Arconae Primus

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Arconae Primus

Unknown Regions


Dajorra System


1: Dajorra


2 moons (Barren)

Distance from Core:

181 million kms (1.2 AU's)

Orbital period:

300 Local Days




11,900 km


Type I (Breathable)


Temperate (-10¡ to 100¡F)


Standard (1 G)

Primary Terrain:

Jungle and swamp

Native species:

None documented, though there is evidence of ancient civilization


No non-Arcona personnel

Major imports:


Major exports:



Clan Arcona

Possession Item:

ID 79966

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The planet is mainly jungles and swamps; though the climate is near freezing at the far north and south poles. It has 2 moons, but both are nothing more than husks of rock, with nothing of value. There are not many species of animal on the planet, mainly insects and small lizards, but scouts did come across a large lizard, much like a Krayt dragon, which dwells in the deeper swamp areas. They have been named Krite dragons. Arconae Primus is covered by about 75% forest/jungle, 23% water and 2% ice.

The planet seems to contain many precious metals, but some of these seem to have been excavated, leaving a number of underground caves. Mining facilities have been set up at the areas that seem to have been un-touched, the excavation already producing surprising results. However, it is not believed these excavations will last long, due to the majority of sites have long been emptied of their contents. This is more evidence of a former race having once inhabited the planet.

A number of ruins have been located around the planet, some of which are of an intricacy far beyond the look of the planet. They are believed to have been made by settlers who have long since past, but what happened to them is unknown. Members of Arcona have been studying the various ruins and other aspects of the planet for more signs of this civilization. It has also been postulated that the other races in the Dajorra System may have begun on Arconae Primus.

This was the primary reason that House Qel-Droma was stationed here; though the ruins may not contain special knowledge or artifacts, the Dark Jedi of Arcona believed they could still elicit things of value from the remaining evidence. The former Temple of Qel-Droma has been emptied, as the House now resides on Port Ol'val, but these studies continue until today.