Mune Cinteroph

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Mune Cinteroph
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

16 ABY (age 23)

Physical Description





1m 70cm




Snow White



Personal Information

Aimi Cinteroph


Eien Osada (deceased)


Caleb Wild'en

  • UCE Government
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Purple and Blue
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Shien
  • Ninjato-style Vibroswords
  • Dual Lightsabers
  • Katana
  • Sith Dagger
Fighting Style(s):
  • Shadow Step
Chronology & Political Information
  • Blade Dancer
  • Seer & Scholar
  • Director of Imperial Scholae Intelligence (formerly)
  • Voidbreaker II Intelligence Officer
  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Praetor to the Master at Arms


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" Flowers grow out of dark moments. "
― Corita Kent

Mune Cinteroph has long been part of the Imperial Clan, his disappearance for a handful of years notwithstanding; he has distinguished himself well since his return to the ranks of his fellow Palatinaeans. Born on Seraph in the Caperion System, he is a scholar, calculating thinker and talented swordsman. Before his disappearance, he was a leader within Scholae Palatinae for House Acclivis Draco. He took only two apprentices in his time, Impetus M'Nar and Braecen Kaeth. The reasons for his disappearance remain his own, though it is rumoured that the Doctor and Empress, Elincia Rei is aware. He has since left his clan of many years to join Arcona.

Character History


" Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering."
― Paulo Coelho

Dark Beginnings

Force-sensitive canid native to Seraph.

Mune was born to the prominent and influential scientist Eien Osada and his wife Aimi Cinteroph in the United Corporations of Elaya in 16 ABY. Eien's experiment began well before his birth and, instead, started upon the conception of his son. Using the funding from the UCE government through Chairman Getris Retpay, and the resources of C.A.G.R.A. (Corporation for Advanced Genetic Research and Application) as operated by Osada Corp., Mune and his mother both were made victim to Osada's twisted experimentation. The few classified files remaining would note the genetic research as attempting to amplify the predatory nature of the Shistavanen by combining their genetics with that of a native, Force-sensitive animal native to Seraph. The experiment failed in the earliest tests and only resulted in Mune's far paler fur colouration, or so it appeared at the time. It may well have been the slightest bit of love for his wife that Eien did not terminate immediately and allowed the infant to live.

The child, however, was given his mother's surname and any inheritance of his father's fortune refused him in the future. Osada Corporation would pass to his elder brother, Seito Osada.

At the age of two(2), Mune was removed from his home and put into the care of his Aunt, Kiho Osada, when his mother had fallen ill. He was not made to feel welcome; rather, he was treated as a black mark upon the family name and rodent to be removed. So regular was the abuse that he even began to see himself as the oddity and animal his family made him out to be.

Unbeknownst to him, his mother was on her way to a full recovery. His father had no intentions, however, of reuniting them. It was evening, and Mune was amusing himself as he did in his aunt's conservatory when flame engulfed the garden. The fragrance of flowers that perfumed the air became that of smoke and ash. No one saved him; instead, he saved himself. The Force responded to him and, through it, removed himself from the flames. What should have been a turning point became the true beginning of his torment. Seeing an opportunity in that power, his father began experimenting in earnest to uncover the secrets of those abilities. It was a power that was weaker in his older brother than in himself.

Mune went through unspeakable torture. Mune’s brother became a complete sociopath due to what he went through, Mune suffered severe night terrors, claustrophobia, and further mental scarring. There is not much known about the accident that occurred in the lab. An accident that found Mune alone and on the run in the unfeeling streets of a city warped by greed and corruption. It was by pure luck that he was found by a visiting ambassador of the Nayama Dynasty, a monk who sensed something in the boy. Mune was but six(6) years old.

Chains Broken and Paths Forged

Ninjatō Style Dual VibroSwords (Purple - Animus) (Blue - Umbra)

Mune would be submerged in a world of tradition. He was given an education. The years that were gifted him were filled with study, training, and contemplation. By the age of seven(7), he was ensconced in every aspect of the monastic life he had come to be entwined with. He devoured every scrap of reading he could. He had worth. At the age of eight(8), he found himself unable to shake the feeling that the monks that took him in were missing something vital in their teachings.He knew more than thought. Such things, he kept to himself and continued his training, growing agile, graceful and calculating. He became, before long, an artist with a blade.

