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Marick Tyris Arconae
Biographical Information

Hapes Cluster

Date of Birth:

4 ABY (age 38)

Physical Description

Half-Hapan, Half-Human






185 lbs


Ashy Gray



Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):
  • Soresu
Chronology & Political Information






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Marick Tyris Arconae — also known as The Gray Fang — is the former Voice of the Brotherhood. He was the former Combat Master, former Consul and Shadow Lord of Clan Arcona, former Quaestor of House Qel-Droma and former Captain of Oblivion Brigade. After a long and dedicated career, he returned to Clan Arcona and worked to mend relationships and restore burned bridges as he re-earns his place among the only home he ever truly had. He now serves as an advisor to the Summit, and works to train the next generation of Arconans.

He is the current Exarch of the Brotherhood.

While he has been granted the Force Lord title by Grand Master Dacien Victae, he uses his given name — Darth Amarok — as a pseudonym to protect his private life separated from his service to the Brotherhood.

Expanded Dossier

The following file details the expanded dossier on Marick Tyris Arconae.

A Disciple of Force

Marick is purely agnostic in his view of the Force, disagreeing with most of the Jedi and Sith teachings. He incorporates bits and pieces of both philosophies to create his own beliefs and doesn’t see the Force as either dark or light. It is simply another tool to help him grow stronger and to achieve his goals. He is not a slave to the Force, and while it's a large large of his identity, it does not singularly define him.

The Gray Fang

Gray Fang Emblem

Marick adopted an emblem of a wolf head with a pointed tail that also represents a fang. This is symbolic and important to Marick considering his deep connection and identity with wolves. A lethal hunter that is also sharp of mind.

While perfecting his craft as a renowned Assassin, Marick has also trained a generation of operatives and agents. This has earned him respect among the ranks of the Inquisitorius, even after his retirement.

Known as the Brotherhood’s “Gray Fang”, Marick utilizes his knowledge and application of toxins and poison weapons to take down opponents or targets that might be stronger, faster or better equipped. He prides himself on his ability to craft his own unique formulas as opposed to common tinctures.

Marick fights with his wits first and values preparation and patience as much as martial ability. His perpetually stoic visage and lets him mask his true intent, making it easier for him to wait for the precise moment to strike.

Darth Amarok

Marick has accepted the honorific of Force Lord by Grand Master Dacien Victae, but seeks to use the name given to him as a means of separating himself from the larger scale politics and power struggles of the Brotherhood and its rivals. He uses the Darth title as an alias, but will leverage his status as needed to protect his family and those he cares for.

The Shadicar

Former Leader of the Shadicar

"When we take a life, we take nothing of value."
―Shadicar mantra

The Shadicar were Arcona’s top Assassins, and Marick was known as their best. He helped train the next generation of assassins, imbuing a layer of professional responsibility and efficiency that separated them from common hitmen or thugs. Each Shadicar had a gift, with Marick’s true calling coming in the form of keen attention to details and the ability to act on them in real time. Beyond that, Marick had made it his mission to learn and study as much about the poisons and toxins of the galaxy and how best to creatively use them to accomplish a mission. He combines this knowledge with his understanding of physiology and medicine.

His eerily calm demeanor paired with his experience, awareness, and ability to disappear and appear at will thanks to the gifts of the Force have lead to many labeling him as borderline spooky. For all of that, he lets his actions speak louder than his words and very rarely tries to actually manipulate anyone around him with overt acts of intimidation. He prefers to outthink his opponents, let them underestimate or overlook him, and then strike them down before they recognize him as a true threat. This makes him one of the more deadly threats in Dajorra.

Since returning to Arcona, and having successfully trained most of the active Inquisitors, Marick had been looking to train the next generation of Shadicar.

Now, retired, his priorities have shifted as he leaves behind a career of being an Assassin and the path of the Shadow.

Personality Quirks

"I'd tell you to smile more, but I suspect it may actually kill you. So, carry on."
Atyiru Caesus Entar

Sometimes smiling

Marick was always known for having perfect control of his facial expressions, and often kept them locked in a neutral visage that he wore like an armored visor. He rarely smiled back when he was a member of Clan Arcona, and now, any smile or laugh is most likely an act. His genuine smiles are reserved for a select few. As a Dark Councilor, he suppressed his emotions even further, always wearing the stoic mask of impassivity like an armored mask.

With the return of Atyiru, if one were to look closely, they might find that he is re-learning how to properly smile. With the addition of his daughter, it's becoming much more easy to spot an unguarded laugh or chuckle.

Drinking and Eating Habits

It is well known to any that are close to him that Marick does not drink or indulge in recreational drug usage of any kind. He has a strong fondness for tea, and never wastes a meal or any kind of foodstuffs. This is most likely a holdover habit from a time where he survived on scraps and leftovers.

