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Lucyeth Haken
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 ABY

Physical Description





1.8 meters


72 kilograms





Personal Information

Scholae Palatinae

Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Survivalist, Black Market


Battle-Team Leader of Acclivis Draco

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Koryn Thraagus

Known apprentices:




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"Excidium's one and only Lady in a Summer Dress."
―Jorm Na'trej

Lucyeth is a member of the brotherhood and joined in 37 ABY as a member of House Scholae Palatinae. He is a user of the dark side of the Force and a member of the Order of the Sith at the rank of Sith Warrior. He was born in 17 ABY. He is a Human male of approximately 1.8 meters and weighs 72 kilograms. Lucyeth is a strategist and always enjoys the glory of victory. He has an introverted personality and has always had trouble with socializing; he would always rather work alone in solitude rather than interacting with others.

Character History

Early Life(17 ABY-Present)

"Destiny doesn't compose who you are, you are what you make of your destiny and when you compose your own destiny, the achievements are fruitful."
―Lucyeth's feeling towards life based on his past experiences


Lucyeth's home planet of Fondor
Lucyeth was born on Fondor in a wealthy family and raised well in luxury. His father was a manager of a large shipyard while his mother was an administrator at a school. He is the oldest sibling with a younger brother and a younger sister. Lucyeth was enrolled in the same school as his mother who was the Superintendent. Lucyeth strives in academics and was in the top percent of the class. He was also very athletic, playing in sports. He was not very competitive but, always did the best he could making an attempt. he was introduced to traditional blasters when his father would take him out on hunting expeditions. Lucyeth is very adaptable to his surroundings by using his natural intuitive skills to do what he believes would be best for the situation. he is always ready to learn something new and is never afraid to accept a challenge.

The Beginning Down the Dark Path

As successful he was, Lucyeth had issues with social skills and was bullied a lot by his peers. His path down the dark side began when he snapped back at a bully and killed him with a cooking utensil. His mother tried to stop him but, Lucyeth went further down a dark path killing his mother and students that wronged him. He knew the rest of his family would find out, so he went home to kill them. He covered up evidence by destroying the house and closing all finances and other assets. He went on the run and slipped on a large freighter where he ended up on the planet of Judecca. He began a life of survival, surviving off the land and becoming fond of the outdoors.
Lucyeth's home years after the murder

A Fresh Start (27 ABY-36 ABY)

Life on Judecca

Lucyeth's hut on the plains of Judecca
Lucyeth began living in an uncivilized area on the outskirts of Lyon. He made a hut out of leaves and sticks from the surrounding area. He would live in this hut for the next five years, scavenging food from the surrounding wilderness. He would bulk up his natural shape through the long hiking for plant materials and hauling meat back to the hut. After three years of life in isolation, He began to visit the nearby city of Lyon to scavenge for interesting objects in dumpsters. His life improved when he got a job as a sanitation worker within the city. He would commute to the city from his hut with people yet unaware of his standard of living. He would become friends with his sanitation partner named Jorge who drove the truck.

Black Market

Lucyeth was offered a job by Jorge in a local cartel operating a black market. The pay was very generous and he was given weapons, his primary would be a DH-17 blaster pistol. They both ran simple runs of credits and weapons. After a few successful jobs, they were tasked with more high priority jobs like running expensive weaponry and minerals. The most important job came when they were to complete a job to obtain a rare spice. This job would be unsuccessful when they lost their window of opportunity. The job required a lot of slicing and evading securities that consumed too much time. The loss of the spice made the cartel king very angry as he lost out on a big profit. The next run would be for thermal detonators, although Jorge never appeared at the rendezvous point.

Hunt for a Friend

After his partner was a no show, Lucyeth went to the drop point to speak with the cartel branch leader about the loss of Jorge. The branch leader explained that Jorge "is of no use and is no longer with us". This angered Lucyeth as he demanded where his friend is and was getting no answers. He took one of the thermal detonators and shoved in in the branch leader's mouth, breaking teeth in the process.

