Braecen Kaeth

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Braecen Kaeth
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5 Feet, 10 Inches


185 Pounds


Brown with shocks of blonde


Azure blue

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Braecen Kaeth is a scholar and student of the Force. His fascination with the Dark Side spurred from his studies and recently discovered, latent ability with the Force. Braecen Kaeth has achieved the rank of Dark Side Adept within the Krath Order and currently serves House Galeres.

Character History

A Quiet Beginning

A normal upstanding citizen of Corellia, Braecen attended the University upon completion of his core curriculum; a feat he achieved at a rapid pace, three years ahead of the standard. During his academic progression the young man encountered a varying degree of topics, paradigms and individuals. Each challenge presented him a chance to prove himself to the people he desired respect from: His parents, teachers, friends and himself. And it was at the pinnacle of his success that he realized how truly far from his path he had truly strayed.

On the day of his graduation from the University, Braecen packed a small bag of his possessions and struck off... alone, in pursuit of something beyond the 'norm'. A basic instict, or urge, forced him to expand his dreams beyond a daily grind. It seemed as if the galaxy itself were forcing him to a larger stage, a destiny of grandeur. And so it was...

Braecen's homeworld of Corellia

Using most of his personal credits the young man ventured from home, leaving behind his two, loving parents and a seamless support network, to answer the unknown pull. As chance would have it, the man found his way aboard an outbound freighter to the Outer Rim. The Captain did not approve of Braecen's reasons for leaving, but he offered the young man an Apprenticeship in Trading.

But the lessons were more encompassing than the monotonous details of rising and falling prices of goods. Their discussions forced them to confront new ideas... and as they proceeded through the mentorship of the younger man, it became apparent a lasting friendship would be forged. And, for that time, it became their existence... enough to appease both men's minds day-in and day-out. But it would not be enough...


It soon became apparent the Corellian possessed more gifts than his intelligence alone. The Captain, whom now looked upon the young man as a Son, sought to teach him a measure of physical endurance. Each day the young man was forced to complete a rigorous regimen of strenuous activities that would press him beyond his current limits. Upon completion of his work out, he would then be forced to fence, or duel, with his mentor.

The older, more experienced man was able to best the prodigy on sheer talent at first - allowing the physical exhaustion of his Apprentice to be his focal point. But as the younger man's stamina increased, the wily old man began to sit back on strategy and tactics; employing a skill-set that was more comprehensive than most attendees of the Imperial Academy. After several months their blades began to flash in intricate attacks and defenses, both working for an advantage that would never come.

It was one such day that would change the fate of both men. In their morning swordplay the two had become locked into another stalemate; neither wanting to admit defeat, they pressed onward. Braecen strained from the physical and mental exertion focused his mind on a single task: moving the older fighter back onto his heels. What the young man had intended and what had happened were vastly different.

Wanting to use his fighting prowess to defeat the Captain, Braecen strained against a permanent wall in his mind. Using it as support for the task before him... finding his stability from its presence. Yet, suddenly, on this day, the wall came down - a pool of unknown, misunderstood power rushed through his body and broke free from his mind. The telekinetic strike blasted into the mentor's upper-chest and knocked him to the ground. The action left both men stunned...

It was then that both understood their part in the larger picture, they were just pawns of what fate had distributed - placed together a short time so that both might learn more about themselves.

The new power was unnoticed by the crew; however, it was a passenger aboard the ship that felt the change and began to scribe the destiny of the Corellian. The Elder waited until the ship found it's next port before he contacted his liaison upon Lyspair - with information and direction the man reboarded the ship and asked for transport to an unknown planet called Antei. The Captain was highly suspicious, but the sum the traveler offered was too rich to turn down. The Dark Jedi won over... dooming the ship and her crew to a horrendous fate. Save one individual, the Corellian whom had forsaken all that he had for all that he could attain.

The Power of the Dark Side

Crest of the Brotherhood

The shuttle safely reached the first moon of the planet Antei: Lyspair. However, the vessel and her occupants would never again leave the system. Each of the crew were pushed into slavery; serving as grunts in the fields of then Head Master, Spears Tarentae. At first the Elder wished to kill the ship's Captain, but the drain of Fifth Great Jedi War was too great to kill skilled pilots or captains - thus his fate was left unknown.

As for the young Corellian... his resistance to the Dark paradigm was futile - his mind's desire to learn reducing his resistance each day, until he became a true Initiate of the Dark Side. Once his ill-conceived notions and idealism were broken down and removed, the naive young lad from Corellia blossomed under the tutelage of the mentors at the Shadow Academy. With a lust and haste unknown previously, young Braecen satisfied every demand placed before him by his teachers. Only two courses were denied him: The Test of Endurance and The Test of Agility. The young Protector was unsure why he was denied his chance, but believed the Obelisk and Sith denied him due to his acceptance of the Krath doctrine.

