Arcia Cortel

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Arcia Cortel
Biographical Information

New Tython

Date of Birth:

4 BBY (age 52)

Physical Description







54.4kg/120 lbs


Dark brown, blonde bangs


Olive Green


Optical Implants

Personal Information

Ellie Corden


Jasper Corden


Custom DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Chronology & Political Information
Known apprentices:


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An "Unremarkable Girl"

The Birth of a Mundane

At a time when the Jedi were few and far inbetween, two Force Users — Ellie and Jasper Corden — of no particular order, and not of the Light or Dark, settled upon New Tython in hopes to help bring new Force Sensitive life into the Galaxy. It was there that they were elated to discover that Ellie was with child. Jasper, having always wished to make his mark upon the Galaxy and the Jedi at large, thanked Ashla, but shortly after their daughter was born, they came to realize their wishes had not been granted. Their daughter, named Destri, was not gifted with the Force.

Ellie and Jasper allowed anger into their hearts and directed it towards the only thing they could control: their daughter. For five years, they half-heartedly taught their mundane child while still attempting to bring a new life into the Force. Finally, during the time of the Battle of Yavin IV, their second daughter, Alexandria, was born.Very early on, it was apparent the she was gifted with the Force, and any remnants of love and care were stripped from Destri as Alexandria became the sole focus of their parents.

Through the years, Destri learned the common ways of life through family’s friends, though those of a Force Sensitive nature also gave her little to no help, causing her to have a deeply embedded distrust of their kind. Some even offered to teach her of their professions, some of military life, some of political. Destri clung dearly and quickly to the structure and discipline of the military life, so it was no surprised when she left home at seventeen to enlist with the K.U.D.F. that had arrived with the presence of a group of Jedi and allies known as Odan-Urr.

Military Genius

Destri Corden

Straight out of her basic training, Destri proved to be a worthwhile strategist, having passed most of her tactics courses with flying colors and completing weapons training and general military knowledge. Primarily assigned to a strategic command, where she would assist in checking orders, offering insight and even proposing new naval troop movements herself, Private Corden did her best to find a purpose in her life.

It was here, in the K.U.D.F., that Destri decided that nothing would ever stop her from achieving the goals she placed before herself. She would do her best in everything she attempted and never let anyone tell her that she could not achieve something. In her mind, she was being reborn in the fires of combat and discipline, and she would emerge a better person because of it. In the years that followed, Destri continued to perform her job in the best possible fashion. Award and recognition were offered to her for her dedication and dutiful attitude, giving her the life purpose she so desired. It wasn’t until she was a Major and second in command of her strategic command unit, that she was approached by a Colonel Jericho Tannor. He briefly explained that he was part of the T.D.U.C., and was sent to recruit Major Corden into their ranks. Destri saw this as another opportunity to further her goals and grow in both skill and discipline, thus she accepted.

Elite Operations

For seven years, Destri worked with the T.U.D.C. under Jericho’s command. She primarily acted as their intelligence liaison and strategist, leaving most of the heavy hitting to the rest of the commandos, but when it came to crunch, she was able to keep up with the team when it counted. Over time, she learned about Jericho and his time in the military, mesmerized by his war stories and achievements. Eventually, she became smitten and confided to him, explaining her past and her struggles through life, only being able to trust herself. He shared her feelings, giving Destri a shoulder to cry on, an ally in combat and eventually, a warm bed to share.

Destri and Jericho were inseparable. The more they worked together, the stronger their bond became. Everything the Colonel had to teach, the Major learned with the same excellence she had shown her entire career. Mission after mission, the TUDC team thwarted threats, relayed intelligence and continued performing their basic military duties until word of an impending invasion rang through the intelligence community. A group known as the Dark Brotherhood was threatening New Tython, primarily those of Odan-Urr, with horrifying power. A sect of them known as Arcona were the ones to initially invade the planet, and that is where Destri’s life changed forever.

Invasion of New Tython

Jericho had been called away, one of the few times Destri was not able to join him. Her team was too busy dealing with the initial attacks from Arcona for her to worry about the Colonel, but he was always on her mind. Only a few weeks into the invasion, however, Major Corden received word that the facility where Jericho was sent had been hit by orbital strikes, no word on survivors. In that moment, Destri’s world collapsed around her. The only person she truly cared for was gone and that left her with nothing.

In a panic, thinking she had nothing left to live for, the Major elected to serve on the frontlines, using her knowledge of the war to help the military thwart the Arcona forces. Her platoon quickly encountered a strong force of the Arcona military, leading to one of the bloodiest battles Destri had ever seen. Massive casualties eventually played out to a complete loss of life on both sides. Destri, however, knew how to hide and did so, surviving the onslaught.

Using the skills taught to her by Jericho, she stealthily dispatched the last few remaining Arcona soldiers, the last being a woman slightly older than her. Having lost her love, been neglected nearly her entire life from her family and having to fight for herself, Destri decided, then and there, that she would not remain on New Tython. Using the surrounding environment and the uniform of the woman she had killed, Destri impersonated Arcia Cortel, also a Major in the Dajorra Defense Force, apparently the military of Arcona. With previous knowledge of the enemy base location and some understanding of their workings, Destri infiltrated the Arcona F.O.B. and was accepted as the sole survivor of the engagement.

A new life was to begin for Destri. No longer would she be viewed upon with neglect and disdain. She would do what was necessary to survive and for her, running away to Arcona was her way of doing it. At first, it was hard to play a completely different person, especially one you didn’t know, but many of her attitude quirks seemed to have been in line with what was to be expected from Arcia. Any other issues were written off as psychological damage, having been the sole survivor.

When the war was finally over, Destri contemplated not going through with her plan. She was about to leave her home behind to rebuild without her, when they would need her the most. Likely, though, she was already written off as K.I.A., so she stayed true to her choice, and left New Tython to return to the Dajorra system with Arcona.

The Strength of Arcona

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