Training, Lightsaber

Marick and Timeros

Marick was left without a true master to guide him on his trials to become a Dark Jedi Knight. It was during this time he began to spar with Sashar Arconae, which heavily influenced his decisions to use a shoto as his first hilt of choice. After being named leader of Oblivion Brigade, Marick found himself paired up with the renowned Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae. While the two shaped Oblivion Brigade into a feared and respected unit, Timeros acted as both a guide and mentor to the young Hapan.

Marick originally focused on a mixture of Makashi and Soresu under the tutelage of Sashar Arconae. After Sashar’s “passing” in the Great Jedi War, Marick continued his training on his own. He made a name for himself using his freakish athleticism with Ataru, and was often referred to as “Arcona’s Black Flash”. During that time, he also tutored both Socorra Erinos and Atyiru Caesus Entar after each reached the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, focusing on their defensive techniques. In the years of adaptive warfare between the Dark Crusade’s and Fading Light, Marick began to focus on perfecting Sokan under the watchful eye of his old mentor, Timeros.

After stepping down as Shadow Lord and taking on the mantle of Combat Master, Marick found less and less use for his lightsabers and has instead focused more intently on quietly honing his abilities as one of the Brotherhood's top assassins. As Voice, he still trains to keep his skills fresh, but he lacks the drive he had when younger and in a different headspace.


While Marick could be considered a lone wolf, his life and career has given him a unique network or allies and resources at his disposal.


Kira (Deceased)

Marick with his Cythraul, Kira, before and after her death.

During the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War, Marick's Cythraul, Kira, was killed during a coverup rooted in the betrayal of Invictus. Marick has coped with this loss in his own ways, but many close to him notice that he has been mostly drowning himself in work, especially with his new position as Combat Master.

After losing Kira, Atyiru created a necklace for Marick that simply holds the tip of a white cythraul tail. He wears it at all times, and it is the only thing he owns that he attributes any actual value to.


Fela was gifted to Marick as a small, weak pup at the behest of Atyiru before she had fallen and been placed in a coma for years. Marick took her in and nursed her to full health, and now she follows him nearly everywhere.

Fela is the last Cyhtraul born of the First Pack. The rest of her litter did not make it, and Fela came into the world underweight, frail, and with a slew of medical complications. In the process of preserving her life, the doctors at the Citadel had to remove one of her legs. She managed to pull through, somehow, and was kept under careful, isolated care until she was ready to be transported to her promised owner, Marick Tyris.

More than simply a runt, she is no larger than the common wolf, making her one of the smallest Cythraul to date. Growing up with only three legs, Fela naturally learned to adapt to her handicap. As she's come to age under the careful eye and training of her master, she is just as quick and agile as any wolf with four-legs. Her smaller frame definitely helps with this, but because of her stunted growth she lacks the same raw power and physical resilience as her siblings.

Fela was raised in an isolated lab, meaning that most of the worlds wonders are still fresh and new to her. As a result, she seems to carry an optimistic excitement with her wherever she goes, especially when experiencing something new. Even her apparent handicap does not seem to weigh down her spirit as she zips around with high energy, a sense of flair, and the occasional stumble that she will try to play off as intentional.

While emphatic to her Master's moods, Fela nevertheless persists in trying to make him happy. She would do anything in her power to protect him, even if it meant facing down a creature twice her size. She reserves her fear for more practical things like loud noises and office/kitchen appliances. As she's grown, she has taken to waging war against the cleaning droid's vacuum cleaner in particular.

Fade Initiative

Marick has the loyalty of first two members of the Fade Initiative: Kristen Erinos and Acaelus Del'aran aka Ace.

While Kristen has returned to service in the ADF, Ace remains on Marick's ship, the Encanis, working as a remote slicer and mission support. One of the few who Marick trusts implicitly.

Ace is a smart ass, but has an intimate knowledge of the Inquisitorius infrastructure, having learned from and aided the Seneschal with coding and enabling most of the security features and technologies within.

Being of pure Hapan heritage, and raised in a matriarchal society, Ace struggles sometimes with keeping traces of distrust towards women.


Atyiru Ceasura Entar

"I understand it now, don’t you see? I understand why you did everything you did. But you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I can’t die, Marry, because I’m the one who’s going to protect you now. "
Atyiru Caesus Entar
Marick and Atyiru

Atyiru and Marick’s relationship makes little to no sense on the surface. Polar opposites in both demeanor and approach, it’s hard to imagine how the two grew to be so close. Anyone who observes the two together in the rare moments where they are not playing the parts of their respective roles, however, can actually see why they simply work.

