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Unknown Regions


Dajorra System


1: Dajorra

Orbital period:

315 Local Days


Terrestrial Satellite (Ereboros)


4,200 km


Type I (Breathable)


Temperate (30¡-90¡ F)


Weak (0.7 standard)

Primary Terrain:


Native species:




Major imports:


Major exports:



Clan Arcona

Possession Item:

ID 79979

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Gethsemane is one of the planet Ereboros's habitable moons. As it is located in the Dajorra System, it naturally got absorbed into the Arconan dominion. The moon is currently being rebuilt due to a rebellion that destroyed the majority of the infrastructure on its surface.


Gethsemane was the former home of Battle Team Bas Tyra, an important unit within House Oriens Obscurum. Their headquarters were first set up on the moon in 24 ABY, but following the Eighth Great Jedi War they were shut down.

The "Garden World of Gethsemane", as some would call it, is the one habitable moon of Ereboros. Seen from a distance, Gethsemane is very reminiscent of Yavin IV, though there is only a thin strip of jungle at the equator. Gethsemane has a single continent, which in the north is mainly comprised of the foothills and highlands of the d'Tana Range, which stretches across the northern coast of the continent near the poles. The southern part of the continent ranges from plains and forest to tropical jungle in the far south. Rivers interlace the entire landmass. The rest of the moon is covered in water, through which the d'Tana Range extends for over one hundred miles as a string of islands. The south seas of Gethsemane are also home to numerous tropical islands and archipelagos.

Though Gethsemane is abnormally far from Dajorra for a habitable world, it receives more than enough light and heat from nearby Ereboros for humans to exist comfortably. The moon is untouched by any sort of civilization, and is protected from colonization by Clan Arcona.

In recent times, Gethsamane was the target of rebels, who entrenched themselves and began destroying the various estates that dotted the land. The Grand Master's Royal Guard were called in to quell this sudden uprising, and although they succeeded, the entire infrastructure of the planet was destroyed as well as wreaking havoc on environment of the main continent itself.

Plans are already in the works for a more permanent security force to be placed on the moon, while the ecological damage is repaired and the various estates are slowly re-built as per their owner's specifications.