Mune Cinteroph

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Mune Cinteroph
Biographical Information



10 ABY (age 24)

Physical Description

Human Hybrid




1m 70cm







Personal Information

Aimi Cinteroph


Eien Osada

  • UCE Government
Lightsaber Color(s):

Purple and Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Jar'Kai
  • Ninjato-style Vibroswords
  • Dual Lightsabers
Fighting Style(s):
  • Shadow Step
Chronology & Political Information
  • Assassin
  • Scholar

Rollmaster of Scholae Palatinae

Known apprentices:
  • Impetus M’nar
  • Braecen Kaeth


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" The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. "
― Robert Frost

Seer Mune Cinteroph has only just returned from places undisclosed, and thus removed from the list of rogues to rejoin his former clan, Clan Scholae Palatinae. Born on the Seraph in the Caperion System, he is a scholar, calculative thinker and cunning assassin. Before his disappearance, he had been a member of Scholae Palatinae, leading House Acclivis Draco most notably for a time. He took on only only two students in in his time within the Brotherhood, Impetus M’Nar and Braecen Kaeth. His reasons or the how of his disappearance were never divulged, and even upon his return, remain veiled in secrecy. It is rumored that the Doctor, Elincia Rei knows something.

Character History

The Experiment

The Beginning

Born to Eien Osada and Aimi Cinteroph (then Osada), in The United Corporations of Elaya; a marvel of a city ruled by scientific advancement and corporate greed. It is here that the original experiments began well before he came into the world, led by Eien Osada of the CAGRA (Corporation for Advanced Genetic Research and Application), and funded by the UCE government as led by Chairman Gretris Retpay. It would become known years later that Aimi herself was as much a victim as her son, with her womb acting as the test tube for her son’s conception and consecutive experimentation.

From the moment of conception, the genetics of the child she bore were abnormal. His DNA a product of CAGRA, and property of the UCE government. As noted upon his birth by the CAGRA laboratories, were vulpine ears, fangs, claws and tail. Papers referring to these original experiments were made confidential, like many others referencing the work of Eien Osada and his government contracts. What were his aims with Mune? That much remains still buried in official red tape. What is known is that the results were labelled a failure within two(2) years of testing.

It was only for his wife, Aimi, that the child was not disposed of. He was given his mother’s surname, refused the prestigious surname of his father.

The Conservatory

At the age of three(3), Eien separated him from his mother when she became ill and in need of regular care. Whether her illness were connected to the experiments or not is unknown and inconsequential. Mune found himself in the care of his Aunt, his father’s sister Kiho Osada. She, like her brother, felt no attachment for the boy and considered him a black mark upon their brilliant name. A rodent in need of removal.
Double Helix

Mune remained uneducated, mistreated, and shunned by adult and children of the family alike. A very sensitive child, he began to see himself much as other saw him, an oddity and animal. His fourth birthday nearly upon him, he overheard his father tell of Aimi’s recovery and believed he would be returning home before much longer. It would not come to pass. Only two(2) days later, amusing himself in his aunt’s conservatory, the family made an attempt upon his life. The fragrance of flowers scented the air. A perfume he remembered for years following the flames that engulfed them and his world. He saved himself, or more precisely, the Force responded to his terror. An animal caught in a cage of fire, he was witnessed doing things no child ought be able to do. His aunt and those family members present labelled him a demon and the authorities were sent for. It was not the authorities that came.

Drawn by the child’s power, the monks came upon him. They soothed the boy’s rage and took him from his abusive circumstances. He was made to disappear. Eien would be enraged to discover his experiment may not have been so much a failure as originally believed.

The Monastery

Mune's Ninjatō Style Dual VibroSwords (Purple - Animus) (Blue - Umbra)

At the age of four(4), he was removed from his terrible circumstances and came to live in a Monastery, well beyond the influence of the UCE government and the scientific community in The Nayama Dynasty. Here, he was submerged in a world of knowledge and tradition.

The years that followed were filled with ancient tomes, crumbling grimoire, and old and faded scrolls. He was ravenous for every scrap of knowledge, every bit of wisdom. Priest and priestess alike were more than happy to oblige him his seemingly ceaseless thirst for the written word. It became quickly evident to him however, that though they taught their archaic art to the children under their tutelage, they seemed to be missing something fundamental. They spoke often of the greatness of their wisdom, the power of their traditions, the essence of all things; but Mune knew more than thought, that they were missing a very important facet.

When not ensconced in his reading, he was tutored personally by one of the elders in the art of sword dancing. A form of swordplay using a shinobigatana/ninjato or a jian-style sword, focused on grace and agility as opposed to strength and brute force. It was a style that suited his way of thinking. It also served as a mode of calming the more bestial recesses of his mind.