Marick didn’t know what to make of Atyiru when she first showed up in Arcona. Cheerful and optimistic, she turned heads immediately by demonstrating her infectious attitude, cleverness, and seemingly unending supply of optimism. And of course there was her annoying tendency to try and make everyone happy, including Marick, who was always focused on the mission at hand. Marick was always cold and distant to even his closest friends, but Atyiru never let that deter her.

During the battle of Rhelg, she demonstrated her skills as not just a medic, but of her potential with the Force. As Proconsul, Marick took a personal interest in the woman's talent and set her on a path that would make her a Battleteam Sergeant and then eventually one of his Aediles.

Marick and Atyiru training.

Even as an Aedile working under Cethgus, Marick always kept Atyiru close at hand, weather in war or the rare stretches of time spent at the citadel. Part of this was for martial training, and part of it was practical due to her being a field trained medic that accompanied him on any strike teams. And while many viewed the amount of time they spent together as curious or dubious, few could have guessed that Marick was actually preparing her to become the new Shadow Lord, or Lady, as it were. It wouldn’t be until much later on, during a separate mission, that the two were able to admit that there was more to their relationship than practicality.

After their duel in the Crystal caves.

To Marick, Atyiru represents the good that exists in a world he views as cruel and unforgiving. He has always been torn between his duties as a leader and an Arconae and his deeper feelings of affection for the Miraluka. As a result, he was always cautious with sending her out into the field alone, and always held fear to losing her somehow over the course of all the strife and warfare. She is his only true friend, and he would go to extreme lengths to see her happy and safe.

Things were not made easier when he was selected as the new Combat Master and had to spend more and more time away from the Citadel. Atyiru took on the mantle of responsibility that Marick had carried for so long, and in truth, there has almost been a reversal of roles with the new Shadow Lady being overly defensive of Marick.

Sometime after, Atyiru lost her father to illness. Marick had known about the illness but had sworn not to tell Atyiru. This lead to a confrontation in the remote crystal caves where the two fought until Atyiru gave in and collapsed. She was angry at him, but understood why and what he did.

For all of this, Atyiru is the lone bright, brazen light on the side of a weather beaten road that Marick walks. When all is told, in truth, there is nothing that Marick Arconae cares about more in the galaxy than Atyiru.

It remained to be seen how their relationship would hold up with Marick ascending to the Dark Council, and the decisions and actions he will make and take as Voice of the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, their time, even apart, was about to come to a brutal end.

Dying Light

Atyiru, while leading Arcona in an all-out assault in conjunction with Clan Odan-Urr, helped secure the destruction of Grand Master Pravus' flagship: The Suffering.

Or so they thought.

Phoenix Down

Atyiru away.

The Future

Atyiru back.

Atra Ventus

Grand Inquisitors, Dark Councilors

Marick and Atra have a long history together in the Brotherhood.

For all their differences, and the disparate paths their respective lives and careers took them, their convergence as Combat Master and Voice, followed by standing on equal footing as Regent and Voice has drawn them into a unique, working relationship.

Upon detailed observation, however, one could arguably call it a friendship.


Their respect for one another's abilities keeps them on the same team in the larger scheme of things, with each knowing the other to not compromise their own beliefs even if it means turning away from someone considered a friend.

That is to say, Marick trusts Atra to look out for Atra, and Atra expects Marick to do the same.

So long as their ideals can work together and compromise, the two Elder's can form one of the more deadly combinations thanks to Marick's willpower and alacrity and Atra's indomitable intellect and physical prowess.

Zuza Lottson

Mentor figure to the new Consul.

Alethia Archenksova

Will they, won't they? (They won't, but work very well together when assigned to the same project or mission).

Character History

A montage of Marick Tyris' life.

From Rags To Power

Marick never knew his father and had little true camaraderie growing up. He wore the label of ‘bastard’ like a brand and was a victim of his family’s matriarchal misgivings: taunting, neglect, and abuse from his own mother, sister, and the women of their court. When he arrived at the Shadow Academy, he was more akin to a beaten dog kept chained in a basement than a human being. His hunger to survive was greater, however, and his competitive nature lead to him standing out from the rest of his class. Then-Consul Sashar Erinos saw potential in the ragged looking boy, and took a shot on bringing him into Clan Arcona, his home and family. The boy struggled at first, but after Arcona’s Victory in the 9th Great Jedi War, he began a career that would help shape the future of Arcona as both a leader and hero.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Growing up in the matriarchal society that governs the Hapan was tough for the typical male child. Marick rarely speaks about his life before the Brotherhood, though, especially his childhood.

