Tra'an Reith

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Tra'an Reith
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2.5 Meters







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Clan Plagueis


Clan Scholae Palatinae

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Sliding Hands

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  • Pilot

Questor Emeritus


House Plagueis



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Tra’an Reith stands approximately 2.5 meters in height. He weighs roughly 125kg with a solid build of dark red scales. He is lean, with little excess fat on him, having spent years upon the training grounds and battlefields belonging to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. His white mask is distinctive in that it seems to have aged over time, from a bright pearly swirl of shimmering shellack, to a dull ivory color. It has a single red stripe that rises vertically over the right cheekbone and above the right eye hole. Form within the eye holes peer out two hostile yellow eyes that seem to view everyone and everything with contempt and distrust.

Almost always clothed in his Regent robes, themed with the color of the Sith Order, he rarely displays any hint of his non-human nature. Quick flashes of his hands and their scaly texture is the most that can be expected, and even then only if he is using them. They are always tucked away otherwise. He doesn't wear gloves because it is hard to find good custom gloves for his unique anatomy.

House Plagueis
While cloaked, he is an otherwise unremarkable figure that is easily forgotten. Once his robes come off, he is nothing short of the center of attention. His robes highlight his powerful physique, the plating of his scales lending a smoothness to the rugged form of muscular power this he has trained into. It is apparent that his strength is not to be denied, and that taking a blow from him is a dangerous proposition for all by the most resilient individuals.

As he has aged, his nature and nurture have taken hold, and changed his approach to combat. Gone is the defensive fighter of years past. With little to live for beyond his own ambitions, his anger and outright disgust for the majority of the universe is often on his lips, especially in combat. He has embraced the physical nature of combat and it is reflected in his shift away from the balance of Makashii and Soresu, to Djem So and Soresu. He seeks to turn every opportunity into a fight for domination and control.

His Sapphire Blade serves as a secondary extension of his will, useful in places in which he needs to engage in combat without revealing that he is a Sith. He has spent a long time practicing with it, to make it almost as proficient as his Lightsaber, that he might effortlessly switch to it in combat as necessary.

Reith's custom lightsaber
His usual weapon loadout is a Model MSD-32 disruptor pistol, his custom Lightsaber, His Sapphire Blade, and a Thermal Detonator.

He's usually wearing Regency Robes trimmed for Sith.

Each sleeve of the outfit contains a small hidden catch for his lightsaber to hook onto, so that it may hide on the inside of his forearm without making a noticeable bulge.



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Positions Held

Rollmaster of House Plagueis: March 2011 to April 2011

Aedile of House Plagueis: April 2011 to June 2011

Quaestor of House Plagueis: June 2011 to June 2013