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Awards are given to recognize outstanding service to the The Brotherhood through project work, winning competitive activities, or long term consistent service. Some awards are medals while others are ceremonial devices that can be used fictionally as weapons. Awards are broken down into four categories: Competitions, Merit, Sacramental, and Other. Awards are given based on knowledge, leadership, skill, participation, gaming, mentorship, among other accomplishments.

Some awards are only granted during special occasions: seals and novae for some forms of Vendettas, the Legion of the Scholar for trivia victory, and Seal of Loyalty twice a year. Ultimately, there are a variety of awards for all types of activities at all levels of the Brotherhood. Questions concerning the awards listed on this page or the corresponding category should be directed to the Master at Arms, currently Howlader.



Crescents are automatically processed by the database when a competition is judged and closed. The following outlines the appropriate crescent tier based on the target unit:

Tier Target Unit Upgrades at
Tier 1 Crescents DC-run DJB-Wide Competitions No Upgrade
Tier 2 Crescents Non-DC DJB-Wide Competitions 10 Participants
Tier 3 Crescents Clan Competitions 10 Participants
Tier 4 Crescents House Competitions 10 Participants
Tier 5 Crescents Battle Team Competitions 5 Participants

Additionally, crescent tiers scale as follows:

  • Upgrade one tier at a scaling threshold of participation (crescents may only upgrade once per competition)

Sacramental & Merit

Name Authority
Golden Lightsaber Grand Master
Silver Sash/Diamond Sword Deputy Grand Master/Justicar Up
Emerald Dagger/Ruby Scepter Core The Council Up
Amethyst Kukri/Sapphire Blade Consul Up
Grand Cross of the Dark Side Quaestor Up
Steel Cross/Anteian Cross Aedile Up
Dark Cross Battle Team Leader Up


Name Authority
Seal of Loyalty Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Master at Arms
Letter of Reprimand Justicar
Scroll of Foundation/Indoctrination/Master Headmaster & Staff
Dark Side Scroll Wiki Tribune and Wiki Staff
Cluster of Fire / Cluster of Earth Fist of the Brotherhood & Staff
Pendant of Blood Fist of the Brotherhood & Staff
Cluster of Ice Voice of the Brotherhood & Staff, ACC Staff
Cluster of Graphite Herald and Staff
Legion of the Scholar All primary leadership
Crusade Ribbons Herald Staff
Dark Brotherhood Awards
Competition Medals CrescentsNovaeVendetta SealsCluster of FireCluster of EarthCluster of IceCluster of GraphitePendant of Blood
Merit Medals Dark CrossAnteian CrossSteel CrossGrand Cross of the Dark Side
Sacramental Awards Sapphire BladeAmethyst KukriRuby ScepterEmerald DaggerDiamond SwordSilver SashGolden Lightsaber
Other Medals Scroll of FoundationScroll of IndoctrinationScroll of the MasterDark Side ScrollLegion of the ScholarSeal of LoyaltyCrusade Ribbons