-waves during combat and the insane stunts he would put his fighter craft through.

Keirdagh's Dress Uniform in Wing X

The quick advancement and change of direction of his career would come at a time when Keirdagh’s personal life would take a turn for the worse however. After six months continuing his advanced fighter training, following the tumult of the Battle of Yavin, Keirdagh’s world would be turned upside down. During a rebel raid on his home planet, in order to liberate the traitorous Crix Madine, his parents were killed when a downed fighter crashed onto his childhood home. Elements of the infamous Rogue Squadron would eventually be reported as the Rebel unit responsible for the raid, leading Keirdagh to develop a deep and intense hatred for the talismanic Rebellion Squadron.

Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps (1-5 ABY)

The news of his parent’s death sent Keirdagh into an emotional tailspin, and it looked as though his career would be derailed by his pent up anger. After a string of poor performance reviews, and altercations with fellow pilots, it looked as though the promising young pilot’s ascent through the ranks would come to a screeching halt. Then a figure from his past returned to give new life and resolve to the pilot. Having heard the sad news of Keirdagh’s parent’s death, his old friend from the academy, Kyle Kessler visited him on shore leave, telling Keirdagh of the Special Fleet that he had been assigned to: The Emperor’s Hammer. Despite his recent troubles, with an endorsement from Kessler, Keirdagh secured a transfer to the Hammer Flagship Sovereign.

After a short shore leave to Corellia to visit his daughter and her mother, Keirdagh reported to the Sovereign and was assigned to Wing II in Rho Squadron. His experience within Rho Squadron was one of acclimation; learning to adapt to the elite nature of the Emperor’s Hammer was far beyond his experiences at Carida and aboard the Chimaera. The nature of the Emperor’s Hammer pilot corps was one of entitlement, knowing that their superior skill made them special, an attitude that would grow on Keirdagh as years passed.

Keirdagh’s time in Rho Squadron was not to be long lived however, as he soon learned that on his most recent trip to Corellia, he and Anessa had conceived another child, this time a son. With the news of another child on the way, Keirdagh knew there was not enough room for advancement within the rigid ranks of the Sovereign, so he sought out Kessler once more, joining him aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Challenge, in Wing X.

Initially assigned to Thunder Squadron, Keirdagh began his assimilation into Wing X immediately. Feeling a greater kinship with his fellow pilots, and command officers, Keirdagh laid the foundation of friendships and contacts within the Battle Group that would last him his entire career, and beyond. During a patrol through the borders of Emperor’s Hammer space, the Battle Group was ambushed, and during a fierce running firefight, Keirdagh helped Thunder Squadron lead the rear guard effort against a superior force. This was the first time the Emperor’s Hammer was engaged by the Rebel Squadron’s forces, setting the stage for a greater coming conflict in the Minos Cluster for years to come. It was also in this battle that Keirdagh earned the title of Ace, shooting down a total of six rebel fighters in the melee.

A Mysterious Visitor

An "Agent" of the Emperor

Upon returning to Aurora Prime for debriefing, the pilots of Wing X were awarded with a brief period of Shore Leave upon the planet for their efforts in escaping the Rebel Ambush. Keirdagh, still very much the new man on campus joined his Squadron planet side for a night of drinking and debauchery, still riding a high from surviving his first Fleet sized engagement. After a night of hard drinking, Keirdagh found himself alone in a shady bar near the Hammer Capital's red light district. Sitting alone in a both, the last of his Squadron able to continue on, Keirdagh was approached by a shadowy figure, claiming to represent the Emperor himself. This man revealed to Keirdagh that he believed Keirdagh to be a force sensitive after reviewing the battle holos from the previous battle, and wanted to recruit Keirdagh to be a member of the Emperor's Secret society of force trained adepts, and to spy on the Emperor's Hammer and report back to him.

