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Xantros is a male Duros Jedi, member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and a former officer of the Emperor's Hammer, in which he served as a Stormtrooper and a Dark Jedi. Xantros resides as a member of the Consular Order and is devoted to studying the ways of the Force. With no family and most of his old friends dead, Xantros is a dedicated member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He currently holds the rank of Consular Seer and is a regular member of the only Light Side House of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Odan-Urr.

Character History

Xantros was born and raised in a rich family, living on one of the orbital stations over planet Duro. His childhood was rather a calm one, until his family's sudden disappearance, leaving him alone. It happened when he was twelve years old. Since then, he was forced to take care of himself on his own, forging his strong personality and teaching him how to be independent. In addition, true wanderlust was awakened in his soul at that time, as he was not able to find a place for himself on the stations orbiting Duro. From the on, he could not wait to reach adulthood, which would then allow him to leave and be free of the station.

Teenage times

Xantros was a gifted student, who learned quickly, as such he graduated from high school with ease, despite the difficult conditions, he lived in. During that period he spent most of his free time on discovering secrets of the station he lived in, and those of the stations nearby. He was very disappointed, when he discovered that all of them were almost identical. When he graduated from his high school at the age of eighteen, he was finally allowed to leave the station. He sold all possessions of his family, except a necklace inherited from his mother, when he was five years old. He was told that the necklace had been in his family for five hundred years and it was said to be of great personal value for the family. Each generation told its story to their descendants. In the future, it was one of the stories Xantros told to earn money for a living. Then, he left the station for good and was never to return again. With his leave, he cut off all ties, which bound him with the past.

Time of travels

In a period of several years before he joined the Hammer’s Fist, he had visited many different worlds, looking for his family, expanding his knowledge and traveling all over the Galaxy. He was a kind of a free spirit and enjoyed his freedom; not forced to stay in one place, but able to travel wherever he wished. At the beginning, most visits on new planets were similar. Xantros arrived at a starport and passed through customs. Sometimes, he was asked about the reason of his stay. Many custom officers did not believe him and looked at him in a strange way when he replied that he was going to tell some stories and to listen to new ones, so he could tell them when he would return to previously visited planets. Then, he spent some time in pubs and on public squares, where he could tell the stories, earn some money and gain publicity. Due to his small fame, he was soon noticed by local business class and important figures and was hired to entertain their families, friends, and guests during banquets and other official parties. He was also very often asked to write speeches and work over biographies or family histories of important figures. He worked over advertisements for cities and regions as well. Usually, Xantros would spend several months on one planet.

Thanks to all these things, he established connections to local figures and wealthy people. He also managed to earn a small fortune. That was enough for living for some time. However, he enjoyed his job and continued his travels. From time to time, he was invited to revisit some planets. During these visits he told new stories and was often welcomed as a special guest, was offered apartments in the best hotels and a salary, but also was given gifts like good alcohol, clothes, and jewelry.

Hammer’s Fist

After many years, he decided to join Elite Stormtrooper Legion, Hammer’s Fist. He found it as an opportunity to have great adventures and to learn new things. He knew it would be also great source of information for many stories to be told, when he would retire from active service. In addition to that, he found that the ideals and policy of the Empire were more reasonable and just than the ones of the New Republic. Also, deep beneath his consciousness, he was a warrior. That was why he chose to enlist to the Imperial Army. Hammer’s Fist was ideal for his purposes.

After completion of basic Stormtrooper training, he was assigned to the Vengeance Detachment. He steadily advanced in ranks. After some time he was assigned to the position of Team Leader in Vengeance. Later, he was named Vengeance Detachment Commander and then, Vendetta Detachment Commander. He served in these two positions for over a year. Then, he resigned from active service in the Legion. During his career he participated in several large-scale Operations.

His service in the Hammer’s Fist was very beneficial for him. Previously, his fighting abilities were extremely limited. He knew just the basics of self-defence. His training and career as a Stormtrooper taught him basic skills in self-defence, martial arts, and use of weaponry. He also attained some skills regarding tactics and strategy in his later career as a Dark Jedi and during his short tenure as the Prefect of the Hammer’s Fist.

Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood

Not very long before his resignation from the service in the Hammer’s Fist, Xantros discovered his Force sensitivity. During an emergency mission on a secret research outpost, known as Nemesis Station, he subconsciously utilized the Force to protect himself against strange creatures, which had attacked the station. It brought the attention of a Dark Jedi, the name of which Xantros could not remember. He joined the Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood and quickly passed core exams. He was assigned to Alatus Phyle, House Dominatus, Clan Alvaak. Several months later, he was appointed to the position of Phyle’s Tetrach. Unfortunately, the Clan he belonged to, was closed and Xantros was transferred to Prophecy Phyle, House Qel-Droma, Clan Arcona. However, he was soon chosen to replace its previous Tetrarch. Later, he steadily advanced in ranks, as he served in the command position of Prophecy Phyle and then, of Dark Orb Phyle.

