Light's Lament

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Exodus era.
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Light's Lament
Production information

Warrior-class Gunship

Technical specifications

190 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 3
  • Backup Class 10
  • Turbolaser cannons (10)
Fire arc: 4 forward, 3 left, 3 right
  • Laser cannons (8)
Fire arc: 2 forward, 3 left, 3 right
  • Concussion missile tubes (4)
Fire arc: 2 forward, 2 back



10 (troops and pilots)

Cargo capacity:

500 metric tons


3 months

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Vessel Info

The Light's Lament is a Warrior-class Gunship. The ship was commissioned by Clan Arcona in 27 ABY after the Eighth Great Jedi War.


The Light's Lament along with her sister ships support the Eye of the Abyss and form part of the Dajorran Defense Force.


The Lament was briefly involved in an operation to extract Dark Jedi from a deep space listening post.


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