He had quickly become accepted, his world changed drastically from what he had been accustomed to in the first few years of his life. Nightmares still plagued him often in the night. Ghosts of a past that refused to release him from their choke hold. What escaped him at that time was the glimpses of events to come, strewn throughout the nightmare shadows that plagued him in his sleep. That was until the day he was faced again with his father. He was by then, quickly coming up on his tenth birthday.

The Shadow

Unknown animal species living on Seraph and its moon.

With his ninth birthday nearly upon him, he found himself faced with his father before the gates of the monastery. If asked, Mune could not say why it was that he came to find himself outside at that moment, to place himself between the looming passage and the stern glare of a man twisted by his lack of compassion for a son he had once attempted to erase. It is likewise so, if asked what words they exchanged upon the footpath as dusk settled upon the compound, for Mune could not bring himself to recall.

What he did remember, however, was the copper taste of blood in his mouth. The sticky feel of it upon his hands, under his fingernails, dripping from his hair. What he recalled clearly was the terror he felt at realizing the nature of the beast that lurked in the dark recesses of his mind.

Panic stricken, he feared for his home, for the life he had been given by the monks. His fears would not be realized. The men, slain, were treated as invaders on land that was not theirs to invade upon. To protect him, if not themselves, however, they decided his education would best be continued in The Republic of The Force. It was only thanks to his Master’s contacts, that he would later be sheltered within the TRF and tutored by them in the ways of the Force. Here was another missing part of the puzzle, one that he embraced full heartedly.

Ensconced within the teachings of his new tutors, he took well to his new surroundings. Their reverence for nature came easily to him, much to their surprise, though do in no little part to his strange genetics. He found himself more at one with himself than any other time in his short life. The nightmares fell away to his past, he began the process of healing his mental scarring. It came as no surprise either to his teachers to find he was very gifted, and so press on to continue his forging into a powerful ally in their continued efforts to protect themselves from The Meraxis Empire.

He would never be used for his intended purpose by them, nor The Nayama Dynasty.

At the age of eleven(11), he chose to return to the UCE.

The Brotherhood

The Indoctrination

He spent perhaps a year in the UCE. He kept a low profile, taking on jobs as an assassin through use of contact provided him by his Master back in The Nayama Empire. He scraped together every credit that came his way. He was diligent to not be seen by the CAGRA, nor his father’s relations. Three months from his twelfth birthday, he left Seraph, and the Caperion System far behind in search of something he could not name.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is what he eventually found, and Clan Exar Kun.

Mune began his journey in the Brotherhood in Exar Kun. He learned to further his powers and better understand the Force. He proved an apt pupil even among so many others attuned to the Force as he was. These were the teachers he had searched for, ones who could expand his knowledge and challenge him. Through the exceptional tutelage of his Clan elders, he advanced rapidly through the ranks to Dark Jedi Knight. He acted as a battle team leader of Exar’s Shadow, and also became a professor within the Shadow Academy. He had in a very short time entrenched himself within the Brotherhood. He was no stranger to the conflicts the Clans found themselves in, including the Great Jedi Wars.

House Byss found him meeting Braecen Kaeth for the first time. Braecen became his first apprentice, though Mune was younger by seven(7) years, they proved an exceptional match and Braecen was elevated through the ranks in record time.

Then came the changes. Clan Exar Kun and Satal Keto became one, Clan Plagueis. Politics at this time, were not a strength of his. Turbulence found him becoming uneasy in his position within the clan and so decisions had to be made. Eventually, Mune would separate himself from the newly formed Plagueis and rather a part of Scholae Palatinae. He established himself soon enough as Aedile of Acclivis Draco, and further still into the role of Quaestor not long after. He led for well over a year in the position, taking on the much older Impetus as his apprentice and Aedile of the house. Together they did great things until Mune eventually stepped down and disappeared for a time. He would resurface for a short time in Clan Tarentum as Queastor of House Gladius.

It was not long before he vanished from the Brotherhood altogether.

The Apprentice


During Mune's time among the ranks of Scholae Palatinae, he became Master to one Impetus, an Imperial Agent in the employ of the Empire's Intelligence. He was charged with a mission to search for an agent of the Light Side living within Judecca, a spy. It was for Impetus' particular talents that she was paired with the young Krath Priest. She became fascinated with the lightsaber Mune wore. Impetus' connections as Tonal'la proved invaluable in their hunt. The methods she employed, a curiosity at how easily and skillfully she used an entire city's worth of eyes to search where her own eyes could not.

