Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven

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Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven
Biographical Information

Ord Mantell

Date of Birth:

10 BBY

Physical Description









Brown, medium length


Dark brown

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

originally Red, currently Silver

Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Soresu, Ataru

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Fist, Tëras D'ni

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi, Warrior, Assassin




Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Caliburnus

Personal Ship:




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"Do not waste my time with 'what if's. I will do whatever has to be done. I'll deal with the consequences later."
―Rasilvenaira, during the Acclivis Draco-Caliburnus Conflict

Sith Batttlelord Rasilvenaira StormRaven is a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae. She has served in a number of positions within her Clan, including Clan Envoy, Battleteam Leader, Aedile, and Quaestor. She is currently the Sith Commander of the Blades of Chaos, and is also serving as a Trainer in the ACC.

Character History

Birth of an Outcast

10 BBY

Along the northern plains of Ord Mantell, far distant from any cities, a group of Humans had settled around 425 BBY. This group of Humans isolated themselves as much as possible and over time began to display a genetic uniformity among the people. The Keraci people became a race unto themselves, of medium build with blonde or pale colored hair and typically blue or green eyes. They were also a people without the force, living their lives based on superstitions and abiding by the laws laid down by the village’s High Priest.

In 10 BBY the High Priest was called on to attend the Shalphera, or highest ranking female, of the village for the birth of her latest child. Many of the village elders and minor priests were concerned; the omens were boding ill for the birth, since the village was being subjected to an unusually fierce period of storms that threatened the crops.

When the child was born, those fears and superstitions were compounded. Inspecting the child, a girl, the High Priest was faced with the shock of seeing dark brown hair and piercing dark eyes as the child looked up at him. Given her mother’s ranking as Shalphera, the laws of the village forbade killing the infant, but because of the inexplicable differences in her appearance, she was branded as an outcast.

Her mother gave her the name of Kaishera, meaning Shadowed Star, however the rest of the family and village began calling the girl Rasilvenaira, meaning Silver Raven. The name was meant in cruel jest because with her dark hair and even darker eyes, there was nothing silver about her, though she did seem to have a strong affinity for the bird she was named after.

As the young girl grew, her place as outcast was constantly made painfully clear to her. Frequently subjected to beatings, and verbal abuse, Rasilvenaira lived her life on the edge. The Keraci were her people, but their world seemed to have no place for her, even though it was the world to which she was born. Considered worthless, even below slaves in value, she often went with out meals, and was worked hard, given the chores none of her siblings wished to do. By the age of five, Rasilvenaira was beginning to display latent abilities which earned her even more scorn and displeasure from the Keraci people who viewed those abilities as unnatural and evil.

Rasilvenaira vowed to herself that somehow, she would survive, and despite the efforts of her kin to the contrary, she managed to do just that. But the seeds of hatred and anger were sowed deeply in her soul, and in time, those seeds would take hold and blossom.

Rise of the StormRaven


One evening after a particularly brutal beating came close to killing her; Rasilvenaira realized that it was only a matter of time before her kin succeeded in ending her life. As soon as she was able to recover enough from the beating, Rasilvenaira gathered up the few possessions she was allowed, as well as a few she managed to steal. Biding her time until the dark of night, Rasilvenaira slipped out of the Keraci village, taking one of the villages riding animals, or Rok’shall, for its extra speed.

Rasilvenaira drifted alone except for the Rok’shall she rode for nearly two weeks. She had no idea where she would go, but there was no going back, she would find her own way or die trying. Eventually her path crossed that of a Trader’s caravan, and she spent a couple of days with them. During her stay with them, her Rok’shall helped earn her a nice purse full of credits, and she was able to buy a few supplies from the traders, including a simple set of throwing knives. They also helped her gain a sense of direction, showing her maps of where they were and where the nearest city, Trader’s Quarter, was.

After parting ways with the caravan, Rasilvenaira made her way toward Trader’s Quarter. When she finally arrived, the city was quite a shock to her after the isolated, rural world of the Keraci. Immediately she found herself at a great disadvantage, knowing only very little Basic. Rasilvenaira managed to find a merchant on the outskirts of the city who purchased her Rok’shall though she was sure he’d cheated her in the deal. She had no plans of ever going back to the Keraci village, so the credits she earned from the beast would serve her better than it would.

Her first day in the city soon turned rather miserable as it started raining. Lost, alone, and getting scared as she was jostled and bumped and pushed aside by the people passing her by, Rasilvenaira had no idea where to go to for shelter against the weather. Finally she just huddled against the wall of a building and sank to the ground, worn out from her journey.