Take down of the Black Market

The stronghold of the Black Market on Judecca
Lucyeth went to the safe house of the cartel king to do whatever means were necessary to get his friend. he battled his way through the atrium of the compound, taking down enemies with ease using his blaster. He lost his E-11 blaster rifle that he was using as he moved up the stairs. He engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the personal bodyguard of the king. He won in the short battle gaining the upper hand and pulling out his pistol to shoot the bodyguard in the face without hesitation.

Discovery of the Force

Lucyeth's blaster from Jorge
Lucyeth entered the personal office of the cartel king to find his friend being held hostage by the king. He attempted to fire his pistol but, was not fast enough as it was shot out of his hand. With a gun pointed at him and being taunted with nothing to do, Lucyeth would boil up emotions. As the taunting continued, his fear about what he should do was building up anger within himself. As his emotion began to overwhelm him, Lucyeth has now felt more anger than he has ever felt in his life. His anger was out of control and pent up rage that caused him to yell in an instant that caused a mysterious tremor in the room. The cartel king was knocked to the ground, which gave Jorge the opportunity to kick him in the gut and shoot him dead. With the room mangled from the strange force that occurred, neither of them were able to explain what had happened. Jorge moved to the city of Tailyon and got a job in one of the ports, while Lucyeth continued to work for the sanitation department of the city of Lyon. Lucyeth eventually earned enough credits to purchase an apartment in the city, leaving behind his hut as history of his past. Jorge gave Lucyeth the blaster pistol of the cartel king because he felt it was rightfully earned. The pistol was a DL-22 blaster pistol which would become part of his arsenal as a concealed weapon in an ankle holster. he kept his skills finely tuned as he could never be too sure when the skills would be needed again in the future. He would still be unable to explain what had happened at the black market compound, but he would get his answer in due time, as he would be hidden for a short time.

Unofficial Induction

Agent Wolfe
A few months after the Black Market Incident, Lucyeth continued working for the sanitation department. He witnessed a terror plot during a trash pickup which caused an unwanted attention towards him. Lucyeth was brought in for questioning by the local security forces and told them everything he saw that would aid them in cracking the case. He was abducted the next day at work and woke up in a strange room with a woman staring down at him. The woman revealed that she works for a secret organization that thwarts plots before they happen. He was left with no details of herself except that she goes by the name of Agent Wolfe. Wolfe stated that Jorge worked for her and that she knew what kind of power Lucyeth wields but, can only help him if he helps her. Together, they went to a warehouse of the manufacturing district of the city where a criminal syndicate was holding a meeting. They engaged the criminals within the warehouse in a battle that seemed like the two were outnumbered. After a long and grueling battle, the combined skills of Agent Wolfe and Lucyeth proved to be victorious. The leader of the meeting escaped with a peculiar device that contained a toxic agent that kills in water but, harmless when exposed to the air. A tracking beacon was placed on his speeder by Wolfe before the two entered the warehouse. The following day, Wolfe and Lucyeth followed the tracking beacon to the corporate sector of the city where the speeder was left as a dead end. With the criminal on to them, Wolfe and Lucyeth were forced to think critically about where he could have used this device for an evil gain. The senate building was searched initially but, it was discovered that the mastermind would target a building that was under the public water utilities. The team rushed to the bank to attempt to prevent the success of the criminal and a battle commenced. The battle was a victory but ultimately, a lost as it was simply a diversion because a large sum of credits and weapons were already taken from the vaults. although it was a failure, Lucyeth wanted to know his powers and Wolfe revealed that she was a recruiter for the Dark Brotherhood. She further explained that the final test for Lucyeth to be considered into the academy was to finish the job and catch the criminal.