After several months, in recognition of his experience and dedication, he was assigned to the position of House Qel-Droma Quaestor and elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. In this way, he joined the noble group of Equites of Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood. His service as the Quaestor (and than as a Dux) lasted for almost two years, before he stepped down from this position. During that time, he managed to make Qel-Droma a stable unit. After a year of service, he was promoted to the rank of Krath Priest, as he turned out to be solid and dedicated leader who survived three Consuls in this position. In the last five months of leadership service, he was not really a Quaestor, but Dux of Maelstrom Hetaeria. The position was, however, equivalent to the Quaestor.

In May 26 ABY, Xantros completely resigned from service as a leader and two months later, he decided to leave the Dark Brotherhood for some time. He found out that he was not able to continue his service to the Dark Brotherhood. His zeal had dissipated. He was in need to search for himself. The journey took him three and a half of a months, but was definitely a fruitful and successful one. He not only regained the spirit and the will to serve the Empire and the Dark Brotherhood, but accompanied by his old friend and former Consul, Elwood the Brave, he found a hidden planet, called Dark Sanctuary. The planet was a location of secret base of three ancient Dark Jedi who developed Force powers called the Words of Power.

After the return, Xantros chose Taranis Hetaeria as his new home. It was partially because he was reluctant to return to people of Maelstrom Hetaeria, he somehow failed as a leader. The second reason was the fact that his friend, who had helped him find the Dark Sanctuary was a member of Taranis. Joining together, they made many efforts to convince the leadership of the unit to accept new Force powers, but they finally managed to do so.

In early 27 ABY, there was another restructure. Xantros, as all other Dark Jedi, was assigned to House Drakonan, but refused any command position. He justified it with his will to serve the Dark Brotherhood as a rank member. He believed it would be the best way to be of service to other Dark Jedi. As a Krath, Xantros was assigned to the Dark Wizards Phyle, which was later renamed to Dark Prophets Phyle.

Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

"“The Dark Council were blind. I am not the one to determine whether it was by their pride or their foolishness, but I can guarantee that the Dark Council did not see what was happening. They claimed everything to be just fine. They refused my offers to help them. Now, the Brotherhood is no longer the Brotherhood. There are no Brethren nor Sisters to continue its noble traditions and history.”"
―Xantros talking to Czulvang Lah, his friend and former member of EHDB Dark Council

However, despite his efforts, the Dark Brotherhood was slowly decaying and it was in the final stage of its fall. Xantros saw its members dying out one by one and finally, he realized that there was no Dark Brotherhood to serve. There were only few former members of the Dark Brotherhood still to remember its past glory, but there were very few other members. They were not ready or not willing to serve the Empire. The Dark Brotherhood slowly faded out.

It was the end of the Dark Brotherhood. The end, which Xantros predicted in a glimpse of the future provided by the Force. He could only regret that he was not able to fight the New Republic in the ways he used to. He grieved due to the fall of the Dark Brotherhood, but he did not give up. He still had the enemy to defeat. The goal to achieve. He continued his fight against the New Republic, but in a different way.


Though there was no Dark Brotherhood, Xantros remained a Dark Jedi. His knowledge and powers remained completely intact. He was determined to continue his crusade against the New Republic. It had to fall, in order to allow the Empire to once again rule the Galaxy. He believed that only the iron grasp of Imperial military could maintain peace and prosperity in the Galaxy.

Xantros had a long-term plan and abilities to carry his plan on. Thanks to his numerous contacts, the former Krath Priest gathered hundreds of mercenaries and pilots under one banner, in the group known as the Dark Ravens. They under Xantros’ leadership for almost six years and became a serious threat for the New Republic, which was weakened and ruined by the war against Yuuzhan Vong. Dark Ravens were able to deal several serious blows to the New Republic and later to the Galactic Alliance.