These people accepted him for who and what he was. He was noticeably more delicate than the other boys, shistavanen or otherwise.

Not so long after his tenth birthday, Mune found himself face needed to use the research had come to know of his experiment's whereabouts, and so looked to retake possession of UCE property. Mune had expected the man's coming thanks to visions that were visited on him. He met him a short distance down the path, from his home. If asked, Mune remembers nothing of those moments and did not remember for many years except as a horrible nightmare. However, what came after was the taste of blood upon his lips and the red that painted the trampled snow in wicked tones. He could recall the stickiness on his skin and the slow drip of gore from his matted fur. He had become engulfed by rage, and so slew the man claiming to be his father and the man's entourage all. The Dark Side of the Force had entirely consumed him. Panic-stricken, he feared for his home and the life he had finally found. To protect not themselves but the child, they decided to seek the help of the Republic of the Force. He was directed upon this new path and so continued his education in the wilds that were TRF's home.

Mune took quickly to their reverence for nature. He found himself more at ease with himself than he ever had. He found the missing piece, the Force, and embraced it full-heartedly. He began to heal his mental scars. His tutors found him to be gifted for one his age, and most noted his gift for Farsight. They sought to forge him into a powerful ally in their continued efforts against the Meraxis Empire.

He would never meet this purpose, nor the purpose intended for him by the Nayama Dynasty. At the age of eleven(11), Mune left them and returned to Nayama for a time spent with a friend he had realized he had budding feelings for, a dusty furred Shistavanen by the name of Asahi. Their parting would come a short time after Mune’s twelfth birthday, and his first crush gifted the Shistavanen a beautiful yet straightforward collar, a collar he vowed never to remove until they were together again. Mune discovered that he was genderfluid and embraced his first boyfriend before returning to the UCE.


First Foray into the Brotherhood

Mune spent a little more than a year in the UCE. They kept a low profile, ensuring no family nor their father's company knew of their presence in the city-state. They managed to scrape by on part-time jobs here and there. It was at a server job that their path crossed with a Force-user of the Dark Brotherhood. It was clear what they had to do, and so, they left their home with the Grey Jedi and found what he sought, a place to expand their knowledge and find a mentor to teach them in the ways of the Force. So it was that he dove headlong into the ancient lore and rituals and became a pupil to a Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

CSP Emblem

Mune proved an apt pupil, with a constant need to learn and grow. These were the teachers they sought, not the ones back home. Their mentors within the Brotherhood could challenge them, and through their exceptional teaching, they advanced rapidly through the ranks to Knighthood. They took on their first role as a leader and thus entrenched themself fully within the Brotherhood. They were no stranger to the conflicts of the Clans.

During Mune's time among the ranks of Scholae Palatinae, they became Master to one Impetus M'Nar in the year 28 ABY (he would have been only around 13-years-old), an Imperial Agent in the employ of the Empire's Intelligence. They were charged with a mission to search for an agent of the Light Side living within Judecca, a spy. It was for Impetus' particular talents that she was paired with the young Knight. She became fascinated with the lightsaber Mune wore. Impetus' connections as Tonal'la proved invaluable in their hunt. The methods she employed, a curiosity at how easily and skillfully she used an entire city's worth of eyes to search were her own eyes could not.

It was only because of Impetus that they managed to track a woman. Impetus saved their life in the ensuing duel when they made a near-fatal mistake. It was then that Mune understood that the Force was at work through her. They took her as an apprentice then, and she has since been one of only two apprentices they have ever had.

She quickly became someone Mune put much trust in. They learned as much from her as what they imparted in her. They were strange in their refusal of the title of Master from the girl, and instead, she calls them by name, knowing full well without the title that she still respected them as much as they respected her. As much as anyone else in the clan, however, she could not have foreseen their disappearance.

Only she could understand, though, how much it could crush them to have abandoned her and damage that trust they shared.