Alarm bells began ringing for the Corellian pilot, who had grown up hearing the stories of how the Jedi and others were ruthlessly hunted down. As usual, the Corellian's independent streak had made sure that the anti-Jedi mania that swept the Emperor's new order never found full traction on its shores and Keirdagh had grown up hearing stories of Corellian Jedi Knights and their devotion to peace and justice; and he was all too familiar with how they died. Keirdagh sensed a trap in the making from this mysterious ambassador, and sprang into action. Slipping a vibroblade from its wrist sheath before he could react, Keirdagh cut down the man in cold blood, and then escaped into the dark streets, using the cover of the relative anonymity of a red light district to aid in his escape.

As much as he was enthralled by the prospect of having access to the force, Keirdagh feared more for his family, and what would happen to them if his force sensitivity was discovered. As far as he was concerned, if he did not actively try to tap into it, nobody would ever be the wiser concerning his hidden abilities, and his family would be safe. Keirdagh surreptitiously returned to the Challenge and never spoke of his encounter to anyone until years later.

Valour Rewarded

"Destruction Imminent"
―Cyclone Squadron Motto

Whatever lingering doubts Keirdagh had concerning his decision to murder the man disappeared quickly upon returning to duty. Discovery of the Rebel Squadrons invading the Minos Cluster had mobilized the entire Emperor's Hammer Fleet. Sent out into the depths of space to act as an independent fleet, Battle Group II began to make a name for itself throughout the fleet, amassing victory upon victory, accounting for many tactically important strikes throughout the territories that the Rebel Squadrons were impeding on, even while the rest of the Emperor's Hammer Fleet became bogged down and began losing ground against their enemy's determined resistance. Despite the continued success of the Challenge and her sister ship the Relentless, attrition began to eat away at the pilot corps, and Keirdagh was awarded a battlefield promotion to the rank of Captain, and command of his own squadron Cyclone.

Cyclone Squadron's Unit Patch

The war against the Rebellion was to be a long and arduous one. As defeat after defeat rattled the Imperial Navies throughout the galaxy, it was left to the Emperor’s Hammer to defend their small section of space alone, and without support from Imperial Centre. Even without the support of the main Imperial Fleet, the battles that were waged against the rebel contingent in the outer rim were vicious and drenched in the blood of both sides. Neither could gain a decisive victory over the other, and in the three years that he commanded Cyclone Squadron, Keirdagh led his Squadron in countless battles against the enemy.

The turning point in Cyclone’s fate was a massive fleet wide offensive that Grand Admiral Ronin had initiated in the Minos Cluster. It was a period marked by almost unrelenting combat, where pilots were forced to show their mettle, or would die for their masters. It was in these constant clashes that Keirdagh gained a reputation as one of the Emperor’s Hammer’s most fearsome and effective Starfighter pilots. Often leading embattled forces from the brink of defeat to victory, Keirdagh’s entry into the Outer Rim wars marked a turning point in the Minos Cluster Campaign, one that would change the course of his Imperial career forever.

While Cyclone Squadron was primarily a Tactical Strike and heavy assault Squadron, Keirdagh’s skills were far beyond those of the pilots he was leading, and his uncanny ability to pilot a Starfighter in combat was being wasted unloading heavy rockets into Rebel capital ships. As such, when the Commandant of the Aggressor Wing, the Hammer’s Starfighter combat specialists offered Keirdagh the position of Executive Officer aboard the Victory Star Destroyer Aggressor, Keirdagh leapt at the chance.

Transition to Fleet Command (5-13ABY)

Aggressor Strike Force
ISD Grey Wolf & Vanguard

As the Executive Officer of the Aggressor Wing, Keirdagh suddenly found himself on the fast track for promotion within the Emperor’s Hammer. As is the case within every military outfit in the history of the universe, there is no better way to make a name for yourself than in successful and consistent performance when neutralizing the enemy. The success he had entertained in the early parts of the conflict continued, and only grew more prodigious as the battle wore on. Working with the Commandant of the Aggressor Wing to train, and help Hammer pilot’s gain the upper hand against the Rebel Squadrons, Keirdagh turned what was already an Elite unit of the Imperial Navy into an even deadlier and more effective one. The Aggressor Wing would eventually go on to become as feared within the Rebel Fleets as the vaunted and yet oft disgraced 181st Imperial Fighter Group. This increase in reputation was attributed almost entirely to the selection of Keirdagh as the Executive Officer, and he was rewarded with a promotion to the flag rank of Vice Admiral for his efforts.