Rasilvenaira was beginning to resign herself to spending a restless night in the rain when she saw a strange looking Humanoid approaching her. She was too tired to fight and something about his easy going manner kept her from running. Despite her inability to understand the Basic language, she managed to catch the meanings of his words as he offered her the one thing she wanted most at that moment, a dry, safe place to rest, and the possibility of food as well. She agreed to follow him, and along the way he introduced himself as Phutari.

Phutari was middle aged Dressellian who owned a well established cantina in the area, and he took Rasilvenaira in, giving her a room above his cantina, he also offered her a job in helping out around the cantina. The first few weeks were mostly spent by him teaching her various things. He taught her Basic, adding on to the little she knew, until she finally had a solid grasp on the language. Phutari also taught her about the various races and species as they came through his cantina, as well as teaching her about the city itself.

While she was never really able to understand why she trusted him so easily, there was just something in Phutari’s warm amber eyes that made her feel safe. As the months passed, they developed a close relationship, Phutari looking after her almost as if she were his own daughter. It was also Phutari who first gave her the name of StormRaven. He always called her ‘little Raven’ since he found that easier than her full name, but he coined the name StormRaven for her because of her stormy and unpredictable temper, combined with her incredible ability of stealth. As he told her, "You move like a shadow, yet strike like a storm. Storm Raven, that's what you are." From that day on she took the name StormRaven as her own.

Flight of the Raven

7-10 ABY

Phutari used his many connections to help Rasilvenaira as much as he could in various ways. One of those occasions was him arranging for her to learn to pilot ships. She was a fast learner and soon progressed to being able to manage even a mid sized freighter on her own. Her favorite teacher was another Dressellian by the name of Tsudaly who taught her how to pilot his YT-2400 called the NyghtFyre. Rasilvenaira was also particularly fond of the two droids he kept on the ship; a protocol droid called Verlassen, and a spunky astromech droid, R5-K7 simply known as R5.

Rasilvenaira also began to find her own place in the scheme of things in the city. When she wasn’t spending her time working in Phutari’s cantina, Rasilvenaira gained a reputation as a talented thief. Eventually she also became an assassin, with her ability to seemingly disappear into the shadows it was an occupation she was well suited to. Phutari knew of her activities, but he never openly disapproved of them, as long as she didn’t practice her trade within the cantina.

When Rasilvenaira was twenty, Phutari gave her a special gift. She had been planning on leaving Ord Mantell when she had the credits saved up enough to get her own ship. Rasilvenaira was presented with one of the ships she had first learned to pilot, one which was very special to her. Tsudaly found himself in debt from gambling and in return for Phutari’s help in getting out of that debt; he gave Phutari the NyghtFyre as well as the two droids that served as its crew. Phutari had no real need for the ship, so offered it to Rasilvenaira as a gift. Soon after getting the NyghtFyre, Rasilvenaira left Ord Mantell and set out to explore the galaxy and to make a name for herself.

The End of an Era

11 ABY

StormRaven's Crest

Rasilvenaira started out working various merchant networks building a solid base of contacts with initial help from Phutari who put her in touch with some of his contacts. She also quickly became familiar with the added profit to be had in smuggling as well as occasional jobs as an assassin that presented themselves. The NyghtFyre served well for smuggling with the extra cargo space that Tsudaly had built into the vessel, and the additional sensor jamming systems that she had installed into the ship made it that much harder to catch.

However, despite her rapid successes and growing reputation, a deep rooted restlessness plagued her. Nightmares that had been infrequent while she was around Phutari’s calming presence became almost constant in the solitude of her ship in deep space. StormRaven stayed on the edge, pushing herself to the limits of her endurance in not sleeping; she sank herself into her work knowing that if she didn’t sleep, she wouldn’t dream and the nightmares would be kept at bay. Over time it gradually began to wear on her, the nightmares drifted into her thoughts even when she was awake, memories she tried to forget kept haunting her. Unable to escape them, she was pushed close to the edge of madness, driven by those nightmares until she wanted nothing else but to end them once and for all.

One year after leaving Ord Mantell, Rasilvenaira finally gave into the growing thirst for vengeance, the need to destroy that which kept haunting her thoughts. She returned to Ord Mantell, setting a course for the Keraci village, navigating mostly by remembered landmarks from her flight away from the village five years previous.

Landing the ship near the village caused quite a stir from the superstitious and isolated Keraci. Rasilvenaira left the ship, walking the last distance to the edge of the village, wanting to make sure that they knew who it was that would bring about their demise. She wanted them to know what their actions had earned them.