The Past Returned

Eien Osada's Labs

No matter the amount of education, knowledge and experience, Mune found themself a slave to what their father had done. Months before their self-imposed exile, they had already set their mind upon leaving. The nightmares remained as strong as they ever were, their past a constant ache at the back of their mind that threatened to consume what remained of who they believed themselves to be.

They kept to themself for a time, trying to deal with their psychological scars on their own. Eventually, they would find themself returning to the Caperion System and in their home city. They moved on without much preamble to the Nayama Empire and the monastery, where their journey in the ways of the Force began. They were stricken by the news that their loved one was no longer among those trainees, that Asahi had been taken some time ago. It became clear what the nightmares had been telling them. No time was wasted, they knew where they had to be, and so it came that they returned to a place they never wished to set foot in again, the headquarters of his father’s company.

The infiltration began as planned, though it quickly turned. Their efforts proved to be in vain when they discovered the tortured and experimented upon Shistavanen they had been in love with. Mune knew only too well the torment and pain; there was nothing left of the boy he had loved, his mind a shambles, broken. Mune knew that even if they could get Asahi out, he would never recover. Then, Asahi spoke, he pleaded for Mune to end the suffering… and so they did, and so their heart broke. It was a battle to escape the facility, and they were forced to battle a cousin, working to recapture Mune. None of the guards were prepared for the Shistavanen when ridden by their rage and the Force. They gave up their control and only regained their senses when their cousin fell dead at their feet. Severely injured, nearing unconsciousness, it was only through the Force did they manage to retreat and regain freedom.

In the end, the Force guided them to where they had to be, at the doorstep of the Palatinaean scientist, Elincia Rei. They knew her; they had come to understand in the last weeks before arriving. Their bond not at all weakened to the girl they had called their apprentice. It was a relief to have arrived, but still, anxiety ate at them that she would have to see them as they were now. They had no doubt, however, that she would help them.

Elincia accepted them in, and his road to recovery began. Days became weeks; weeks became months. It would be an entire year before Mune's recovery. It would be a couple of years before Mune regained strength enough to leave the care of her lab.

Caleb Wild’en

Mune & Caleb

" Love is pure and true; love knows no gender. "
― Tori Spelling

A bodyguard was assigned to Mune at the beginning of their time with their old apprentice, a Togorian by the name of Caleb Wild'en. Their relationship began strictly professional, though it progressed in a handful of months to friendship. Mune even made an effort to learn to speak Togorian, while Caleb learned from them how to talk Shistavenen. It became a game to pass the time while Mune recovered from their wounds, broken heart and mental anguish. Wounds mended, the ache in their heart lessened, and in the company of Caleb, the nightmares seemed to diminish. Caleb’s cold demeanour thawed whenever Mune was near, and the shistavanen felt safe and not so alone in the togorian’s presence. Mune took this peaceful time to look at themself and focus on lessons in balance and walking the line between light and dark. They knew they had given themself over more than once to the Dark Side and vowed to never again do so in rage. They would not be its tool.

It was after their return to the Brotherhood when Mune turned twenty(20), Caleb proposed.

Return of the Wolf

Mune returned to the Brotherhood in the company of Elincia Rei, they were eighteen years old. Greeted by an old friend, Cyris Oscura, and so was welcomed back among their number. They made it a point to join House Imperium to work with the house's Quaestor, Lexiconus Qor. From here, Mune also joined the Battle Team Shadow Gaurd under the command of Delak Krennel, a man Mune met in the Antei Combat Center to get to know by the sword, testing each other's strengths and knowledge of combat. Mune enjoyed every moment of the encounter and took an immediate liking to the human. That welcome would quickly turn to business as they were immediately drawn into a joint venture with Naga Sadow to retrieve artifacts in the possession of the Red Fury Pirates. Mune made a great showing of themself, eager to earn their place back in the clan after a long absence. With the Clan Summits working in concert, they made their move, but the attack quickly became a betrayal as the clans would turn on one another. So the ties between them were broken by the time both clans went home with Scholae Palatinae the victor.

