Celahir Erinos

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Celahir Erinos
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12 ABY

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Personal Information

Arcona, Erinos, Tarentum

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Broken Gate

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Arcona, Erinos



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Celahir Erinos has led a short life, however it has been eventful. Below are the events that shaped the Kiffar into the being he is today.


Celahir Erinos was brought into the galaxy humbly and without incident, where his mother gave birth to him a little prematurely in transit to Fondor, with her husband. There, the new family settled with Celahir’s father becoming a prosperous consultant for the shipyards, while his mother worked as a mid-level administrations official for the local government. The youth was brought up in the wake of post empire optimism by a loyal set of peoples to peace and democracy – his parents were staunch supporters of the New Republic, however as with most youngsters, Cel found himself rebelling from their political stances for no other reason than to express himself. He ran away a number of times and ended up in a lot of trouble from the local authorities for petty crimes such as theft and disturbing the peace. He was expelled from every school he ever attended, and in desperation the parents enrolled Celahir in a martial academy, where discipline was strictly enforced, as were several controversial skills in combat (with view of the graduates eventually becoming proud members of the New Republic’s armed forces). While Celahir’s scholastic pursuits were as futile as his previous schools, he took to the hand to hand training with reckless abandon. It was this saving grace, becoming something of a prodigy.

However, all too soon Celahir once again became bored with the mundane routines of the academy and stole out during the night to the seedier districts of his hometown of Oridin. There he made the particularly unfortunate mistake of picking a fight with a pair of Mandalorians, Kieran and Sashar Erinos. While he displayed a proficiency beyond his years with hand to hand tactics, it is rare that one without armor who’s only weapons are fists and feet are able to take down an armed foe wearing armor. Such was the case here. Celahir was defeated in the bar brawl that followed, however, even at the tender age of 12 he displayed an alacrity with the force. This prompted Kieran and Sashar to abduct the young kiffar and make off with him to Dxun, where he was ingratiated into the Kodiak Clan’s ranks.


For the next three years, Celahir was brought up among the Mandalorians of Dxun, training in the harsh, relentless jungles with Kieran, Sashar and Juda’s ner’vod. Celahir expressed little desire to return to his parents, feeling that they had held him back long enough and that he was now old enough to make his own way in the universe. Once again, Celahir’s short attention span and lack of discipline initially caused him some friction with his training masters and with Kieran and Sashar’s father, who had adopted the youth. This meant that Sashar was called back from Arcona to help with his training. The two worked closely on Celahir’s discipline, background skills that all Mandalorians were expected to learn, and the basic tenets of Mando lore and culture. It was during this one-on-one training in the depths of Dxun’s wilderness that Sashar discovered Celahir had an aptitude for Psychometry, and was also force sensitive, however he didn’t immediately reveal this to the youth. Instead, he focused on the Kiffar’s hand to hand abilities, training him as a beserker first and foremost.

Once the Erinos was satisfied that his charge was fully manda and as Celahir was now fifteen, Sashar brought him back to the Brotherhood with him, but instead of installing him in clan Arcona, where he would be under constant threat from his many political rivals, the mandalorian suggested that his little brother join a more stable clan – Tarentum. Sashar was known to have friends and allies in both the Erinos and the clan’s summit that would protect him and also tutor him in the ways of the Force. Archean Erinos (an old friend of the Mandalorian’s) took Celahir under his wing as an apprentice.

Celahir progressed slowly but steadily through the ranks, spending the worst two years in Brotherhood history progressing through the Journeymen ranks, kept far from the worst of the Vong war. As his trials neared the stability of Arcona was ensured by Sashar and Mejas Doto, the Proconsul of the Shadow Clan requested that Celahir return to him, albeit with Archean still as his master. By now, the Kiffar was 17 and becoming a warrior in his own right. To recognize his budding ability as a warrior, Sashar suggested that he join the ranks of the Erinos, to fill the gap he’d left. All that remained was besting the storm of his Knighthood trials.

Knighthood and Beyond

Sub-dermal Cybernetic Interface

Upon reaching Consul, Celahir was struck with a sobering realisation: by now, most of his brothers (upon reaching the mid-ranks of the Equites, at least) had developed their own fighting styles, specialisations, and had trademark abilities. Other than his acumen with computers, he felt that nothing allowed him to stand out. Thus, he spoke to Juda and Sashar, hoping that they could come up with something that would level the playing field once again.