What he has revealed to those he cared to tell is that he grew up as the son of a well known Hapes Consortium member, Angelica Del'Abbot. He lived in a beautiful estate in the Hapes inner-cluster in a household riddled with conniving, manipulative women always scheming against one another. It was through this that Marick learned much about deception, trickery, and the value of subterfuge, and how information could be power. He would not fully come to put these early lessons to use until later in his career when he took up the mantle as Captain of Arcona’s Internal Security - Oblivion Brigade.

Aside from the conventional education, Marick was taught proper etiquette as well as basic combat training. Still, the boy was little more than a servant and whipping boy who worked mostly in the kitchens or in other domestic or mindless labor roles. His older sister, Erin Del’Abbot, was the cruelest by far, however. She seemed to take her bastard-brother as a personal slight on the family. As such, she made sure his life was never easy, setting him up to take the blame for things that were not his fault, and forcing him to do whatever it was pleased her sadistic fancy.

Marick was abused in ways both physical and mental that forced him to strengthen his inner resolve. These early lessons in numbing himself emotionally would later lead to his mastery of the Deadheart technique. At this point in his life, however, it was little more than paper armor. Erin would often force him into uncomfortable engagements with her friends, sometimes joining in as an antagonistic addition. He was used as an object of desire for the sadistic women that seeked favor with a high nobles eldest daughter. He was taken to bed, but never new a tender moment. Unless it was simply to heighten the inevitable pain. He was tied down, strung up, bound and beaten. He was a toy.

Broken toys, broken body.

For these reasons, among others, it would not be until his late teens that Marick found love for the first time. Amber Aurellis was the daughter of a prominent noble in the Del’Abbot court, and apparently had no eye for the games the other women played at. Kind and generous, she even stood up for Marick when his sister attempted to publicly shame him.

While brave, she paid a heavy price. It would be a long time before Marick truly recovered from being forced to watch Amber tortured, defiled, and left broken and discarded in the middle of a side street for anyone to stumble over.

As a bastard child, Marick never knew who his father was, and was not allowed to have any friends. The closest he ever came was Dexter Went, a retired body-guard who had earned a place as a security consultant for the Del’Abbot estate after taking more than one bullet for the Matriarch of the Del’Abbot family. Dexter was the closest thing Marick ever had to a positive role model and would train Marick in combat tactics, literature, and how the mind controlled the body. Through their training, Dexter realized that Marick possessed freakish reflexes and reaction times that no dangly, slightly malnourished teen should have had.

Things became clear when Marick discovered his connection with the Force. During one of his whippings, something snapped inside of him and allowed him to completely numb out the pain being inflicted on him. When he explained what had happened to Dexter, the old bodyguard began to piece everything together.

Unfortunately, Marick’s time with his mentor would come to a sudden, startling end.

These events ultimately spurred Marick to run away from home. To try for something else. With nothing more than tattered rags and a torn cloak, the boy somehow managed to make his way towards the only spaceport he knew of, and stowed away in the cargo hold of an outgoing ship.

Stow Away

Young Marick

Marick tried desperately to get away from his family, but was nearly apprehended at a local watering hole he had taken shelter in.

It was only through the grace of a team of Bounty Hunters that Marick was able to escape and find his way into the cargo hold of a departing freighter.

The young runaway tucked into a shipping crate, but was found by a pair of Dark Jedi when the freighter was commandeered.

Zakath Agrona pulled him out of the crate and left his fate up to Sashar Erinos.

The two Arconan's decided that the boy had potential, and brought him home with them and enrolled him in the Shadow Academy.

The Brotherhood: A New Home

Marick learns to fight.

Upon his arrival to the Shadow Academy, Marick reveled in the ability to use his "gifts" openly and to be respected for his talents. Knowing that if he failed he had nowhere else to go, Marick practically lived at the academy, washing dishes and cleaning the floors to earn an extra meal ticket or the means to pay off one of the professors to let him sleep in a lecture hall. He did nothing more than read, study, and train until he noticed the man who had brought him to the Academy in the first place was watching his latest training exercise.

At Sashar Arconae’s request, Marick was moved out of Arcona’s general membership and placed into House Qel-Droma and into Prophecy Phyle to study under the Archpriest-Tetrarch, Arcturus Xyler. Arcturus would take off to pursue his own goals, leaving Marick to fend for himself. The young Hapan was then made second in command of Prophecy Phyle while his companion Kant Lavar took over leadership. Prophecy Phyle soon became known as Oblivion Brigade, and although he no longer had a master and was barely a Knight, the Hapan was selected to succeed Kant as Battleteam Leader of Oblivion Brigade.

Marick took the reins of Oblivion and remodeled it to better suit his new teams specialties while continuing on his own path for personal growth. By the time of its closing, Oblivion had become a feared name in the Shadow Clan, and was said to even rival Soulfire Strike Team.

