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This XP Policy outlines how a member can earn XP in the experience system. This policy is approved by the Grand Master and is enforced for integrity by the Dark Council.

XP Based Awarding

Promotions and Medals can be awarded based on XP earned from the site-tracked activities listed below (e.g., competitions, crescents, clusters, SA courses, etc.). XP used to award a medal is called "Medal XP" and is equal to the member's lifetime XP value, excluding any corrections minus the full value of their combined merit and sacramental awards. Promotions do not reset Medal XP, nor do Medals reset Promotion XP.

Members can receive a medal with an XP value equal to their accrued Medal XP. Medals awarded solely based on Medal XP do not award additional XP. However, DB activity that is not tracked by the site and automatically credited with XP, such as project and leadership work, can also contribute towards medals as explained below:

Without further justification, leaders can award medals with a value less than or equal to a member’s Medal XP. Medals with a value less than or equal to Medal XP do not grant additional XP to the receiving member because the underlying activities have already done so.

If a member has leadership or project activity that leaders want to recognize with a medal, with or without any accrued Medal XP, they can submit a medal recommendation for approval by the MAA detailing what that member has done – much like the old medal system.

If an approved medal exceeds the member’s Medal XP, then the medal will grant additional XP at least equal to the difference between the medal’s value and the member’s Medal XP. The total XP earned is equal to the value of non-site-tracked XP applied to the medal.

Award XP Values

Award XP Value
Merit/Sacramental XP Value
Dark Cross 200
Anteian Cross 450
Steel Cross 1012
Grand Cross 2278
Sapphire Blade 5125
Amethyst Kukri 11533
Ruby Scepter 25949
Emerald Dagger 58385
Diamond Sword 131368
Silver Sash 295578
Golden Lightsaber 665051
Dantes Spear 1330102
Cluster/Novae XP Value
Vendetta Seal 25
Crescent w/ Quartz Star 10
Crescent w/ Topaz Star 15
Crescent w/ Emerald Star 25
Crescent w/ Sapphire Star 50
Crescent w/ Amethyst Star 75
Crescent w/ Ruby Star 100
Crescent w/ Diamond Star 200
Bronze Nova 300
Silver Nova 450
Gold Nova 600
Cluster* Value*
Cluster of Earth (4x)0.5
Cluster of Fire (16x)0.5
Cluster of Ice (2.64x)0.715
Cluster of Graphite (2.64x)0.715
Scroll XP Value
Dark Side Scroll 25
Scroll of Foundation 25
Scroll of the Master 50
Scroll of Indoctrination 100

* Clusters have diminishing returns implemented. The formula calculates the total amount of XP awarded by x amount of clusters.

Competition Participation/Organization XP Values

Competition Participation/Organization XP Values
Tier Participant** Organizer**
Tier 5 15 30
Tier 4 20 40
Tier 3 25 50
Tier 2 30 60
Tier 1/Vendetta 35 70

**Container/Bracket competitions will not generate participation/organization points.

RP Session XP Values

This is XP garnered by either participating or dm'ing roleplaying sessions on discord. Note that a 100-word minimum is required for a session to grant XP.

RP Session Values
Source Value
Player 25
DM 50

Shadow Academy Degree XP Values

This is XP garnered through the completion of Shadow Academy degrees. Different degrees are worth different amounts of XP.

Shadow Academy Degree XP Values
Degree Value
Dark Pundit 50
Dark Maven 75
Dark Savant 125
Dark Sage 200

Other XP Source Values

Other XP Source Values
Source Value
Any SA Course Completed*** 10
Each rank in each primary society 100
Legion of the Scholar 25
Pendant of Blood 20
First CS Created Trophy 15
Discord linked to dossier 5
Each rank in Supplemental Society trophies (RP, ACC) **** 50

***Excludes the Trial of Identity, Trial of Acquisition and 'Trivia' exams created for the purpose of a a Vendetta, which have no XP value.

****Tracked using the 'Players gonna play' and 'You can certainly try' trophies.

Rank Threshholds

The following are the threshold XP accruals required for each rank.

Rank Thresholds
Rank Accrued XP
Novitiate 1 N/A
Novitiate 2 N/A
Novitiate 3 1
Novitiate 4 200
Journeyman 1 500
Journeyman 2 850
Journeyman 3 1450
Journeyman 4 2500
Equite 1 5000
Equite 2 10000
Equite 3 20000
Equite 4 40000
Elder 1 N/A
Elder 2 N/A
Elder 3 N/A
Elder 4 N/A

Elder Promotions

Promotions to the rank of Elder 1 and beyond are not based on XP. They are based primarily around member contributions to their clan and the club as a whole.

Looking at recent examples of Elder promotions is a good method of learning what other members who hold that rank did to earn it.