Kordath Bleu

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Kordath Bleu
Biographical Information

Freighter born

Date of Birth:

7 ABY (30 Years Old)

Physical Description







120lbs/54 kg


Gray and White





Personal Information
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Chronology & Political Information



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era, New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era

Known masters:

Nath Voth

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Character History


Class VI Bulk Freighter

Kordath Bleu was born to his Ryn Clan sometime in the year 7 ABY, aboard a Class VI Bulk Freighter. His Ryn Clan consisted of a dozen separate families, traveling the Galaxy together as wandering laborers. Until Kordath was of an age where he could contribute to the jobs the Clan could take on, he was unaware of how many outsiders viewed his people. Around his tenth year he began to take on light work loads alongside his Father and older brother, Kordo, as well as cousins and other members of the Family. This is when he learned about the real world, and just how hateful life was in the Galaxy.

Even as he was exposed to the racist attitude and stereotypes that people placed upon the Ryn, Kordath managed to keep a cheerful disposition through much of his childhood. Filled with curiosity and energy, Kord spent his time learning various jobs and trades as the Clan moved from place to place. He gained a great respect for those with skilled trades and specialists, even though he knew he’d never get to fully master a craft of his own with how his family moved around.

He also learned about survival, and how to focus past the stares and distrust of outsiders. At some point in every Ryn’s development they learn to start keeping their head down and to watch the locals. No matter how useful, how open the Ryn were in whatever work they were doing for a local farmer or some kind of maintenance job for a small town, people only tolerated them for so long. Kordath started to recognize the looks, the side long glances and mutterings between men who’d watch them.

Shortly after this would start his Family would gather their things, collect what pay they could, and hop another transport offworld. Despite the bigotry and hostility from the adults everywhere he went, Kordath did enjoy the life he lead. Seeing new worlds and sites on a regular basis was invigorating, and he learned things everywhere he went. Making friends among other children wherever they went was easy, at least when they’d first land. By the time the Family left again, most friends he’d made would say they weren’t allowed to talk to him anymore, even though they could never figure out why. It wasn’t till he was much older that he realized this is what it looked like when a parent imbues their child with racism and hate.

Hosk Station and Lonely Travels

Puberty isn’t fun, no matter what species you are, and it’s even less amusing when you travel with the same people all the time. This was also when Kordath’s abilities with the Force began to manifest themselves in small ways. Knowing when trouble was coming to the Clan before it happened, being able to find little, lost items and the like. Things he’d later learn was more or less normal for the burgeoning Force Sensitive. Kordath also learned in this time from his mother, the art of reading cards. Divination through Sabacc cards was an old Ryn tradition, it’s one of the reasons it’s believed they came up with them in the first place. Foretelling the future is a finicky thing at best, but could be a useful schtick when on a more accepting world. Even if people didn’t believe it, the showmanship and entertainment value could help the Family get enough credits to book the next ship out.

Hosk Station

Kordath learned he had a talent for it, to an eerie extent that resulted in him not being allowed to do it for prospective customers. Foretelling divinations of doom and misfortune helped sell the act, but when a man goes home to find his house gutted by flame and everyone he loves dead after the young Ryn flipping Sabacc cards told him something ‘bad was coming’ never ended well. After a few close calls, his mother decided that Kordath was gifted enough in the art of card reading that he should never, ever do it for an audience.

This was a time when Kordath was heavily influenced by both ends of his immediate family. His parents were steadfast sources of confidence, always seeming certain of what the Family was doing. He could tell they were travel worn, but they held no hate for those who harassed the Ryn at every stop. His older brother, Kordo, on the other hand was dealing with what every young male Ryn went through at some point. Barely restrained anger and a desire to lash out as they were treated like thieves and scum everywhere they went. At the other end was Karina and Karo, his little sisters, still innocent to the world.

Kordath was regularly left to corral his sisters, and their friend, Gwen, who was only around a year younger than he. Another seemingly universal fact, the female of the species knows what’s going on first when puberty strikes.