With the re-clanning of Clan Arcona, Marick was selected by the upper summit to lead House Qel-Droma as Queastor. Amongst his new responsibilities, Marick was tasked with solidifying the history of his House, while also re-locating it to the shadow port Port Ol'val.

During this time, he formed a strong bond with his new Aedile, Dralin Fortea, who helped him claim the Shadow Port in Arcona’s name and turn it into the stronghold for House Qel-Droma.


Marick betrayed.

Leading up the Tenth Greath Jedi War, an internal source rumored to be the departed Dralin Fortea, leaked valuable data to rival House Taldrya about one of Arcona’s mining stations. After an attack on the station was thwarted by Marick, the Quaestor engaged in a vicious duel with Benevolent Taldrya Whiner as he attempted to free his captured brethren. Ben utilized the Taldrya-specific trick to slip past the Hapan’s guard, stabbing him in the back and leaving him gravely wounded.

To pour salt in the wound, Marick soon found out that Dralin had indeed been the cause of the leak, and that his former Aedile had fled to join the ranks of Taldrya.

It was the first time that Marick had ever been betrayed or taken off guard. He silently swore that it would never happen again.

10th Great Jedi War

Arcona Clan Summit preparing for Great Jedi War X

Marick had done well as a Battleteam Leader in charge of a small unit, but never before had he been asked to lead an entire House. His appointment to Quaestor came no sooner than the Shadow Clan was called to War, sending the newly minted Quaestor to lead his members to New Tython to fight the Jedi uprising.

While en route to New Tython, Marick sought the counsel of former Tarentum Consul Ronovi Tavisaean for guidance. Through their spar, and throughout their travel she did her best to share her experiences with the young leader. Marick also listened intently to his newly appointed Aedile, Invictus. The Chiss was a seasoned veteran who Marick formed a quick bond with, though after the previous actions of Dralin he was always skeptic. Any notion of disloyalty would disappear entirely by the end of the war.

Once landing, Marick and Invictus drafted Qel-Droma’s landing strategy to take out the western front of the Jedi’s defense while Galeres struck from the east.

Using spheres of darkness to shroud their decent, Marick utilized Qel-Droma’s Elders to disguise their LAAT/i. The plan worked well enough, but the Dark Jedi had not anticipated the arrival of Mandalorians to aid the Jedi. One of the Qel-Droman shuttles was shot down, and even though the others landed successfully, Marick temporarily lost his nerve and needed Invictus to shake him back into the battle. Invictus divided their team into three, a recovery unit to go after the fallen shuttle, one team to charge the Forward Operating Base, and another to sneak around and infiltrate from the flank. The former members of Oblivion Brigade - Timeros, Legorii, Strategos, Etah, and Marick set off on their covert mission.

Timeros and Strategos provided a diversion that allowed Marick, Legorii and Etah to sneak into the enemies base, systematically taking it out from the inside. Marick eventually found his way to the main control room and dueled with the enemies leader, defeating her while suffering a shoulder wound.

With the base won, Marick led his House to join forces with the rest of Arcona.

The Arconan force was sweeping of the Jedi’s capital city when reinforcements arrived from the Mandalorian enemies. The Arconan’s realised that they were overrun and were forced to retreat, but the situation was growing dire and the Summit convened on a transport and set into motion a plan to extract the Arconan forces. The cost would be high, and forever change Marick’s life.

Sashar Erinos, who had been as close to a father as Marick ever had in the Brotherhood or in life, and Zandro Erinos, whom Marick also looked up to, put their own lives on the line to set in place a beacon that would call down an Orbital Bombardment. Every member of the Summit knew that it was a suicide mission, but they also knew that only the two Erinos were capable of pulling it off. With a heavy heart, Marick watched Sashar and Zandro sacrifice everything for the sake of their clan.

That day changed a lot for Marick. He learned what it truly meant to be a leader, and just how Arcona was more than any one member, and that if the time came, he too would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Arcona Summit, Post GJWX

Ascension to Proconsul

Despite their victory in the 10th Great War, Arcona had lost not just two of its greatest members, but a loved Consul and the incumbent leader of Soulfire Striketeam. It was voted unanimously by the Arconae and the Dark Council that Wuntila Entar Arconae would take over as Lord Consul of the Shadow Clan. This left an opening for Proconsul, which again was decided upon unanimously by the Clan.

Marick would have offered protest, but after everything that happened in the War, he had changed from the humble Battleteam Leader turned Quaestor. He understood that not just his House had come to respect and admire him, but that of his entire Clan.

For the first time in his career, Marick confidently accepted the position of Proconsul, and set forth in helping guide Arcona into its most prosperous age, and preparing it for the challenges it would no doubt face in the future.


