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Seal of the di Plagia

Being granted the Clan name is the highest honor any Clan can bestow upon its members. It is reserved for those members who have demonstrated the utmost loyalty, dedication, and activity. These are the best of the best, the absolute pinnacle of Plagueis membership. They have demonstrated their dedication to the Clan over a period of time always counted in years, thus few members receive the honor in any given year. They may have served as a leader or as a regular member, but their activity levels have always been in the highest categories within the Clan. Adding ‘di Plagia’ to your name never comes easy, but it is an award much worth striving for.

Granting Process

There is a very specific procedure that must be followed when it comes to the granting of the Clan name, it is hereby stated that:

  • The Consul and Proconsul will review the most excellent members of the Clan based on their personal experiences and on recommendations from Clan members and leaders. They will apply the strictest standards to the selection process – sometimes they may not find anyone worthy. If they believe they have found a member who is worthy of the award, they may proceed to the next step.
  • After having a worthy member, the Consul, Proconsul, or a sitting member of the "di Plagia" bring the applicant before the assembled ‘di Plagia’. They present their case to the assembly and then the entire current ‘di Plagia’ hold a vote. A majority must vote in favor for that person to be inducted. If a majority does not vote in favor the member is not to be inducted, although they may be presented again at a later date. For the purpose of determining majority, abstentions count as a "Nay" vote.
  • If the member is approved by the "di Plagia" assembly, a copy of the request to the assembly along with the vote of the assembly are passed on to the Grand Master and his Deputy, who give a final blessing. Finally, the member is then guided through the "di Plagia" rituals, known only to those who have completed this incredibly difficult quest.

Revoking a di Plagia

Revoking the title of "di Plagia" can only be done under serious circumstances. Examples of reasons for revocation include, but are not limited to, Chamber of Justice conviction, conduct unbecoming a Plagueian, etc. Then the "di Plagia" assembly can be gathered by the Consul to vote on a revocation. The revocation vote must pass with a super-majority of two-thirds for the name to be revoked from the member.

Honored di Plagia

Rogue di Plagia

Occasionally, Plagueians granted the title of di Plagia will become Rogue Dark Jedi. These members technically retain the title in their names, and are still considered "di Plagia" by the House. While not always trusted by all Plagueians, these members have done the Clan no wrong and are welcomed back into the fold whenever the opportunity arises.

Former di Plagia

Throughout time, there have been those blessed with the honorable name of di Plagia that dropped the name. This is caused for various reasons, whether they are found guilty of a horrible crime, leave the clan, or just drop the name. Some of these members retain the title, though it is lost should they make another Clan or House their home.

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