Xantros was determined to continue his quest against the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance, because he was driven by a desire to avenge the destruction of his homeworld. While he did not care about his compatriots, he saw it as a personal attack against him. The New Republic did not manage to stop Yuuzhan Vong from terraforming Duro. Certainly, it would be nice to see the planet once again flourishing with life, but not at the cost of destruction nineteen of twenty orbital cities, including the one which had been Xantros’ childhood home.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

It was 33 ABY, when Xantros met Dante in one of the casinos on Alassa Major. Dante informed him that there was another Dark Brotherhood, the one which had been referred as Dark Jedi Brotherhood in the past, still out there. It had numerous members and was much stronger than the Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood that Xantros could remember. Recruited by Dante, Xantros agreed to undergo a probationary period that was going to be a test to prove if Xantros was ready to regain the rank of Krath Priest. Assigned to the House Dorimad Sol in Clan Scholae Palatinae, Xantros quickly advanced in ranks, in less than six months becoming a Dark Jedi Knight. As a Protector, Xantros was assigned as the Sith Flight Leader of the Battleteam Blades of Chaos. However, soon after his promotion to the rank of Guardian, Clan Scholae Palatinae, like all other clans, was downsized, due to a decrease in numbers, and was transformed into Independent House Scholae Palatinae. Xantros was transferred from Blades of Chaos to Battleteam Dorimad Sol, named after one of the former Clan’s Houses, where he continued his service to the Dark Brotherhood.

The Knighthood

Months of hard work and dedicated service culminated in the result Xantros always dreamed about. In the early days of 34 ABY, he met the obligatory requirements and constructed his own lightsaber,led to his promotion to the honourable rank of the Dark Jedi Knight. He finally became a fully-trained Dark Jedi, and was prepared for the challenges any Knight had to face.

Xantros achieved his goal, but that did not spell the end of his work. Several weeks later, he was entrusted with leading Battleteam Caliburnus. It was a fairly new challenge to the Dark Jedi Knight. Still, he hoped to perform his new duties well. There were multiple projects for the Battleteam that Xantros had to take care of. His goal was to forge Caliburnus into one of the best Battleteams of the Dark Brotherhood.

Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus

For 20 months, Xantros served with dedication on the position of the Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus. His tenure was an example of excellent service and hard work. He did his best to alwys be in the front line, along his subordinates, and often risked his life to lead his comrades by example. During his term as the Battleteam Leader, Xantros organized work of Caliburnus by transforming it from ace squadron to intelligence unit. His service earned him two Dark Crosses.

Magistrate to the Master-At-Arms

On this auxiliary position, Xantros brought his persistence into the office of the Master-At-Arms. He was extremely zealous in making sure that all awards and promotions for members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood proceeded in accordance with the laws of the Brotherhood. His service on this position, which lasted for around a year, earned him a Steel Cross.

Shadow Academy Professor

Xantros was the Professor in the Writing Department of the Shadow Academy for sixteen months, with a short break. Apart from main duties, such as grading courses in the Department and making sure that they are up-to-date, he brought several suggestions and ideas to the Headmaster. He was consistent in his service in the Shadow Academy, which earned him three Scrolls of Foundation before his leave.

Becoming an Equite

It has been definitely a very long time. However, I no longer need to prove myself to be trustworthy enough to become the Krath Priest again, as I am the Krath Priest again. Now, I may continue my Journey to the Pinnacle, while being aware that I seek for greater power than before. Xantros on his promotion to the rank of Krath Priest.

After twenty months of loyal and dedicated service to the House, in the position of Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus, and to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, as the Magistrate to the Master-At-Arms and as a Shadow Academy Professor, Xantros was granted the priviledge of introduction into the Equites. Finally, he had achieved his goal and become a Krath Priest. With eight notable members of his House supporting the recommendation, he was rewarded for what he had done for the House and for the Brotherhood.

Thanks to that, he freed himself from the burden of the past, which made him strive for excellence, in order to prove that he was ready to reclaim the rank and powers, which he had gained in the Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood. Then, he might focus on developing his career with the knowledge that he went on a brand new path. He could now focus on his true dream – to gain access to more mysteries of the Krath Order, increase his power and strengthen his position in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Self-exile and return

"“The Dark Side whispers in my dreams. I need to leave you for some time. I need to find out something about me. I need to find out something about the Force. Wait patiently. Sooner or later, I will back. Unless, I am dead.”"
―Xantros on his departure

In late 35 ABY, just a few weeks after his promotion to the rank of Krath Priest, Xantros decided to take a leave from his service in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He resigned from all of the positions he held – Magistrate to the Master-At-Arms, Shadow Academy Professor, and Battleteam Leader of Caliburnus. He also left the territories of the Brotherhood, driven by his extremely strong desire to carry out certain personal studies, which he had been planning for some time already. He wished to learn more about himself and to study the nature of the Force itself, outside the teachings of the Brotherhood.