Many did recognize her, and many began to flee the village, but one man who did not recognize her asked, “Who are you?”

To which, Rasilvenaira replied, "Who am I? I am that which even nightmares fear, I am death, I am vengeance, I am sorrow. I am the StormRaven."

Following her orders, Verlassen, aboard the NyghtFyre, opened fire on the village with the full extent of the ship's weaponry, quickly leveling it to smoldering rubble. Those Keraci who hadn’t run when they had the chance were killed in the destruction. The way of life, all that the Keraci had been for over four hundred years came to an end in that firestorm.

Rasilvenaira stood silently watching the remains of the village burn for several minutes, then turned away and returned to her ship. Resigning her past to the ashes of destruction, she vowed never to look back, and focused her attention on the future.

The Hunter and the Hunted

"I'll just kill things, it's what I do best."

12-16 ABY

Rasilvenaira became involved in a group of smugglers and pirates who operated in the Seswenna Sector, using legitimate business offices on Eriadu to front their activities. Eriadu’s location on the Hydian Way made it easy for the group to prey on the merchant traffic in route to and from the core worlds. The group was a loose association of pirates and smugglers that formed a tentative cooperation led by two brothers, Korish and Balishan.

It was during her association with the group that Rasilvenaira’s reputation truly exploded. Her skill and tenacity in hunting merchant ships and managing to evade the authorities despite the increasing bounties on her head earned her a measure of notoriety. She established herself as a force to be reckoned with, and did little to dispute the common opinion of her being cold and ruthless.

Not only did she become more deeply involved in pirating and smuggling operations, she also continued her occupation as a successful assassin. Rasilvenaira made the acquaintance of a Bothan pirate and gambler by the name of Vurryn Rkalin as the two crossed paths frequently on smuggling runs. When Vurryn finally ran into a gambling debt he couldn’t pay, Rasilvenaira helped him out, and in return he gave her his R41-StarChaser which she named the Kanashimu. Rasilvenaira had several major modifications made on the fighter, as well as some cosmetic alterations including the addition of her personal crest as wing markings.

In 15 ABY Rasilvenaira had a particularly close call with a Trandoshan bounty hunter that she ran into on Tatooine. She managed to evade the bounty hunter and left Tatooine, but the stubborn reptilian wasn’t willing to give up his prey so easily. The Trandoshan caught up to the NyghtFyre in space and Rasilvenaira was forced to either try to out fight the more agile starfighter or escape into hyperspace. Rasilvenaira opted to jump to hyperspace, but half way to her intended destination, the ship dropped out of hyperspace as the hyperdrive failed.

After spending several minutes determining where the ship had ended up, Rasilvenaira then consulted the nav-computer and her astromech droid, R5 to find the nearest system that would be able to handle the necessary repairs for her ship. Fortunately the Saki system was close enough for the NyghtFyre to make the journey without needing a hyperdrive. She wasn’t sure how the Sakiyans would react to her showing up with a ship in need of repair, but had no other choice.

The Sakiyans weren’t happy about Rasilvenaira showing up, but were willing to negotiate a deal for their services in repairing her ship. The NyghtFyre had sustained more damage than Rasilvenaira had first believed in the fight with the Trandoshan, and the repairs would amount to nearly a full refit of the hyperdrive system and a few other minor things. During the time her ship was being worked on, Rasilvenaira was granted the privilege of staying on the planet and quickly found herself intrigued by the Sakiyan culture. They were renowned as bounty hunters and assassins with incredible natural senses. She integrated herself into their society, learning from them, and training with them and ended up spending a year on Sakiya. During that year, Rasilvenaira’s own senses developed to a level far beyond the normal range for a Human, which made her even more dangerous as an assassin.

After spending the year with the Sakiyans, Rasilvenaira finally took her leave of their planet and returned to her occupation as assassin and smuggler with a renewed energy.

Embracing the Darkness

19 ABY

Rasilvenaira’s latent force abilities continued to grow and develop even though at the time she didn’t really understand the importance of them. This changed during a trip to Tatooine. Rasilvenaira was killing time in one of the local cantinas while a client’s cargo was to be unloaded from the NyghtFyre and transferred to his ship. Out of boredom and curiosity to see if she could still practice the art of pick pocketing, she scanned the busy cantina looking for a potential target.

Finally she spotted an older man who seemed to be dozing at a table in the far corner of the room. Casually she moved around the crowded room and made to walk past him, his purse full of credits in plain view, seemingly a very easy target. As Rasilvenaira made her move, she gasped in shock as his vice like grip caught her wrist. At his bidding she sat down across from him to avoid drawing any further unwanted attention.