It was on Hosk station, in the Kalabra system, that life took a sudden shift on the adolescent Ryn. While the Family waited for the transport they’d be traveling on, as cargo, Kordath had been baited into chasing Gwen while he was meant to be keeping an eye on his sisters. Interrupted by his parents right at the moment where the young man didn’t know what was going on after the female Ryn had allowed herself to be caught, it was discovered that Karo and Karina were missing.

Confused and feeling guilty for the whole thing, Kordath went off in search of his sisters, knowing that station personnel would be of little use. The station manager used them for maintenance on a regular basis, a very tolerant Human who knew the Ryn Families that came through to be adept and useful, and didn’t view them as thieves. Not everyone aboard was so tolerant, viewing the traveling species as vermin and rodents. Kordath ran the halls of the station, begging for anyone to tell him if they’d seen his little sisters, and got little for his efforts.

Worried out of his mind, he felt something, something he’d been feeling for sometime since he’d begun finding things, or feeling trouble before it happened. It tugged at him, guiding his steps through the halls, to darkened corridors and parts of the station he’d never seen on the few trips to Hosk he’d been a part of. The young Ryn found his sisters, held in cells by slavers. He saw their faces, the slavers and his sisters. Surprise from one, hope from the other. The world went red, than black, and Kordath never could recall what happened next. When things cleared all he could see were his sisters’ faces, a look of empty eyed horror on Karo’s, Karina crying and huddled up against her. Of the slavers, charred bodies that smelled of burnt ozone and flesh. When Kordath got the cell open, his sisters fled, screaming in terror, refusing to meet his eyes.

The Ryn were very strict about defending oneself while traveling, problems caused by one member of the Family would affect the whole. Kordath wasn’t sure how, but he’d just ended three lives, which is a lot for a twelve year old kid to take in. The station manager found him huddled outside of the room, hugging his own knees and sobbing. He told the man what happened, as far as he could remember, and that he could never go back to his Family now. The manager informed him the men who’d taken his sisters were part of a crew, he couldn’t stay on the station, but he could get him to another transport.

It was one of the last acts of kindness Kordath would get till years later on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa

Criminal Enterprises

Nar Shaddaa living treated the Ryn surprisingly well, much better than anyone could have expected. Almost fifteen years had passed since his separation from his clan, and Kordath had survived and, some would say, flourished. Gaining a reputation for being able to get into places he shouldn't, and always getting out again, had gotten him somewhat steady work with local crime lords. Everyone needed spies, and Kordath proved time and again that he was capable of infiltrating rival gangs strongholds and stealing information or 'product'. The fact that sometimes the same criminals he stole from in service of another would turn around and hire him to retaliate just made things more lucrative.

In this time he made a few contacts, who helped him learn the finer arts of data theft and encryption breaking. With a budding skill at slicing, Kordath was able to expand his offered services. This also allowed him to start circumventing some security systems, letting him complete jobs with much greater ease.

While this provided, if not a steady income, at least a livable amount of credits. And it provided a rush for the Ryn, who came to pride himself on his abilities. But no one can do that kind of job for to long, not on a planet like Nar Shaddaa anyways. He managed just over a year of work, before he had to get out of that line of work. If he’d made a living out of this further out in the Rim, providing his service to just one client rather than freelancing it might have gone on for some time. Instead as his reputation grew he gained enemies, rivals who thought he was taking their work and gang bosses who he robbed in the service of bigger crime lords.

It was only a matter of time before he was tracked down, despite his efforts to keep off the map. The setup came through one of the contacts he’d done business with a few times, it hadn’t smelled bad when it came through, just another job. Despite that he’d had that familiar bad feeling; it had popped up more then a few times on Nar Shaddaa and he’d turned down every job when it happened. But he had a rep, and the criminal upper crust deserved respect. Thus he’d always turned down jobs in person despite the danger, showing respect and explaining that he just couldn’t take on the task at the time. Only by offering to do another job down the line for free was he still alive, with that attitude.

And everytime he’d turn down a job, he’d heard about a rival who’d taken it on and gotten caught. Killed, tortured, maimed and thrown out into the street, the results were different but the gist was always the same. So he went to turn down the job, in person as he’d always done with a hope that the crime lord would understand. Instead of the usual business of getting patted down and escorted through a storefront or the like, he found himself in the office of a warehouse. The bad feeling intensified, and the Ryn nearly managed to get away from the dozen or so toughs that came for him.