Life in the Dark Brotherhood ( 37 ABY-Present)

" Opportunities can last a lifetime when you make the effort to go for them."
― Lucyeth's sense of determination towards personal goals

Road Towards Dark Jedi

Crest of Scholae Palatinae
Lucyeth was brought into the brotherhood by a recruiter based on his past experience. He was a Novice for a short time until he was placed into House Scholae Palatinae. He was contacted by the current Rollmaster of the House, Koryn Thraagus who gave him advice to the next step. With the Roll-master being the only one in contact and advising him, Koryn Thraagus took in Lucyeth as his apprentice.

Jungle Madness

Strange jungle where Lucyeth met his companion
Lucyeth was sent to an unknown jungle planet to retrieve an artifact for the house. He wandered around the dense planet until he got into a confrontation with carnivorous plants which he killed in battle. He also met a strange creature that wields the power of the force. this creature was not logged in any archives of species so he just called it a beast for the time being. he engaged in combat with this creature but was bested by the creature's superiority of the force. He befriended the beast as his companion and it helped Lucyeth locate the sith artifact for the house. The artifact was obtained but, created a domino effect as a mass of carnivorous creatures converged on them. The two battled the plants all the way back to the ship where Lucyeth decided to bring his new companion back with him being it helped him get off the planet alive. Still unsure what kind of creature it is, Lucyeth named it Akota this way it at least has a name.

Trial of Cello

The mysterious temple in the desert
Lucyeth went to the unknown regions along with Cello and his master, Evant Taelyan. He went along to aid in the Trials of Knighthood. Cello needed to travel to this planet along with his master, Evant Taelyan to retrieve contents regarding the construction of a lightsaber. The three proceeded to the planet where they entered a temple of ancient knowledge. The contents within the temple or what obtained from the temple is unknown. Lucyeth did his part of the mission by covering the entrance of the temple while the others went inside. After a blast from inside the temple, Lucyeth began attacking an army of mysterious composition and an unclear motive. The army kept coming closer to him as if they are merely appearing out of the ground. When everyone regrouped outside the temple, the tide of the battle turned as the three of them altogether made a fight back to the ship. Everyone came back unscathed along with the knowledge and materials that we came to retrieve.

Looking Home Campaign( 37 ABY)

Spiritual Trip to Ptolomea-Sensing Surroundings

The cave of Marynos for the spiritual journey of Lucyeth
Lucyeth took a trip to Ptolomea where he strengthened his spiritual side of the force. He visited one of the various caves on the island of Marynos. He felt his five senses adapt to the unique surroundings as he went deeper into the cave. He meditated on the exotic properties of the features that make the cave what it is. The air gave off the smell of the sea that interacted with the walls and sand of the cave to form soil properties that are one of a kind.

Taking Care of A Dictator-Out With the Old

Lucyeth on Ptolomea
Lucyeth was tasked with taking care of a dictator of Ptolomea that was no longer in favor of the interests of the House. He was briefed on the details of the mission and acquired a schedule of the dictator's routine. He sliced into the network of the political security network to shutdown the security cameras. He sneaked in the base level window from the rear of the building to proceed to his target. Lucyeth infiltrated the personal office of the dictator where he put a rare poison into his drinking glass while he was out of his office. He escaped the building without detention and went off-world before anyone realized the dictator died. With the complex makeup of the poison and its symptoms, people would be unable to confidently judge the reason of his death.

Ptolomea Disposition

Lucyeth went to Ptolomea as part of a team to take out a dictator who has grown rebellious against the royal house. the team was composed of Koryn, Elincia, and Dante, led by Xantros. The team was tasked with taking care of a dictator through infiltrating the city using the sewage systems of the city sublevels. The team went up against digusting odors in addition to, carnivorous rodents that mutated from the toxic sludge. The team punched through the resistance forces and took out the dictator with minimal implications.