The promotion of course would have ramifications on Keirdagh’s life in almost every facet. His value as a training and commanding officer now, according to Fleet Command, surpassed his ability to dispatch the enemy, and Keirdagh found that he was no longer able to simply hop into his Starfighter and engage the enemy in fleet actions. The increased stability and pay would also come with unexpected benefits as well.

Finally having achieved a measure of normality and stability within his career, Keirdagh could begin thinking once again of his family. Though his job required him to be constantly in the front lines, engaging the enemy, the risks he took as a Flag Officer were far less than those he would experience in the cockpit of a fighter, and Keirdagh felt that the time was right to attempt to reunite his family. As such, Keirdagh purchased a small estate on Aurora Prime, the home base of the Emperor’s Hammer and convinced Anessa to bring their children from Corellia and settle with him on the Outer Rim. Family life, despite his almost idyllic upbringing did not come easily for Keirdagh. While he loved the mother of his children, he and Anessa had never actually been able to live as a family before, and the tensions that would rise from this would come to colour the rest of his career within the Hammer.

As the Minos Cluster War began to wind down, with the Emperor’s Hammer achieving nearly all of its objectives under the increasingly deadly leadership of the Aggressor Wing, Keirdagh had begun to notice a growing distance between his pilots and those of the rest of the Emperor’s Hammer Fleet. Working with the Commandant of the Aggressor Wing, Keirdagh proposed that the elite sub-unit of the TIE Corps be joined with the regular forces, and that they work together to increase the overall efficacy of the regular fighter troops within the hammer. With this in mind, the Aggressor Strike Force was commissioned as a Battle Group within the Emperor’s Hammer TIE Corps, and Keirdagh was promoted to the position of Battle Group Commander, with a fleet of three Imperial Star Destroyers, and multiple support ships under his command.

A Falling Star (14 ABY)

Admiral Cantor's Dress Uniform

The time in command of the Aggressor Strike Force was a watershed experience for Keirdagh, one where he would begin to realize his true potential in all aspects of his life. Having had a reputation for skill in simulated war games back on Carida, Keirdagh knew that he had the makings of a superior tactician to go along with his skill as a Fighter pilot. Until his promotion to Battle Group Commander though, he had never had to act upon the training he received at the Academy. Never knowing whether training would actually equal ability when faced in actual combat, Keirdagh turned out to be a revelation when he first led his Battle Group into combat, scoring a decisive victory over a much larger force who had hoped to ambush him. During the mopping up actions within the Minos Cluster, Keirdagh’s reputation as a tactician was tested again and again, and it soon became clear to all of those observing, that the skill and ingenuity he displayed piloting fighters was no less diminished with him standing at the helm of a warship. Soon, his victories would earn Keirdagh the promotion to Combat Operation’s Officer, one where he would combine his tactical ability and skills training fighter pilots.

Notifying EH of his Retirement
Peace Out, Bitches!

The adulation and promotions he was receiving in his career though, would be overshadowed in his mind by the strife that was ravaging his personal life. Despite being a devoted and loving father, Keirdagh’s relationship with Anessa could only be categorized as strained. The love that they carried through their youth, while being separated by social standing and distance became crushed under their new found proximity, with Anessa missing the comforts of family and trappings of wealth back on Corellia. Keirdagh for his part was equally, if not more guilty. Despite maintaining a relationship with Anessa for the better part of a decade, their distance apart meant that Keirdagh had always entertained casual dalliances with other women, and changing this behaviour once his family had joined him was something that he never came to terms with.

As his home life disintegrated around him, Keirdagh began taking out his frustrations at work, becoming jaded and aggressive with the people he served with, including his commanding officers. After a series of altercations with the Commander of the TIE Corps, Keirdagh tendered his resignation at the rank of Admiral, and entered early retirement in hopes of repairing the fractured relationship with Anessa.

