Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

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Benevolent Taldrya Whiner
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

Approximately 2 BBY (age 46)

Physical Description





1.82m / 6'0"


80 Kg / 175lb


Dark Brown



Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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―Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

Benevolent Taldrya Whiner was a human male Dark Jedi born on the core world of Metellos, raised solely by his father, his mother having died in the process of childbirth. Unfortunately, this was but the first of many hardships, as only a few years later Benevolent was separated from his father in an accident that left him stranded on one of Metellos' lower stratablocks with almost no memory of who he was.

Discovered by a group of scavengers, Benevolent was raised as a thief, his inherit mechanical skills used to hack security systems or develop makeshift weaponry for his "family". In 18 ABY, Benevolent met with more adversity after one of the gang's heists went horribly awry. Benevolent found himself discovered by the Dark Jedi Knight known as Apophis, a member of the Clan Taldryan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Sensing a strong will and an aura of force sensitivity, Benevolent was conscripted into the Brotherhood as an Apprentice.

Despite being forcibly inducted, Benevolent advanced far in the Brotherhood, obtaining the Elder Rank of Dark Adept for his efforts during the Tenth Great Jedi War. Since his initiation, Benevolent has been a member of Taldryan, serving in positions ranging from Sergeant to Proconsul, aiding the Clan in many victories. He currently serves as the leader of the Old Folks' Home and as the Brotherhood's Master of Holocrons.


Early Life (2 BBY - 17 ABY)

"text here"

Ben was born here, then, to people. Expandify!


Child of Nobody

"text here"

Ben fell down and broke his crown. Now he has... amnesia! DUN DUN DUN.

A young Benevolent Whiner

A Common Thief

"text here"

Ben, founded by groundpounders/mole people?, takes up a life of petty crime.


"text here"

Heist goes awry, Ben hides in a food container and is discovered by a Tal Jedi TBD! Let's go to the SA!

Into the Brotherhood (18 - 19 ABY)

"text here"

Basics covering admission, shadow academy, and initial (and only) transfer.

House Dinaari of Taldryan

The House of Dinaari

"text here"

Joining House Dinaari and training in the ways of the Obelisk.

Overview of time spent from ACO-DJK, obtaining SGT

Delving Into the Past

"text here"

Mr DJK Ben returns home to figure out what is up.

Rites of Passage (20 - 21 ABY)

Blood Feuds

"text here"

Bloodrites (Obby RoS), Templar!

Benevolent, infected by Okemi's power


"text here"

Ben = AED, Sixth GJW (mind controlly one) takes place. Was Ben infected or not? Was this the infected one? Obtain Prelate when the dust/stupidity settles.

The Mantle of Leadership (23 - 26 ABY)

"text here"

Shad's movin on up, Ben's movin on up. Who is AED? WHO?!

In Times of War

"text here"

Ben leads Dinaari during the Obelisk RoS to take Coratua V from piratey types. He works closely with the awesome, sexy, and humble PCON Shadow!

Ben gets Exarch, becomes M:DGM (wha?), and is made Shadow's PCON (poor Ben).

Undivided Loyalties

"text here"

PCONy command with Duga (Shad left quickly) as Jac clones run amok! Get Primarch for dealing with Shad/some GJW work. (see: Shad/reclaiming throne)

Seconds of Darkness

"text here"

Resign from PCON? whyfor? RoS wargame. Yay Tal!

Fatal Wounds (27 - 32 ABY)

The Training Is Over

"text here"

Second Darkness is interrupted as Alien! Ben is (now) field promoted to lead the OFH, the toughest SOBs in Tal (he's the only one trustworthy enough).

The Depths of Power

"text here"

Clans rebuild, begin training for the next battle. Ben focuses on fictionalized aspect of wiki stuff. (lead in to eventually be Wiki Master)

Battle for the Hall of Immortals

Liberation of Antei

"text here"

We're back, bitches!

Benevolent, amidst the chaos of Salas V

The Battle of Salas V

"text here"

Salas V RoS.

Other Side of Darkness (33 ABY - Present)

"text here"

Howie joins Tal, the OFH gets awesomely revamped (not so much for Ben), and Clans become Houses.

The Path of the Obelisk

"text here"

Order War! Obelisk wons!

Holocron Center of the Brotherhood

Master of Holocrons

Fictionalization of Wiki Master.


"text here"

GJW X, Hero!, DA!

Physical Appearance

Benevolent's Manipulator robes

"There are... benefits to not standing out in a crowd."
―Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

A mostly unassuming character, Benevolent tended to blend into crowds fairly easily. He was of average height and build which, coupled with his bland facial features, kept him from acquiring unwanted attention. Benevolent had short, messy brown hair, hazel eyes, and a clean-shaven face. To look at, he had the appearance of an honest and forthright middle-aged man, an image that hid his deceptive nature. Despite having the appearance of an open and affable man, Benevolent's life had taught him to use any advantage he could find to give himself an edge.

Benevolent usually had some sort of cut, burn or scratch on his hands—the ability to heal through the Force having made him a little careless about such petty concerns. After receiving the Clan title, Benevolent obtained a small tattoo of the Taldryan crest on his upper left arm, though it was often kept hidden from view. These were the only real identifiable marks he carried.

His official robes were those of the Manipulator. A heavy, black cloak with deep cowl was worn draped over an Order-blue robe. A flowing black, open-ended tunic covered the chest and draped down to the floor to complete the ensemble and mute the Order colors somewhat. The outfit served to keep Benevolent's identity a closely-guarded secret whenever he was forced to deal outside of the House. From within his belt, he could quickly draw either lightsaber or bryar pistol, or any assortment of technical goodies used for slicing or repair work. When not in official Brotherhood robes, Benevolent favored plain, loose-fitting clothing coupled with his dirty, military-issue boots. These clothes often helped serve as camouflage, allowing him to easily blend with groups of sentients, making it easier to both infiltrate and escape without attracting unwanted attention.

