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Date of Birth:

30 BBY

Date of Death:

34 ABY

Physical Description





1.5 meters


60 kilograms





Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information


  • Jedi High Councillor
  • Magistrate to the Voice
Personal Ship:

BTL-S3 Y-Wing



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"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."

Ji, the first High Councillor of the Acolytes of Odan-Urr, was born in 30 BBY on the planet Gand, where he lived until 1 BBY. In addition to guiding the Council, Ji was also the militia commander and oversaw the general distribution of tribal protectorates. He was one of the instrumental brokers of the Menat Ombo Accords, sealing the peace between Harakoan natives and colonists. He was a very eclectic individual, regarded as both polite and uncharacteristically brash for a Gand by his peers. Ji was severely wounded on New Tython after conflict broke out in the cities following the Tenth Great Jedi War and died in the presence of his fellow Jedi in 34 ABY.

Early History (30 BBY - 16 BBY)


Ji in combat stance

Little is known about Ji's earliest years. He was presumably born on Gand to a well-off family of slave traders. What is known is that in 27 BBY he was given to the Jedi Order—something extremely uncommon among Gand, as their Force Sensitive children were almost always trained to be findsmen—where he would spend the rest of his life. It is probable that his family, for whatever reason, owed the Jedi Order some debt of gratitude and the young Gand was handed over to settle the debt. Being raised at the Jedi Academy, he lacked any of the social stigma Gand typically attach to the usage of first (and even third) person pronouns and, at the age of five, the Initiate chose his own name.

A member of the Heliost Clan, Ji excelled in most areas of youngling training, though he was particularly fond of politics and history, hoping to one day become a Jedi Archivist, though his hobbies extended often to mechanical tinkering with the various support systems deep beneath the Temple. However, in 19 BBY (mere months before he was set to begin his Initiate Trials) the Galactic Republic betrayed the Jedi Order and attacked the Temple. While many of his young companions fled to familiar, presumably safe, rooms such as the Council Chambers or their barracks, Ji made his way down into the belly of the temple, crawling through ducts, lift shafts, and sewage pipes before finally emerging deep in the Coruscanti Underworld.


During his time in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant Ji depended largely on the sympathy of anti-Imperial beings, between whose dwellings he was juggled for the better part of three years. Though he attended schooling whenever he could, he was always careful to maintain the secrecy of his identity—not a hard task considering his species. In spite of the constant danger of Imperial raids, these several years passed by relatively quickly and are remembered as some of the Gand's best, quietest days. Finally, in 16 BBY (and still an adolescent) a well-to-do Caamasi family—who had gone underground after the bombardment of their planet three years earlier—with whom Ji had been lodging for several weeks introduced the young Gand to Ylenic It'kla, a Jedi Master.

Ylenic It'kla (16 BBY - 3 ABY)


Upon It'kla's arrival in the Underworld there was no question. Ji was ordered to accompany the Caamasi, and, still an adherent to the Jedi Order, he obeyed his superior. It was under It'kla's instruction that the young Gand learned the skills so essential to a Jedi Knight. As the pair traveled throughout the Galaxy, often aiding the Rebel Alliance in both diplomatic and subversive missions, Ji's skillset grew. He learned the histories and cultures of countless worlds, could speak several languages, and had made contacts throughout the Outer and Mid Rims. It was during this time that Ji also learned to pilot, a skill which he developed quite a knack for, thanks to his vast intelligence and quick reflexes. He was also provided by his master with the location of a secret rendezvous site he had passed along to as many surviving Jedi as he could, as a safe portage should they find themselves in immediate danger. Alongside his impromptu master, the now adult Gand visited some of the most important centers of learning in the Galaxy, including Ossus, Tython, Naboo and Alderaan, where, partly due to being so heavily associated with a Caamasi, Ji spent a great deal of his formative years. However, it wasn't until the destruction of this world, and by extension that of his master, that Ji ceased to be the assistant of a wayward diplomat-Jedi and became a true Jedi Knight, committed to the overthrow of the Empire.

