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Lexiconus Qor
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1 ABY (age 38)

Physical Description





1.7 meters


68 kilograms



Personal Information

Sek Qor nee Vulux


Glit Qor

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  • Saberstaff - Green Blade
Chronology & Political Information
  • Gray Jedi Seer
  • Arcanist

New Order era



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"Wit beyond measure, is a man’s greatest treasure."
―A passage said by Qor

Born Nosolar Qor on the planet Dac, Lexiconus Qor is a disciplined and highly curious Quarren and Gray Jedi. Self-taught in a neutral Gray Jedi path, ‘Qor’ researched how to harness the power of the Force, from both the Sith and the Jedi. His special talents as a Doctor and Arcanist make him well aware of both the Unifying Force, and the Living Force. As only beginning his journey as a medical student, Qor did not unlock the Force until he was an adult and served under Xen’Mordin the Manipulative. This was the foundations of using the dark and light side for his own ambitions. Lexiconus Qor currently resides in House Imperium.

Character History

The New Republic


First-born to Glit Qor and Sek Qor nee Vulux, Nosolar Qor was born on the hottest day of the Dac summer season, in 1ABY. His father was a hunter and his mother a shaman of the tribe, they belonged to a small community in a coral reef village. Currency and technology were scarce here, but the use of the Force and both sides was heavily encouraged as well as praised. The light side was referred to as the “Shallows”, and the dark side respectively called the “Deep”. Neither was shunned or worshipped more than the other, but accepted with respect, wisdom and caution.

Glit and Sek taught their son the basics of hunting, religion and Quarrenese, as well as the primary education a child needs. When Nosolar was six years old, civil war came to Dac and took the abled Quarren off to the capital for training. Nosolar was kept with the local smith for several weeks, before a representative from the New Republic arrived and offered to foster the war time children.

Nosolar was taken along and boarded the New Republic MC80 Home One Star Cruiser that orbited Dac.


From the age of six to the age of thirty-four, Nosolar Qor spent the entirety of his life in school. There he learnt advanced mathematics, the Galactic Basic language, and passed through the New Republic’s medical school. He took a passionate interest in the usage of toxins and flora in medicine, which caused him to steer towards Toxicology and Herbology. While most colleagues often referred to him as a modern day Alchemist, it wasn’t his only skill set.

As the MC80 travelled across the galaxy, Nosolar diagnosed patients, performed complex surgery, researched unknown diseases and contributed towards the projects of cancer cures.

At the age of thirty-three, the New Republic emerged from hyperspace and into the Cocytus System, on assignment of delegating staff. Nosolar took this moment to disembark from the New Republic to temporarily join the Royal Hospital on Judecca.

Clan Scholae Palatinae


While working under the Toxins department of the hospital, responsible for cataloguing and diagnosing poison and animal bites, Nosolar was notified of an anonymous patient case. He was ordered to report immediately, and when he arrived he found Emperor Xen’Mordin in a lounge chair. With a sling around his bloodied arm, which Nosolar began to assess and treat, Xen’Mordin felt the Force potential in the Quarren almost instantly. The Emperor asked the doctor to join him and learn the ways of both the Shallows and the Deep, in his Clan.

At first, Nosolar Qor was cautious and curious about this secret Clan, but eventually accepted the choice.


As Nosolar joined Clan Scholae Palatinae, he transformed himself and left his old life behind, and took on the name Lexiconus Qor. He learned to strengthen and expand his abilities in the Force, through meditating around holocrons and practicing the powers on droids. He was a quick student under the tutelage of Kell Dante, as he learnt about the omniscient awareness of the Force, the regulations and limits of the body, as well as ways to quicken metabolism and sew injuries tightly without equipment.

Kell Dante appointed Lexiconus as his Aedile for the House Imperium, as he expanded and specialised his Force powers more. The Quarren served through horrible events such as giant monsters, old Empires and ancient species. When the conflict was over, Lexiconus was promoted to Quaestor and began to lead the militarised House forward.


