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Orv Dessrx
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Arcona, Qel-Droma, d'Tana

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Elrood Thunder



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"Bork, bork, bork"
―Orv Dessrx

Bred into a life of politics, Orv Dessrx was exposed to manipulation and deceit at an early age. His affinity with the Force became a tool that gave the skin-pigment-less Teltior a foothold into power. Power and influence is an addictive drug that eventually led Orv to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, yet another tool to fulfill his thirst for power.

What Orv wants

Orv seeks deep political influence and respectful deference of others to him--a healthy dose of fear from them is most welcome.

While Orv does command respect and has many ties across Clans and even beyond the Brotherhood, his thirst for influence stands at odds with a reasonable being's tolerance for various factions, organizations, criminal empires, just not knowing who he is or why they should bend the knee. The Teltior seethes with anger the moment some self-proclaimed leader thinks he can roll an eye at the dictates or mandates set forth by the old politician. There's always an upstart. There's always someone that doesn't comprehend the pinnacle of knowledge and understanding that Orv represents (or, at least, that's how he sees it). The only avenue toward accomplishing his aim of being known, respected, and feared is through constant shows of vicious oversight and control, toppling "kings" behind the scenes, and brutal counters to any slight shown toward the aged Dark Jedi.

Sometimes Orv is his own enemy as he reaches for his ultimate desire. As any political mover and shaker knows, his decisions have impact on those that he has allied with and those that show deference to him. Keeping their appreciation is necessary...which means he has to play politics. Polite diplomacy is just as much a tool as ruthlessness - often a more effective tool - to protect that which he has already claimed. Orv's skill at diplomacy and manipulation can sometimes cause those that he is negotiating with to underestimate his influence and capabilities, which he sees as disrespect for his capabilities.

Character History

It All Begins (5 BBY-16 ABY)

Orv's Home Planet

Orv Dessrx led a fairly mundane childhood as the son of a Merisee Ambassador to the New Imperial Senate - and assistant to the Merisee Senator. At the age of 18, Orv became the Clerk and Assistant Ambassador of his father, Godec Dessrx. Following in his father's footsteps and turning towards politics was to set the stage for the rest of Orv's life. At 18, his position - an assistant of an assistant of a senator - was meager, but a step in the right direction.

Political Maneuvers (17 ABY-25 ABY)

Merisee Ambassador

17 ABY - 19 ABY

At the age of 22 Standard Years, Orv's father and mother died in a tragic speeder accident thus leaving Merisee's Ambassador position vacant. A number of politicians vied for the position, yet it was not just Orv's family ties and familiarity with the position that landed him the job as Ambassador of Merisee to the Emperor's Hammer Imperial Senate...the Teltior had a natural ability to sift through data and dig up 'dirt' on his opponents. That 'dirt' played a large part in his campaign. Within months, Orv held his father's office and began preparations for his next political move.

Orv Dessrx, Chancellor of the Imperial Senate

Imperial Senate

20 ABY - 21 ABY

Senator Yig Vesathi - the Meris that held the position of Merisee Imperial Senator - was aging and slowly losing favor with the Senate and his home planet, Merisee. Orv was there to advise and coerce Yig into actions that would lead to his eventual downfall. Who was there to pick up the pieces? Why, Merisee's own Teltior prodigy...Orv Dessrx. After winning a landslide victory in the Senatorial election, Orv - at merely the age of 25 - became the youngest senator elect in Merisee's history.

Minister of Communication

22 ABY - 23 ABY

Orv - now living a Senator's life - was too ambitious to sit idle. He made quick use of his knowledge of communication technologies and his uncanny knack for acquiring - however seedy - information on any topic. He joined a communications committee and soon acquired the rank of Minister of Communications for the New Imperial Senate within 2 years. With this new state of office, Orv still thirsted for influence and power. His eyes were on the Chancellor's seat.


24 ABY

After 2 years as the Minister of Communications, various bits of information floated to the surface from "unknown" sources that eventually led to the retirement of the Chancellor of the New Imperial Senate. There was a race for such a coveted position, yet Orv's reach was too broad for the other candidates to overcome. Within a month, Orv Dessrx sat at the head of the Senate...Oh his father would be proud.

Prompt Retirement

25 ABY

Soon, however, whispers began to circulate of Orv's push for the Chancellor seat and after some confrontation and bad media - rather than losing all his political pull, he stepped down as Chancellor and disappeared for a year...but kept his network of intelligence active.

It was during that time that he was approached by Mejas Doto regarding the Dark Brotherhood and all it had to offer...The influence...the power...

Dark Jedi Brotherhood (26 ABY - 28 ABY)

Orv with Lightsaber

Too much to resist, Orv has found himself devoting his time to the Dark Brotherhood. While he desires to further the goals of the Brotherhood, Orv has his own agenda and plans to increase his foothold in the galaxy at large. Ambition is a beautiful thing.

Orv Dessrx is hesitant with this direction in life...joining the Dark Brotherhood is a more obvious grasp at power, thus he tends to be on edge with his contacts within the Brotherhood. His primary motive for joining the Dark Brotherhood is merely for personal gain - to make use of the vast influence the Brotherhood possesses, thus increasing his wealth, influence, and power.

Sure enough, Orv's participation in the Brotherhood expanded his reach and the organization soon learned of the Teltior's exceptional abilities in many areas. The d'Tana family, a crime family originating from Arcona saw this and sought his admittance.

