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Rise of the Brotherhood era
Councillors of Urr
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Aura Ta'var

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34 ABY

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Clan Odan-Urr


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Councillors of Urr are the paragons of Clan Odan-Urr. They are all prominent members of the Clan whose influence has shaped and defined its very existence. These individuals hold great responsibility and great influence with the Clan, shaping its course and indeed its very future through their wisdom. They act as a permanent advisory body to the Consul and the Summit.

Inauguration process

The title Councillor of Urr is the highest honor a member of the Clan can aspire to. This title is given to the best of the best who have served, and continue to serve the Clan. Candidates for the title are voted in by a majority vote of the current Clan title holders. Votes are held in March, to commemorate the creation of Clan Odan-Urr; and in November, to commemorate the founding of House Odan-Urr. To be considered a member must be nominated by at least one clan title holder or the sitting Consul.

All potential candidates for the Clan title, Councillor of Urr, must maintain constant activity within the Clan for an extended period of time, as well as the following list of requirements:

  • Substantial presence in Clan Projects
  • Substantial presence in vendettas and Clan events
  • Leadership experience within the Clan
  • Must be a member of the Clan for at least a year before being considered
  • Must not have been AWOLed or left the Clan for any reason in the last year, other than leadership positions in other units or DC
  • Must have had at least one apprentice reach Jedi Knight, or maintained a constant positive influence on students

These criteria are subject to change by the Clan title holders.

Note: Those involved in the selection process may decide that no nominated candidate is ready for the title at the time of the vote. They may choose to re-visit nominations at the next voting period.

Current Councillors

Several Councillors in early 39 ABY: (from left) Len Iode, Takota Okami, V'yr Vorsa, Alethia Archenksova, A'lora Kituri, Aura Ta'var, Edgar Drachen.

Several Councillors in early 39 ABY: (from left) Len Iode, Takota Okami, V'yr Vorsa, Alethia Archenksova, A'lora Kituri, Aura Ta'var, Edgar Drachen.


Title awarded on: March 9th 2015. (33 ABY)

Ji was the first awarded the title of Councillor of Urr, and rightly so. He was one of the founders of the House in 2010, the first Quaestor and the one that started turning the wheels that led to Clan Odan-Urr in 2015. After House Satele Shan was formed, he took up the Quaestor's seat again, this time aiming to see his new House grow and develop. He has led House Odan-Urr through the Tenth Great Jedi War and has influenced Clan lore immensely, from its inception until today, and further. Much of what we take for granted, such as our Military forces, we have today because of Ji.


Title awarded on: March 9th 2015. (33 ABY)

Solari, also known as Windos, was the second candidate to be awarded the prestigious title of Councillor of Urr. Alongside Ji he stands as one of the most influential members in not only the Clan but the whole Brotherhood. He has served as Aedile in House Odan-Urr and Quaestor and Aedile in House Satele Shan, Recruitment Tribune and most importantly, as Headmaster. His work for the Shadow Academy has influenced the way other units and members of other units interact with the Clan. He was one of the major participants in putting Odan-Urr on the Brotherhood map and his title is a just reward.

A'lora Kituri

Title awarded on: March 9th 2015. (33 ABY)

A'lora Kituri was awarded the title with a unanimous vote from the Summit on the 9th of March 2015. An impeccable leader, an inspiring presence and a good friend to many in the Clan, A'lora was the first member of Odan-Urr when it was first formed as a House back in 2010. He has maintained activity throughout 5 years as a member, has held the Rollmaster, Aedile and Consul positions and has been recognized as one of the most valued members of the Clan. His influence on Clan lore is impressive, with Renewal of Hope and Bastions Of Knowledge standing as a testament.

Liam Torun

Title awarded on: March 9th 2015. (33 ABY)

Liam Torun has held the position of Quaestor of House Odan-Urr for nearly two years, from April 2013 until March 2015. His influence on the House is irrefutable, with such events as the Fall of New Tython and Return of the Light under his belt. He has steered the House through the Dark Crusade and Fading Light and has pushed it steadily from obscurity into the light. He has maintained constant activity and a friendly demeanor towards all members, often giving out advice and wisdom to the younger members.

V'yr Vorsa

Title awarded on: March 9th 2015. (33 ABY)

V'yr Vorsa, better known as Vyr to many, has been a member of Odan-Urr since August 9th, 2013. In a short year and a half, he has maintained a steady level of activity in the Clan as well as the Herald's staff. The second Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis, he set the standard on which all Clan Battleteams operate today. A great influence on Clan lore with The Varonat Crisis and Liberation: Tides of freedom events, V'yr has turned a generic Battleteam system into a fun and engaging narrative everyone can participate in. Apart from Battleteam Leader he has held the positions of Rollmaster and Proconsul of Clan Odan-Urr.

Aerwin Tribwell

Title awarded on: November 12th 2015. (33 ABY)

Aerwin Tribwell, better known as Kaira to most, has served as Odan-Urr's leading member for several consecutive years. Being the most active member of Odan-Urr as a House, she competed among the top participating members from the other Clans in large-scale Vendettas, including the Tenth Great Jedi War. A great influence on Odan-Urr's culture and placement in various events along with her consistent excellence through her leadership through activity, she also served as the Battle Team Leader of the Disciples of Baas and the Rollmaster of House Odan-Urr.