Inquisitorius meeting

Lexiconus took on a Human apprentice in order to teach him the ways of the Force. Kyo Akumu rose through the ranks and became a brilliant saberist, who specialised in the elegant form of https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/CS_Guide:_Lightsaber_Forms#Form_II_-_Makashi. Lexiconus saw Kyo through to knighthood and watched as the Human became a powerful Sith and member of Imperium. The Quaestor then took on a second apprentice, a female Zeltron by the name of Aura Ta'var, who secretly went by another name. She was knighted and served under Lexiconus as his Aedile for a time, before the Emperor required her for more darker measures.

He eventually learned she escaped from the system and reached Clan Odan-Urr territory, but not before the Cocytus System was destroyed by the Iron Navy.


At the conclusion of Lexiconus’ leadership, he was brought before the Palpatine family and given the highest honour of being one of their ranks. However, the Doctor was not a man of trophies and legends. He took the title for a while, then later approached the members and revoked himself the honour. It stirred anger and betrayal in some of the members, which caused the Quarren to step down from his Quaestor duties, but when the dust settled, they accepted the choice.

Caperion System

Wonder and Wander

As part of Project Krennic, who are tasked with front-line conflict priorities, Lexiconus Qor enjoys the life of combat medicine and crafting potions or poisons for the more combat-focused members.

Lexiconus Qor Writing Techniques

In order for others to write Lexiconus in the way that I intended to create him, I have created a list of short but informative bullet points to assume his traits and behaviour, both in combat and outside of it.

Firstly, it should be noted that ALL Quarren may harbour a small degree of racist or harsh outlook towards non-Quarrens. Quarrens are also naturally confident and proud of themselves, especially in the face of their neighbours, the Mon Calamari species.

  • Remains impartial to debates or organisations, bases his opinion on them through facts not rumour.
  • Is very experimental with most things, such as projects, people, communities, items and the Force.
  • Can be very tough and cold from a certain point of view, but speaks with calm and soft tones.
  • Qor is passionately curious about everything, even the things he is a novice in. He HAS to know all about it, and will do anything to gather that information.

Conclusively, this entire perception on Qor would force many warrior-based characters to disregard or cut him down to remove the problem. As he appears grumpy, weak, mouthy and salty to those who are strangers.

Physical Description

Qor with TK

Lexiconus Qor was born in the deep trenches of Dac's oceans, and his body shows this. His skin is the leathery orange iconic to his species. His body appears frail and slim, but he is physically active and has lean thighs and toned arms. Rough ridges grow from forehead backwards across his bald head. He has long orange tentacles that extend like a beard, with a pair of gills extending on the sides of his jaw. Two fangs protrude from his mouth that are ivory. Being a Quarren, his eyes shine a glorious sapphire colour.

When dressed for combat, Qor buckles up an Equite version of the Medic uniform used across the Brotherhood. The Medical Attire consists of a uniform design to make it recognizable to all citizens of the galaxy. Utilizing cloth fabric, it is light, sanitary, and allows for ease of movement in order to allow for precise movements. The tunic is adorned with various pockets to hold medical equipment as well as an armband that denotes the wearer as a medic. The uniform’s have been designed to bear the emblem of Lexiconus Qor's associated faction prominently. While maintaining the color scheme associated with other Medical Attire, the large emblem is unmistakable..

Lexiconus also wears a Medical Backpack that is a specialised backpack designed for use by medics, containing bacta dispensers, and holding a wide array of medical devices and medicines necessary to diagnose and treat patients in the field.

When dressed casually, Qor throws on a First Order Officer Uniform that consists of a high-collared tunic, flared-hipped breeches, and knee-high boots. It included a belt with a polished buckle, code cylinders, and a crested command cap. Optionally, it also has a greatcoat made of gaberwool. It has been stripped of all non-critical portions of armor typically associated with First Order Officer Uniform. This enables enhanced agility for Lexiconus Qor at the expense of protection. This uniform has been designed to bear the emblem of Lexiconus Qor's associated faction prominently. While maintaining the color scheme associated with other First Order Officer Uniform, the large emblem is unmistakable.

Over this, Lexiconus wears an Armorweave Cloak. A loose garment with an attached hood that is worn over existing armor or clothing to protect the wearer from the elements, or to hide someone's appearance that is made from armorweave cloth material capable of dissipating blaster bolts as well as a limited protection from lightsaber attacks. It features a gray-scale pattern of dark colors to help assist with blending into crowds and shadows. At the same time, it can make Lexiconus Qor stand out like a sore thumb.