During his time outside the Brotherhood, Xantros travelled all over the Galaxy. He visited many places beyond the reach of any galactic government, ancient locations where he could find the knowledge and wisdom, which is what he was searching for. However, despite the extensive wealth at his disposal, he realized that he had enough resources to continue his studies sooner than he had ever expected that it would happen. After three months, he contacted [[Xen'Mordin Palpatine[Xen’Mordin Vismorsus]], the Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae.

Thanks to his absence during the conflict known as the Plague, Xantros' powers and abilities remained intact. He did not suffer the effects of the Plague, which affected the members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood during the invasion of a former Grand Master, Zoraan. However, the news about the battle against such a terrible enemy made the Krath Priest return to the territories of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and rejoin the ranks of House Scholae Palatinae, in order to lend his abilities to rebuild the House.

After brief discussion with the leader of the Imperial House, Xantros realized that his decision was not an accident. Once again, the Force guided him to make the choice, which would suit both the needs of his unit and himself. He applied for the position of House Aedile, which had been vacant for few weeks after the events known as the Horizon and was appointed almost immediately. A few days after his appointment, the Krath Priest released an internal report about the state of the House and started close co-operation with Xen’Mordin Vismorsus and the newly appointed Rollmaster of the House, Koryn Thraagus, as well as other members of the House, who volunteered to help in the works, which were aimed to lead the Imperial House to the time of its renaissance.

Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae

Almost immediately after his return to active service in 36 ABY, Xantros applied for the position of the Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae and was appointed to that position. Since he started fulfilling his new duties, he kept introducing his ideas, like providing a status report, which included his long-term plans for the House and its members. One of his first tasks to carry out was to organize a team to clean the archives of the House, as well as making them more usable for its members.

However, most of his time was consumed by day-to-day management of the House. He used to do everything on his own, as he was a perfectionist and tended to take care of important matters personally. Then, he learned how to delegate tasks and assign missions to be completed by other Dark Jedi, as he was aware that he could not handle all tasks, which were important for the House, on his own.

During Xantros’ tenure as the Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae, the Imperial Senate was created as a place of debates. The body took an advisory role instead of having real power, but was still warmly welcomed as it allowed members of the Imperial House and some chosen citizens to speak their mind.

Xantros also made significant efforts to resurrect the class of the noblemen, who would come from the membership of the Imperial House. In that way, they could be rewarded with suitable awards that were outside the formal gratification system of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The project was continued by the new Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae, Evant Taelyan.

Another project taken up by Xantros was the idea to introduce HSP Paths of Career. He wished to create a learning-friendly environment, which would help members of the Imperial House develop their abilities and learn new skills, which might be useful in making the position of the House stronger.

After the first year of his service as the Aedile of House Scholae Palatinae, the Duros was granted another promotion. He became a Krath Archpriest, as his dedication to the House and the Brotherhood during the Dark Crusade and carrying out other duties as the Aedile brought the attention of the Quaestor of the Imperial House and members of the Dark Council. He achieved a higher status than ever before in his career as the Dark Jedi, as he was allowed to study additional secrets of his Order.

Service in the Shadow Academy

Almost immediately after his return to active service in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Xantros was once again appointed on the position of the Professor of the Writing Department. After a year and a half, he got appointed to the position of the Professor of the Leadership Department, which was created on his initiative, in recognition of his efforts to expand the content offered by the Shadow Academy. Due to this fact, he resigned from the Writing Department. As of now, he has earned ten Scrolls of Foundation, which are awarded for service to the Shadow Academy.

Dark Crusade and Fading Light

Xantros' tenure came to see the arduous campaign against the forces of the One Sith. During the Dark Crusade, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood managed to conquer much of the One Sith's dominion, including many of the ancient Sith worlds. Xantros was present in about half of the battles on various planets, like Begeren, Bhar Khebba, and others. As many other members of the Imperial House and the Brotherhood, Xantros displayed great courage, unshaken loyalty and abilities. However, he had to pay the price of taking part in the constant warfare.

The war effort made Xantros extremely exhausted and tired with the fights. He saw too many deaths and experienced too much violence. Despite the fact that the war was rather beneficial for him, he realized that he could not continue his service to the Imperial House as the Aedile. After a year and a half as the leader of Houe Scholae Palatinae, he was too tired to be an effective leader and to make the House prosper.

Still, the war was not yet finished. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood continued its campaign against the One Sith. Xantros took part in it, but what he did, he did without any zeal. He was fed up with the war.