Following hot on the heels of their victory against the Red Fury Pirates and successful attack on Naga Sadow; the Emperor decreed it time to enact "Operation: Starfall". It was at this time too, that Mune took up the roll of Grand Admiral(Rollmaster) of the clan. In the aftermath of Shattered Ties, their old friend Cyris was felled. Elincia took up the vacant position as Grand Vizier to the Emperor, leaving Mune to put forward their own name for the now vacant Grand Admiral role. They could only hope they would not disappoint.

Operation: Starfall would find them and their clanmates ordered to the planet Aesirus on the far side of the Galaxy where they would take possession of the SoroSuub Corporation's holdings of Kyber Crystal mines. This would be the first operation Mune had the opportunity to take charge of as a member of the Clan Summit. All had been going according to plan when, in a skilled manipulation of the entire clan, a trap was sprung upon them by the possessed Emperor. Trapped, it would be them and the other trapped leaders that would need to guide the Clan from the dark depths and home to take back what was theirs. Mune could only hope their apprentice could take care of herself until then.

With a vengeance, the clan returned to Judecca and fought. More than one clanmate was lost, each paining Mune deeply. These people were their family, their pack. The final days of their battle upon their home turf found Xen gone missing, and their home returned (though for too short a time.)


" The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. "
― Robert Frost

An End, and A Beginning

Cityscape of UCE.

It seemed too little time passed before the next crisis for the clan. Their emperor vanished, for all they knew dead; and upon them descended Pravus' fleet. Given little time to act, Scholae Palatinae evacuated to their medical station. Their fleet was decimated. The planets of their system were bombarded from orbit and made uninhabitable. Mune could do naught but watch. If they were asked, they'd admit they did not care what happened to their physical home. what mattered, and what they felt mattered most were the people that made up the clan themselves, and that they survived. They could find a new home. It would be during the destruction that their emperor returned to them, and the search for the future of the clan began.

Days turned into weeks then months. As Grand Admiral, Mune coordinated numerous missions in search of a suitable home. Excursions resulting in but one loss. The clan begun the process of rebuilding their fleet while on the move, the medical station making its slow path through space. It was not nearly as turbulent a time they recalled before their time as a rogue, but it was by no means an easy time either. Months into their efforts, Xen'Mordin interjected before long the decision to make the Caperion system their home. Before the combined summit, they remained silent on the matter, though inwardly, their mind became a tangled mess of emotions. They knew instinctively it was an excellent choice based upon those needs of the clan, and knew no amount of personal discomfort could overshadow that need. They had a clan to worry about, but, such thoughts did little to calm the turmoil in their heart. They would deal with their personal ghosts when time permitted.


Arcona Emblem

Most of their time within the Brotherhood was spent in the embrace of Scholae Palatinae, but with the passing of their apprentice, Elincia Rei, they began to feel disconnected from the clan, separate from it. Even as Director of Imperial Scholae Intelligence, they no longer felt the sort of kinship they had become accustomed to as part of the clan. They spent less time among clanmates and more time with their partner, trying to understand what lay ahead for them.

An opportunity arose that allowed Mune to work outside the clan and pledged their aid to the Harmonists, where they met with other Shistavanen and perhaps for the first time felt even a minor sense of being part of a pack. It had been a long time since they felt comfortable among others and so it was that they chose to step out of his old clan into a new one, where they knew they would once more be able to engage those new companions and begin a new chapter of their journey. They took up a post on the Voidbreaker II, even becoming her Intelligence Officer. They yearn to have a pack, for the first time in their life, and their partner encourages them to reach out, to learn to connect with other Shistavanen and try and look past the pain they have suffered in the past at the hands of their family.

As it would happen, they would first connect with the Force-user leary Doon Sulvir.


" The hidden harmony is better than the obvious. "
― Heraclitus
Reference Art

Physical Appearance

Mune stands slightly below average height for an adult Shistavanen, at 5'7" (170cm). They are lithely built with subtle curves nearing feminine. They are well-toned, with a build trained for agility and finesse rather than power, honed through a strict regime of swimming and running. Topping their head are expressive and largish canid ears reminiscent of a fox, each with simple helix piercings. Their fur between their ears is left shaggy and rather tussled, at times pinned back to keep it out of their eyes. Around their throat is a steel collar kept locked by a simple locking screw, giving it the appearance of a perfect circle; they never remove it.