Rebel Alliance


Formally joining the Rebel Alliance under a pseudonym days after the Battle of Yavin, Ji participated in many minor skirmishes and several very important battles against the Empire, though he always kept his identity as a Jedi secret. The Gand pilot flew his BTL-S3 Y-Wing in both the major victory during the Battle of Turkana, and the major defeat at the Battle of Tingel Deepspace Besh. After the major Rebel defeat at Hoth, fearing the imminent destruction of the Alliance and permanent loss of the Jedi teachings, Ji fled deep into the Outer Rim, rather than rally with his comrades.

Acolyte of Odan-Urr (3 ABY - 34 ABY)

New Tython

Ji's second lightsaber, crafted in a traditionalist style.

Arriving on Harakoa, a planet whose location was given to him as a rendezvous location by his former master Ylenic It'kla, Ji found himself with little more than his starfighter, some basic supplies, and a trove of holocrons containing the historical knowledge of the Jedi Order. He survived solely on the charity of several local tribes, but primarily on assistance from the swamp tribe Iwu Zawag. After his first winter on Harakoa the Gand Jedi was taken by his host il-Zaw the Ambitious to meet with another Jedi who had arrived at the rendezvous location several years prior. Though Liam Torun was, and would remain something of a hermit, the addition of a second Jedi to the cause, as well as the friendship of local Harakoans, enabled Ji to begin the process of turning the meeting site into a livable zone. Over time other Jedi arrived from scattered worlds, fleeing the still mighty grasp of the Empire, or the endemic warfare which had gripped the galaxy. Some Jedi came alone, while others brought post-purge families, and friends, and the rendezvous site originally provided by Ylenic It'kla grew into the Ooroo Abbey of Menat Ombo, which would become the capital city of the Jedi on New Tython.

Encounters with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Ji in HOU's war room along with Mike Halcyon

By the time the Dark Jedi Brotherhood made first contact with the New Tythonian Jedi, the group had expanded into more than ten individuals, and the population of colonists who had accompanied the Jedi (or come seeking riches) had exploded into the hundreds of thousands. Though original meetings were tense, they were strangely without hostilities as the Grandmaster of the Brotherhood seemed more intrigued by the Jedi enclave that outright hostile. Their arrival would also accompany that of Solari, an ancient Shard Jedi, who would become instrumental in both the formation of House Odan-Urr into a community capable of passing on its knowledge and training to new generations of Jedi, as well as its integration into the larger politics of the Brotherhood, which had come to dominate the region of space in which New Tython was located.

Outbreak of Hostilities

Inevitably, tensions between the two factions of Force users dissolved into outright hostility and, severely outmanned and outgunned, the Jedi fled to the forests of New Tython to mount a defense of the planet alongside colonist paramilitary groups and Harakoan tribalists. Although the resistance managed to inflict heavy casualties upon the Dark Jedi, their unending numbers and overwhelming space superiority resulted in the ultimate defeat of the Jedi, who, for reasons as yet unknown, were spared at the last minute by the same Grandmaster with whom their contact initiated. The Dark Jedi left the planet and the Odanite Jedi were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered planet and rebuild.




A typical Gand, Ji is small of stature with large, pale compound eyes.. His stout frame is often hidden beneath traditionally cut Jedi robes, more reminiscent of the old Order under Yoda, than those typically favored by New Republic-era Force users. His chitinous exoskeleton maintains a brown hue, but is pockmarked by burn scars from both blasters and lightsabers. As he is a breathing Gand, Ji must wear a respirator at all times when not in his methane-filled quarters on New Tython. Though Ji did not grow up on Gand, his robes and mask are still adorned with trinkets and small trophies, as a small acknowledgement to his roots.


Having been around since the pre-Purge Jedi Order, Ji is often regarded as stodgy and old-fashioned. His extreme sense of caution and conservative reluctance to act are often mistaken for cowardice or the effect of old age, however they stem from an obsessive drive to ensure the security of the New Tythonian Jedi. In fact, the Gand has proven to be exceedingly courageous when the situation warrants it. Additionally, the fire to rebuild the Jedi Order as it was has been tempered as Ji has aged; He is content to preserve House Odan-Urr in its current form, though with the arrival of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, that often entails hostile action, tricky diplomacy, and winning converts in order to nullify the threat posed by the Dark houses.