Raistline Taldrya Majere

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Raistline Taldrya Majere
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Raistline Majere is a human Dark Jedi Seer born on the planet Devaron. Born to parents, renowned and obsessed in the field of hydrology, Raistline was often left alone to his own devices. A chance meeting with a mysterious figure would change his life forever.

Character History


After the destruction of life on Tund, Bradford and Lee Majere were hired on Devaron by Toong refugees to restore life to their dead planet. Renowned hydrology scientists, they obsessed over their work mapping out irrigation routes for the dying planet Tund. Raised with the best of advantages of schooling and wealth, though guided by zero parental control, young Raistline found entertainment through petty crime. In 13 ABY an attempt to pickpocket the then Krath Kaine Mandaala changed his life. Rather than killing the thief, Kaine Mandaala took the youth from his family and placed him into a new home, Clan Aquillas.

Life in the house Senryaku was stressful for the young pupil. Having been accustomed to always having his way the immature youth did not cope well with his new life and studies as a Krath Scholar. To make things worse, so lost in his studies and ignored at his lowly rank, he never noticed that the clan was falling apart around him. To reduce the immaturity of young Majere, Kaine Mandaala convinced Raistline to enlist in the Tie Corps in hopes that the military life of a pilot would give him stability and and the drive to succeed that he lacked.

The Emperor's Hammer

Life as a pilot was an easy transition at first. Never realizing the need for stability Raistline went through his training on Daedalus at a rapid speed. Never the "Ace" pilot of the group, he always assumed a supportive role insuring that the best pilots always survived their suicidal tactics. This earned him the respect of those stationed on the Avenger In 14 ABY, on a assault on the SVTM station, Raistline received a transmission that Clan Aquillas had fallen. Raisltine requested a position in Taldryan half-hardheartedly, phoning in most of his activity and avoided his studies. Heartbroken over the loss of his clan he accepted more and more Avenger missions, slowly moving from supportive rolls to taking initiative in battle.

This new fervor garnered him the rank of Commander, leading of his own squadron. At first he found leading his men into battle lustful, enjoying the carnage of the fight. But as time went on every loss of a wing member felt like a mark against his soul. Soon he viewed successful missions as a failure because he had lost good men. Then one day, on a mission over the planet Lothal, Raistline's fighter was so heavily damaged he was forced to crash land on the planet's surface. Ripping off the insignias of his flight jacket and ignoring the calls of the deck commander he left his broken ship and found solace in a bar for the next week or so. The deaths from his leadership had finally caught up with him.

A Return Home

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