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Telaris “Mav” Taldrya Cantor
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Terephon in the Hapes Cluster

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Near Human (Hapan)



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Clan Taldryan

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Dark Jedi


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Clan Taldryan



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"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall free me"
―The Sith Code

Telaris “Mav” Taldrya Cantor is a Prophet and a long standing member of Clan Taldryan. He is a former Consul, Lord Chamberlain and Deputy Grand Master who is currently enjoying retirement in House Dinaari Old Folk's Home.

Character History

At the age of 12, Telaris was alone on the streets of Aurora Prime. It was there that he was found by a young woman by the name of Risua Cantor. Taking him in, the woman introduced the young Hapan to her family, most of whom were in the service of the nearby Imperial warlod. Sensing an aptitude for the Force, the Cantors enrolled young Telaris in the nearby Shadow Academy, where he began his training in the Dark Side. Full of anger towards his Hapan family, the young boy took easily to the training. He graduated from the Shadow Academy and entered the service of Clan Satal Keto during the First Great Jedi War. Here, he earned the callsign and nickname "Mav", originally for maverick, due to his reluctance to follow orders. Soon, he became estranged from his House through his own actions.

Still a teenager but ever ambitious, the young Telaris fled Satal Keto to Aquillas. It was there that he served under Yacko Cantor, the father of his adopted guardian/mother, Risua. Soon, he was adopted into the Cantor family.

Telaris eventually took control over House Senryaku from his grandfather. Though still very young, the talented Dark Jedi had demonstrated ability and determination. While Quaestor of Senryaku, he built many friendships that would benefit him in his future within the Brotherhood.

However, soon Telaris grew restless and sought to leave Aquillas. Telaris fled Aquillas along with his loyal friend and companion, Donitz. They traveled to Sahare, due to an urging he felt within himself. It was then that he chanced to meet with an old friend from Satal Keto: Jarla, whom was currently Quaestor of House Ektrosis. Together, with the help of numerous others, Clan Taldryan was created.

Telaris served for numerous years within Clan Taldryan. Eventually, he became Consul of the Clan. Clan Taldryan had claimed victories in each of the last two Great Jedi Wars, as well as a recent feud victory over the Clan of Arcona. But stagnation was setting in within the Brotherhood, and Telaris felt he had to take action. Attempting to rally the Clans away from Grand Master Zoraan, Telaris' plot was uncovered. He was presumed dead, though he had in fact escaped and traveled to the Hapes Cluster.

Near his nineteenth birthday, Telaris traveled to the Hapes Cluster after fleeing the Dark Brotherhood. At first, Telaris sought vengeance against his family as he traveled to Terephon. But it was here that he discovered his family's past and the truth behind their rich merchant past.... They had used a latent ability to command the Force to influence trade agreements. He also learned that his brother had been arrested and executed on Aurora Prime while attempting to do what the Imperials had called "Cheating." Had he been with his brother, he would have been implicated, as well.

Furthermore, his mother and father were now dead. The only living relative was his sister, who claimed to have tried to find him, but had not found any records. She soon became defensive, fearing that he had come to collect parts of the family fortune. Telaris had found a matter of peace, here, and soon discovered the reason that he had come to the Hapes Cluster.

While serving in the Brotherhood, Telaris had given in to his rage and anger often, using them to motivate his Clan in battle and in negotiation. Known for a hot temper and a fiery tongue, the Consul had spared little in his attacks against his opponents, diplomatically and physically. Fueled by the anger against his parents, this had made him reckless. He needed to find a measure of peace to preserve what little balance remained.

Though he remained committed to himself, Telaris realized that if he was to plunge too deep into the Dark Side, his passion would consume him. It was within the Hapes Cluster he sought a form of peace over the last three years.

The exact nature of his discoveries within the Hapes Cluster at not entirely known. Telaris does not speak of these times. He returned to the Brotherhood on the eve of the Exodus, as Dark Jedi across the Brotherhood readied to flee the tyrannical control of Imperial warlords. At the request of the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master, Telaris took the lead of Clan Arcona and helped lead its membership through the Exodus.

Once reaching Antei, Telaris was granted a position on the Dark Council, as one of the closest advisors to the Grand Masters. Becoming the first Lord Chamberlain in years, Telaris skillfully negotiated the safe passage of Dark Brotherhood vessels through the territory of the Rebel Squadrons and Star Vipers with only minor conflict. These days, the Lord Chamberlain is often found on Antei, always available for the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. Telaris later assumed the mantle of Deputy Grand Master.

Mav is currently enjoying retirement in the Ethereal Realm.

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  • Mav spends his free time studying of arcane texts, archaeology, space flight, and melee combat.
  • Mav was once part of the Obelisk order.