Instead he was beaten, many of his bones broken and his skull bounced around like a sportsball. Various warnings were screamed at him, insults and names and threats of further violence if he didn’t take himself out of the game. All the usual trash talk he’d heard from them in the taverns and cantinas over the last year. Only now, armed with pipe and chain, they were backing up their threats and offers of violence. When they left, Kordath wasn’t certain, he was bloody and broken on the floor. Somehow he dragged himself out into the streets, and was found sometime near morning and taken to a hospital.

An expensive week of bacta treatments later, he was back on the street very nearly broke. The Ryn found himself back at square one, if he went back to working for the criminal world he’d wind up dead. He was almost out of credits, some of his accounts had been found by rivals while he was in the hospital and drained. It was time to get back to doing odd jobs and labor, he decided, until he could hop off this rock and find his next place to settle for a time. Wandering the streets of Nar Shaddaa, letting his feet guide him and unbeknownst to the Ryn at the time, likely the Force as well.

A New Style of Life

Where his feet took him, ended up being the front window of a run down looking building, proclaiming itself a Bothan Dojo. In the window was a sign offering an upstairs apartment in exchange for cleaning services and errand running. With no where left to turn, and little money to his name, Kordath took a chance. When he entered to the dojo, he noted that the inside was much better looking than the outside, something that the old Bothan he met said was purposeful. The old Bothan, whom Kordath learned was Master Bahn’sing, told him that whenever the dojo looked prosperous he would get robbed. He seemed to find this amusing, in that beating street toughs trying to extort money from him got tiring after a while.

Bahn’sing offered him the apartment and job before Bleu could even ask for it, leading the Ryn to believe the old Bothan was lonely. Later he’d realize that the Master was just a good judge of character, and had spotted that the Ryn was at the end of his proverbial rope. Over the next few weeks, Kordath did odd jobs for the man, sweeping the sidewalks outside the dojo. Running to market for groceries for the old man, painting some of the walls inside and generally sprucing up the appearance of the old dojo. Bahn’sing was kind to the Ryn, not caring about the reputation that generally followed Kordath’s species around.

He also didn’t try and get Bleu to talk about his past, even when the two men, one old, one still quite young, started sharing meals. Over time, Kordath opened up to the old man, explaining why he’d ran away from his Clan and his travels since. He tried for some time to avoid explaining what he’d done on Nar Shaddaa prior to meeting the old Bothan, but even that eventually came out. Bahn’sing never judged, simply nodding and dispensing bits of wisdom over tea. As time went on Kordath spent more time in the dojo itself, as his strength returned after leaving the hospital.

Bahn’sing had few students, mostly youths from the neighborhood who he taught for very little money from their parents. The old Bothan explained to him at one point that ‘It was better to have them learning patience and control here, then spending their time on the streets fighting’. It only occurred to Kordath years later that Bahn’sing had recognized his Force sensitivity when listening to the Ryn’s tales. It was probably because of this that the old Bothan pushed the Ryn to start sitting in on lessons. After a few months of staying in the dojo’s apartment, Kordath had begun to take his first steps in learning the Bothan art of Jeswandi.

The art of baiting and parrying attacks helped focus the Ryn’s mind wonderfully over the next few months, and would lead him to using the drills he learned further on in life in the Brotherhood. This lifestyle went on for many months, and Kordath was relatively happy with his situation. But, Nar Shaddaa being Nar Shaddaa, gangs started pushing in on the area demanding protection money and robbing people’s homes. Bahn’sing refused, when the gangs returned with weapons and firebombs, Kordath attempted to defend what he’d come to view as home. At the end of the night, burned and battered, the Ryn watched the dojo burn to the ground, Bahn’sing watching alongside him.

His Master went back to Botahwui, saying he had no reason to stay on Nar Shaddaa, cautioning Kordath against vengeance. He told him this was just another chapter starting in life, and to move on rather than hold on. The Ryn was again homeless and broke, finding no other options he began waylaying gang members in the darker parts of Nar Shaddaa to gain credits for food. His actions eventually lead Etah d’Tana to him, finding the Ryn drunkenly fighting off members of a gang that he’d been harassing after they found him in a cantina. Etah recognized the frustration and anger the Ryn was exuding, as well as sensing the Force in him.