It was only because of Impetus that they managed to track a woman. Impetus saved his life in the ensuing duel when he made a near fatal mistake. It was then that Mune understood that the Force was at work through her. He took her as an apprentice then, and has since been the only apprentice he has had.

She quickly became someone Mune put much trust in. He learned as much from her, as what he imparted in her. He was strange in his refusal of the title of Master from the girl, and rather she call him by name, knowing full well without the title that she still respected him as much as he respected her. She as much as anyone else in the clan, however, could not have foreseen his disappearance.

Only she could understand though, how much it could crush him to have abandoned her and damage that trust they shared.

The Rogue

The Journey

Eien Osada's Labs

No matter the amount of education, of knowledge and experience, Mune found himself a slave to what his father had done. Months before his self imposed exile, he had already set his mind upon leaving. Like an animal who knew its time had come, and it was dying.... he chose to vanish from before the eyes of his peers. He had grown sick. He had little doubt as to what had come to ail him, having known for some time that the fail safe engineered into his DNA had likely become active. He was well past the point of its intended activation, something he could only assume was due to his particular connection with the Force. Even so, he had begun to weaken before his self exile.

He kept to himself for a time. Eventually, his exile would find himself again in the Caperion System, and setting his feet upon the cold steel and concrete earth of the UCE. His mind had become set upon a course of action that held little time for him to dawdle. The great city state sprawled out before him, a city long left behind. He was a stranger among a sea of many. He made gentle inquiries, sparingly using what credits were left him from his time in the Brotherhood. It was by necessity of past promises that he found himself soon upon the approach to the monastery within the realms of the Nayama Empire. The compound no different from when he left it. Though his strength continued to wane, he would spend a handful of months among the dearest of his homes to rest, and reconnect with those fragments of who he had been in those times long left behind. Old friendships rebuilt, and promises fulfilled, he would make for his hardest journey yet.

By this time, his health had been on a steady decline. It wore greatly on him. He returned to the home of his mother, and there met with her for the first time since he was removed during her illness. An emotional reunion, but one that gave him the strength he needed to carry on with his mission into the heart of his father's works. He broke into the facility, using those learned skills of his childhood to burrow deep into the machinations of a man possessed by his work. Research stolen, he pressed forward through the armed forces of the CAGRA and his cousin, heading up the project his father had begun in making Mune what he was. His mind steeled, he would never again be a lab rat at the mercy of the UCE, his father, nor anyone looking to use him to fulfill their ill fated plans for grandeur. He left his cousin a huddled mess, though a living one, to escape back to the stars and what he could only hope would be his salvation.

He still had much work to do.

The Doctor

His search began in earnest. His father's research in hand, he left Seraph once again to seek the help he would need to put the research to use. He only grew sicker as the weeks passed. He clung on to the feeling that he still had far more to do, that his life was not meant to end yet. So he continued his search. It would be through an old connection with the Brotherhood that he would come to know of a scientist by the name of Elincia Rei. Something rang in the name to the dying Hybrid. Weeks were spent in rest and meditation as he continued his slow search for the doctor.

In the end, the Force guided him to where he had to be, at the door step of the Palatinaean scientist. He knew her, he had come to understand in the last weeks before arriving. His bond not at all weakened to the girl he had called his apprentice. It was a relief to have arrived, but still anxiety ate at him that she would have to see him as he was now. He had no doubt, however, that she would help him now.

Elincia accepted him in, and, research into his condition began. Days became weeks, weeks became months. It would be an entire year before Elincia's efforts proved Mune's recovery. It would be years before Mune regained strength enough to leave the care of her lab.

The Return

Shattered Ties

Mune returned to the Brotherhood in the company of Elincia Rei. He however did not return to Clan Tarentum, rather, he returned to Scholae Palatinae. Greeted by an old friend, Cyris Oscura, and so was welcomed back among their number. He made it a point to join House Imperium to work with the house's Quaestor, Lexiconus Qor, a doctor, unbeknownst to Lexic himself, had helped Elincia in the Hybrid's recovery. From here, Mune also joined the Battle Team Shadow Gaurd under the command of Delak Krennel, a man Mune met in the Antei Combat Center to get to know by the sword, testing each other's strengths and knowledge of battle. Mune enjoyed every moment of the encounter, and took an immediate liking to the human.

That welcome would quickly turn to business as he was immediately drawn into a joint venture with Naga Sadow to retrieve artifacts in the possession of the Red Fury Pirates. Mune made a great showing of himself, eager to earn his place back in the clan after a long absence. With the Clan Summits working in concert, they made their move, but the attack quickly became a betrayal as the clans would turn on one another. So the ties between them were broken by the time both clans went home with Scholae Palatinae the victor.