Vivid, ruby eyes look out from a fluffy face, each pupil vulpine in shape and bright with intelligence. Their face is dominated by a slender muzzle lined with pointed teeth. Their body is thickly furred from the top of their ears to their toes. Their pristine white fur is luxurious and well kept. An especially thick ruff of fur covers the scruff and throat. Their tail is meticulously groomed and easily gives a flamboyant flip with the casualness of someone at ease with their stature. Upon fingers and toes are slightly curved black claws intended for ripping and tearing into prey.

Their Speech

Mune speaks with an aristocratic accent, softened by an exotic lilt telltale of a blend of two distinct accents resulting in slight lengthening of the vowels. They speak in a warm tenor at the higher end of the vocal range. Their tone deepens only slightly when speaking in Shistavanen and loses any trace of their usual accent, as is also the case when they speak Togorian.

Personality Profile

Mune is a complex young Shistavanen, one that has gone through no small number of hardships in their youth. These hardships in no small part define who they are, but, at the same time, they leave no doubt that there is far more to them than the damages wrought by their upbringing. They are naturally amiable to those around them, talkative and even charming. They have a ready smile and are more than happy to share it, especially with those they call friends. They are likewise intuitive, exceptionally perceptive and deeply reflective; rooted in a scholarly intellect. Considered by most to be gregarious, kind, and witty. Still, others consider them flippant, emotionally turbulent and absent-minded.

Mune suffers from claustrophobia or fear of restriction and suffocation.



Mune is extremely agile and is trained in the use of two swords (or two lightsabers in most cases.) They depend heavily on their honed reflexes, natural speed, and even the precognitive power of the Force to expertly weave their way around an opponent's attacks. Though they have a preference for swords, Mune can pick up just about any bladed weapon and fight.


In non-combat situations, Mune is a learned observer. Their keen perception earned them a position as Director of Imperial Scholae Intelligence and later, upon their leaving the clan, a position as the Voidbreaker's Intelligence Officer.

The Force

Mune is no stranger to the Force and its many powers. Perhaps in part due to their father's meddling, they were found to be gifted when they were quite young and that power became focal of their father's research. Their sensitivity to the Force first came to them as Farsight and grew from there. Now, they've turned their focus towards the protective and healing powers of the Force with little to no emphasis on offensive powers. Farsight remains at the core of their abilities.

Significant Fictions/Character Canon/Roleplaying Sessions


Title Summary Time Period Link
Blood and Dreams Mune can learn no more from the Nayaman monastery or TRF, and so they must step out of those sanctums to begin life on their own. It is then that they are first exposed to the Brotherhood through one of its members. Though hesitant at first, Mune takes him up on his invitation and their first step upon the path begins. ~27ABY PDF
Where the Demons Hide Mune returns to Seraph, chasing visions that lead them back to their home and a horrible discovery. They are forced to walk the paths of their childhood, to relive nightmares and traumas they never thought to be faced with ever again... but to save the one they love, they would be forced to face those demons. ~32ABY PDF
On Wounded Seraph's Wings Mune is found on the roof of Adoniram Tower, lost in their visions of the future to escape the immediate pain of Elincia's passing. Caleb comes to console them and ease their suffering in the embrace of his arms. Never will they forget their friend and the one responsible for their meeting. ~37ABY PDF

Roleplaying Sessions

Title Summary Link
Mos Kenny Mune is dropped off at a cantina in Mos Kenny, Tatooine, by Caleb after they walked right into a pillar while too focused reading a book while walking. The cantina so happened to be busy with patrons from all over the Brotherhood, including some old friends, and new. Session Log
Of Wolves And Sheep On their way to Seraph, they are intercepted and kidnapped by their sociopath brother, Seito. It is up to their brother Carr, some close friends, and an old friend from Scholae, to save them from the clutches of Seito's sadistic plans. Session Log

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