The Heist

The vault on Etti IV
Lucyeth came across a message that was intended for admiral Zaarin within the files of the Shadow Academy network. The message disclosed the details of a Vault on the planet of Etti IV that contained riches from the Dark Crusades. Lucyeth intended to acquire these riches for the good of the house and their warriors who deserve it. He boarded his ship and put in the coordinates for the Etti system. Lucyeth got to the vault through a window of the bank and sliced into the security network of the bank. The vault not only contained credits, but a variety of precious rare metals as well as advanced weaponry. Lucyeth laoded a hover cart full of credits and weapons and fought his way out of the bank. He used a claoking device from the vault to get back to his ship unscathed from the additional authorities that were converging on the bank. He made for Brotherhood controlled space until he was intercepted by a piar of starfighters. Lucyeth decided it would be better to engage the fighters rather than run and risk them calling additional fighters. He took out the fighters and returned to Brotherhood space to distribute the credits and weapons to the respected houses that deserved it.

The Dark Crusades

Lucyeth on Dromund Kass during the Dark Crusades
Lucyeth took part in the final chapter of the Dark Crusades as a Guardian in the Scholae Palatinae forces that assaulted Dromund Kaas. Lucyeth was part of various campaigns that truly tested his skills in combat. He used his skills with a blaster as well as his strategic skills with squads. He was not limited to ground assaults as he also made contributions in a space whether it was a gunner or a member of a boarding party as well as participating in dogfights with fighter squadrons. He has participated in the event of Crusadeology during the Dark Crusade campaigns to help out his house in war time. Lucyeth had shown extraordinary skills and made contributions to the cause to get recognition for a field promotion to Jedi Hunter.

Hunting A Killer

Lucyeth traveled to the hot planet of Nar Shaddaa to investigate the disappearance of the Herald. The situation was believed to be a murder out of cold blood but the extraction team was missing. The extraction team was found to be still on the planet and Lucyeth had to find out what had happened. Lucyeth found a soldier of the extraction team in a local pub and told him his story of what had happened. They had been ambushed by a group hostile to the office of the Herald. The team was betrayed by their leader who wanted to have a share in the assassination. Lucyeth traveled to a small hut in the remote desert to find the extraction team leader. Lucyeth was attacked upon arrival at the hut by the extraction leader in which a fierce battle followed. The battle ended with both injured, but Lucyeth was the victor. The leader was brought back on charges for his crimes.

The Return of Scholae's Infamous Son

Lucyeth was put in charge of the arrival of Thran, who was a popular member of the house that has returned. The primary responsibility was to keep out of trouble and make sure that he was tended to in the most proper manner. The result did not turn out well as Lucyeth went out with Thran to many attractions of the town and wreaked havoc in their path. The night of fun and mischief came to an end when the two were arrested by the local authorities.

Balloons, Confetti, and Cake

Xen's Party.png
A surprise party was held to mark the anniversary of the Quaestor's tenor, Xen'Mordin Vismorsus. Everyone that was a member of the house in addition to other friends and family was in attendance for the big event. There was a large amount of entertainment for the festivity but still managed to get out of hand from the rowdy bunch. A handful of members were out of control which made order difficult, which the rowdy included the Quaestor and Lucyeth.

Knife in the Dark

Lucyeth was given a mission by the Emperor to take out an employee of the house that was leaking information to the enemy. The traitor was a secretary who was selling vital information to the local resistance and making the house vulnerable at the cost. Lucyeth was instructed to do whatever means necessary to take care of the secretary and he knew he was going to get it done. Lucyeth followed the secretary after work and killed him in his personal office. Lucyeth used a blaster to minimize suspicion of the attacker, not that it mattered to him. Lucyeth made the statement to the public that no one would go behind the Dark Jedi organization without paying the price.

Assassin Fun

Lucyeth entered the personal chamber of the Emperor to challenge him at his seat of royal throne of House Scholae. Xen accepted the challenge with ease and disgust that a mere knight would challenge the emperor. They engaged in a furious duel of rage and absolute anger in each attack at one another. Lucyeth had displayed extensive skill that had grown in power, but he was still no match. The Emperor pushed Lucyeth out the window of his chamber where, Lucyeth fell many stories before he was able to grab hold of something. Lucyeth was placed in a bacta tank for weeks to recover from the battle.

