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Daniel 'Seraphol' Stephens
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1.85 Meters


99 Kilograms






Left Forearm and hand

Personal Information
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Djem So

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Imperial Martial Arts System

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Former Law Enforcement and former Vice Admiral/Colonel in Emperor's Hammer Fleet


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Satele Shan



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Daniel Stephens is a Jedi Warden. He is currently in Aedile of House Satele Shan in Clan Odan-Urr.

Character History

Early Years

Stephens was born in the city of Bela Vista on Corellia. As most small boys did he enjoyed playing such games as cops and robbers, and as he grew older his fascination with being a cop never died out. Soon after his 18 birthday he enlisted into the Corellian Security Forces (CorSec), and graduated from detention school with honors and took a job working in a Detention Facility near his hometown of Bela Vista. He always did well in his job especially in knowing where to look in contraband searches, or what to ask a person when interrogation after fights and such. Even to the point he caught his Major's eye and received a promotion for investigative work on the street.

His performance in the field never slackened and while he enjoyed the attention he was receiving from fellow co-workers, he was receiving attention from a source he knew he didn't want to be involved in. The Diktat at the time was not a kind man, always looking to strengthen his grip on the system. He had his eye sat on Stephens as a possible Force-user, one that he could train for his own intentions. Just prior to his 25th birthday he began receiving tips from his co-workers about a possible Jedi investigation he left the planet, not wanting to enter New Republic space for fear they would capture and interrogate him about the internal issues in the Corellian System he headed for the region of space controlled by the Emperor's Hammer.

Emperor's Hammer years

Soon after arriving on Aurora, the home planet of the EH, he decided to enlist in the EH Armed Forces. Taking a shuttle to the Platform Daedalus he took his Armed Forces Entrance Exam. Thinking he would just join the grunts on the ground as an enlisted man, he was surprised as he was pulled aside and asked if he would like to join the pilots program and accept a commission as Sub-Lieutenant. He immediately agreed and was transferred to the Imperial Star Destroyer Colossus, into Omicron Squadron. It was here he met someone who would prove to a valuable ally for years to come, Darknyte. Even though he was Stephens' Squadron Commander the two became friends. Over the course of a year Stormfyld left the Hammer for places unknown, and Stephens eventually became Squadron Commander of Omicron. After serving his Tour of Duty, he temporaraly resigned his commission to complete testing for admittance into the Dark Brotherhood.

TIE Defender flown during EH years.

Stephens tests proved he had a natural affinity for the Force, but to his instructors dismay he never would fully come to the Dark Side. He walked the line of a Grey Jedi, but was eventually promoted to Dark Jedi Knight, and Aedile of House Dorimad Sol in Clan Scholae Palatinae. After serving his tour in the House, he took his leave of the Brotherhood due to his old Wing Commander requesting him to rejoin the Fleet to open a new Squadron, Iota Squadron. Quickly forming the squad Stephens set out to prove to those on the Colossus that his new powers and skill were not to be triffled with. Soon Iota had risen to the top of the Wing, being promoted to Captain and then to Major. Only things were not meant to be, he was soon betrayed by one of his Flight Leaders who threatened a mutiny on him if he did not step down as Commander. Sensing other things were at work at the time he stepped down, and silently bid his time within the wing.

Several months went by and he was soon contacted by his old friend Kromtal Stormfyld about joining him on the Command Staff as his Command Attache. Leaving the Colossus Stephens joined up and was immediately promoted to Rear Admiral. Several months passed and he was promoted to Vice Admiral. Soon though discord arose from the ranks, and the Brotherhood split off. At this time sensing he should stay Stephens stayed and stepped down from his position and was given the rank of Colonel for his time in the Command Staff. Taking his well deserved leave Stephens returned to Corellia to visit his family. Knowing he could well handle anything the Diktat threw at him he enjoyed his time spent on the planet which numbered several months. It was also at this time that he met his future fiancee. During this time of meditation he decided to join the "Rogue" brotherhood as he sensed he had a future and a home there. Leaving his family behind once again he left for the Antei system, swinging by the Aurora system to resign his commission in the EH Forces.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Years

Arriving in the Antei system he was interrogated several times by Dark Council staff to test if he was a traitor meaning to harm the newly placed Brotherhood. Sensing his well intentions they let him go with coordinates to the new CSP system. Soon after arriving he was asked by the Clan Leadership if he would take the position of QUA of House Caliburnus. Taking the position however was too taxing on Stephens and he soon found himself burned out of command. Stepping down for the more quite life within the Clan he sat for 2 years waiting. After the time had passed war was declared within the House between House Caliburnus and House Dorimad Sol, helping his current house win the war DS was promoted to the rank of Sith Warrior, as well as Clan Envoy. Several months passed by and he wanted more. He was contacted by House Satal Keto summit in regards to the position of Aedile for the House and he transferred there. Sitting under the leadership of two QUA, he was once again promoted to Sith Battlemaster for handling the House affairs during both a Clan War and his Quaestors sickness.