Within in his first few months serving as Proconsul, Marick had the honor of being voted into the fabled Arconae. It had long been a dream of the Hapan to one day sit among the Arconan greats, and it still is one of the happiest days in Marick’s life. He has adjusted to his role as both Arconae and Proconsul. He takes his duties very seriously, but feels more comfortable for the first time since leading Oblivion.

Marick di Tenebrous Arconae
Marick di Tenebrous Arconae

5th Championship Ladder

Marick entered the 5th Championship Ladder in hopes of making it to the finals to prove that he deserved to be among the elite of the Brotherhood. He was excited to learn that his mentor, Timeros, was in the same bracket and was determined to meet him in battle. His plans were thwarted as he lost in the second round to his own apprentice, Socorra Erinos. During the match, his emotions were put the test, and through the trial he gained a stronger connection with his former apprentice.

The War of Three Families

In the year that followed, Marick stood beside his Consul through thick and thin. Arcona’s major families broke into a civil war, the conflict between Wuntila and Teroch nearly splitting Marick in half. Teroch was like a little brother to him and Wuntila was his Consul. He fought to remain as neutral as possible, but the entire conflict weighed the Hapan’s ideals down. Regardless, Wuntila remained strong. His continued efforts allowed Arcona to eventually cast aside their petty war of families. The conflict concluded at the accidental death of Grand Master Sarin, and the final “truce” between Teroch and Wuntila. Eventually, Teroch would leave Arcona to pursue his own goals, leaving Wuntila a clear path at establishing his footing as Shadow Lord.

From there, Wuntila and Marick worked together to strengthen Arcona as it continued to grow on the success of its consecutive Great Jedi War victories. As Marick became more comfortable with his position as Proconsul, he slowly began to become less of a subordinate and more of a comrade with his Consul.

Trials of Loyalty

In the months leading up to what would come to the “Horizons Plague” event, Arcona entered into a critical situation when former Consul of Naga Sadow and Apostle Son of Sadow Tsainetomo arrived on Selen. His arrival was suspect by the Arconae and Summit, and to make things worse, a jail-break was initiated at the Bulkhead facility on Port Ol'val. Marick, Sai, and Timeros teamed up to take back Port Ol’val while the collective strength of Arcona was divided into small strike teams to assist.

In the end, Timeros caught Marick in disguise while eliminating the traitor known as Shin Ragga, the person behind the Bulkhead Jailbreak. Timeros had figured out already that Marick was behind the jailbreak, wanting to test Arcona’s readiness and response time to crisis. It was also to serve as a way of Sai gaining trust with the members of Arcona. For all the clever execution, Timeros gave Marick a backhanded compliment that would go on to haunt the Proconsul.

" It had to be done.”

“And why is that?"

”You know without me having to explain”

“Yes, but did the results justify the means? You lied to Wuntila, the Arconae, and the Clan.”

”It had to be done. For Arcona. By any means necessary.”

“By any means necessary? Careful Marick, you’re starting to sound like me."

―Timeros and Marick at the conclusion of Trials of Loyalty.


Marick reviewing battle plans with Consul Wuntila Arconae

The Horizons plague struck the Brotherhood unexpected. Arcona’s forces were attacked by an unknown enemy and their own journeymen were turned against them. Marick took the loss of every journeyman in this manner very hard, but fought valiantly with the rest of Arcona to repel the invaders. In the end, a cure to the plague was found, and the enemy revealed to be former Grand Master Zorran.

The cure was found in a holocron, and passed on to the unit leaders. Wuntila acted as carrier and spread the cure throughout Arcona’s ranks and order was soon restored. Marick went about honoring the dead as best he could and organizing the recovery.

And through it all, the bond between Marick and Wuntila grew. And so did Arcona. Wuntila was Marick’s brother-in-arms. The closest thing he’d ever had to a true friend. Together they could conquer any challenge.

Or so they thought.

The Dark Crusade

Victory on Rhelg

Marick began the Dark Crusade as Proconsul, but by the time it concluded he had assumed the role of Consul and became Shadow Lord of Clan Arcona.

Many battles were won and lost. Through it all, Marick’s infamy within the ranks of Arcona spread to the other Clans. He loved, lost, trusted, was betrayed, and in the end he met his first true defeat at the hands of Clan Plagueis. It was a heavy blow, but Marick had learned enough not to let it wear him down. He had work to do as Shadow Lord.


As Consul, Marick did many things. Not all of them could be considered good, or even fair, but all of them were done with the sole driving purpose of defending, growing, and advancing Clan Arcona. Losing the status of First Clan weighed heavily on his shoulders, but he used it as motivation to carry Arcona forward into eventually regaining the title. He was known mostly for invoking the Shadow Oath, reorganizing the Shadesworn, creating the Fade Initiative, and greenlighting the commissioning of the Nighthawk.