Rasilvenaira questioned how he was able to catch her, and he explained that while she had talents, her untrained abilities were no match against someone trained in the force. She questioned him further and he explained what the force was in very basic terms and told her of a place where others like her were trained and taught how to use their abilities. After he left her sitting at the table, she thought over his words and decided to seek out the “Brotherhood” he had mentioned.

Rasilvenaira returned to her ship, and set a course for Corellia, having some unfinished business to attend to first. After that was concluded, she intended to find the Antei system the old warrior had told her about. The trip to Corellia went smoothly, she finished what she’d needed to and was looking forward to finding out more about the Antei system. What Rasilvenaira didn’t realize at the time was that she had been set up to run straight into a trap. The dark Jedi who’d told her of Antei had actually been working for the same Neimoidian that she had just done a job for, and a message had been sent to the Dark Brotherhood, telling them of an assassin on the way to kill their Grand Master.

When Rasilvenaira’s ship neared the Brotherhood’s system, she was attacked by two capital ships. Trapped between a Strike Cruiser and a Victory-class Star Destroyer, she was unable to escape and her ship was captured by the Star Destroyer, the VSD Excidium. Taken into custody aboard the Excidium, Rasilvenaira was subjected to several long and rather painful interrogations about her reasons for being near Antei.

It was during those interrogations that her latent and untrained force abilities flared and her captors decided that she would be held and taken to Antei. Once they reached Antei, Rasilvenaira was presented to the Grand Master, Jac Cotelin, who would ultimately decide her fate. After he questioned her, it was determined that Rasilvenaira indeed was innocent of the charge of intending to attempt assassination of the Grand Master.

Rasilvenaira was then given the option to stay and learn to use her abilities as part of the Brotherhood, which she readily accepted.

Finding a New Home

19-25 ABY

After her initial training was completed, Rasilvenaira was sent to the Cocytus system, home to Clan Scholae Palatinae, and settled on the planet Antenora which was home to Acclivis Draco. Rasilvenaira continued her studies of the force and the dark side, her insatiable quest for knowledge allowing her to move through the ranks quickly. She gradually earned the trust and respect of the Clan leadership. Rasilvenaira as appointed to the position of Clan Envoy, and it was a position to which she applied herself well.

For the first time in her life, Rasilvenaira found herself as a part of something greater, and while she had her own ambitions, she felt a pride and loyalty growing in her heart that she’d never known before. Her drive and ambition pushed her forward, but now she considered others before herself, a feeling that was new to her, but one she accepted readily. The sense of belonging, the knowledge of now being responsible for others made her efforts worthwhile.

Rasilvenaira was however, outspoken and bold, when she believed she was right on a course of action, there was little that could sway her from it. This caused some measure of tension between the StormRaven and some older, established members of the Clan. Many expected her fire to burn itself out, as others before her had, but instead, she kept going.

As time passed, her loyalty and love for her House and Clan only continued to strengthen and grow. Rasilvenaira gained the position of Sith Commander of the squadron Draco Conspicari and led the team through the Aranna and Selen Incidents. She also led Draco Conspicari through part of the Sixth Great Jedi War.

It was during the War that the leadership of Acclivis Draco changed, under the direction of the Clan Summit. Braecen Kunar became the Quaestor, and Rasilvenaira was appointed as the Aedile of Acclivis Draco. As she always did, Rasilvenaira poured her energy and efforts into her position, fueled by an intense desire to see her House thrive. Many criticized the decision to grant her the position; others questioned her motives and ambitions. Rasilvenaira refused to dwell on the futile attempts of others to discourage her; instead, she focused her efforts on proving her abilities.

A Bitter Conflict

25-26 ABY

In late 25 ABY, an open conflict erupted between Acclivis Draco and its sister house, Caliburnus. While Rasilvenaira was no stranger to warfare, the idea of fighting members of her own Clan bothered her. Scholae Palatinae had become family to her, and she was torn between loyalties to the Clan as a whole as the Clan’s Envoy, and the loyalties to the House she was sworn to protect as Aedile.

Tensions began building between Rasilvenaira and the Quaestor, RevengeX Palpatine, as the Sith grew increasingly frustrated in the ways in which RevengeX was handling the conflict. Finally frustrated beyond the point of caring about chain of command, Rasilvenaira took matters into her own hands.