Retirement in the end however, would not be the solution to the home problems that troubled Keirdagh and Anessa. The two briefly reconciled entirely, the effort they both poured into making the relationship work completely obscuring the fact that during Keirdagh's military service, he had simply become an unfit partner for the woman who was more comfortable being a socialite than a military wife. Despite the attempts to live up to Anessa's expectations, Keirdagh could never escape his humble beginnings, and while she wanted to jet off around the galaxy on vacations during his retirement, Keirdagh never stopped looking at the bank balances in the accounts, and thought a more pragmatic way to spend his dwindling nest egg was on taking care of his two adolescent children.

These arguments would eventually lead to the event that to this day, haunts Keirdagh as one of his worst memories. Despite the fact that he had long been suppressing and hiding the latent talent in the force he had been told about, in an argument with Anessa, Keirdagh's rage grew to such means that in a shout of anger, he physically threw his wife across the kitchen, breaking her ribs in the process. When his rage had subsided, Keirdagh took one look at her whimpering and crying form, and vowed that he had to learn to control his latent talent, rather than risk his family's safety.

Descent into Darkness (14 ABY)

Unfortunately, this decision to investigate the mystical powers he had meant that Keirdagh needed to open a chapter of his life that he had tried valiantly to forget. Thinking back to the encounter he'd had back on Aurora Prime, he knew that he might find himself in dangerous waters, and attempting to find access to the force might very well kill him. Throughout his time in the Emperor's Hammer, Keirdagh had often heard rumours of a cult of Force users who had allied with the Grand Admiral, even having come across some elite fighter pilots using customized fighter craft during the Minos Cluster battles. He decided that now that the Emperor had been killed, and under the aegis of the Emperor's Hammer, it would be safe enough to seek these people out.

Owing to the perhaps, entirely predictable mysterious nature, nearly as soon as Keirdagh began to make inquiries of his contacts within the hammer, he was visited once again by mysterious envoys, the foremost of whom wore a resplendent Fleet Admiral's uniform from the Emperor's Hammer, and clutching a short oaken rod by his side. The two men flanking him remained silent, with their faces hidden in the cowls of their robes, while the Fleet Admiral spoke in a quiet, assured voice. Identifying himself as Fleet Admiral Jac Cotelin (retired), the man told Keirdagh of the long, and often top secret associations that the Emperor's Hammer had with an organization called the Dark Brotherhood, and organization that Cotelin himself had once been the leader of. Seemingly, he now would use his powers of foresight to identify members of the Emperor's Hammer who had potential, and when the time was right, he would approach them, allowing them to serve a higher purpose than just being another cog in the military machine.

For his part, thinking his military career was behind him, Keirdagh simply nodded, and agreed to review the materials that Cotelin had brought with him. Despite the implied risk of denying someone who clearly had enough power to eliminate him immediately, the spark of defiance seemed to please the Fleet Admiral. Rather than pushing the matter, Cotelin simply introduced Keirdagh to another man who would become integral to his future, Voranyen D'tana, and told him that should he wish to continue his training, he had only contact the Twi'lek.

The Dark Brotherhood

Aquillas 14 ABY

Looking Heroic
Strike a Pose

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Tau Squadron (15 ABY)

Yacks' Pilot Helmet
Love Those Pink Stars
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Clan Satal Keto 15 ABY

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Clan Taldryan 16 ABY


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House Archanis 16 ABY

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Proconsul 17 ABY

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Sith High Warrior 17-19 ABY

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Justicar 19 ABY-23 ABY

Yacks at a Ceremony

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Call it a day. 23 ABY - Present

Sexy Devil
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Small Business Owner: Spanky's Tavern

Yacks Tending Bar at Spanky's
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Old Folk's Home


A brotherhood in need 35 ABY

Taldryan requires help, Yacks answers the call.

A light extinguished 36 ABY

Brief Synopsis of GJWX.

The Crusades 37 ABY

Subsection 1 (Early Rounds)

Early Rounds

Return to Leadership

AED+ Rounds

The Red Devil of Dromund Kaas


Physical Appearance

Keirdagh's Warbanner
Keirdagh's Warbanner

When first glancing upon Keirdagh, you have the impression of a man who appears to be an unarmed combat instructor. Broad of shoulder, and narrow of hip, Keirdagh strikes a formiding pose, still athletically trim, despite his somewhat advanced age. He wears his hair short, so as to always keep out of his eyes, and has affected a full and rather luxurious beard. You can see gray starting to creep into his brown hair at the temples, and at the corner of his mouth, but this does nothing to detract from the intensity you see in his piercing emerald gaze.

