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Ky Terrak
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Ky Terrak is an Obelisk Templar, a highly trained and excellent warrior. For his first three years of life, he was raised by corrupt, greedy pirates. One fateful day, young Ky's parents boarded the remains of a vessel, expecting to find supplies they could steal for their own monetary gain. However, a surviving Mandalorian named Tailka killed Terrak's parents, and took in the young boy, training him in the Mando way. Today, he is a formidable Dark Jedi serving under Clan Plagueis' banner and a member of the di Plagia.

Character History


Ky Terrak was born two years before the infamous Battle of Yavin on Berchest, as his parents’ were smuggling out the beautiful Berchestian crystals. Terrak’s parents were pirates and ship thieves who excelled at their trade. However, it would not be in store for their son. When Terrak was three years old, his parents went on a scavenging mission and discovered the remnants of a battle-damaged vessel. In attempts to salvage even the most minute items from the vessel, his parents boarded the ship. Blinded by their own greed, they did not notice survivors.

The battle vessel belonged to a Mandalorian by the name of Tailka. When Terrak’s parents discovered the survivors, rather than assist them in escaping, they attempted to kill them. Although the Mandalorians were injured, they responded by killing Ky Terrak’s parents. Ky Terrak believes at this moment his true life began.

The Mandalorians

A ruthless enemy, the Mandalorians do display an unexpectedly gentle side in warfare by adopting war orphans. Tailka and Ni’una took Ky Terrak with them and raised the young boy as their own with the declaration “ni kyr’tayl gau sa’ad” (I know your name as my child). The Mandalorian definition of offspring is more by relationship than by birth. Ky Terrak was given the opportunity to be everything the universe had planned for him.

As Ky Terrak grew up he proved that he was willing, able and desired to follow the “Resol’Nare” (the Six Actions). His training was much like that of any other Mandalorian child. It was his adopted parents’ duty to train him in survival skills and Mandalorian culture and language, thus preparing him to raise his own generation of warriors. Elders imbue children with the essential Mandalorian ideals of loyalty to clan and family, personal discipline, courage and respect for their heritage. Terrak’s adopted parents rarely mentioned his birth-parents and when doing so they instilled in the young man the evil nature that they rescued him from.

Mandalorian Insignia

At the age of eight, Terrak’s father began training his son as a soldier. The next five years of his life were spent learning the art of warfare, hunting, tracking and the other needed skills to survive in the life of a Mandalorian. Ky Terrak excelled in hand-to-hand combat and the arts of subterfuge and stealth. Although he was not aware of it at the time as he looked back he sees how he had called on the Force to help conceal his actions to others.

At the age of thirteen, he underwent the Mandalorian right of passage. The test focused on both military and survival skills. For his right, Ky Terrak was dropped in an escape pod over the planet Carratos. The escape pod was programmed to drop in a desolated area on the planet.

The majority of Carratos is a hostile zone with small battles raging throughout the planet. The young Mandalorian needed to tread carefully. He was tasked with traveling to the settlement of Chofin as discretely as possible. This proved to be easier than he had first anticipated. Without knowing it, he called upon the Force, helping to conceal himself from others’ perceptions. Utilizing the cover of darkness, he traveled at night and rested during the day. After eight days, he arrived at the Chofin Settlement where he met up with his proud father.

At Chofin he had one final task to complete. A pirate gang needed to be taught a lesson on Mandalorian respect. Terrak and his father spent a few days watching the targets making sure that there would not be any complications. Both were not afraid of any repercussions from this particular planet so there was no harm in taking a forward approach. It did not take long to get through the drunken guards and finish the job they had come for. After having successfully completed his testing, Ky Terrak was legally considered a Mandalorian adult.

Skilled in the art of subterfuge and hand-to-hand combat Terrak’s chosen profession became that of an assassin.

A Meeting

Nine years later, after completing an assignment in the Kumasi system Ky Terrak stopped at Mrlsst to gather needed supplies. When he first landed here on Mrlsst he had a feeling of longing and tugging at his soul. The supplies would take a few days to be gathered so he decided to find that which was calling to him. Taking a speeder out of the city, he passed the outskirts and saw a figure standing on a small hill about 400 meters to the east.

As Terrak neared the figure, he saw a small camp at the base of the hill composed of two small tents and a fire. He found it odd that there was no color from the fire and the smoke vanished three meters above the ground. The figure lowered his hood and greeted the man by name. The hooded figure spoke of the duration it took the Mandalorian to find him and how the shadow figure had been searching for him. And then the figure offered him his training.

Immediately, the figure lunged at Terrak with a lightning fast strike to his neck. Terrak dropped to the ground making a sweep kick at the figure’s legs. The stranger easily avoided his kick pushing his hand towards Terrak. Although he did not see anything leave the figure’s hand he felt something hit his chest with remarkable force. Ky Terrak staggered back and suddenly his neck felt like it was being constricted. The attacker was standing in front of him with his hand clenched in a fist. Terrak tried to fight it but felt his life slipping away. He wondered who this man was and what kind of power he wielded with such ease.

The next few days were all a blur to the Mandalorian assassin. He woke in and out of a dream. Each time he awoke the man was standing over him, a deep sense of purpose in his face. When Terrak finally came around, he was laying on a cot with his armor nearby. He stood and attached each piece of his armor back onto his body. Finally leaving the tent, he walked out into the crisp evening air. Terrak had decided that he would accept the stranger’s training since he held a power and knowledge that he yearned to understand and posses.

Ky Terrak accepted the training from the figure as he stood near the fire, almost in a trance. The figure smiled and introduced himself as Aristan Dantes, Dark Jedi Master of the Dark Brotherhood. From this day forward, Terrak’s life took a not entirely unexpected turn.

DJB Facts

Under the tutelage of the famous Aristan Dantes, Ky Terrak excelled tremendously in his training and experience with the Force. A member of Clan Plagueis, Ky Terrak rose through the rank of Journeyman and became a Battle Team Leader. Eventually, with great success he completed his Trials and was elevated to the coveted Dark Jedi Knight.

Ky Terrak continued to serve as Battle Team Leader until his team was closed. Although unwilling to leave his post, he understood the need and benefit it would provide to the clan. Shortly after he became an Envoy for House Satal Keto and in less than a month ascended to Aedile of House Exar Kun. He served as Aedile for three months until he was appointed the new Quaestor of House Exar Kun, the position he currently occupies.

Ky Terrak has been extremely successfully in the Brotherhood and continues to utilize his Mandolorian heritage to his advantage as a Dark Jedi.