Zuza Lottson

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Zuza Lottson
Biographical Information

N/A (Born on space vessel)

Date of Birth:

13 ABY (23 Years Old)

Physical Description









Dark Brown


Dark Brown

Personal Information

Harmony Silvette


Gwaine Lottson


Clan Arcona


Vibroblades and Blasters

Chronology & Political Information




Known masters:

Diyrian Grivna



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Zuza Lottson is a 23 year old Human female, trained in infiltration and the blade. An irrevocably cheery person, she values trust and friendship above all else. Finding a silver lining shining through any dreary situation, to a point of hiding anything that could cause worry or upset in those around her. She was taught to use blades by her father, who was self-taught himself. Similarly, she briefly joined a mercenary group, who refined her ability with a blade and opened her eyes to the versatility of blasters. Since coming across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and joining House Qel-Droma, Clan Arcona, she has progressed further yet in her skills.

Physical Description

Standing much shorter than the majority of humans, Zuza is a pale skinned, lithe and lean young woman, with toned muscles through years of work, fighting and exploration. She has small and rounded facial features, sparse freckles crossing her nose and cheeks, giving the aura of someone a few years younger when mixed with her otherwise diminutive figure. Her eyes and hair are the same rich dark brown, hair messily cut by her own hand into a short and easily maintained pixie bob. The type of style that can be tamed with quickly dragging one's fingers through the locks and calling it a day. Across her collarbone is a large scar from a vibroblade, spanning from her right shoulder to a few inches from her left armpit, a few years old and long since faded to a pinkish silvered hue. Smaller less notable scars litter her body, primarily her arms, thanks to her years with the mercenary group. More recently, a slash spans the length of her left lower forearm, and a large chunk of her lower leg is scarred with a thin surgical slice through it. Flying up her left leg, from ankle and up the shin, the tattoo of a stylised Krayt dragon rests it's head just over her knee.

When not in combat gear, or dressing for an occasion, Zuza can be found wearing comfortable baggy clothing. Preferring shirts and jackets that are a few sizes too long, to hide her hands within the sleeves.

Character History

Early Life

Her parents met on a long journey from outer systems, the final destination being her mother’s homeworld, Anaxes. Her father, Gwaine Lottson, took her with him upon her birth due to her mother not wanting an illegitimate child. Being of noble birth, she deemed it pointless to keep a child without any official backing.

Her father ensured their safety, remaining on various travelling vessels for several years. Zuza's earliest memories are of whirring backrooms, busy kitchens and large windows facing out into the endless expanse of space. Her feet didn't touch the surface of a planet until she was in her 7th year, and within a week managed to fall into two different rivers despite supervision. Despite this young clumsiness, her father began her blade training.


Living a rough but simple life, they moved from job to job to make a living with Zuza aiding in some of the various jobs as she grew older and more skilled with blades. Various excursions allowed for the honing of her skills, both in battle and with understanding other people.

In 33ABY Zuza, 16 years of age, and her father joined a small merchant group heading to Tatooine to aid them in killing a Krayt Dragon. The end goal was to collect the pearls from the beast and its hide, both rare, high value and desirable goods. After the job was completed, they were rewarded with a large sum of credits. This allowed them to live comfortably, despite the wandering lifestyle.


After turning 18, in 35ABY, Zuza began her own travels. However she soon discovered being a lone mercenary was far more arduous than with a group, within a year she joined a mercenary group, easing the struggle and dangers of working alone. During her time with this group, she befriended the son of its leader, Cole Farrow. He trained her, spending time to ensure Zuza become proficient in infiltration and shooting blasters. Because of this friendship, she ignored the cruelty that the group often took part in.

In 36ABY, after a year of avoiding the more sadistic tasks the mercenary group performed, Cole finally convinced her to observe. Throughout watching an elderly man be tortured for information for a client, Zuza realised this wasn't her place. An attempt at leaving became an escape, as the group turned hostile to prevent a potential leak of information from her, about their bases, functions and members. She escaped, killing Cole’s older brother during the fight, and being left with a large wound across her collarbone. Two years after the escape, she joined the Brotherhood with the aid and encouragement of Diyrian Grivna of Clan Arcona.

Since then she has risen in responsibility, taking place among the summit as Clan Arcona's Rollmaster.


- Zuza is allergic to citrus.

- Despite being born and raised on space crafts, she is fascinated by flying critters. Notably among these, birds.

Event History

City under Siege!

During the attack on Estle City at the beginning of 39ABY, Zuza was to be found wielding Marick Tyris' Diamond Sword, aiding in the push-back effort to remove the incoming Droids from the Citadel itself and the residential quarter. Originally fighting alongside Morgan Desatado and Nero Inferni, the small group split to cover more of the residential quarter. This allowed them to cover more ground, aiding the escape of citizens and more effectively dealing with the droid threat.

Fighting in the Deep

Defending the city of Celeste , Zuza helped investigate strange beasts attacking citizens at night, being injured in the process of killing a pair roaming alleyways. The fight was short, both beasts falling under her blade but not before one managed to gnaw on her leg. When the commotion led her and several other members of Arcona, to a museum containing ancient artefacts central to a newly discovered cult, she helped fight off the cultists. This kept them away from the others, who were dealing with the beasts and the two "Old Gods" that had returned.

ROS - Escalation

Joining the Expansionist faction of the Revenant "pirate" group that years prior had escaped the Severian Principate, Zuza found herself on Dandoran aiding in sabotage efforts as well as front line. She helped take down one of the Principate's ships by aiding in planting bombs. Later in the war she joined alongside Aru Law, Sage Cormac and Diyrian Grivna to fight on the front line on the streets of the planet's capital. An explosion caused them to be seperated, and Zuza fought one of the crystal soldiers created by the Principate. Nearly losing the fight, she was rescued by Aru and the group of four reunited before heading back to Selen.

Blood on the Ice

Done with the threat of the Gods, their attack on Selen led Zuza, alongside Avery Watson and some of the clan's newer recruits, to support the local colonies on Zainab via targeting the Caxquettes. While fighting, she was caught by the tail of one of the Cax's and had an egg implanted into her calf. This was surgically opened later on after the beast was killed. However they were too late to remove it before it had grown enough to fight and the newly birthed Cax attempted to attack Avery. Zuza managed to stab the tiny beast before it could cause more harm. With the aid of the others, they managed to reuinite with the rest of Arconan forces on the planet. Between the clan's united efforts, the "Old Gods" were pushed back into the shadows. For now at least.


Zuza becomes Consul. *finger guns*

Zuza and the Serpentine Throne