Operation: Sojourn

Operation: Sojourn was Marick’s attempt to tackle multiple problems at once. Beyond addressing family matters back in the Hapes Cluster, Marick was able to keep Arcona’s attention off of the crippling loss while also securing a trade deal with his younger sister, who replaced his mother and older sister as the head of the Del’Abbot family. Marick’s execution of this operation was not met favorably, but like many things he did, Arcona still benefited in the long run.

Marick returns home to Hapes.

The Fading Light

Shadow Lord

Marick lead Arcona through the Fading Light vendetta. The mystery of Darth Esoteric drew closer. Special Task Forces lead by Marick explored tombs, fought for an ancient sword, and shouldered through a grand tournament. At its conclusion, Marick continued to do everything in his power to ready Clan Arcona for the coming War.

Great Jedi War XI

Great Jedi War XI proved to be Marick’s greatest triumph, but heaviest burden. While Arcona won the war, Marick lost one of the few people he trusted, Invictus, after banishing him from Clan Arcona under penalty of death. Invictus had tried to sabotage the Shadow Lords mission, and in the process killed Marick's Cythraul when she almost exposed him. Marick and Invictus dueled, with Marick gaining a final edge.

After all was said and done, Marick was tired and fatigued beyond belief. His one solace was that in the end, his closest friend and lone bright spot in his world was alive and well.

Marick and Atyiru at the conclusion of GJWXI

Combat Master: The Gray Fang

After resigning from Consul, it wasn’t long before Pravus called on Marick to serve as Combat Master. Marick took over the training facilities for new members to the Brotherhood, and administers Combat Center tournaments under the Grand Master’s will.

It was also during this time where Marick earned the title "Gray Fang" after a fated duel with the Black Hand, Cyris Oscura.

"We're all monsters, in the end." - Marick.

Voice of the Brotherhood

Marick Tyris executes Zakath Agrona

Marick was chosen as Voice to take command of Pravus’ Inquisitorius after Evant moved into the role of Regent. As Voice, Marick realized he had been given a unique opportunity to get closer to Darth Pravus. The cost, however, would be steep.

The first trial was proving himself in front of Lord Marshal Damon Nix. After confronting and capturing the renegade Barabel Zakath, Marick delivered a swift execution and announced that he was dropping his Arconae title to simple bear his true blood-family name.

It remains to be seen what Marick will do next. His time apart from Atyiru and what few friends he had in Arcona grows more strained with every day.

Marick and Atyiru

The Collective

Marick vs the Collective.

Brotherhood Rising

With the rise of Grand Master Telaris, and the ongoing threat presented by the Collective, Marick was tasked with taking the Inquisitorius in a new direction. He placed a target on his own head to bring the Inquisitorius more shadowy origins into the light, empowering its members the ability to more freely act in the interest of protecting the Brotherhood. This new direction would eventually lead him to the founding of the Venators, an elite cadre of Inquisitorius agents who would prove their worth by their dedication to the Brotherhood.

Marick Tyris, 37ABY


Marick returns to Arcona. GJW 14. TBD

Return to the Arconae

Marick returns to the Arconae, to help guide the next generation.

Aiden, Lucine, Marick, Atyiru, Alaisy, Zujenia, Kordath, and Sera

Nightmare Reunion

Marick meets his father, kidnapped on the even of his daughters birth. TBD

Dear Kirra

Marick meets his daughter for the first time, and everything is suddenly going to be okay.

Full Circle

Marick is called out of retirement to assist with Battleteam Voidbreakers.

Master Arcanist
Master Arcanist


Between conflicts, Marick has been spending time with his daughter.

Atty and Marick walking with Kirra on Selen
Marick with daughter Kirra in custom Elder robes with Tacticle Toddler Harness™


Marick as Exarch.

Tailored Exarch attire.

The Elder Arcanist

Marick had spent years transitioning from a life of stalking the shadows and maintaining a reputation as a deadly assassin. The shift in focus to embracing and pursuing the more arcane intricacies of the Force has lead him to embrace his acknowledgement as a Force Lord. In what would hopefully be the final battle against Alla'su and her Caxqettes

Fending off Caxqettes on Selen

Past and Present Relations

Sashar Erinos

Sashar was the first person to ever take an interest and see potential in Marick. He was a mentor, role model, and teacher. As Marick grew busier with his leadership duties, he passed Marick off to Timeros to complete his training to Knighthood. Shortly after, Marick began to rise through the ranks, but always looked up to Sashar as a beacon of hope and something to strive for. He was also the closest thing Marick ever had to a father.

