Len Iode

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Len Iode
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

16 ABY

Physical Description





2 Meters


105 Kilos





Personal Information



Kenneth Iode (Adopted by Human)

Known Children:






Chronology & Political Information

Army Officer



Known masters:

Edgar Drachen

Known apprentices:



Dossier: 14377

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Len Iode is Aedile of Clan Odan-Urr’s House of Satele Shan. Formerly he was Battle Team Leader for Garza's Pathfinders and Disciples of Baas. He joined Odan-Urr in 34 ABY under the tutelage of Edgar Drachen.

Character History

Early Life

Len was born on the Chiss homeworld 16 years after the Battle of Yavin. At 6 months old, he was left at an Imperial Military Outpost in the Prefsbelt sector. After being checked out by the medical staff, the then unnamed Len was adopted by an Imperial Scout Trooper whose first name remains classified and lost to time. The officer named him Len, and began teaching his son the ways of war as soon as he could read Basic.

In 25 ABY, Len’s father fed up with the lack of response to the alien threat by his commander, defected to the New Republic. Due to the war, Len had to travel in the rear lines with his father’s unit. It is not exactly clear which unit his father served.


When he was 13, Len was forced to protect the other children also traveling on the rear lines after their ship was boarded. That fight has left Len with some mental scars which he hides using humor, a somewhat unusual response for a Chiss. By age 15, Len was familiar with most blaster weapons including the E-11, DH-17, and the Scout Trooper Holdout blaster. When he turned 18, Iode joined the New Republic Army after graduating from basic training.

First Military Career

His service in was relatively routine for 3 years until a special assignment took him to Dromund Kaas, the ancient capital of the Sith Empire. His mission was to search for artifacts from the old Sith Empire and destroy them, to keep them out of unknown hands. After engaging some mercenaries contracted to capture the artifacts, Len and his team extracted successfully after completing their mission.

Tragedy and a New Beginning

During the operation, Len’s father passed away. Saddened by the loss of his only family, Len resigned his position in the Army and left for Dromund Kaas, seeking answers in the ruins of Kaas City. After several days of living in a lean-to listening to the endless rain, he was found by Mystic Edgar Drachen and brought into Clan Odan-Urr. After Len was brought into the Clan, he was offered a position in the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force as a Private in 39 ABY.

Service with the K.U.D.F.


Private Iode progressed rapidly through the ranks in and due to his prior service, was offered a commission at the rank of Lieutenant before the end of 34 ABY. Towards the end of that year, Ranger Lu`aisha Gresee, Iode’s Battle Team Leader, sent a request to the KUDF for a detachment to be sent to the Disciples of Baas' new headquarters in the Zumbro District after some mysterious happenings in that area. She specifically requested that Lieutenant Iode be placed in charge of the detachment.

The Fall of New Tython

While in a meeting with the other members of the Battle Team, Armed Forces of the Iron Throne lead by Brotherhood Grand Master Darth Pravus invaded New Tython with the intent of destroying the planet and the Clan along with it. Then Captain Iode and his forces were split up, half to protect the headquarters serving as a makeshift hospital, while the other half deployed to the main body of wreckage from one of the KUDF ships.

After rescuing the survivors of the crash, Iode and his men escorted civilians to the evacuation point near the Disciples of Baas Headquarters. However during the flight back, it was discovered that certain areas of the planet were being bombarded in a manner similar to the "Base Delta Zero" protocol of the Clone Wars, "glassing" it. Len reported this immediately to Gresee upon arrival at the Headquarters.

In the end after a hard fought fight, only 10 members of the unit survived including Len. He took the loss of New Tython very personally and to this day, does not like to speak about it.

In the months before arriving at the Kiast System, Len participated in operations on Florrum to fight back against Clan Plagueis and their operations against the so called "undesirables". It was during that time he also took over as Battle Team Leader for Disciples of Baas.

Current Military Career

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Physical Description

Len is a male Chiss, 2 meters tall and 105 kilograms. He is portly, but don’t let the size confuse you, he is strong and more than capable of carrying a fully geared buddy off the battlefield.


Even though Len is a man who calculates the odds, he enjoys a good joke even in the thick of combat. He tries to be one step ahead of his enemy and isn’t afraid to fight dirty. He is a selfless soldier and even under his sometimes cold exterior is a person who cares for those under his command and those he is sworn to protect. Len is more militaristic than some of his Jedi colleagues would like, but is willing to negotiate if lives are on the line.