Operation: Starfall

Landscape of Aesirus

Following hot on the heels of their victory against the Red Fury Pirates and successful attack on Naga Sadow; the Emperor decreed it time to enact "Operation: Starfall". It was at this time too, that Mune took up the roll of Grand Admiral(Rollmaster) of the clan. In the aftermath of Shattered Ties, his old friend Cyris was felled. Elincia took up the vacant position as Grand Vizier to the Emperor, leaving Mune to put forward his own name for the now vacant Grand Admiral role. He could only hope he would not disappoint.

Operation: Starfall would find he and his clan mates ordered to the planet Aesirus on the far side of the Galaxy where they would take possession of the SoroSuub Corporation's holdings of Kyber Crystal mines. This would be the first operation Mune had the opportunity to take charge of as a member of the Clan Summit. All had been going according to plan when, in a skilled manipulation of the entire clan, a trap was sprung upon them by their own Emperor. Forced to take refuge in the mines themselves with the miner's, all escape was cut off, trapping them all deep underground. It was only because of Elincia's interference that the final round of charges meant to collapse the chamber on them all, that they were not killed there. Xen'Mordin was revealed to be Darth Fallax. Their Emperor possessed, and they trapped.

Mune could only trust that Elincia could take care of herself. Together with the Quaestors Lexiconus and Blade, he would have to plot their escape from the depths of the caves and find their way back to the Cocytus System and their home.



The End & The Beginning

Destruction and a Decision

It seemed too little time passed before the next crisis for the clan. Their emperor vanished, for all they knew dead; and upon them descended Pravus' fleet. Given little time to act, Scholae Palatinae evacuated to their medical station. Their fleet was decimated. The planets of their system bombarded from orbit and made uninhabitable. Mune could do naught but watch. If he were asked, he'd admit he did not care what happened to their physical home. what mattered, and what he felt mattered most were the people that made up the clan themselves, and that they survived. They could find a new home. It would be during the destruction that their emperor returned to them, and the search for the future of the clan begin.

Days turned into weeks then months. As Grand Admiral, Mune coordinated numerous missions in search of a suitable home. Excursions resulting in but one loss. The clan begun the process of rebuilding their fleet while on the move, the medical station making its slow path through space. It was not nearly as turbulent as times he recalled before his time as a rogue, but it was by no means an easy time either. Months into their efforts, Xen'Mordin interjected before long the decision to make the Caperion system their home. Before the combined summit, he remained silent on the matter, though inwardly, his mind became a tangled mess of emotions. He knew instinctively it was an excellent choice based upon those needs of the clan, and knew no amount of personal discomfort could overshadow that need. He had a clan to worry about, but, such thoughts did little to calm the turmoil in his heart. He would deal with his personal ghosts when allowed.

Seraph and Return to the UCE

Cityscape of UCE.



Mune Cinteroph


He is half-human, a hybridization come about through genetic manipulation and experimentation. His human father, Eien Osada's goals were uncertain, and all pertaining papers since classified or destroyed, and so remains uncertain. The results, however, only seem by all appearances, completely cosmetic.

Mune is somewhat short of average height for an adult human male, standing at 5’7” (170cm) and well-toned. He is by and large, mostly human in his appearance, with a few notable traits that mark him as not quite. These include his eyes, a startling ruby red in colouration, bright, intelligent, sharp and even shocking at first when one catches sight of the slit quality of his pupils. His teeth, or his canines more specifically come to the slightest points, barely noticeable and could only be described as dainty fangs. He has vulpine ears instead of human ones, though they afford him no better hearing then is to be expected of a human. His nails can only be described as claws, though only just… and no more dangerous then the next man deciding to grow his nails long. Most notably (aside from the ears of course), is his tail, kept well groomed at all times. His hair is mostly short, with his bangs left long. Each ear is adorned with a single piercing.

Because of the manipulation of his genetic code, he has the additional trait of appearing younger than he actually is. At a quick glance, he can easily be mistaken for a handful of years younger than he is.


Mune is a complex young man, one that has gone through no small number of hardships in his young life. These hardships define small parts of who he remains, but, at the same time he leaves no doubt that there is far more to him than the damages wrought by his youth. He is naturally amiable to those around him, talkative and even charming. He has a ready smile, and is more than happy to share it especially with those he calls friend. He is likewise intuitive, exceptionally perceptive and deeply reflective; rooted in a scholarly intellect. He has difficulty trusting, though he desires to trust; he has been betrayed and hurt to often in his earlier years to offer that trust so easily.