Admittance into the d'Tana Family (28 ABY)

Orv Dessrx was brought into the d'Tana family due to his ruthless subtlety rather than outward displays of physical prowess or brutal martial skills. In an effort to expand his political connections from within his newly adopted home in Clan Arcona, the Teltior began observing the associations that House Galeres had with its criminal organization contacts. Playing his political card, Orv squeezed friendships out of ranking members of various organizations and slowly began his bid for power. Using his newfound friendships and carefully planted incriminating, conflict-inducing information, Orv stood as the sole politician that seemed to have a resolution for everything. As he sorted out the 'issues,' the number of sources for information exploded. He had found his foothold.

The d'Tana family - built of experienced Force-Sensitive individuals - took notice and wanted the contacts as their own. What better way way than to expand their ranks and bring him into the fold? When approached, Orv Dessrx saw the family as an ample way to expand his informant pool by adding the d'Tana's contacts to his own...what else could he do but accept?

Gaining the trust of the d'Tana family is no easy task, however, and it came at a price to the new recruit. After taking his vows and pledging loyalty to the family, Etah d'Tana approached the Teltior with his first task as a d'Tana. Orv's contacts ran rampant in the Ysett Guild, a smuggling group that had crossed paths with the d'Tana's operations more than their fair share. The most recent cross had effected d'Tana in a bad way, causing the loss of 152,000 credits worth of the family's illicit goods and Orv was poised to make Ysett pay the piper.

To one who values information and influence above all else, to lose 5 highly informative contacts is a blow not to be taken lightly. In setting Ysett up for destruction, Orv Dessrx would lose nearly a dozen. Feeling hollow inside, Orv made the transmissions necessary...a meeting required here, a drop here, an illicit pick-up there. Eighteen locations, each with d'Tana-bought mercenaries in waiting. Ysett Guild fell. Orv's resources dwindled. d'Tana conquered.

Orv was in.

Yuuzhan Vong War (29 ABY)

Now a growing power within the Brotherhood, Orv Dessrx's mental fortitude and physical endurance were put to the test when the Dark Jedi Brotherhood met face to face with the expanding forces of the Yuuzhan Vong. Rallying Arconan troops in his position as Aedile of House Qel-Droma - the Dark Jedi met the onslaught full force. The battle was long and Orv's mettle was tested. Despite a number of run-ins with the Vong, Orv's own mastery of Soresu kept him alive.

The Vong were too many and after many had fallen, the Arconan Dark Jedi were forced to flee their system. The loss of the system meant more to Orv than a lost home...his resources and contacts were disrupted as well. Information was Orv's lifeblood...without it, his power and influence was sure to wane.

Seeking to maintain his sources, Orv gave up the mantle of Aedile and retreated into the shadows.

The Dark Council (30 ABY)

Dark Council Garb

Nearly a year later, Orv resurfaced. Arcona was quick to latch on to the returning resource and promptly thrust him into a leadership position with Arcona's House Galeres. In that position, Orv once again thrived...this time the Dark Council took note.

After a brief tenure as Aedile, the ex-Senator Teltior was approached by Darth Sarin himself with an offer of power. A seat on the Dark Council as Seneschal.

Orv - despite his loyalty to his clan - could not pass up the influence and power such a position would grant him. Within a week, he left the Galeres flagship and joined the DC.

Death? (37 ABY)

Orv was believed to have died at the hands of Esoteric during a Great Jedi War.

Re-emergence (38 ABY)

About a year after Orv's supposed death by Force Lightning, he emerged and rejoined the ranks of Arcona.

Character Information


Orv Dessrx

Orv is a Teltior, though he was born without skin pigment.

Orv's once athletic body has been reduced to a frail frame; the Dark Side, a bit of technology, and his own force of will kept him from the brink of death but the effort took a toll on his body and face, aging them beyond their years. Orv is not whole. His torso and a number of innards have been replaced with cybernetics, though the rest of him remains visibly his organic self. While his limbs appear fairly weak, his three-fingered hands are strong and highly flexible.

Despite the damage that his body has endured, Orv Dessrx maintains—with some difficulty—a posture and presence of that of a practiced diplomat. While his face is emotive and he can convey calmness, derision or sternness are more frequent adornments. He dresses in fashionable Merisee clothing and prefers pants/shirt over robes if possible.



Orv's biggest impediment is his over-eagerness to succeed and gain influence. While this is often a display of strength, his steadfast determination to grasp at power causes bitterness and distrust in peers.


Orv is moderately allergic to Bantha fur. He avoids these beasts at all costs lest he breaks out in purple hives and goes into sneezing fits.

DJB Facts

Positions Held


  • Joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood on January 17, 2007
  • Joined the d'Tana family on May 10, 2007
  • Created the Arcona logo in September 2007
  • Became House Qel-Droma Aedile on December 16, 2007
  • Became House Galeres Aedile on November 10, 2008
  • Became Seneschal on December 13, 2008, retired June 2010
  • Became Seneschal again on December 11, 2010, retired May 30, 2012
  • Became Herald on October 29, 2013
  • Introduced avatars to the DJB site
  • This character was believe to have died in 37 ABY at the hands of Esoteric
  • This character resurfaced in 38 ABY
Positions Held
Before Position After
Nobody Battle Team Leader of Cabal Cronal of Clan Arcona
27 ABY
??? Aedile of House Qel-Droma
28 ABY
??? Aedile of House Galeres
30 ABY
Jac Cotelin Seneschal
30 ABY - 33 ABY
Arion Sunrider
Arion Sunrider Praetor to the Seneschal
34 ABY
Solus Gar
Arion Sunrider Seneschal
34 ABY
James Lucius Entar Arconae
Shikyo Keibatsu Herald
37 ABY
Baxir Vol
Dark Jedi Brotherhood Developer and Graphics dude


Orv does a lot of art for the DJB and on the side. You can see his stuff on Artstation.