Acting against the Quaestor’s orders, she, along with the members of Draco Conspicari, led now by Adam Anderson, conducted maneuvers in an effort to bring the conflict between the Houses to an end. RevengeX was furious about the blatant disobedience and labeled his Aedile as a traitor. Attempts were made to arrest Rasilvenaira, but she managed to evade them.

When Caliburnus attacked Antenora, RevengeX was forced to turn his attentions to defending his House, but promised himself that Rasilvenaira would be punished for her actions. Rasilvenaira and the members of Draco Conspicari continued to act independently, and flanked the attacking forces of Caliburnus. It wasn’t until after the final battle was over and finished that RevengeX realized that Rasilvenaira had in fact been acting in the House’s best interest.

While he was still unhappy about her public defiance and disobedience, the Quaestor rescinded his accusations of treason. However, the entire event left the working relationship between Rasilvenaira and RevengeX strained and still tense.

The Winds of Change

26 ABY

With the conclusion of the conflict between Houses Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus, the Clan Summit initiated some changes to the leadership of Caliburnus. Thran Occasus became the new Quaestor of Caliburnus following the resignation of Impetus. Thran made the request for Rasilvenaira to become his Aedile.

Presented with the choice, Rasilvenaira accepted the new position. While she regretted leaving Acclivis Draco which had been her home for so long, Rasilvenaira was looking forward to once again working with Thran. The two had developed a close friendship during his stay in Acclivis Draco and she was confident that working with him again would be a pleasant change.

Upon moving to Ptolomea and becoming the Aedile of Caliburnus, Rasilvenaira quickly settled in, and began focusing her attention and efforts on helping her new House thrive. Under the combined leadership of Thran Occasus and Rasilvenaira, Caliburnus rapidly blossomed into a strong and well organized House.


"The only two certainties I've seen in this galaxy are death and change. No matter how well you plan things, sometimes it doesn't work out."

Rasilvenaira made the final decision to leave Clan Scholae Palatinae on what would be the eve of the Ninth Great Jedi War. Leaving behind all that she had ever truly cared for, for reasons known only to her, the Sith resigned from the Clan and was marked as a rogue. All contact with Stormraven was lost.

However, several months after her disappearance, reports indicate that the remains of her ship, Raven's Fury were found. The location was never made public, and there are no records indicating any trace of the Sith. She had officially been declared dead, presumably killed when her ship was destroyed.

Recently, Rasilvenaira returned to Clan space, revealing that she was in fact still very much alive, despite evidence to the contrary.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Aedile of Caliburnus 3 months

Quaestor of Caliburnus- 7 months

Eclectic Pedagogue for the Test of Endurance

Aedile of Caliburnus - 8 months

Trainer of the Antei Combat Center - 7 months

Fiction Staff Member - 4 months

Gaming Staff Member - 1 month

Judge of the Antei Combat Center - 6 months

Clan Envoy of Scholae Palatinae - 8 months

Knight Adjutant of the Brotherhood - 5 months

Aedile of Acclivis Draco - 4 months, 2 weeks

Sith Commander of Draco Conspicari - 3 months

Outstanding Achievements

Earned a Sapphire Blade for work done during the 7th GJW

Helped to rewrite the Master/Student Program for Clan Scholae Palatinae, along with Braecen Kunar.

Made major improvements in the Envoy system for Clan Scholae Palataine, streamlining the Envoy Team.

Achieved the rank of Sith Warrior within nine months of joining the Brotherhood.

Placed 3rd overall in the Rite of Supremacy: Second Darkness.

Helped to rewrite the Test of Endurance.

Achieved the Rank of Sith Battlelord in under two years within the Brotherhood.


Rasilvenaira is a Duchess of Scholae Palatinae.

One would never know just by looking at her, but Rasilvenaira is far from sane, she's just good at pretending.

Rasilvenaira has an intense love of shiny things, as seen in her vast collection of them.

Rasilvenaira has had four successful Apprentices: Corin Kaedin, Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae, Oísin dan Kael'Og, and Robin Hawk.

Her current apprentices are Wattrik and Kael Fayne.

Rasilvenaira's own Master was none other than the legendary OP Xan Phraz-Etar, the JA master and uber cool Prelate of Caliburnus.

Rasilvenaira has a particular fondness for small furry animals, keeping several Voorpak, Snuzzleguffs, and small felines as pets.

She is also very fond of droids, having a remarkable talent for building or modifying them. She keeps a wide variety of droids around her.

Rasilvenaira StormRaven is the only person outside of Clan Naga Sadow to possess a Sith War Droid. She received Veritas as a gift from Macron Goura Sadow.