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Outer Rim Territories


Dajorra System


1: Dajorra



Distance from Core:

365 million km (2.5 AU's)

Orbital period:

315 Local Days




24,000 km


Type I (Breathable)


Temperate (-5¡ to 25¡C)


Standard (1.2 standard)

Primary Terrain:

Plains and Forest

Points of interest:


Native species:

Human (Sardinians) / Humanoid (Keadeans)


1.2 million

Major imports:


Major exports:


Possession Item:

ID 79969

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Eldar, like Selen, is technically not Clan Arcona territory, though the current power in control is allied with Arconan interests for the natural resources of the planet, in exchange for the Clan’s protection. While Eldar is mostly covered by forests and dry plains, its crust contains numerous ores that the Dajorra Defense Force utilizes for repair and construction.

Eldar is currently the home of House Galeres of Clan Arcona, which operates out of a forward operations base known as Kurs'kranak. The House maintains a solid relationship with the dominant Shogunate of Tao Feng, which expands their influence throughout the planet.

The Scarlet Empire

Many years before Arconan occupation, Eldar was controlled by the Scarlet Empire, led by the now deceased Keadean Empress Keadena, whom the species itself was named after. The capital city of the Empire, Shihon, had been established at the Empire’s founding in 150 BBY by the Emperor Nikla Shih, though little record of anything other than Keadena’s reign exists otherwise. Keadena renovated and added to Shihon, building it up during her time as Empress.

Keadena’s reign also saw times of rebellion, with the advent of the large, but wholly unsuccessful Tho rebellion. Led by the powerful Scion Dio Tho, the rebellion gathered almost a quarter of the Empire’s strength, before assaulting the city of Shihon directly. The city was laid under siege for 180 days, but its walls proved superior to the armies under Tho’s control. After running through their supplies, Tho’s armies attempted to retreat, only to be attacked by Keadena’s forces when their backs were turned. Tho himself was beheaded after the battle, and Keadena restored order.

She also undertook the rebuilding of the Empire’s military, then dividing it upon the individual Scions, believing that the greatest armies could be built by the vassals themselves. What she did not foresee from this choice, however, was the resulting wars that would commence after her death in 50 BBY.

The Scion Wars

(temporary explanation: due to change after competition) Keadena died in 50 BBY leaving no clear heir to the throne of the Empire, sparking the Scion Wars, in which the scions of the Empire rose up to claim the throne for their own. When the war ended, the Empire was utterly destroyed with only a few of the cities remaining intact. One Scion, Tao Feng, emerged victorious over his fellow scions, but it was anti-climactic.

Although the Scion Wars destroyed the Scarlet Empire, the victorious Scion reformed the remaining cities into a Shogunate, the Shogunate of Tao Feng, in 30 BBY with himself declared as Shogun while keeping the capital located in Shihon. The Shogunate only controls the continent of Tairiku, but many of the Daimyos of the various provinces are extremely powerful, having built up their specific realms.

The Shogunate of Tao Feng

Tao Feng ruled his Shogunate for thirty-five years, during which Tairiku saw great peace. Tao ruled through a tactical mixture of control and compliance that was the admiration of his allies and the envy of his enemies. Tao built the Shogunate back into a leading power, though he never achieved his goal of a complete recreation of the Scarlet Empire under his control, as he died in 5 ABY, leaving the throne to his son and heir, Theros Feng.

If Tao was a savior to the people, Theros was a butcher. Considered a tyrant by all historians of the Shogunate, Theros attempted to build the office of the Shogun to godlike proportions, at the cost of his own title and the economy. Several large rebellions rose up against Theros and threatened to dissolve the Shogunate entirely, until the Council of Elders intervened. Theros was exiled and a regent took his place until such a time as his son, Hitoshi, could assume the mantle of Shogun. Theros reign was a brief seven years.

Interaction with the Dark Brotherhood

Although Arcona had a presence on Eldar before Hitoshi’s reign, the Shogunate was unaware of their presence, until the Shogun was granted a visit by Obelisk Prelate Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar who appeared flanked by two members of Spectre Cell, Leader Celevon Edraven and Kratus Vahillus. Hitoshi was delighted by the Force-users, whom he believed to be descendant from Empress Keadena. The Shogunate then officially recognized the SCEPTER organization, giving it control over the Sapphire Quarter of the city of Shihon.