Etah tracked Bleu back to an alley that the Ryn had set up a small shelter in, out of the elements. Even with his own skills as a former security officer, he was surprised when the Ryn met him in the alley as if expecting him. The two had a long talk, eventually the Obelisk was able to convince Bleu to come with him to work for the d’Tana Family for a time. After a few years working under the Dark Jedi, Etah began to quietly tutor him on controlling his precognitive abilities, the very danger sense he’d relied on most of his life. Once Etah felt the Ryn was ready, and trustworthy, he took him to Lyspair, and the Shadow Academy.

Brotherhood Career

Scholarly Pursuits and Carnivorousness Invaders

The first time Kordath set foot on Lyspair he knew that the course of his life had changed yet again. Idle competitiveness between students of the Shadow Academy not withstanding, the Ryn found himself in an environment where learning wasn't just an option, it was life-saving. And Kordath threw himself into his studies, taking every course that time allowed him to and generally having an enjoyable time. It was no surprise when the Ryn took up the purple of the Krath Order when questioned as to where his pursuits would lie.

Due to Etah's influences, the newly minted Krath ended up in House Galeres of Clan Arcona, where he found a surprisingly diverse group of individuals. While acclimating to his new surroundings, and attempting to pursue his studies in the lore of the Force, the House's home of Eldar was attacked by a group of cannibals how believed that the flesh of Force Sensitives would give them power. Everyone was called to fight, including the Ryn whom disliked everything that happened in the following weeks.

During the conflict with what were called 'Death Walkers', Kordath was paired off with a fellow Krath, a Knight named Nath Voth, who was more or less tasked with keeping him alive. After the cannibals were driven off the planet, this relationship was formalized with Kordath becoming her Apprentice, much to the annoyance of Nath.

Sojurn, Hapans and Puppies

Kordath found himself in charge of the Dark Forge Battleteam when the next major crisis occurred. This time the summit’s pet dogs were ill, and the Clan as a whole, fresh out of fighting One Sith forces in various skirmishes and engagements, traveled to the Hapes cluster to find medicine. Over the course of the operation, Kordath and team were nearly captured by Hapan elite forces. As said force was made up entirely of attractive Hapan females who attempted to seduce Dark Forge to capture them, Kordath was naturally suspicious and managed to alert his team to foil the plot.

Due to many factors, Kordath stepped down near the end of the Operation, and went into seclusion in the archives within Kurs’kranak on Eldar.

Arconan Civil War

A short while after Operation Sojurn, a brief civil war occurred within Arcona. A war to decide how best to proceed or who to lead, Kordath wasn’t sure as he wasn’t paying attention, locked in the archives doing research. Somebody won, somebody lost.

Attack On Estle City

Briefly after the civil war ended, with tensions still running high the summit had a meeting at the SPECTER HQ in Estle City on Selen. During said meeting, Atyiru, Aedile of the House Galeres was shot by a sniper and nearly killed. Over the course of the next week, Kordath, reassigned to Dark Forge, helped to investigate the shooting. After discovering the location that the shooter had used, and finding a place she’d been spotted often enough, he was told to babysit the witness they’d found. This turned out badly, as the shooter turned out to be a Force Sensitive Zeltron woman who managed to capture Kordath.

After escaping, with some aid from his team mates, the Ryn nearly got caught in the sabotage of the SPECTER HQ blast. Shuttles had been landing in the central courtyard when it went up, as Kordath and Lexiconus were arriving, including one carrying Cethgus, the Quaestor at the time. After securing the Quaestor from the wreckage of his shuttle, a cry through the Force went out from Ood B’nar, who’d tracked the would be assassin. Along with Meleu he was facing both the Zeltron and her Master, a Chistori named Dassac.