A line of stark white hair cleaves Keirdagh's beard below his left eye, where you can see the start of scar tissue starting, before it plunges beneath the beard that still amazes you by how full and magnificent it is. You also once heard a rumour that Keirdagh has been branded on his left shoulder with the Taldryan insignia, and it is common knowledge that he has a tattoo of the Cantor family crest above his heart.

Keirdagh wearing the S.H.I.T.

Combat Armor

Despite his training as primarily a pilot, and focusing his Dark Side studies on strengthening his already formidable skills in space combat, Keirdagh knew that to neglect his other training in the Jedi arts would be disastrous. As such, throughout his career Keirdagh spent a great deal of his time working with the most skilled hand-to-hand combat instructors he could, to help mould himself into as formidable a fighting force he could manage.

At the beginning of his career, Keirdagh had always avoided the use of armor, feeling that it restricted his movement too much in order to be effective in combat. However, having spent many years training in combat with the likes of Kir Taldrya Katarn, Sharad Taldrya Hett and Shadow Taldrya, Keirdagh's view of wearing personal armor was subtly changed, in light of the beatings he normally earned.

As such, when Keirdagh ascended to the position of Sith High Warrior one of the many projects he undertook was the creation and manufacture of a Sith Combat Suit, that would combine the practical applications of a Pilot's flight suit, but could also be used to aid the pilot should he be required to exit his vehicle and pursue a more personal form of negotiations. The result was the Sith High Inertia Tac-Suit (S.H.I.T).

Despite the obvious advantages of these Combat Suits, they were largely overlooked by the Brotherhood, with few of the Sith Dark Jedi Knights ever choosing to wear them. Keirdagh however is rarely seen in potential hostile situations without donning his Tac-Suit, and uses it now as his primary flight suit.

Warbanner / Family Crest

This is why I am showing the war banner, it explains why my family crest is so fucking AWESOME, and still one of the best war banners in the DB.

Personality & Traits

Keirdagh's life and career have led him to the assumption that he in in fact, the deadliest, most intelligent, and most skilled individual to have ever graced the galaxy. While he holds it to be true that he has never seen anyone who can prove this assumption wrong, his general cockiness and belief in his own infallibility leads him into more than his fair share of trouble.

Having spent a long and successful career as a Naval Officer, Keirdagh excels in many areas relating to space warfare. Recognized as one of the deadliest Starfighter pilots in the Emperor's Hammer, Keirdagh's ability in a dogfight is almost unparalleled. Having earned the rank of Admiral, he is also a skilled tactician and force commander.

Keirdagh only has a few inviolate rules when it comes to his life. The most important of these rules is to be loyal to ones allies, above all else. Whether he stands on the side of right, or wrong, whether it will mean his untimely death or not, Keirdagh will never abandon a comrade in need.

Keirdagh has spent much of his adult life in command of other people, whose lives have literally been balanced on the outcomes of his decisions. Long experience and many hard fought battles have granted Keirdagh the sense of iron-clad authority. When he issues an order, he expects it to be followed, and accepts nothing less.

Keirdagh, when forced to fight in hand-to-hand combat tends to play more of a support role. Though his ability with a lightsaber is considerable, he prefers to use the force as his primary weapon. Keirdagh, almost without exception prefers to take up the rear guard role, ensuring that his comrades find their way to safety before he himself leaves the battle.

When engaged in combat, Keirdagh is often extremely vociferous in his use of expletives. With a repertoire learned on a dozen different worlds, and from a dozen different military posts, Keirdagh constantly makes use of the most colourful and imaginative curses that one can imagine. The most simple statement, in Keirdagh's opinion, can be made better by judicious use of curse words.

Powers and Abilities

If I rub you behind the ear, just so, and then smack you on the ass, you'll end up with a hand print on your ass.

