Sharad Taldrya Hett

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Sharad Taldrya Hett
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1.93 Meters


85 kilograms





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Clan Taldryan

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  • Cyan
  • Royal Blue
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Dark Jedi


Combat Master


Clan Taldryan, Antei Combat Center



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"I'm gonna hunt that buffalo down and tell her whats for!"
―Jac Cotelin


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work in progress

Hand Crafted Echani Knives

Echani Knives

Sharad Hett has practiced the arts of Echani ever since he joined the Brotherhood. He has been Commander of the Guard twice and has fully mastered its art. After mastery, he felt it was time to build some custom knives to display his prowess.

The hilts are constructed from a rare wood Sharad found on a planet deep in the Outer Rim. He spent many long hours carving the hilts out to fit as comfortably as possible in his hands. After the hilts were carved out, Hett applied a light finish to protect the wood from damage. Occasionally the finish wears out and it is replaced.

The blades are constructed of gold melded with high carbon durasteel to give maximum hardness with a touch of style. The cutting edges are honed razor sharp. The blades are so sharp that if a hair is dropped on one, then it will fall in two halves past the blade.

The blades are 10 cm long and the hilts are 12 cm long, for a total of 22 cm long knives. The knives are larger than typical Echani knives, but the additional length suits Hett's fighting style better.

Ruby Scepter

One of the most ornate awards the Brotherhood bestows to its faithful, the Ruby Scepter is possessed of fearsome beauty. Struck from precious silver horded from the undersea “vault-spires” of Munnilinst, the scepter’s shaft is finely relieved with passages of ancient texts of the recipient’s choosing. At either end of the scepter is a firelight ruby from Antei’s own mines. It is the mark of a notable scholar among the membership. Though not a true weapon, as are many of the Brotherhood’s other awards, the scepter is of considerable weight and solidity. Its use as a bludgeon is not without precedent.

Sharad was awarded the Ruby Scepter in 22 ABY. He has since practiced with the pimp stick almost exclusively, ignoring his other tried and true weapons to become adept with the scepter. After 2 years he finally met his goal and uses his full arsenal of weapons once more. He prefers to use the Ruby Scepter in battle to humiliate and emotionally devastate an opponent before finishing them off with more conventional methods. Occasionally, Hett uses the scepter in conjunction with his sapphire blade to fully capitalize on his exceptional dual wielding abilities.

Sapphire Blade

This stunning sapphire blade is cast in the ancient style of the gladius paying homage to those fierce warriors of another time. The shank is struck through with titanium inclusions lending a hypnotically deep azure hue to the weapon. The blade’s surface features one powerful ridge running either side of its length adding both strength and beauty. The sapphire itself is synthetically formed from a large crystal boule and laser-cut to the desired specifications. It is then set into a hilt of rare Mandalorian iron which is wrapped in Firaxan shark skin over knurled ridges. The large, round pommel counterweights the marvelously simple weapon and is engraved on the bottom by two simple words in Sith runes: "In Darkness".

Sharad was awarded his first Sapphire Blade in 19 ABY and his second in 27 ABY. He has developed a good understanding of the weapon, but usually shies from its use in serious combat. It is usually reserved for his off hand when he wishes to dual wield a weapon with his Ruby Scepter.

Locust Knives

Minuscule blades that were usually attached to either the thighs or the arms of Bunduki monks by a small, leather band, locust knives were, perhaps, the most effective throwing knives in the known galaxy. The blade was too small and too sharp to be effectively used against another blade. Bunduki monks harnessed their upper-body strength and muscle so that the velocity at which these knives were thrown could pierce skin, glass and in some cases, weak metal.

Sharad has used locust knives for many years. He felt he needed a ranged weapon occasionally in the heat of unforgiving combat, and the crudeness of a blaster made him turn to other means. He does not have the strength to properly harness the locust knives as originally intended, but he makes up for any shortcoming with the aid of the Dark Side. He plans to construct some of these knives to more fit his style, but he has not yet found any time for the project.

Lightsaber Forms

work in progress

Fighting Styles

work in progress


Bryar Bowl II: Bryar Harder Award Bryar Scepter
Bryar Bowl with a Vengeance Award Bryar Shield
  • Feel the Force competition ended February 22, 2002 as one of the most successful competitions of its time. Dinaari did, of course, place first by a long shot.
  • Pimp family started December 8, 2003 in response to all the lame families. Last remaining member, Pimp Swiper, finally changes his name on July 31, 2007.
  • Brought Clan Taldryan successfully through the split as Proconsul losing only a handful of members (none active anyway).
  • Successfully got rid of Tiger as Consul, which brought about the rebirth of Clan Taldryan with Kir Taldrya Katarn as the next Consul.
  • February 21, 2004 - 7th/8th member to become a Son of Taldryan.
  • February 22, 2005 - Clan Taldryan award, Sharad's Valor, created as one of five original Clan Taldryan Exclusive Awards.
  • May 24, 2005 - Awarded Clan Taldryan award Scroll of the Arts.
  • May 22, 2006 - Awarded Clan Taldryan award Mark of Honor.
  • June 30, 2007 - Latest Bryar Pimp as of Bryar Bowl II: Bryar Harder.
  • September 8, 2007 - Awarded Clan Taldryan award Crescent of Ektrosis.
  • September 8, 2007 - Awarded Clan Taldryan award Claw of Dinaari.
  • October 31, 2007 - Now a Two Time Bryar Pimp as of Bryar Bowl with a Vengeance.
Positions Held
Before Position After
Kir Taldrya Katarn Aedile of House Dinaari
17 ABY
Dakhar Zak'hun
Kir Taldrya Katarn Quaestor of House Dinaari
17 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
Telaris "Mav" Cantor Commander of the Guard
17 ABY - 18 ABY
Rizlib Obelisk High Commander
17 ABY - 18 ABY
JeD I. ReDNecK
Jeff "Tiger" Loruss Proconsul of Clan Taldryan
18 ABY - 19 ABY
Khaen Obelisk High Commander
19 ABY
Khobai Wrathraven
freshjive Taldrya Proconsul of Clan Taldryan
20 ABY - 22 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
Jasru Lakca Commander of the Guard
23 ABY
Khobai Wrathraven
Halcyon Rokir Combat Master
28 ABY - ?
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