Mar Sûl

Title awarded on: November 12th 2015. (33 ABY)

Mar Sûl has been one of Odan-Urr's most prolific members since January 20th, 2012. Being one of the fastest to attain Knighthood, he has never wavered in his duties as a member. He served at the Battle Team Leader of the Disciples of Baas as one of it's most recognizable figures due to a successful term in the position. Also having created Seher as the Aedile and later, Quaestor of House Satele Shan, his contributions resulted in a unanimous vote in favor of his placement on the roll of Councillors.

Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens

Title awarded on: November 25th 2016. (34 ABY)

Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens is one of the older members of the Dark Brotherhood, despite that he has played a role as one of Odan-Urr's most loyal members. As a content creator, he is always looking for new ways to make fresh and interesting competitions that everyone can participate in. He has served the Clan successfully in multiple leadership positions including his time as the first Quaestor of House Hoth, Clan Rollmaster and currently as the Aedile of Satele Shan, making him the only Odanite to have served on both House Summits. On top of this, you can always find him being an active member and pushing others to participate in anything they can, even if it is out of their comfort zone, DS is there to cheer you on.

Edgar Drachen

Title awarded on: April 4th 2017. (35 ABY)

Edgar Drachen has been a steadfast leader in Odan-Urr both in and out positioned leadership for over three years. In addition to consistently set a high bar of personal activity, few can match, Edgar has excelled at generating content for members to enjoy and motivating the individual clan members to excel. As Aedile then Quaester of House Hoth, Edgar played a critical role in laying the foundation for the House's success and fictional identity in the post-New Tython era. House Hoth and the Clan simply would not be what they are today without Edgar. Additionally, he personally recruited four members to the Clan and mentored five to Knight. Edgar has also made an impact on the larger club's gaming community, both as one of the club's most prolific gamers and Praetor to the Fist.

Alethia Archenksova

Title awarded on: June 6th 2018. (36 ABY)

Alethia Archenksova, better known as Arch, has served in clan summit positions continuously since February of 2016 serving as Shan Aedile, Quaestor, Clan Proconsul and currently as our Consul. He’s made his mark DB-wide serving two years as an ACC judge and a year term as an appeals panelist for the COJ. During his summit time, Arch took the lead on designing our possessions military, drafted an ACC guide for COU members and worked tirelessly during the GJW coaching and encouraging members during the ACC prelim event. Arch has been a steadfast leader, a source of wise counsel and a pillar of the COU community.

Len Iode

Title awarded on: June 30th 2019. (37 ABY)

Len Iode has been with us since 2015, and has spent the vast majority of that in service to the clan in one thankless summit position or another. As someone who joined COU just a week or two before him, I can say there was no point where I couldn't rely on Len in some capacity or another. He's served as a BTL, an AED, and for the past year as our RM. All he's ever asked for is the chance to do his part to make COU a better place. And he's done that, in times of calm and in times where his offline life consisted mostly of sleep deprivation, commuting, and stress. Let no one call him a fairweather friend, and let no one doubt his commitment to the ideals that serve as the foundation of the clan.

Aurora Ta'var

Title awarded on: November 11th 2020. (38 ABY)

Aura Ta'var, our Consul, is currently in the longest single summit tour of Odan-Urr's history. This began with her time as Rollmaster in 2017, when her community development efforts convinced many skeptics that the position was valuable to the clan. She's served as PCON and CON in good times and bad, including four vendettas. She's overseen the consolidation of Hoth and Satele Shan into Sunrider and rebuilt the clan after several members left for opportunities elsewhere. As a competitor, she was Third Heroine in GJWXII, has earned full participation in four consecutive vendettas, and repeatedly taken novae in both gaming and fiction. She has mentored two members to the rank of Jedi Knight. Her work ethic and commitment to Odan-Urr are unparalleled.

Past Title Holders

This is a list of members that for various reasons are no longer members of the Council of Urr.

Turel Sorenn

Title awarded on: November 25th 2016. (34 ABY)

Turel Sorenn has served Odan-Urr as a lead member, winning many competitions and always participating heavily in every event and vendetta he possibly can as well as showing his grit in the ACC as its Champion. Furthermore, he has served as a leader in the Clan in multiple positions, serving as a Battle-team leader of Knights of Allusis, Proconsul of Odan-Urr and Consul. During this time he has shown himself to be well loved throughout the Brotherhood, let alone Clan Odan-Urr and has been a driving force for the Clan lore and events for well over a year. Turel is an excellent example to all members regarding what one can achieve when one's mind is put to a task.

Xirini Kurai

Title awarded on: June 6th 2018. (36 ABY)

Xirini Kurai, better known as Jack, has a long history in COU having served at various times as Aedile of House Odan-Urr, Aedile of Hoth and Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis. His biggest contribution to the Clan, however, has been the direct impact he has had over the years providing one on one mentorship to a parade of members which includes multiple generations of Odanite leaders. There are few prominent clan members he hasn’t mentored in some way. Leadership is about more than position and Jack embodies that. He invests great deals of time into other members, not because it’s his job or because it’s going to get him the spotlight, he does it because under that grumpy exterior he really does care about the members.

Nathan Deciarus

Title awarded on: November 12th 2015. (33 ABY)

Nathan Deciarus, having served as Rollmaster for two terms, Battle Team Leader of Strike Team Ooroo, Battle Team Leader of the Disciples of Baas, Aedile of Odan-Urr and Quaestor of Hoth remains one of Odan-Urr's most decorated members. With an ongoing service as the Quaestor of House Hoth at the time of his elevation to the roll of Councillors, he was voted for through a unanimous majority to receive the coveted title.

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