They didn’t disappoint. Sashar….appropriated a Psicom 1206 interface module and began work on a miniturised subdermal comlink, data storage chip, thermal power unit and encoder, as well as a microscopic processor to help translate the information received and sent from the comlink between binary and chemical impulses released across the brain. Juda, in the mean time made it his job to become an authority on brain surgery and performed the surgery to implant the Psicom interface, processor and hard disc directly onto the brain, whilst trailing cables down the spinal column to shoulder height, where he subdermally implanted a miniturised comlink and broadband antenna, giving Celahir an effective range of about 50 km. Finally, He powered the entire unit by planting the thermal power source close to Celahir’s heart, and also finished by planting a mic inside the Kiffar’s jaw, thereby allowing him to barely murmur in his mouth and be heard by the comlink if necessary.

However, simply implanting a comlink was not the end objective of this venture. Celahir had something else entirely in mind. He worked with Sashar for days to produce a miniature scomp link jack that could be remotely operated by his psicon comlink, effectively rendering him remote use of any network the scomp link was plugged into. Similarly, if said network he was attached to had a holonet transceiver, he could link himself up to the holonet, giving him access to near limitless information almost instantly. Given that Cel was something of an artist when it came to slicing, his ability to do so without the encumberance of displays or consoles meant that he could bypass nearly any security system in existence with very, very little kit or time in preparation. In addition, he discovered that the storage device for the comlink had restructured the way his memory worked to such an extend that a lot of his brain’s latent memory was put into use remembering everything he saw, heard, smelled, touched or tasted. He was given a perfect photographic memory.

Unfortunately, the subdermal comlink has some profound drawbacks. The first being that if a jamming field were put up, he’d hear nothing but blinding static and be in significant pain until such a time as he could deactive his comlink. Similarly, if he was hit by an EMP/Ion blast, it could do anything from stun him, cause him brain damage to killing him, given the sensitive electronic’s location either on his brain or nestled against his spinal column. He keeps both of these pieces of information very close to his chest.

It is rumoured that he and Sashar are working on creating more useful additions and tools to use in conjunction with his newly installed hardware, and only time will tell what they come up with.


Celahir "Erinos" stands at just 1.8m in height – not the most intimidating of figures. His build is compact, yet there is very little fat coating his frame. He is still young and lacks the musculature that most brawlers and berserkers prefer, however that is not to say he is weak, and it is clear that he pays attention to his physique. His toned form is not overly muscled, but he obviously looks after himself. His chest and stomach are smooth and there’s a light dusting of hair on his legs and arms. He is unmistakably Kiffar in his appearance, and has a large tribal black tattoo covering the left half of his face. The tattoo runs down his neck to the back of his shoulders, a graceful, curving thing done out in black (homage to his mother’s identical tattoos, thus showing his ancestry) that creeps over his shoulders, its trails of ink like claws reaching to his collarbones. He also has a sleeve tattoo on his left arm detailing an intricate hexagonal pattern in various hues of blue, green and black. There is also a circular Erinos sigil tattooed onto his left shoulder. Finally, stretching over his stomach and abdomen is the mark of the di Tenebrous; a swirling black affair with points coming off it like a star, and the symbol of Arcona in the centre. His hair is shaved very short to the skull, joining seamlessly with the dusting of stubble over his chin and jaw. His eyes are a vivid phosphorus green. With a deeply tanned complexion and heavy brows, it often gives the youth a dark, troubled look, however there is still a youthful exuberance hidden within.

Psychological Profile

The Kiffar has discipline issues, not taking well to authority, despite going through the rigours of Mandalorian training. This stubborn nature and obstinate reaction to authority leads him to not be a team player or work well in the disciplined structure of the Dark Brotherhood, however there are a few notably exceptions – he respects his hand to hand trainer on Fondor, he displays a grudging respect for his adoptive father on Dxun, and generally listens to Sashar and Archean. Other than this, the quiet arrogance of youth shines through.

The Force

Cel, like a lot of the Mandalorians in the Brotherhood finds the more mystic applications of the force beyond him, and instead he focuses on the ‘internal’ side, using the force to augment his own strength, speed and endurance. Other than that, he does display a talent with Psychometry, but this is put down to his Kiffar heritage more than anything.


While he has a passing familiarity with bladed and ranged weapons, Celahir chooses to concentrate on hand to hand, specifically with his chosen martial art of Broken Gate. The rooted stance, focus on blocks and kicks rather than evasion and misdirection and direct approach to beating ones’ opponent to submission is the perfect expression of Celahir’s no nonsense approach to warfare.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Notable Events

  • Has been awarded all three Soulfire awards being Pauldrons of Command, Kama and Jaig Eyes
  • Is the first Arconan to earn the Dark Maven Programming