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Uji Tameike
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

0 ABY (age 42)

Physical Description













Minor augmentation due to damage to heart.

Personal Information

Mioko Tameike


Hantei Tameike

Known Children:

Samantha Tameike (daughter)


Satsi Tameike


Satsi Tameike, Turel Sorenn, Arcia Cortel, Atra Ventus


The Collective

Lightsaber Color(s):

Yellow armoury issue (formerly Light of Arcona custom design)

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information



Magistrate to the DGM


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Sashar Arconae

Known apprentices:

Ruyn Myr

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"Bury it with everyone else you have failed with your incompetence and refusal to act."
―Uji Taimeike

Uji Tameike has served Arcona for the better part of five years, despite brief departures, having served as a Battleteam Leader, Aedile and Quaestor to House Galeres alongside serving as the Clan’s Proconsul under Atyiru during her tenure as Consul. His loyalty was once only to specific individuals, but as times change he has begun to realize the damage this mentality has caused to the Clan as a whole.


Uji doesn’t speak to many of his past before the Brotherhood. Select individuals know of his history prior to joining Arcona through either personal retelling or intelligence gathered. When he arrived in Arcona, he was requisitioned at the time in service to the Brotherhood's Royal Guard where he has been a long-standing associate, serving twice as a Magistrate to the office.

Within Arcona he has held nearly every position available, primarily within House Galeres until his eventual appointment as Proconsul where he served his longest tenure. His influence on the Clan has been tumultuous at best, his time as Proconsul ending with imprisonment and nearly being charged with betrayal as he directly disobeyed his Consul and acted against her wishes.

He has been awarded a number of decorations and awards for his service to the Clan throughout its struggles. He holds the Sapphire Blade in the highest regard.

Physical Description

With sharp, slanted brown eyes too old for his face and a diminished frame, Uji has the look of a soldier forgotten by war. His body atrophied by time and lack of conditioning, the former Obelisk still strides straight-backed, assured in how he carries himself despite this. The stressed lines slowly appearing on his vital features are occasionally broken by the quick smirk, and he can often be found arching one of his dark brows in exasperation.

Uji's skin is a pale, oriental tan, marred by a multitude of scars and marks, particularly two long, thin twin scars across his sharp, straight nose, running from below his left eye to the other side of his face. His strong jaw and pronounced cheeks are covered by a neatly-kept, full goatee and framed by the occasional loose locks of dark black hair that slip from the knot he keeps it in. His strong posture is only slightly undercut by the slant of his step as he leans on a cane.

Personality and Traits

Patience and intelligence are two of Uji's few virtues. He is a careful planner by nature, and is perfectly comfortable spending years weaving threads just how he wants them. This can make him appear reckless when his well-thought out plans lead to much intended chaos. This slow, cunning approach makes him a good tactician, impressive problem-solver, and careful manipulator. However it can also prevent him from recognizing when a different approach might be better, or from acting on the spur of the moment when it's needed.

Uji's years of battle and hardship have left him all but physically crippled with a weakened heart. While the man had accepted this fact and was proud to instead use his considerable mind to solve problems, changes in circumstances have lead him to find new avenues of attack. He has developed more of a supportive role in combat, slowing enemies or suppressing powered individuals while teammates attack under his protection. If directly confronted with a situation he can’t avoid, he is all too aware that in a direct confrontation he has little hope against even a moderately competent opponent. His final resort is to release the rage inside of him, to fully embrace the Dark Side as his younger self once did, fully knowing the sacrifice would be just that: final. Any such attempt is knowingly suicidal.

Powers and Abilities

Uji is a disciplined and well versed user of Makashi. In his youth he developed the use of Makashi to ensure that each and every movement was precise and quite literally to the point. As he’s grown older and his physical health has failed him, this has become more of a necessity than a choice. He is physically incapable without drawing heavily on the Force to fight effectively over long periods or to push himself as he could in his youth.

Uji and Satsi fighting side by side

His talents in the Force have changed as he himself has. Whereas he used to have a firm mastery of many disciplines he used to enhance his own physical prowess, as he has been forced to develop new methods of fighting this has led him to become a potent user of Suppression to even the odds against other Force Users, also ensuring that any combatants he is with (such as his partner Satsi) are able to combat any enemy they face on even footing.


Current song for inspiration = Judas