You Smuggler

Lucyeth volunteered his skill to smiggle supplies for the house. the house has recently been ripped off by the smugglers that were utilized so Lucyeth took over to make the run. Lucyeth picked up each list of supplies that were needed for the Brotherhood cause without much problem. Before he was going to return to Scholae Space, he was ambushed by a group of thugs on swoop bikes. the gang stated that they were the smugglers that have the job and that they were taking the cargo. Lucyeth refused to give up the cargo which let to a battle that ended in Lucyeth physically exhausted, but victorious. he returned to Brotherhood controlled space with the smuggled cargo with no further conflict.
Ancient weapon that Dodo squad were unable to secure

Dark Crusade Epilogue: Bosthirda

Lucyeth was a member of the squad known as Dodo Squad, to retrieve an artifact of vital importance to the Dark Brotherhood. The artifact was revealed to be Revelations; the sword of Ferran. The squad led by Eetherbiail, set out with members Lucyeth, Black Eagle, Shadow Nighthunter, Brandon Tarsus, and Flelm Her'kon'k to retrieve the ancient weapon. the team set out through Xlopora city facing various foes from Sith zombies and imperials, to one sith forces and their own Brotherhood forces. It was a battle of every squad for themselves to secure the sword. Dodo squad was unsuccessful at securing the sword and returned to House Scholae with no casualties.

Looking Home Campaign: Antenora(38 ABY)

Lucyeth was involved in the securing of the priest tower of Ohmen city. The group went through a contingency plan where they were overrun by the rebellious forces and were forced to do an evacuation of the held position.

Lucyeth was also sent to take care of the propaganda of rebellion within the city by taking care of the leader and resubmitting propaganda in favor of the royal house. He had the help of one of his old friends from the past to get him connections and underground intelligence.

The Most Dangerous Bounty Hunter Game

Lucyeth was sent to take care of a diplomatic emissary that was going against the brotherhood. He met with the emissary as an impostor but was ambushed by a bounty hunter who was also after the emissary. Lucyeth switched his plan to save the emissary from the bounty hunter and get him back to safety thus, going back to his impostor persona.

Looking Home Campaign: Caina

The Kasi'm Citadel that was liberated from the the rebels control
The planet of Caina came under potential upheaval with a rebellion of the miner populace. The miners rallied behind a leader named Fias Zhan, a dark Jedi who has been training his own army of Jedi to overthrow the royal throne. Lucyeth was part of a team sent in end the training operations of Zhan's forces and eliminate the enemy, the team split up as half went through the front as a diversion to allow a small group of dark Jedi to enter through a tunnel in the rear to route out and surround the enemy forces. The enemy was defeated and Fias Zhan was taken care of, preventing an all out rebellion on the entire planet,

Dark Side Adept Cult Visits

Lucyeth was tasked with investigating a Cult group that could be a possible threat to the Brotherhood. Lucyeth infiltrated the cult but was unable to get close enough to determine whether the cult was a threat or who were the leaders that ran the operations of the cult. He never got the chance to find the leader and was pulled out of the investigation for reasons that the cult was harmless and a potential asset to be determined later in time.

Battle Against a Jedi

Lucyeth landed on a planet along the way home from a mission with the sense through the force of something that he believed was valuable. He went towards the force signal like a beacon in the air until he came across a small boy with a light saber. Lucyeth engaged the small boy in a battle that Lucyeth already won with his superior power of the force. An older man came out of the trees to engage Lucyeth who masked his potential in the force. It was discovered that this man was the powerful beacon in the force and Lucyeth attempted to fight the Jedi master. He was too strong for Lucyeth and he fled the battle with the Jedi master letting him go to tend to his injured apprentice.