As the battle escalated, Cethgus and Ood attempting to take out the One Sith Elder, while Meleu, Lexiconus, and Kordath fought the Zeltron, Lexiconus was killed. Kordath suffered a grievous injury, nearly severing one of his arms, and Cethgus and company retreated...leaving Kordath’s unconcious body behind. Dassac saved himself, the Zeltron, and Kordath from an orbital bombardment called down on the location, and proceeded to both nurse the Ryn back to health, and perform electroshock torture on him in an attempt to turn him against Arcona.

When Arconan forces began to encroach on Dassac’s bunker, and learning that Ood had killed his assassin, he released the Ryn of his own accord. Kordath found a man named Uji as he left the bunker, who went to the medcenter with him as both men were exhausted. On the way they got to know one another, both being mutual acquaintances of Atyiru. They hadd heard of one another and felt they could at least trust each other. Upon arriving and learning that their Aedile was up and about, the three were able to have a few moments of peace together, and Kordath got to feel the tension between the apparently ex-couple.

Shortly after, the twin children of Andrelious and Kookimarissia were kidnapped by a DIA double agent, taking them hostage so as to force Atyiru to leave with him. Feeling an alarm through the Force, Kordath and Uji tracked them despite their obvious fatigue. Uji confronted the agent, Braxant, and convinced him to give up the children, taking them back to the hospital to give into the care of Ood. Kordath tracked them from the rooftops the rest of the way to a tower in the financial sector of the city. Uji returned, hopped up on stims given to him by Ood, and charged the building, forcing Kordath to scramble to keep up and not let the Obelisk get killed.

The two stormed the building, fighting their way to a turbo lift. During the time since he’d been released from Dassac, Kordath had been hearing the Chistori’s voice in his head. It had been trying to get him to view Arcona as his enemy, and nearly got him to cut down Uji in the lift. When the Obelisk left the lift, Kordath, who didn’t realize until later, fell into a mind trap of some kind. Finding himself sitting with Dassac having a ‘chat’, the Krath fought for control of his sanity, until Uji’s confrontation with Braxant shook the building. The DIA double agent had used explosives in an attempt to kill the Obelisk, which broke Kordath from the mental prison.

Kordath and Uji, fighting despite exhaustion and injuries against Braxant, managed to disarm him to some extent. At this time, Andrelious and his wife crashed the windows in hover tanks, and killed Braxant for threatening their children. Atyiru was saved, and Kordath and Uji went to have a beer together. Since these events the two have bonded.


Shortly after the events that transpired in Estle City, the Brotherhood had a three way rumble of pointless proportions upon the surface of Korriban. Three factions squared (triangled? triangled.) off in a bid for power that turned out to be false. Hurrah. A lot of people died, Kordath was captured alongside his mate Uji by Odan Urr forces who they ended up aiding the defence of when other people tried to attack them. The safest place in a war is supposed to be a cell.

Specter and Perdition

Sometime after the events of Korriban, Kordath was appointed to the Captain’s chair of the Nighthawk, a decision he was nominally involved in. For several uneventful months this wasn’t a bad thing, the duty was light, and his ship had a damned good crew on it. This meant Kordath didn’t have to do a whole lot of Captaining, until remnant forces of One Sith and Brotherhood military deserters came knocking. Lead by Dassac, the same Chistori who’d dug around in Bleu’s brain, they went about systematically attacking the infrastructure of the Clan’s Private Military Corp, SPECTER.

Uji Tameike lead the beginning counteroffensive, as the PMC was primarily a Galeres operation and he’d taken the regrettably annoying job of Aedile at the time. SPECTER suffered major losses, though the enemy was driven back once more.

A short time after this they of course returned, catching the Nighthawk in a trap that forced Kordath to turn himself over to save his ship and crew. This left the Ryn at the mercy of Dassac once more, and Trilsha, the sister to the Zeltron that had previously made his life a living hell during the attack on Estle City.

Several weeks later Dassac’s forces, calling themselves Perdition, engaged the Arconan fleet in open battle. At the beginning of said battle, Kordath was heard spouting propaganda over the communication channels, in an attempt to convince Arconan military forces to turn on their masters. This also activated sleeper agents within the fleet, evening the field for the out numbered Perdition forces.