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Character Profile

Physical Description

Braecen stands at 5 feet and 11 inches in height. His body is a muscular frame, though not bulging. It is a lean frame that supports his 170 pounds of tense, coiled muscle. He has gathered his strength from continuously training the arts of Dulon as a Guardian to this present day.

He is also responsible for training lightsaber forms upon the moon of Lyspair, as the acting Eclectic Pedagogue, and authority, on the Lightsaber Basics course. Additionally as a Guard Captain and Gladiator of the Grand Master's Royal Guard, his training in armed combat, combat techniques and leadership is a most valuable asset to him during engagements. Most notably is his skill in the art of Echani, awarded and taught to him by the Commander of the Guard, Obelisk Adept Khobai.

His gait is that of cockiness, agility and experience. Within his confident gait he radiates a sense of grace; a grace that is truly a deadly agility and speed, like a panther waiting to strike. He is quick in both motion and mind... His speed is unparalleled by many, matched by few, greater only to a handful. His intelligence gives him a calm and understanding necessary to take advantage of his foes.

A shock of light brown hair displaces his hardened features; it's golden highlights cutting through it irregularly. It frames his face and matches that of his goatee, giving him an older appearance to his 22 years. Though it is in his eyes that one truly sees his age and experience. The piercing, ice blue eyes have a way of searching the very depths of one's being. One look into his knowing eyes could unnerve a Journeyman under the rank of Dark Knight.

Custom Weapon

Sonic War Blade

  • Awarded the right to carry by Dalthid, via 'Cleaning the Combat Master'

A weapon of unknown origin, crafted from the compilation of knowledge held by warrior clans throughout the Outer Rim, the Sonic War Blade has no equal.

Unique in its construction, the serrated blade is comprised of a Cortosis and Durasteel alloy, weaved in the fires of the ancient Sith, which give it uncompromising strength against any other blade, including Lightsabres. Able to parry the Jedi weapon for a vast amount of time, the Sonic War Blade's strength is matched only by its secondary feature.

Knowing how pivotal a strike can be, the forgers embedded a Sonic Compression Device (SCD) into the weapon's hilt base. When activated, this device emanates an instant, powerful blast of sound that is capable of "moving air" in a specifically targeted direction. It has shown immense moving power against opponents who's CON is below 21, allowing the user to move passed an opponent's fallen defenses and enact the serrated blade to rip and tear through flesh.

Due to the nature of the Sonic Compressor, and the need for a warrior to maintain control over their weapon, the Sonic War Blade has also been retro-fitted with a Sonic Resonance Stabilizer (SRS). This stabilizer has an absorption capability that negates the effects of the SCD on the weapon's user, thus, allowing them to maintain positive control of the blade.

Weaknesses: The SCD requires a regeneration period before it can be used again. The duration is unknown, suffice it to say that many warriors have only used it once in combat which dictates a fairly extended period of time.

DJB Facts



  • Primary author of the Plagueis: Planetary Description
  • Author of the Plagueis: Prodigy of Plagueis
  • Author of the Plagueis: DJK+ Promotion Guide
  • Co-author of "Roles of the Summit"
  • Co-author of "Battle Team Positions" Proposal
  • Co-author of the Scholae Palatinae: Merit Program
  • Co-author of the Scholae Palatinae: Scrolls of Sidious
  • Author of the Scholae Palatinae: Dark Paladin
  • Author of the Scholae Palatinae: Consul's Coven
  • Primary author of the Scholae Palatinae: Prospectus
  • Author of the Jusadih Military Regime's first incarnation.


Leadership Positions Held

Best CSP Member Oscar for 2007

Other Positions Held

  • Eclectic Pedagogue, IRC Basics
  • Eclectic Pedagogue, Lightsaber Basics
  • Envoy, House Byss
  • Envoy, House Exar Kun
  • Knight Class Envoy, Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Knight Adjutant of the Brotherhood
  • Guard Captain, Grand Master's Royal Guard


Best Summit member Oscar for 2007
Best HDS Member Oscar for 2007
  • Braecen originally found interest in Star Wars through the novel "X-Wing:Rogue Squadron" by Michael A. Stackpole.
  • Braecen originally found interest in the Star Wars community through an X-Box game: Knights of the Old Republic.
  • The name Braecen was derived from two sources: Brandon and Jacen. By merging his real-life name with that of his favorite New Jedi Order character, the name was developed.
  • By the hand of Khan Kunar, Braecen was the last to be named with the Clan honorific, Kunar.
  • Braecen was the last Proconsul of Clan Exar Kun & the first Proconsul of Clan Plagueis.
  • Braecen was the first Knight Adjutant of the Brotherhood.