Dajorra Intelligence Agency

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Dajorra Intelligence Agency
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Sashar Arconae

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Arconan Armed Forces


Approximately 100

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Chronological and political information

30 ABY

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The Dajorra Intelligence Agency, more commonly known as the DIA, is Clan Arcona's special operations and intelligence branch. It is split into two divisions, one which gathers the information and manipulates massive data networks to provide the Clan with the resources it needs, and another that is in charge of conducting the spy operations and coordinating the high profile assassinations and extractions handed down to them by the Consul. The DIA is led by the Intelligence Director, who commands the entire group from the Last Light.


Sashar Arconae

The DIA was created in 30 ABY under the administration of Consul Sashar Arconae. However, he was associated with the founding, as it was announced by Commodore Sulaco after the successful decryption of the Directive One: Bastion file.

The Intelligence Agency was birthed three years after the founding of the other major military branches, the Dajorra Defense Force and the Arconan Expeditionary Fleet. Those were founded shortly after the disaster of the Eighth Great Jedi War, when the Yuuzhan Vong swept through the Arconan homesystem, tearing it from their grip. It took an entirely different set of crises to force the founding of the DIA, however, as the Clan would soon learn.

The fledgling organization was limited at its founding, forced to draw upon civilian refugees sheltered on the Eye of the Abyss II to fill the ranks. After just a few months, however, many of these civilians became veteran intelligence officers during the events of the Ninth Great Jedi War and the subsequent reclamation of the Dajorra System. In the Directors' speeches thereafter, they called for volunteers to sign up to be considered for inclusion in the new agency, hoping for at least one hundred volunteers to choose from. However, the numbers turned out to be overwhelming, because after three years on the fleet, homeless, boredom and frustration had grown on the civilians, and they wanted to play their part in reclaiming the glory of Dajorra.

After the first five hundred volunteers had successfully signed up, the pool was closed, and the Directors set about interviewing likely candidates and choosing from those most suited to the tasks at hand. 45 operatives were chosen for each division, based upon prior education, experience, and various other factors. On top of that, eight other commissioned military officers were chosen to make up the general staff. By 31 ABY, the Intelligence Agency was a highly functioning branch of the armed forces.


There are two parts within the Agency: the Bureau of Operations and the Bureau of Analysis. Each is headed by a separate official, the two slots bearing equal weight. The undertakings of both divisions are closely tied and coordinated to razor-sharp precision, ensuring the success of every mission. Both officials answer to the overall Director.

Both divisions of the agency are stationed on the Last Light, with agents reporting in to officials on the bridge. The low number of operatives allows the agency to be nearly invisible to the other individuals on the ship, and it is not a widely known fact that the Last Light is the home base of the DIA.

The Directors are chosen by the Consul and Proconsul based on prior experience and ability to fulfill the roles dictated. Most are Dark Jedi with leadership time in the Clan beforehand, and are often pretty highly ranked members of the Brotherhood. The general staff is selected by the Directors, selected from a group of viable commissioned officers.

The DIA in the Arconan Military

The DIA is the fifth branch of the Arconan Military Order of Battle and differs substantially to that of the other branches. In comparison to the ASC, the DDF, the AEF, and the Army, the DIA is open to the members of Arcona by invitation only. If members of Arcona want to gain entry, they first have to seek the approval of the Director of the DIA. DIA ranks are a lot less structured than the conventional military.

General Staff

Each of the individual roles within the DIA may be held by only one individual. Only if that individual is killed or relieved of his position does that particular role then become open to the ranks of Arcona once more.

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