He was soon promoted to Quaestor of the House near the beginning of the Great Jedi War, and lead his house through most of the campaign when he was stricken with a strange ailment and had to once again step aside. Fighting his sickness he soon recovered only to find that his replacement had been struck down by the spirit of Lord Plagueis. The newly seated Quaestor once again took volunteers from the House for Aedile and Stephens stepped up, and was re-chosen. However his performance as AED according to him was lackluster. He had seen his QUA leave his position due to internal fighting within the clan, and had himself lost interest in the Brotherhood. Several months after taking AED Daniel once again left the position for someone who would better take care of House Satal Keto. Packing his few belongings he left Clan Plagueis and rejoined his former clan, Scholae Palatinae.

During his stay in CSP he assisted his Clan in the evacuation of the Cocytus System due to an invasion by Force-devoid Aliens. During the retaking of the system his Battleteam was responsible in holding a strategic moon in the system.

Independent House Revan

After securing the Cocytus System, DS was approached by Dark Adept Raken about aligning with himself, former Grand Master Aristan Dantes, and a few other Sith in the creation of a new unit for the Brotherhood. At this time there are no records that can be found beyond what few memories that DS has of his time in House Revan. He states that when the unit was disbanded members went back to their original units with much information meant to be used to destabilize their enemies. After the disbanding DS found himself on a chartered shuttle to New Tython seeking redemption for the crimes he had committed against the Jedi in the past. After a period of time they accepted him into their Order, where he introduced himself as Seraphol Ceartas.

Odan-Urr and the Seraphol Protocol

Work in progress


Seraph can be distinguished by his shaggy brown hair and thin beard. When he does choose to shave he can be picked out by a long, thin scar, running from his upper lip to his cheekbone on the left side. He is tall, almost 2 meters, and large, athletic build. His weight is just over 99 kilograms. Stephens is fond of wearing a brown in color worn down pair of paints, a nerf-wool long sleeved shirt under a fading brown synth-leather vest and form fitting slip on combat boots. He finishes his dress with a low slung holster belt that holds a 6 round revolving slugthrower pistol. He will also rarely be seen without his widebrim nerfwool fedora hat. He carries his Lightsaber and Shock Baton on the inside of his forearm bracers.

Many just call him DS, from his days as a fighter pilot. As a pilot's squad became acclimated to him (and made sure he wasnt going to die quickly) they would give him a non-official moniker to use across combat bands, or while passing in a corridor. He has also gone by Seraph and Sera as a shortened version of the name of his deep cover persona after leaving House Revan.

His most prized possessions are his custom built sabers, his Councillor of Urr signet ring, and the barrier shield he stole from a Royal Guard member protecting the Seneschal of the Brotherhood.


Due to his career in Law Enforcement, DS is extremly distrustful to most people. Only after a showing of loyalty have you earned his trust. Also due to his career he is a quick thinker, and with his Force training he is an able opponent when solving any crimes, or in just an argument. During his time with the Tie Corps as well as being a Sith for a period of time, he is just as home in a cockpit as he is on the ground in a battle. Lastly when fighting with him saber to saber, he is very strong, especially with his left hand, due to cybernetics. However he is not overly agile, he also does not believe in a fair fight and will use anything, dirt, rocks, spit, eye gouging, etc. to win a fight.


He is extremly allergic to bee venom. He will also break out in hives, as well as sneeze and have irritated sinus symptoms when exposed to the fur of a little known creature known as a "Tribble". Also during heavy physical stress he can start to limp due to past leg injuries.



Colt Model 1860 (Slugthrower)

After the skirmish that left his first custom lightsaber damaged, he picked up a slugthrower pistol from one of the bandits. He felt a calling to use the weapon and has added it to his arsenal since.

Custom Lightsaber "Justice"

The saber is 2 sections, held together by a small tube of transparisteel. All working parts and crystals are in the lower end of the saber, with the upper portion used only to make saber longer. Also the bottom portion is inscribed with his surname, in an ancient language, for personalization and identification. The saber blade is blue in color, symbolizing the "Thin Blue Line" that all Law Enforcement walk between the Law and Chaos. This saber was badly damaged during a skirmish with slavers. However DS keeps the parts in his quarters and is slowly rebuilding the saber.

Daniel Stephens Custom Saber

Custom Lightsaber "Oathkeeper"

To be worked on.....

Assault Baton

He is also been known to keep an "Assault Baton" with him at all times. This baton can be carried on his belt compacted to 6" long. It can be expanded to 21" with a quick flick of the wrist and is made of a lightweight form of Dura-steel.

This weapon is designed for quick strikes to a persons 'pain points'. The shoulder, arms, buttocks, back of knee caps, etc. The only difference between this weapon and others within the galaxy is the owner has outfitted it with a small bio-electric generator. This generator feeds off energy from the wielder and turns it into an electronic shock when the tip comes in contact with an opponent.

The baton is extremely durable, able to take a few blows from swords. It is black in color and a black foam grip handle provides a firm, durable gripping surface which assures non-slip handling.


Due to an training exercise injury with Scholae Palatinae troops he often wears a lightweight armored vest under his robes. This protects his chest and abdominal area. In addition he wears modified bracers, the left housing his lightsaber, with the right housing his baton. Lastly during battle he wears greaves to aid in hand-to-hand combat and protection of his lower legs.

DJB Facts

  • Creator of the SA Astronomy Course.
  • Former Professor of the Flight Studies.
  • Current Professor of Legends Studies.


One of the founding members of Independant House Revan. Founding member, and first Quaestor, of House Hoth, Clan Odan-Urr.