Late in his childhood, he was introduced to the practices of the Nayama Empire and the Republic of the Force both. This has led him to strings of regimental activities that he believes keep his mind disciplined, his wits sharp, and his body fit. Swordplay is a creative outlet for him, while his studies are a reinforcement of his mind and intellect. He has nothing but the utmost respect for nature, and oft feels closer to the animals in the brush than he does the men that go about their business all around him day by day; animals secure in their regiments of survival. Such thoughts unnerve him when they occur, and remind him more often than not that he is no simple human, but a product of scientific experimentation. He fears, one day the beast will swallow him whole and he will not return to who he had come to be, and his cherished knowledge and intellect be lost to him forever. He is also considered by those that know him, to be calculating, sly, insightful and opinionated. Socially speaking, he is sociable, charming, gregarious and even sensual (with a preference for male company.)

He was originally upon the Dark Path when he originally came to be part of the Brotherhood. As time wore on, it became more and more apparent that though he were a creature of extremes due to the more animal-like sides of his personality... he refused to kill unless necessary. When it came to killing, he was exceptional at it, but, more often than not if his judgement told him killing was unnecessary, he would too often let a foe live. He has since realigned himself tot he Gray Path, but remains as passionate, as idealistic and as mercurial as ever.

Mune suffers from claustrophobia or a fear of restriction and suffocation. His particular case is related to being locked in smalls windowless rooms, or caged. The reaction could very well be as a result of the more bestial side of his nature.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Mune Cinteroph has numerous tools in his arsenal, but none he depends upon more than his mind. The Force and even his body are but parts of the equation within his sharply honed intellect. There is not a day that goes by that he is not seen with a book of one sort or another on his person to steal a read whenever business allows. The Force powers he chooses to employ are but an extension of a mind calculating every angle possible.

He was trained young to make use of his exceptional perception, and so his powers of Farsight and Precognition, even Sense came naturally to him. Sense and Precognition part of his defensive ensemble along with Barrier. Stressing mobility as part of defense are his impressive endurance and athletics, with a penchant for Amplification. Telekinesis makes up his only specifically offensive Force power, and the only one he has put a great deal of training. If asked why he never chose to harness the ability of Force Lightning, he would point out that such power is grossly verbose and lacks in grace.

Of any powers are his disposal, Rage is one that came more naturally to him than any other, but one he never uses… at least of his own conscious will. It is linked heavily to his emotions and more bestial instincts that is a result of his Hybrid genetics.

In addition to his powers and his intellectual prowess, Mune is also a skilled swordsman. Even his lightsaber form choice of Jar’Kai is based upon his original training as a dual swords practitioner. He keeps up both sword and lightsaber play near regimentally, even using them as a sort of meditation from day to day. Perhaps due to such training, he has a dislike of firearms, and avoids the use of them.

Farsight is a power he seeks to understand better, and is another power aside from Rage that came upon him as naturally as breathing. It is also the biggest part of his studies even to present, as signified by Lore: Interpretation of Dreams, Symbols and Omens of the Force.


Impetus M'Nar/Elincia Rei

Impetus M'Nar was the person Mune had come to trust the most in the Brotherhood. During his time in Scholae Palatinae, he met the girl and saw her potential. Though she was much older than himself, he had her initiated into the Brotherhood and made his apprentice. Together, they ran Acclivis Draco for a time. She was privy to much of his past, and was one of those that understood him the most. Even so, he kept only one thing from her, and it would prove the thing that led to his leaving for places unknown. It hurt him to leave his apprentice and friend, but, he had no desire to allow she and others of the clan to see him in his slow decline towards death.

Years later, it is she he would be guided to as Elincia Rei, when he sought a doctor and scientist to put his father's research to use. He was at death's door. His body drawn and weakened, his mind exhausted and foggy. The Force however guided him to where it was he had to be. He had no doubt of who she was upon coming face to face, and she would help him, making use of the scientific research accumulated by Eien Osada. It was thanks to her that he would recover, and again escape the twisted machinations of his father. He spent more than a year in her care, recovering, before he returned to the Brotherhood and Clan Scholae Palatinae. He was even on crutches until it came time to step off the transport ship and ontot he grounds of the Imperial Palace.

He holds a great deal of respect for Elincia, and trust.

Braecen Kaeth


Caleb Wild'en


Significant Fictions/Character Canon

Where the Demons Reside

This fiction takes place during Mune's time away from the Brotherhood when he sought a cure for his condition as a result of his father's research. The fiction is 24 pages in length and 10455 words. Where the Demons Reside

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