Dajorra System

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Dajorra System

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The Dajorra System

The planet Eldar, home of one house of Arcona.

Originally, Clan Arcona was located in the Coronada System in Emperor's Hammer territory. The great Exodus, however, caused many clans to search out a new home; Arcona being one of those clans.

Although Arcona was in disarray following the Exodus, many of its more prominent members gathered to discuss where the Clan should be re-located. Using the recently discovered Abyssal Tome, Consul Mejas Doto and his Proconsul Voranyen found the co-ordinates to an unnamed system.

These members, the very first members to be granted the Arconae title, led the rest of the Clan to what would become the Dajorra System. Located near Kessel and the Maw, this system had stayed hidden for countless years. Due to the effects of the Maw and its numerous black holes, Dajorra's location was concealed unless one had the exact coordinates.

The system is rich in metals and ores, many of the planets also containing other Humanoid and signs of a past civilization. On-going studies have found tentative connections between these "other" species, as well as clues to the formation of the Maw itself.

Dajorra's Satellites

The Dajorra System - Arcona's home

There are six planets and a large number of smaller objects orbiting the star Dajorra.


The inner-most planet of Sukhur is also the most inhospitable of the planets Arcona has made use of.

Arconae Primus

The planet is mainly jungles and swamps; though the climate is near freezing at the far north and south poles. It has two moons, but both are nothing more than husks of rock, with nothing of value. There are not many species of animal on the planet, mainly insects and small lizards, but scouts did come across a large lizard, much like a Krayt dragon, which dwells in the deeper swamp areas. They have been named Krite dragons. Arconae Primus is covered by about 75% forest/jungle, 23% water and 2% ice.

Arconae Secundus

The atmosphere of Arconae Secundus is strange in that the planet is covered with thick black clouds, making it an eternally night world. The only light comes from the occasional lightning bolt. The high moisture grants plenty of rain, however, giving the planet rivers and a certain amount of fungal vegetation. Most of the planet is a rocky desert, with many caves and ravines. The main animal of the planet appears to be a large bat like creature, which hunts several species of large insect. There are also found small colonies of Human like creatures, which have apparently adapted to the darkness. There is currently an on-going study, trying to determine whether there is a link between these Humans, the other beings in the Dajorra System and the ruins on Arconae Primus.


Selen is a mid-sized planet perfectly suited for most races to inhabit. Most of Selen is covered by ocean, dotted with islands of all sizes. These islands are incredibly fertile, and largely covered in sparse forest and grassy plains. Many are uninhabited, and as a result, Arcona no problem in finding the perfect location for the Citadel in Estle City.

Moons of Selen:

Boral's was once the home of House Oriens Obscurum, its very slow rotation making it an ideal location for protecting Selen as few calculations were needed to be made allowing fighters to take-off whenever they were needed.


Eldar, like Selen, has only recently become part of Arcona's territory, and holds a lush variety of natural resources beneath its fertile surface. Though Eldar is mostly covered by forests and dry plains, its crust contains numerous ores that the Clan utilizes as exportable resources and raw materials. Eldar is home to the Eldarian Rangers.


Ereboros is a gas giant on the very edge of the Dajorra System and is home to numerous moons, including Gethsemane, and gas mining plants.

Due to the pressures exerted within the planet, numerous crystal formations have been recently discovered. These crystals are currently being studied on Selen to determine their specific properties.

Moons of Ereboros:

The 'garden world of Gethsemane', as some would call it, is the one habitable moon of Ereboros. Seen from a distance, Gethsemane is very reminiscent of Yavin IV, though there is only a thin strip of jungle at the equator. Gethsemane has a single continent, which in the north is mainly comprised of the foothills and highlands of the d'Tana Range, which stretches across the northern coast of the continent near the poles. The southern part of the continent ranges from plains and forest to tropical jungle in the far south. Rivers interlace the entire landmass. The rest of the moon is covered in water, through which the d'Tana Range extends for over one hundred miles as a string of islands. The south seas of Gethsemane are also home to numerous tropical islands and archipelagos.

This moon of Ereboros, D'Eraii, named after a former Consul]] of Arcona, is a source of many useful gases that have recently been discovered through survey and landed probes. Attempts to mine have proved amazingly successful, as the moon itself is very stable tectonically. The only problem so far is plotting courses off the moon, as it rotates at a very fast rate, but this problem is being worked on with the idea of a closer launch and return point. One of the six moons of Ereboros, D'Eraii was the second to be surveyed after Gethsemane.

The moon of Flamma Volpes (a synonym in an ancient tongue for 'Fire Fox') is a variable undiscovered paradise compared to many of its sister moons, though some things have been considered odd by survey teams. The air, while breathable, is very dry, yet there is a predictable system of rain storms that sweep over the moon. Rounding the moon at a slow pace of nearly one per every six days, the moon's fields are overgrown and nearly twenty feet in height. Within the high grasses many sites have been located that may be of archaeological importance. Some noticeable signs of life have been found, but nothing actually living has been found on the moon's surface. Survey equipment has shown no signs of a medical reason for the lack of life, but it is believed that the inhabitants over hunted the environment, killing off all game, before turning in on themselves. No plans have been made yet to colonize Flamma Volpes as of yet.

The second moon of Ereboros, Riquis, is a small, slowly turning rock. Covered almost literally with crystal encrusted rock formations, this moon is a wonder to look at. The crystals are being studied still, but it's believed they can be harvested in a way, the rocks seeming to grow more of them over the course of weeks from the radiation of space and the faraway lights of the Dajorran sun. Uses for the crystals so far have been trade and some attempts at structural designs, providing very strong support for some of the new estates on its fellow moon of Gethsemane.

The fourth moon of Ereboros, known as Canol, has an extremely volcanic surface that gives way to a volatile climate. This fast spinning moon, if it can even be called a moon, resembles a large fireball in space. No appreciable resources have been found as of yet, as all survey teams and equipment either evacuated within twenty minutes of landing or were incinerated by the sheer heat. Precautions and new planning are being made to better learn of the uses of this fiery moon.

Agenor, the furthest moon of Ereboros, is a large ice ball resembling to many, Hoth. Cold, unappealing, and barren, the planet isn't exactly a vacation hotspot in Dajorra. Surveys have shown the moon to be almost solid ice, down to a cooled down core. It's believed the moon was once a giant ocean, but over time the core could no longer sustain heat, and the water froze solid. Many large amphibious fossils have been found in the ice, and show that the moon once supported many forms of life. Due to the massive amounts of water located on the other habitable planets of Dajorra, this moon has been more or less ignored, but may be used to export to other worlds for profit.

Asteroid Field

At the very rim of the Dajorra System, just beyond Ereboros, is a large asteroid field. During Consul Vassan Rokir's reign, he had the field tested, finding out it was filled with metals and ores that can be used in ship construction. During the operation, Aggressive Negotiations, Atarax Inc. was coerced into providing the crew to mine the rich asteroids. To this day, the mining operation still continues, helping Arcona rebuild it's forces after times of war and supplant the economy.

Port Ol'val

Far beyond the Dajorra Asteroid Field lies an asteroid that orbits the system. This detached object was hollowed out by the pirate Jerem Mal in 22 BBY, and a shadowport was founded there, complete with artificial gravity and atmosphere. It was discovered by Arcona in late 34 ABY, and since then House Qel-Droma has taken up residence there, under the guise of a smaller criminal syndicate.

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