Blood and Glory

Coliseum where Lucyeth was held prisoner and forced to battle against a number of dangerous enemies
awoke in a dark chamber that wreaked of death and suffering. Gammorrean guards entered the room moments later to bring the dark Jedi into a large stadium in front of thousands of people as well as the Hutt crime family. Lucyeth had no idea how he was captured and kept prisoner but he knew he had to get out of all this alive. A large creature entered the coliseum at the opposite wall. It had a large spiked tail and pores on its skin that excreted acid. Lucyeth didn't have his light saber but was able to bring a piece of the wall down on the creature before it could kill the dark Jedi. He lived to fight another day but was kept prisoner for another battle.

A few days later, Lucyeth was brought back out before the Hutt crime family to face off against another enemy within the walls of the arena. A trandoshan bounty hunter entered the arena from the opposite wall but unfortunately for Lucyeth, he could not use the power of the force. It felt as though there was something blocking his abilities like a Ysalrmi. The bounty hunter had a pack of attack dogs that charged after Lucyeth but the dark Jedi was able to take them down through his advanced fighting tactics. The trandoshan bounty hunter attempted to fight Lucyeth but was no match for a dark Jedi trained in various forms of martial arts.

Old People From the Past

Lucyeth walked into a local pub on Judecca and sat down at the bar before he was on his way to meditation. The Dark Jedi noticed someone familiar from his past but the stranger walked up to him first and sparked up conversation. It turns out that it was Agent Wolfe from his past when Lucyeth worked for the Judeccan security force. She discussed how crime went down since Lucyeth went into the Brotherhood and that everything was going well.

Looking Home Campaign: Wrath Of Zhan

Warspite above Judecca heads the blockade of Judecca

Zhan had returned and still manage to claim the throne for himself. A series of harmless acts of holonet disturbances were how it all started but the emperor knew this was not a simple game. Scholae was put on high alert with a naval blockade of the planet and Dark Jedi patrols that wandered the streets in hopes to catch Zhan before he struck. The rebel forces used freighters to penetrate the naval blockade and an explosion followed on the surface of Judecca. Lucyeth was on patrol with Zagro Fenn when the explosion occurred. Zhan's forces quickly overwhelmed the royal palace and resulted in the emperor going into the catacombs within the palace. Lucyeth and Zagro sneaked their way closer back toward the palace until they met up with the rest of his forces. A deadly nerve toxin was released into the city to spread Scholae forces from taking over the palace and Zhan made quick work to ensure that the palace and his self proclaimed throne was indeed his. The forces of scholae were able to assault the palace and take back what was theirs once the nerve toxin was analyzed and a cure was found. Zhan's forces were pushed back and routed until the emperor came out of the catacombs to personally take of Zhan once and for all.

Jedi Civil War

The house was once again plunged into a great war waged within the entire rank and file of the brotherhood. the grand-master and his loyalist forces went to the planet of Korriban in search for the power of immortality. the dark council with in an upheaval at the thought of such actions and split due to opposing views. The house made up part of the rebel faction that moved quickly to Korriban to prevent the grand-master and the loyalist forces from achieving such a sinister act. One sith forces fought on their own accord to take advantage of the brotherhood conflict. the scholae forces assaulted the ancient korriban academy, going into full fledged war between the one sith and loyalists. the battle raged but Lucyeth never saw his finish when he was slammed into a piece of the wall during a duel between a loyalist and one sith combatant. He woke up a few days later in a bacta tank of a medical facility. The war ended with plans of immortality thwarted.

End of An Era

Shield of Acclivis Draco

Lucyeth resigned from his position as battle-team leader of Acclivis Draco after more than an eight month term. After the war, it was time to look toward a new beginning among the ashes. The Emperor decided to close the battle-team to make way for two brand new royal houses after reclanning. The battle-team would later be reopened to allow for the older members of the clan to retire when they desired.

