Evant Taelyan

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Evant Taelyan
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Etti IV

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1.75 Meters


56.70 Kilograms


Short blonde



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Evant Taelyan (born 7 ABY) was a human male Dark Jedi born in the Corporate Sector on Etti IV. After a successful start to life as a grav ball player and attaining his degree, he was eventually recruited into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood by Xen'mordin Vismorsus who would take on the role of his Master at the age of 22. Now with the tools at his disposal to unlock his true potential, and the Dark Side as a true ally, he quickly began to see success in his career in both his Clan and the Dark Council.

He is currently serving as the Regent on the Dark Council, overseeing the Brotherhood's trade routes, resources, supply lines and economies.


Early life

Evant Taelyan was born on the hot and stormy capital of the Corporate Sector, Etti IV. His father was an engineer at Cybot Galactica, one of the largest droid manufacturing companies in the galaxy while his mother stayed at home to raise him and his younger twin sisters, Alma and Zoey.

Growing up in the middle class meant a good education and no financial trouble. The first years of his life were rather routine, with a growing boredom as he effortlessly excelled in his studies finding him looking for new ways to challenge himself and picking up the sport of grav ball recreationally as a youth. His time in sports allowed him to push his body, where he was able to achieve extraordinary feats that gave him success in all positions of the sport. As he started secondary school at the age of 14 it took just little time for him to shine enough to get an immediate nod as the team's center striker and team captain. He had a successful sports career setting many school records, while continuing to excel in his studies, graduating with top honors.

He entered into higher education on a grav ball scholarship at the University of Mondder in the capital city of Etti IV. He chose the school because of the ability to immediately step in as the starting center striker on the team, and quickly established himself as a leader and team captain at only 18. He set many school records during his time, and by his third year after attracting additional talent to his side had taken the team to the championship. After completing his degree from the university in operational management, a course of study he found effortless while he focused on his sporting career, he declared for the professional draft at the age of 22.

Scholae Palatinae

In 29 ABY, while visiting his family on Etti IV, he was approached by Xen'mordin Vismorsus, in a meeting that would drastically change the direction of his life. The Emperor of the small but dedicated Scholae Palatinae Empire had approached him, having seen him on holotapes in his travels and a premonition that he was meant to save their Empire from destruction. Skeptical, but with an ingrained competitive spirit that craved more knowledge of the Force after several displays, he traveled to the Cocytus system. He would enlist himself to the services of the Clan, and take on the role of personal apprentice to the powerful Sith before he would leave.

He spent the first year in intense training under both the Emperor and his connections to the Shadow Academy, jump-starting his education on the Force and the Empire. Once his training was complete, and with a lightsaber weapon at his side, he was given command of a small team of elite units known as Caliburnus.

Looking Home Campaign

With resources constrained in the Dark Crusade, early on Evant would move Caliburnus to Ft. Lance on Ptolomea, joining the Scholae Palatinae Fighter Corps already stationed there. With his family also on the planet, he was hypersensitive to their protection.

Ptolomea Deposition Antenora Rebellion

Evant was made Aedile and Supreme Commander during these engagements, filling a void left as Xantros moved onto Krath projects.

Cainian Strikes

Evant was promoted to Sith Battlemaster as he grew in influence and power.

Judecca where Evant played a major role.

Dark Council

Force Philosophy

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