During Great Jedi War X, Marick watched as Sashar gave his life so he and the rest of the Clan could survive and claim victory.

When Sashar returned from the dead, Marick was already on his way out as Consul. His mixed feelings eventually faded and the two reconciled with Sashar giving Marick the respect he had always hoped to garner from him.

It stands to be tested how their connection holds after Marick’s actions on Dantooine with the execution of Zakath.

Timeros Entar Arconae

Timeros was Marick’s master. As with any mentor figure, Marick attributes most of his quirks or issues to Timeros’ intense but effective training. Marick always feared he would turn into Timeros. The thought looms over his shoulders with every step he takes, and it stands to be tested how their connection holds after Marick’s actions on Dantooine with the execution of Zakath.

Wuntila Arconae

Marick and Wuntila faced many challenges together. Through it all, they managed to survive, and together they helped elevate Clan Arcona to unprecedented power. While things were never easy, and the eventual change of roles lead Wuntila to take time away from the Brotherhood, they were able to reconnect albeit at arms length for both their safeties.

Scorra Erinos

Socorra and Marick were as close two members could get while remaining true to their professional roles. Beyond their Master and Student roles, the two were best friends, but grew distant when Scorra left for the Dark Council. Marick also never forgave himself for allowing Scorra to come to harm multiple times as a result of him being unable to protect her.


Zakath was with Sashar when Marick was picked up as a stowaway on a freighter ship leaving Hapes. Zakath literally pulled a small and waifish Marick out of crate. When Marick saw his first combat action in Great Jedi War 9, Zakath served as his Battleteam Leader and helped him survive the endeavor. While they were never close, the mutual respect they shared was strong.

When Pravus’ Inquisition started to gain momentum, Marick aided Zakath, Rrogon Skar, and K’tana indirectly save refugees. Later, when assuming the role of Voice, Marick killed Zakath to demonstrate his loyalty to Pravus, with hopes of one day being forgiven for the act.


Marick and Troutrooper became close over the long and arduous Dark Crusades. The Dark Jedi Master sensed something in Marick, and stayed by his side through thick and thin, helping him execute his plans and “tests” and with fighting an ongoing battle where the Hapan often felt himself in over his head.

There are few beings in the Galaxy Marick trusts and knows he can rely on, and while currently on leave from the Brotherhood, Troutrooper was last seen torching a squadron of Inquisitors on the ruins of the old Shadow Academy.


Consul and Proconsul, the heart of Arcona.

Legorii is probably the only being in the galaxy Marick trusts. This goes beyond their bond as brothers in all but blood, but in all that they accomplished in the name of preserving and advancing Clan Arcona. Legorii was originally jealous of Marick’s rapid ascension, and had originally felt like he’d been left out. Without Legorii, there would have been no Marick as Shadow Lord, though. They worked as one to accomplish their goals, and when they had accomplished everything they had set out to do, they both faded back from the spotlight until Marick was called into action as Combat Master.

It stands to be tested how their connection holds after Marick’s actions on Dantooine with the execution of Zakath, and his move to the Dark Council.


Marick watched K’tana from the second she had joined Clan Arcona. It wouldn’t be until after he stepped down as Consul that he began to interact with her on a personal level, however. As a regular member of House Qel-Droma, Marick worked in the shadows to help ensure K’tana stayed on her feet as she struggled with taking on more and more responsibility in serving the new Shadow Lady.

K’tana was one of the few who seemed to truly understand the loneliness that Marick carries with him. ‘Friend’ is just a word, but their connection was thicker than water.

Shadow Gate

Shadow Gate battleteam become a home of sorts for Marick within Arcona after stepping down from Consul. It helped him stay connected with the unit he had served for so long. When he left for Arx to become Voice, however, things would never again be the same.

While Marick has been known to visit Port Ol'val in secret from time to time, he does so knowing that the team he knew was long since moved on and disbanded.

Former Shadow Gate Battleteam: Kordath, Zujenia, K'tana, Timeros, Marick, Rrogon.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Kant Lavar Battleteam Leader of Oblivion Brigade
32 ABY - 35 ABY
N/A Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
35 ABY
Wuntila Arconae Proconsul of Clan Arcona
35 ABY - 37 ABY
Wuntila Arconae
Wuntila Arconae Consul of Clan Arcona
JUL 2013 - FEB 2015
Atyiru Caesus Entar
Shadow Taldrya Combat Master
MAR 2015 - OCT 2016
Atra Ventus
Evant Taelyan Voice of the Brotherhood
OCT 2016 - OCT 2019
Idris Adenn
Alethia Archenksova Exarch
OCT 2022 - Present

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