Personality and traits

"Five force-deaf pricks, one getting real weak. Soon to be four then. Must be the Manda-whores. One...Sith maybe? Way too strong to be a Journeyman, but definitely not an Elder. That must be the jerk throwing people around. Alright, let's make him bleed a little then. See how he likes it."
―Benevolent, planning his counter-attack during the Tenth Great Jedi War

When compared to some of the more flamboyant personalities found in the Old Folks' Home, some would believe that Benevolent was straight-laced, overly serious, or boring. This was far from the case. Benevolent, unlike many of his allies, was far more cunning and underhanded than he was given credit for and, though he wasn't one for dramatics or grandeur, was well-suited to working with the members of Dinaari and Taldryan. Despite lacking a formal education, he had a gifted mind and enjoyed spending his time working with machines and computers. This made his predilection for subterfuge all the more dangerous, as Benevolent never put his own life in jeopardy. Instead, he would manipulate the situation to ensure his success and survival.

In the midst of battle, Benevolent was more analytical and tactical in his thought processes than the average Obelisk berserker. Using the Force to give him an accurate picture of his adversaries, allies, and surroundings, Benevolent planned his moves like a dejarik champion, mentally outlining his objectives and resources before acting. This tendency to think before acting often puts him at odds with his subordinates in the Old Folks' Home. However, this tendency to over-analyze often kept him locked in his own head, his mind and body acting independently of one another.

Benevolent sometimes suffers from a rare disability, believed to have been a result of the accident in his youth that caused his loss of memory. Unknown to all but a few close friends, Benevolent often has moments where he "blacks out". Though his body continues to function in the real world as though nothing is wrong, within his mind the world becomes a strange and wondrous place. Benevolent takes the roll of a "tough-as-nails" private eye in a world of damsels, fast cars, and black and white imagery. These lapses into the "Detective State" often occur when Benevolent is forced to complete, what he sees as, mundane tasks—more than often during vendettas and battles. The only time this phenomena never occurs is when Benevolent is on an adventure with the Old Folks' Home, the Home being far too dangerous for him to let his guard down in even the slightest way.

Though his actions remain normal, when in the Detective State, Benevolent's speech is often different than what people expect. He has the a tendency to address colleagues as "Dames", enemies as "Wise guys", and Anubis Annedu as "Anneliese". The only known individual within the Brotherhood with a similar disability would be Sithspawn Taldrya, who is often given to delusions of an absurd or obscene nature. However, in Sithspawn's case, these delusions are the result of extensive alcohol and drug abuse, rather than any inherent mental frailties. (Alcoholism and addiction notwithstanding)

Powers and abilities

"Don't worry. They won't know I was there until after they're dead."
Benevolent's deadly lightsaber and bryar combo

Benevolent was a master of deceit and cunning, using his aptitude for manipulation and illusion to overwhelm opponents before they could counter-attack. He was skilled in both marksmanship and the Jedi Arts, often melding the two in a style that was generally thought to be unique to members of House Dinaari. Though not a physically-oriented combatant like many of his brethren, Benevolent was comparable to the likes of Shaithis Var'rek and Shadow Taldrya in terms of overall combat skill, utilizing his intelligence to win battles rather than brute strength. Outside of combat, Benevolent was well known for his technological prowess and infiltration skills. These abilities made him a valuable asset to both his old House and the Old Folks' Home, which he currently leads.

Lightsaber Mastery

Benevolent, though generally opposed to fair fights, was an accomplished swordsman having spent many of his years training against the other Obelisk of House Dinaari. The key to Benevolent's training was coupling aggressive lightsaber forms with trickery and deceit to put him in the best possible position to defeat his opponents without risking his own life. During his early years with the Brotherhood, Benevolent focused his training into the form of Makashi, seeking mastery of the dueling art in order to hold his own when pressed into one-on-one "fair" fights. Though it conflicted with his sense of self-preservation, he knew the skill would one day keep alive when trickery failed.

Upon his promotion to Primarch, Benevolent altered his focus and began studying the ancient art of Sokan, known for its unorthodox approach to combat and impenetrable defense. Benevolent was dexterous, well-suited to a form built upon speed and agility. Attacking quickly and leaving the opponent no room to counter, Sokan proved a highly useful form for the inevitable battles Benevolent was dragged into for his House's honor.

Force Techniques

Whether dueling or engaging in a large-scale battle, Benevolent made extensive use of his Force abilities to compliment his swordsmanship. The battles he fought became less about contests of strength and skill and more about being clever and manipulative. To this end, he made extensive use of the school of Manipulation.

Stronger focus on force techniques that manipulated others or helped to conceal Ben. Note of alter image, illusions, concealment, etc. Trained in the arts of the Obelisk Assassin.

Other Abilities

A focus on mechanic skills, inventing stuff?, slicing, and demolitions. If it had something to due with technology, Ben was a master.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Mordon "Apophis" Malchia Sergeant of Dark Fire Brigade
21 ABY - 22 ABY
Crix Madine Aedile of House Dinaari
22 ABY - 23 ABY
Shadow Taldrya Quaestor of House Dinaari
23 ABY
Duga Arkarso
Shadow Taldrya Proconsul of Clan Taldryan
23 ABY - 26 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
Sithspawn Taldrya Leader of Old Folks' Home
27 ABY - Present
Anubis Annedu Master of the Holocron Center
35 ABY - 38 ABY
Aidan Kincaid