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Clan Arcona


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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“Shadesworn” is the name given to the members of Clan Arcona by the denizens of the Dajorra System. The etymology of the distinction likely came from the unwavering loyalty that the Force-sensitive members of Clan Arcona swore to their Shadow Lord/Lady. The population look to those wielding the Force as protectors and demi-gods, while they see their mundane counterparts as paragons of skill and ability. The addition of non-Force-using Shadesworn to the ranks of the upper echelons is a new tradition, but even without the Force to guide them, these Shadesworn have earned a place beside their Force-sensitive compatriots. This lends them even further merit and respect among the rest of the mundane troops.

Shadesworn Ranks

In the Arconan Armed Forces, the Shadesworn have their own designated ranks. Shadow Lord and Shadow Scion are the only ranks that require a position to be held. As such, they carry respective sovereignty over Arcona’s forces.

Even at their lowest rank--Shadeling--a Shadesworn is to be addressed formally as “Sir” or “Madam” by mundane soldiers or officers out of respect. Initiates must first prove themselves to be worthy of recognition among the Armed Forces.

For all Shadesworn castes:

  • Shadesworn ranks are in no way associated with your Dark Jedi Brotherhood rank (such as Novitiate, Journeyman, Equite, Elder) as they measure individual accomplishment and dedication to the Shadow Clan.
  • Shadesworn ranks are only given to active members of Clan Arcona. Upon return from rogue status, former ranks can be retained.
  • Transfers will be handled as case by case situations.
  • For any Shadesworn rank that requires service in a position, a member must serve 4 continuous months in that position to be eligible for their Shadesworn title/rank. If a member is elevated to a higher position before this period is complete, they will serve out the remainder of their time in grade and attain the previous title/rank. Time served in this in their new rank will also count towards their next elevation for the current position held.

Rank Hard Requirements Soft Requirements
Shadow Lord
Shadow Scion
First Circle

2000 Prestige

Second Circle

1500 Prestige

Third Circle

1000 Prestige


500 Prestige
Journeyman IV
Rank 3 in any Society


250 Prestige
Novitiate IV


50 Prestige

All Hard Requirements are mandatory.
Where applicable, a single Soft Requirement must be met in order to qualify for a given rank.


Shadow Lord / Lady

Power and influence emanate from the Shadow Lords or Ladies as though it is part of their very being. The leader to whom all Arconans are fealty-sworn garners fear from all but the greatest threats in the galaxy. Nothing short of complete dominance will suffice for the Shadow Lord or Lady; every action and expression of willpower standing as a testament to the weight and burden of the mantle of responsibility they carry. They are trusted as the guiding hand of every decision and directions made in the best interests of the Shadow Clan. Supreme Commander of the Arconan Armed Forces, the Shadow Lord engineers the victories that secure Arcona’s continued dominance.

Shadow Lord: Qyreia Arronen-- ISDII Eye of the Abyss II

Upon resignation, Shadow Lords are automatically awarded or returned to the rank of Shadeborn.

Shadow Scion

The Shadow Scion is the right hand of the Shadow Lord. They hold the true power and strength to Arcona's day-to-day operations and efficiency and are entrusted with upholding the Shadow Lords words and decrees. They ensure the Shadow Lords safety above all else. In battle the Shadow Scion serves as the Commander of the Arcona Armed forces, taking orders only from the Shadow Lord himself.

Commander of the Arconan Armed Forces.

Shadow Scion: Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae-- NSD Invicta

Upon resignation, Shadow Scions are automatically awarded the rank of Shadeborn.


Shadeborn are spoken of with hushed and reverent tones in the corridors of the Citadel. These icons of the Clan are heroes of renown and held in high esteem by all who serve the throne of Arcona. Whether through prowess on the battlefield or through political scheming and machinations, these are not individuals who one would want to cross. In battle, the Shadeborn are often field grade commanders in charge of large units within the Arconan military structure. Each Shadeborn is given command over one ship or squadron in the Arcona Fleet.

First Circle

Shadesworn of the First Circle (1C) are the backbone of the Arconan war machine, veterans worthy of respect and fear by all within the Clan. Members of this circle have given their lives to the ideals and goals of the clan and wield considerable power within the military structure of the Shadow Clan. They are trusted with leading large segments of the Armed Forces and can always be found at the front lines of any battle.

Second Circle

Shadesworn of the Second Circle (2C) have shown themselves to be true leaders in the Shadow Clan either by position or by deeds. Outstanding performance in a major competition can act as a stepping stone towards the Second Circle for those not in a position to lead but are able to demonstrate great prowess on the battlefield.

Third Circle

Shadesworn of the Third Circle (3C) are warriors who have proven themselves over and over again as useful and skilled agents of their Clan. These members have begun to unlock the true power of their abilities, but still have much to learn before they can be considered masters. 3C’s are often sent on more sensitive and dangerous missions, both to test their skills and loyalty, but also to cull the weak from the strong.


Shadesworn Knights have not only completed their most difficult Trials, but demonstrated their prowess on the battlefield or in the arena. They can be entrusted to lead single squads of troops with confidence.


Shadelings are constantly trying to prove themselves to their superiors in order to garner favor and more power within the ranks of the Shadow Brethren. They are often assigned to larger units within the Armed Forces in order to hone their fighting skills and learn at the feet of those who are more experienced. Most Shadelings are blind to the potential and ultimate power that awaits them as they grow, whether it be in mastery of the Force or perfection of their skills and abilities - but these shortsighted soldiers of Arcona are useful in the never ended feuds that are a part of the Brotherhood.


All Shadeborn start their career as Initiates after the Shadow Lord and his Scion recognizes their potential. Service to the Shadow Clan is the only way to ascend the ladder through the ranks of the Shadesworn, where further power and prestige are available to those keen enough to seek it.

  • Luka Zarkot
  • Raidius
  • Canderous Tervho
  • Tyga Orn Nilim
  • Emere Galo