Rise of the Sardinian States

After the collapse of the Scarlet Empire, the human servants of the Keadeans, who dubbed themselves Sardinians, began to form small city-states on the other continent of Eldar, Aifreann. United under their powerful church, the Sardinians are definitely the weaker of the two powers, with only a small handful of cities which lack the luster and finesse of those within the Shogunate. The capital of the Sardinians is located in the city of Sufre, the center of the church’s power.

In 25 ABY, the Kasha of the Sardinians decided to pay a visit to the city of Shihon, and attempt a meeting with the Shogun, Hitoshi Feng. Disgusted by the barbaric Kasha, Hitoshi closed the city to him and promptly sent him back to Aifreann. The Kasha, furious with his reception, vowed to one day destroy Shihon, though this threat has yet to come to fruition.


Eldar has two major continents which cover both halves of its surface where there isn't ocean. These two continents hold a vast majority of minerals and substances that attracted the eyes of Arcona. They are named Tairiku and Aifreann.


Tairiku is predominantly forest and jungle, while the center is taken up by the large and foreboding Sabaku desert. Most of the land is fertile and deep within are large deposits of metal, oil and other natural fuels and materials.

Tairiku is controlled by the Shogunate of Tao Feng, or the Keadeans. Their capital city, Shihon, is built upon the oasis at the center of the Sabaku desert, which the Keadeans refer to as the pinnacle of their engineering power. What powers Shihon and keeps it going is water pumped from a large aquifer directly below the desert.


Aifreann is predominantly mountainous, though a large basin dominates the upper half of the continent, while forest controls the lower. The area is spanned by many rivers, though most of the soil is hard with large amounts of clay.

The basin area is controlled by the Sardinians, who have established various city-states in the region under their religious capital of Sufre. The forest region is rumored to contain the hidden Forward Operating Base of Kurs'kranak, House Galeres’ home base.


There are two major Humanoid races on the planet. The first is a human race that calls itself Sardinians, after their most ancient ancestors by the same name, while the second is a group of Humanoid aliens that call themselves Keadeans, after their greatest ruler, the Scarlet Empress Keadena.

Sardinians (Humans)

The Sardinians claim to be the leaders of a vast, now defunct, empire in the central Basin region of Eldar, though in actuality they were merely the servants of the Scarlet Empire which dominated Eldar until 50 BBY, when the Scion Wars devastated it beyond repair. Most of the surviving Sardinians are now found in semi-independent city-states led by a potentate of some title. They are a hard working people, most are peasants working farms or other labor.

The typical Sardinian is a dark-skinned human who wears a rough, woven tunic and matching pants. Men typically work as farmers or soldiers, though some are being used in a new form of industrial production. Women are generally keepers of the house and are used primarily for the purpose of population, as well as culturing the children of the areas.

The Sardinian’s one and only unified faction is their church, which teaches and maintains the worship of the Sardinian god. The church enforces the teachings as effectively as possible, using force if necessary. The head of the Sardinian church, known as the Kasha, rules from a central location which is heavily guarded and fortified, and acts as a primary leader for all of the Sardinian states.

Keadeans (Humanoids)

The Keadeans, the reptilian Humanoid species on Eldar, takes their name from the dead Scarlet Empress Keadena. They are a more organized species than the Sardinians in that most of their cities have splendid architecture as well as a solid system of government. Ruled by the Shogunate of Tao Feng, the Keadeans believe themselves to be the inheritors of Eldar, destined to control the planet by their pantheon of gods.

Unlike the Sardinians, the Keadean’s church is divided into temples within each city, with each one representing a different god. Citizens are encouraged to undertake yearly pilgrimages to all the temples, to show their utter devotion to the gods, and finally to the palace of the Shogun himself, to demonstrate their loyalty to the nation.

The Keadeans also have the planet’s only functioning army, which is located in their capital city, Shihon. Their rank structure is fairly simple, with only three enlisted ranks and two officer ranks. The Keadean military’s great pride is in its foot soldiers, who are trained extensively to be a highly deadly force.