Time Of Relax

Shortly after his resignation, Lucyeth decided to go on a leave away from all the policy and diplomacy for a peaceful get away to ponder about recent events. The sith warrior went to a secluded island in the ocean. He took in the ocean air that rolled off the waves and meditated on the island about life. He cleared his mind of the war and the tension of what is to come of the clan. He would be ready to help in any way he could to ensure that the clan transitions well into the year and future of the brotherhood after the war.


Logo of House Excidium

New houses were formed after the clan split the membership into the two respective houses after the civil war. the houses were formed to show that there was a new clan with new houses as the old has washed away from the toils of war. Lucyeth was appointed to the position of Aedile for house Excidium along with Koryn Thraagus. The pair were working together once again but Lucyeth was no longer a student. They were both in the clan summit as officers of a new house that would move on along with the clan for a new beginning. The two have experience in leadership and will demonstrate a unified capability to bring this new house to the top in the eyes of the emperor and the other leaders of the clan summit.

Forgotten: Entanglement

Lucyeth was tasked to lead a team from the first infantry legion in order to stop a cult following society known as the Evanescent. The team set out to find the entrance to old old cavern that would be the last known whereabouts of the cult rituals. the rituals were believed to summon some higher power that was unknown to the team. the team entered the cavern to find a large amount of mysterious artifacts and contraband that belonged to the cult group. the items were placed into the ship as cargo while Lucyeth led a team to stop the ritual. at the base of the cavern, the ritual was foiled but it is still unknown what the ritual was meant to summon. all of the cult members and priests were slaughtered in the cavern and the planet was once again saved from utter destruction by the imperial dark jedi.

The Mantle of a New Role

Lucyeth on the day he was appointed

The Quastor and long time friend of Lucyeth, Koryn Thraagus, came to a difficult decision that it was time to step down. Lucyeth took on the role as the leader of the house but still looks for Koryn for his wisdom and superior insight. With his one time apprentice now a battlemaster and leader of a respective house, Koryn has more time for his friends and family with the occasional catch up with his old friend.


Appearance and Attire

Lucyeth is an scrawny sized human male with blond, curly, thick hair, blue eyes and wears a small pendent on his neck. Although he appears small, his physical features are well defined to give him an intimidation factor. He has dark circles under his eyes scarred into face from years of going about life with minimal sleep. Lucyeth is most often seen wearing his sith robes, but will occasionally wear citizen clothes depending on the situation. He always carries his DL-22 blastech blaster pistol in a left ankle holster as well as a lightsaber on his waist.He will generally be seen wearing black hooded cloak with the shoulder plate of his house in combat.


Lucyeth is very shy and naturally quiet, but is outgoing when need be. He is very aggressive to get what is necessary and do whatever it takes to win. With his small size, he has intimidation and a fit body for combat. However outside of battle, Lucyeth is shy and nerdy and keeps to himself.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Prepared and eager to help
  • Smart
  • Independent
  • Good Strategist
  • High self-motivation and drive
  • Blaster skills
  • Survivalist
  • Athletic and fit


  • Weapons other than a blaster
  • Timid, introverted personality
  • Ability to converse with strangers
  • Often speaks his mind which gets him into trouble
  • Working independently has limited achievements

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Battleteam Leader of Acclivis Draco

Outstanding Achievements

  • Granted an elevation of rank in the battlefield of the Dark Crusades
  • Lucyeth came in first place in the Famous People debating competition


  • Lucyeth is the apprentice of Koryn Thraagus.
  • Before succumbing to the Dark Side, Lucyeth did not come from a life of struggle and enjoyed the benefits of wealth.
  • His life on Judecca has made him a better person physically, but also gained knowledge of the underground and common sense.
  • Although his past is the past, Lucyeth still maintains qualities of academics and a nerd from his life on Fondor.
  • Lucyeth received first place in All hail John Williams, a tribute to the music of John Williams.
  • Lucyeth received first place in the Tales of the Jedi: Heart of the Forest competition.