After the battle, Kordath was recovered by Arconan forces and his head cleaned out again. It’s unknown if this will have any long term effects on the Ryn’s psyche, or if there’s any extra programming still up there.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Currently a member of the [Shadow Gate]] Battleteam of Qel-Droma.

Kordath has also been Rollmaster for Arcona, and survived six months as a Magistrate to the MAA.

Also two six month stints as a BTL, once for Nighthawk, the other for a mistake that shall not be named.

Outstanding Achievements

Named 'Prodigy of Galeres' after placing first in the House's 'Homecoming' event.

Got a Sapphire Blade as an Equite 2 almost entirely on activity and Rollmaster work. Woot.

Personality, Writing Kordath


Note: This was written primarily by Atyiru Caesus Entar and is being used with her permission, it was just too good not to use.

Kordath is, at his most basic, a simple soul looking for a life less complicated by the pettier ideals or superfluous ambitions popular to most of his comrades. His nomadic people carry with them a wanderer's heritage, calling no place in the Galaxy home, instead finding belonging in their family, folklore, and stories, despite a heavy reputation as thieves and gypsies. This influence is apparent in Kordath’s nature, as he has reservations interacting with and befriending other people, despite his kinder inclinations. His appreciation for an unhurried and a largely peaceful, salt-of-the-earth lifestyle are most obvious in his nonviolent tendencies, his love for just few, fine things—like whiskey, quiet moments, and decent reading material—and his easier association with other plain, hearty folk, like mundane workmen and soldiers.

Kordath’s main motivators can be difficult to pinpoint, particularly because of his seemingly cowardly (and sometimes actually cowardly) behaviors. He is protective of his family, once having saved his sisters at cost to himself, but sees little point in hurting others and will not go out of his way to do so just for the sake of material greed or idealistic causes, such as with campaigns in the Brotherhood. His sense of moral good partnered with his experience growing up roughing it on various streets across the Galaxy lead him to only kill, steal, or, really, act at all, out of necessity, and only honest necessity, not greed. However, he is also compassionate, and has a strong, if skewed, sense of justice, especially for the downtrodden or looked-down-on, and will act on their behalf without personal gain. What little ambition he has, if any, can be thought of as a desire to learn and, more so, a desire to just live his life (and survive long enough to do it).

In short, Kordath is a man (er, Ryn) who appreciates family, necessity, spirit, and the little things in life that he loves.

Atty and Kord imbibing

"Caf, The Force, and Death Sticks, are all that we need.

"And whiskey?"

"Well yeah, I thought that went without saying"

--Kordath and Atyiru

Writing Kordath

His speech patterns are both erratic and, to many, annoying. Lot's of 'umm' and pauses, and the occasional comment that makes your brain hurt. He is not assertive, not because he doesn't believe in what he's saying, but because the Ryn is so used to not attracting attention. This changes in certain situations, depending on his responsibilities or what he's trying to accomplish. An experienced con-man, Kordath can slip in and out of various speech patterns on command, going from fortune teller to sales man, to crazed homeless person at the drop of a hat.

He is also somewhat of an alcoholic, more likely to be found at the local 'watering hole' then anywhere else. Oftentimes he seeks out Atyiru, one of the few people who shares his passion for the drink, and likely his closest friend They're just friends. Really.

As to being useless in a fight, the Ryn is more likely to fade to the back of an encounter in an attempt to find an opening he can use in a decisive manner. His preferred method is a knife in the back, or the edge of his hand to a throat, the lightsaber being a final resort. Don't give the Ryn a gun. Ever. Nothing good will ever happen. Since his time in Dark Forge, he's learned the joy of explosives, which when coupled with his natural nimbleness and skills in stealth have lead to more than a few amusing moments. For him anyways.

In short, Kordath will avoid confrontation if possible, and if forced to fight, will try and do so from the shadows. If he knows something is going to be unavoidable, he'll strike first if possible. If he thinks it's amusing, he'll take advantage of a situation, but only if he thinks it will get a laugh and not physically harm someone.

He's also the last person to pull a weapon on an opponent in a straight up fight, believing that escalation is a horrible thing.

And he always, always, pays for his drinks. Seriously.