Looking Home Campaign

The campaign against the forces of the One Sith consumed most of the Imperial forces' attention. It allowed some of planetary representatives to take over the rule over the planets of Cocytus System. In addition to that, a rebellious group under the leadership of Fias Zhan began to prepare a massive attack against the rightful Emperor.

Alongside other members of House Scholae Palatinae and soldiers of Imperial Army, Xantros fought bravely against the rebels, in order to reclaim full control over Antenora, Caina, and Judecca. Though the forces loyal to the rightful Emperor, Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, whole situation pushed the Duros even further toward the decision to leave the House and seek redemption.

Great Jedi War XI

One of the turning points in Xantros' career was the Eleventh Great Jedi War. It shattered the core foundations of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and nearly led to its complete destruction due to the Rite of Immortality. Possible consequences of that damned ritual made the Duros and his companions from House Scholae Palatinae side with the followers of a former Grand Master Jac Cotelin, alongside Clan Taldryan and House Odan-Urr. Their efforts prevented the disaster, but in the outcome of the situation, the Duros turned away from the teachings of the Dark Side, in hope of redeeming himself.

Red Fury campaign

Xantros stayed in the Imperial Clan for several weeks. He witnessed its reclanning alongside all other Independent Houses. Soon after, Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow signed a trade agreement to exchange necessary goods, but during the exchange their ships were attacked by a hostile fleet. Joint forces of both Clans quickly retaliated with deadly force. The expedition ended in complete destruction of pirate's base on Atlas moon.

Seeking redemption

After the Eleventh Great Jedi War, Xantros realized that the burden of all the death and suffering that he had seen and caused was too heavy for him to carry. The end of the war and lack of action made him overcome by the feeling of guilt for all his crimes. He came to admit that they were caused by his unsatisfied hunger of knowledge and a strong desire for power.

After the recent year of constant struggle with his own doubts and fears, he decided to resign from membership in the Imperial Clan. He did not go to any other Clan that followed the teachings of the Dark Side, as he could no longer serve the Dark Side without remorse. However, he could not leave the Dark Jedi Brotherhood without repaying his debts to the weak, persecuted, and suffering beings. He decided to work within the ranks of the Brotherhood to redeem his past crimes, as it offered him such an opportunity by the existence of Clan Odan-Urr, which cultivated the traditions of the Jedi.

Despite his long service to the Dark Side, the Jedi of the Clan Odan-Urr decided to accept him in their ranks, as they could sense that he went away from the ways of the Darkness. They were aware that he sought a way to somehow repay his debt to the galactic society and it was the primary reason to allow him to serve in their ranks. Certainly, they did not trust him, at least at the beginning, but they hoped to heal him and help him completely get rid of the taint of the Dark Side.

In return, Xantros did all his best to show his sincere gratitude towards them, as his personality changed much.


Xantros career developed slowly, as he preferred to work behind the scenes and such work was often unnoticed by the wider audience. Still, it had one important, positive aspect. By slowly gaining new positions at a steady tempo allowed the Duros to learn new things and to develop himself. Thanks to that, he was better and better prepared to adjust himself to new situations, circumstances and expectations. That was why, Xantros did not try to speed up his career, as he was aware that he would learn what he needed and would get promoted, when the most suitable time would came. And then, he would be well-prepared to fulfill new duties.

Personality and traits

Before the conversion to the teachings of the Jedi, Xantros was a completely different person than he was later.

Xantros was amazingly brave as for a Duros. He was also very honorable and proud. He was recognized by some as a loyal friend, though it was very hard to become his friend. Still, when someone earned his friendship, Xantros was ready to sacrifice his life for that person.

Xantros displayed a very specific philosophy of life. He was quite a lonely person, who tended to avoid any close relationship with any other being. However, he made few allies among members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Among notable allies of the Duros, there are:

All of these relationship were based merely on people’s position, as these members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood might turn out to be helpful in development of his own career. His only true friend, Akatsuki Tamalar, some time after the attack on Antei, launched by one of the former Grand Masters. No one else managed to gain his trust.

Still, Xantros was a loyal friend, if one managed to gain his trust. He could risk his own life to save people, whom he valued and would do his best to rescue valuable people, who might turn out resourceful for him.

On the other hand, the Duros always calculated the risk before he would get involved into any mission, at least, when he had a choice. He always reviewed possible scenarios, benefits, and losses. He always tried to adjust his plans to ensure the most positive outcome.