  • Pilot Extraordinaire
  • Leader
  • Galaxy Class Drink Mixer
  • Creepy Old Dude
  • Ladies Man
  • Uh, Space saving
  • Take Up more room



Keirdagh's TIE Defender
TIE Defender Starscream
T-65 X-Wing Corel's Rage
Keirdagh's Personal T-65 X-Wing Corel's Rage

I don't care ben, I own this shit. Well, the A-9b, I'll buy the X-Wing when/if I have to.

Melee Weapons

AKraB Vibrodagger

In recent years, Keirdagh's role has changed from a starfighter pilot and fleet officer, to that of a front line commander. Though he still prefers to command from the bridge of a starship, circumstances have made him grow more accustomed to operating in hand-to-hand combat. Though he had previously eschewed the use of any weapons but his lightsaber, hard won experience has taught him the need to supplementing the weapons he carries with him into battle.

Never one to view a weapon as anything but a tool, no matter what material it is crafted out of, Keirdagh will routinely carry multiple Sacramental weapons with him onto the fields of war. In order to accommodate these weapons, he has modified his armor to include two sheaths for his Sapphire Blade and Emerald Dagger. The Sapphire Blade can be reached by drawing over his left hand shoulder, whereas the Emerald Dagger is secured to the small of his back, its hilt accessible by either hand.

Completing the Dark Jedi Master's arsenal is a simple, utilitarian AKraB vibrodagger which is strapped to his right shin, a last resort for desperate times.


Yacks' R4
Knockers, Yacks' Loyal R4 Unit

R4 Unit, Yay

Disambiguation: Dark Prophet

There is a great deal of confusion concerning Keirdagh's fighter pilot call-sign. In his days in Tau Squadron, Keirdagh earned the call-sign "Prophet", as he was always the first one to point out or sense when the Squadron was being led into a trap. Keirdagh has used the call-sign long before there was a rank designation in the Dark Brotherhood of Dark Prophet. Originally, Clan Taldryan's Victory Class Star Destroyer had been Christened Cantor, as a show of thanks to Keirdagh for all of his years of service to the Clan. However as more members of the Cantor family grew prolific within the Brotherhood it was decided to rechristen the ship to properly return the emphasis on Keirdagh alone. This is when the name Dark Prophet was chosen, as Prophet just wasn't Dark Jedi enough on its own.

There is no link between the Rank Dark Prophet and Keirdagh's call-sign, nor has he ever achieved the rank of Dark Prophet within the Brotherhood. But he does answer to Dark Prophet because he had the name first and then someone screwed up and copied his name and made it a rank. (Pretty sure it was Jac's fault).

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After

Rian Taldrya Consul of Taldryan
March 2015 - April 2016
Howlader Taldrya
Solari Recruitment Tribune
38 ABY -
Sidarace Rathden Proconsul of Taldryan
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Halcyon Taldrya
Alaris Jinn Right Hand of Justice
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Halcyon Taldrya
Shaz'air Taldrya Aedile of Taldryan
37 ABY - 37 ABY
Position Dissolved
Reformed the Chamber of Justice Justicar
19 ABY - 23 ABY
Firefox Sith High Warrior
17 ABY - 19 ABY
Desio Predator
Telaris "Mav" Cantor Proconsul of Taldryan
16 ABY - 17 ABY
Pluty Quaestor of House Archanis
16 ABY - 16 ABY
William "MiSFiT" Flechette Taldrya Cantor
Aedile of House Archanis
16 ABY - 16 ABY
Quaestor of House Aleema
15 ABY - 15 ABY
Aedile of House Aleema
15 ABY - 15 ABY
Rollmaster of House Aleema
15 ABY - 15 ABY
Voranyen Quaestor of House Senryaku
14 ABY - 14 ABY
Telaris Cantor
Voranyen Aedile of House Senryaku
14 ABY - 14 ABY
Telaris Cantor
Sempai of Aeronautical Assault of Hyperion Flight of House Senryaku
14 ABY - 14 ABY
Perfection: For you it's a goal, for me it's a way of life.

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