When speaking of equipment, he has a Saberstaff magnetically locked onto the small of his back and an Advanced Inquisitor Comlink worn on his wrist. Qor also owns two vials of poison called Philtre of the Lost and A Sarlaac’s Kiss. These vials are in a small apothacary pouch along with plant and animal samples. He also carries other odd things such as a Sith Scroll, a Dodecagon Holocron, a Kyber Crystal, and a Reynolds Slugthrower for his droid.

Powers & Abilities

Qor knows the fundamental mechanics and techniques of Soresu but anything more advanced is beyond his skill set. Qor also has training in Piloting and Detection. But what he values the most is his skills in Medicine and Survival. Honed and improved for decades, Qor is a world-class Doctor, capable of treating numerous amounts of diseases and injuries to almost every species of the galaxy. But he also spent a vast majority of his time researching the effects of poisons and toxins, so he has the ability to craft something that can harm as well as heal a patient.

Qor's survival skills speak for themselves, as he has become self-sufficient when in the wilderness and even in the cities across the galaxy. He has the working knowledge of what food is edible, what is poisonous, what animals are friendly, where they live as well as what they eat. He also knows which predators to avoid and which you can kill, as his skills in trap making and surgically dissecting animals are also perfectly honed.

As a Gray Jedi of the Force, Qor also has a vast array of Force techniques to use at his disposal. The Quarren uses Illusion, Cloak, Concealment and Battle Meditation with great concentration, but in a basic manner. He is skilled in amplifying his body, as well as telepathically speaking to others and meditating on the future, but in partial concentration.

In most combat scenarios, Qor can rely on his Barrier powers in order to absorb or dissipate blaster bolts shot his way. The Quarren is also skilled in the art of Precognition, where he can visualise what his opponent is doing before he acts. Additionally, Qor has finally tuned his Telekinesis, to a point where he can lift larger and regular object with the Force, even when under duress such as combat.

Above all else, Qor excels in three powers; Healing, Control Self and Sense. As a Doctor, Qor uses his Healing abilities to quicken the body's metabolism and healing factors, in order to prevent extended pain. He has expertly refined this ability that minor injuries do not take concentration to heal. He can also fuse his healing powers with his control self powers, in order to anaesthetise a patient with the Force.

With Control Self, Qor can effortlessly control his pain input and bodily functions by instinct, without concentration or effort. As an expert survivalist, the Quarren can function for days on end in the hottest of deserts or the coldest of tundras and even the deepest of oceans than his body would allow. If Qor wanted to test his powers of Control Self, he can push his body to hibernate for more than several weeks at a time, with no food or water.

As an Arcanist, Qor also has an edge over the best Jedi and Sith of the galaxy, because the Force bends around his perception and allows him to being’s past events from just a scrap of cloth or a pool of blood. Using his specialised sensing abilities, Qor can perform a Dowsing in order to assess scenes and track individuals. Like the maverick Kiffar, Qor can follow the being’s tracks to the last place they were on the planet.

Through countless days of studying holocrons and meditating in isolation, Qor has unlocked the secret talent of controlling the Living Force, purely to refill his reserve energies. This allows the Quarren to push on for longer than he normally would, while only concentrating in a small amount of time. This invaluable gift from Force users lost in time allows Qor to endure and protect himself and others.


Symbol of Medics across the galaxy

Qor has studied for years as a practiced Doctor and Surgeon, he has transferred these skills into his current position as Gray. However when the Force fails him, he has the knowledge of Medicine to back him up. The following items listed are always contained in his Medpac, for when the harshest of times are forced upon him:

  • Wound Gaze - To prevent and stop excessive bleeding.
  • Iodide & Hydrogen Peroxide - To clean and protect the wounded areas.
  • Lidocain - To anesthetise and numb the local area.
  • Adrenaline & Morphine Syringes - As a stimulant to the patient.
  • Blood Bags - Complete with syringe, tubing and locked into a freezing compartment. Specifically for Humanoid use, with the DNA alignment extracted.
  • Surgery Set - Knives, forceps, hooks. For when onsite surgery needs to be done. Useful for labour, tumour extraction or parasite removal.
  • Bio-gel packs - A modern take on a wound gaze. For when traditional methods will not cut it. Can also be used as a blood donation.

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