Each time, when it came to realization of his plans, Xantros was capable of sacrificing other beings, if only it was more beneficial than keeping them alive. However, he always tried to limit casualties among his allies, as he believed that winning a war was far more important than winning a battle. Thus, Xantros tended to be extremely cautious most of the time. Sometimes, he was even a bit paranoid, when it came to security measures and picking up members for missions. Still, he remained alive and rather healthy for all the years of his adventurous and dangerous life.

His caution was closely tied to his way of thinking and acting. Xantros preferred to come up with detailed plans, rather than to improvise. However, he understood that not all details and scenarios might be included even in the most thorough plans. Thus, the Duros did not hesitate to adjust his plans, if it was necessary to achieve the goals of a mission he took part in.

Years of training and utilizing Makashi lightsaber form had heavily influenced Xantros way of fighting, both at a one-to-one level and during large scale battles, even though he was not a specialist in space battles. He always sought for any possible weaknesses of his enemies, which might utilized against his opponents. He often avoided any direct fight, until he learnt how to defeat his opponents. As a careful and intelligent observer, he was usually capable of coming up with a suitable plan relatively quickly.

During fights, Xantros relied on his abilities to use the Force, as his physical abilities were mediocre and he could not base the victories on his physical prowess. His overvation abilities allowed him to utilize parts of the environment, like small items, against hostile combatants. He would not miss any chance to weaken or distract his opponents, in order to ensure an ultimate victory in a duel, a battle or a war. Despite being a rather lawful character, Xantros does not hesitate to use any trick to cheat his enemies or any third parties, which might be involved in a situation.

Xantros preferred to work behind the scenes, pulling the strings and remaining in the shadows himself. He was very manipulative and tended to lie or, at least, hide inconvenient details and parts of truth, in order to convince people, who were useful for him, to help him. He made good use of his charisma, playing on people’s feelings, pride, courage, fear, and any other features of personality.

It was not an uncommon thing to see Xantros speaking his way past bureaucrats and guards, who were tasked with keeping people like him away from reaching various places or people. These skills allowed him to avoid unnecessary fights or casualties and to achieve his own goals without extremely high risk. In that way, he might not reveal his true identity to the beings, who did not need to know it.

Xantros was always hungry for knowledge and he used any opportunity to learn. On the other hand, sometimes it made him react rashly. He expected that other people would value knowledge and wisdom as he did. If someone ignored necessary knowledge or behaved like a fool, Xantros tended to point that out, often in a harsh manner and with no concern for the dignity or rank of his interlocutor.

However, he was usually a kind and well-mannered person. He only used the force when it was absolutely necessary, preferring to find more subtle ways of dealing with problems. He called his philosophy “Way of Wise Warrior”, as he always tried to avoid unnecessary risk.

Xantros usually deeply analyzed situations before making a decision. It made him valued adviser to anyone who wished to listen to his words. However, when he lacked time to think, he heavily relied on his feelings and made only draft plans.

Though Xantros was a Duros, he managed to overcome characteristic to his race limits in fighting. He still found it a bit harder to learn new fighting styles, but no longer hesitated to fight, if it was necessary.

After the revelation

Under the influence of his own experiences and the teachings of the Jedi, Xantros became a completely different being in regards to his personality.

Since then, he has become a very empathic and sympathetic person. He could easily understand the situation of other people and their feelings. Whatever he learned about other beings often resulted in his sympathy, instead of condemnation. As a result of this change, he always saw the best characteristics of a being and believed that everyone deserved a second chance to live their lives in a better way. Though he understood the need to punish crimes and accepted such necessity, he was also a very merciful person and was able to forgive all crimes, if a culprit showed repentance.

His newly discovered respect for the sanctity of life made him value every life in any form. Thus, he was always willing to heal any wounded or ill being, both sentient beings and animals. The respect for life and seeing too much death made Xantros refuse to harm anyone. He decided never to take direct part in any fight, in order to avoid any situation, which would lead to making someone wounded or to kill someone. Instead, he preferred to use illusions and mind tricks, in order to fool his enemies into ignoring him and his allies.

He also made good use of his intellect, perception, and investigative abilities to find ways that would allow him to achieve any goal without causing casualties. Choosing not to fight, Xantros willingly served as an advisor to the leaders and commanders, whom he might be assigned to, and as a healer, if necessary. He also never made a distinction between an ally and an enemy, using his skills, abilities, and powers to help all suffering beings equally.

Leaving anger and hatred behind, Xantros became a very calm person. He was quite friendly, though he found it very hard to show any positive feelings as well. The nightmare of the war and the remnants of his old attitude towards people, which based on using them for his own purpose, made it hard to establish any permanent attachments with other beings. He still had to cope with his burden.

In fact, he did not seek any company. He spent much of his time meditating away from settlements or on off-world missions, still searching for a new home, like a pilgrim. He preferred to be alone, as he felt it inappropriate to spend time with people, whom he had fought before his conversion. If he appeared among people, he was usually seen helping those in need. He saw it as a way to redeem his past crimes.

However, he stills feels the hunger for knowledge. He uses every opportunity to learn new things, though it is now limited with the good of his allies. He will never put a chance to expand his knowledge over the life of his allies or the success of a mission and is aware that his desire to learn new things might have brought tough consequences to his former allies on a number of occasions, so he avoids such situations.

Despite deciding never to get directly involved into fights, Xantros remains a decent strategist and tactician. He pays a lot of attention to details of his plans, in order to avoid missing something important, though he is aware that all scenarios cannot be predicted. In his plans, he always bases them on the founding rule to avoid any casualties, particularly among his allies. Description

Xantros was a typical Duros. He was 1.9 meters tall. He had green skin and red eyes. He had no visible nose or ears, which made him look a little bit creepy, especially, when he came out of a cloud of steam, fog or any other gas.

It was clearly visible that Xantros kept his body in shape, but that he did not pay much attention to the physical development. He only maintained average fitness and focused on the development of his Force abilities, which remained unseen to non-Force-sensitive beings and provided him an advantage over many of his enemies.

Several scars on his chest, arms and face suggested that Xantros participated in numerous battles and dangerous missions. They were one of the reasons for Xantros to be proud of his courage and dedication to the Final Way, as he did not hesitate to go into the battle, if it only served the purposes of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and of his own.

Usually, Xantros wore robes, which reflected his Order affiliation and main areas of interests. On off-world missions, he wore a black uniform, which allowed him to keep freedom of movement, which was necessary when fighting. He had a belt, where he attached two or three thermal detonators and a blaster pistol. In an inner pocket he kept his lightsaber. Still the weapon was easily accessible so that the Duros did not have to waste time for searching for it when he was in battle. Comfort was the main aspect which Xantros took under the consideration, when he made decisions on clothes for any given situation.


The Lightsaber was Xantros’ main and most favourite type of weapon. Throughout the years of his service in the Emperor’s Hammer, he utilized a lightsaber with purple blade, which was surrounded with slight silver aura. The effect was caused by putting two focusing crystals into the lightsaber hilt – an artificially created purple crystal and a durandfire gem. However, that lightsaber was destroyed during a period between resignation from the service in the Emperor’s Hammer Dark Brotherhood and joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, when Xantros was actively fighting against the Galactic Alliance and leading his own group of mercenaries and pilots.

At the beginning of his service in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Xantros received a training lightsaber. However, he proved himself to be a capable Dark Jedi and thanks to his knowledge and abilities, which he had gained during his service in the Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood, he managed to rise to the rank of the Dark Jedi Knight in few months. Since then, he has had three different lightsabers.

The first of Xantros’ lightsabers in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was simple and plain. It included an adegan crystal, which he claimed on Ilum. Primarily, it was blue, but due to alchemical treatment, it changed its natural colour to purple. Thanks to that, it emitted purple blade, as a symbol of the Order, which the Duros belonged to. It was a sign that he was a member of the Krath Order and that he was proud, because of that fact.

Several months later, Xantros dismantled the hilt of his first lightsaber and built a new one, which was slightly curved and was shaped to fit its wielder's fingers. Due to that, it was far more adjusted to his lightsaber fighting form, Makashi, as it provided him a better and stronger grip, allowing him to strike from unexpected angles. The hilt of his second lightsaber had a somewhat alien appearance and became an easily recognizable part of Xantros' equipment.

After the Tenth Great Jedi War, the Dark Council recognized sacrifices and excellent service of the members of the Imperial House and awarded them the right to wield a unit-specific lightsaber. It had simple hilt, which was decorated with the emblem of House Scholae Palatinae. Proud of his membership in that unit, Xantros decided to utilize the newly acquired by the Palatineans lightsaber. In that way, he was able to show his loyalty to his own House and to his own Order at the same time. A Purple blade and stylized hilt had a deep meaning for the Duros, who had a slight obsession on symbolic meanings.

Xantros developed skills in two traditional lightsaber forms – Makashi and Soresu. Makashi suited the philosophy of the Duros, who preferred to launch a single, but precise and deadly strike, instead of series of powerful attacks, which would be exhausting and would not guarantee success, as it would require a lot of strength, which Xantros simply did not have. Soresu was Xantros’ reply to the necessity to protect himself from blaster shots. That defensive form provided him necessary abilities to easily defend against ranged attacks. Thanks to such choice of lightsaber forms, Xantros might effectively fight both against other lightsaber users, like the Jedi, and against enemies, who utilize blasters, like mercenaries or soldiers.

However, after his transition, he refuses to use any weapon, including the lightsaber. Due to this fact, he has neglected training in lightsaber combat, so his skills have gradually decreased. When he joined House Odan-Urr, he returned to a simple hilt.

Interesting facts about Xantros' life

Throughout his service in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Xantros held various positions in the structure of the organisation. Not all of these positions were command ones, but they were equally important, as they had great influence on various aspects in the functioning of the Brotherhood.

Xantros' lightsaber has purple blade, as a sign that he belonged to the Krath Order and that he was proud of this fact. However, he considers it now as something hardly more than a symbol of his past as a servant of the Dark Side. He never uses his lightsaber as a weapon, but only as a tool. He is aware that the lightsaber is often enough to avoid fights, as people respect and fear it very much.

Xantros has had two Student so far. The first one was Kazumi Matsumoto. She was a tough one to work with, still the Duros proved his patience to be almost infinite, guiding Kazumi in the ways of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and of the Dark Side. However, she disappeared suddenly one day, just prior to her trials for the Knighthood. Since then, Xantros was looking for a Student, who would meet his expectations, but did not take any other one for a long time. Finally, his old friend from the Emperor’s Hammer, Sam Rajax, reappeared after long hiatus and they decided to get paired in the HSP Master / Student Programme. However, Rajax has also disappeared without a word. Thus, despite being very eager to share his knowledge with other people, he is reluctant to take up a Student anymore.

Xantros was working on an enormous piece of writing, which he titles “Dark Heritage”. Despite doing works over it for two years already, the progress on it remains unknown to other members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, as he does not want them to utilize it without recognition of his merits in the completion of his magnum opus. However, after his conversion to the teachings of the Light Side, Xantros has suspended his work on “Dark Heritage” and focused on a new piece of writing under the title of “Wisdom of the Light”. Still, he uses the knowledge about the Dark Side in his work on “Wisdom of the Light”, as he wants to include warnings about the Dark Side for the future readers of “Wisdom of the Light”.

How to write Xantros

You will find few tips how to describe Xantros in your fiction and Run-Ons. Please read these hints and apply them in your writings.

  • Xantros is a very curious person. He is eager to learn new things, but this means that he is attracted to any source of knowledge that may bring him unique knowledge, which is not possessed by other beings. It is likely to lead to dangerous situations, as he may disobey orders or ignore threats, which may stand between him and new knowledge.
  • Xantros is generally very calm. He hardly ever gets angry and you would really have to make a lot of efforts to make him mad.
  • Xantros is fond of knowledge and he seeks it in any situation. He believes that knowledge is the key to success in his quest. This is why, he gets a bit annoyed by people, who are not interested in learning new things and refuse to take their lessons. When he gets annoyed, he may try to “hammer” the knowledge into heads of people, who are resistant to it. Literary, if it is necessary.
  • Xantros cares about his friends and allies very much. He is eager to protect them at almost all costs.
  • Xantros is a non-combatant in terms of violence. He refuses to wound or kill other beings, even his enemies. If forced to deal with an enemy, he will use other means - mind trick, illusions, concealment, Force cloak and animals to avoid direct fight and to remove his enemy without harming him or her. If possible, he will do his best to avoid his enemies.
  • Xantros will offer ideas, which will allow to accomplish a goal without use of violence. His perception, intellect and investigation skills allows him to see various, even minor details, which help him to come up with subtle plans.
  • Xantros is a skilled diplomat. Also, his reputation preceeds him and helps him in negotiations with new parties. If it is only possible, he will “talk” his way through, instead of fighting.
  • Xantros has strong animal affinity. He often creates strong relationship with animals and will use them during missions, if only possible. While he will not fight himself and never order his pets fight, but it does not mean that his pets will not fight.
  • Xantros carries heavy burden of his past crimes as a Krath. He seeks any possible way to redeem himself, which means that he will try to heal wounded beings and to defend innocent people at all costs. Of course, without fighting.
  • Xantros is currently a Jedi. Still, he sees it as a way to redeem himself and to help himself return to full mental and spiritual capacity, in order to continue his quest to bring peace and prosperity to the Galaxy.
  • Xantros tend to look around and either grin evilly or smile politely. As a Jedi, he tries to get rid of the old habit to grin evilly and to start smiling politely.