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Unknown Regions


Dajorra System


1: Dajorra

Distance from Core:

117 million kms (0.76 AU's)

Rotation period:

300 standard hours

Orbital period:

24 Local Days




12,400 km


Type II (Air masks required)


Hot (90 to 150 F, dark side)


Near standard (0.9 G)

Primary Terrain:

Glass and rock

Native species:



No non-military personnel

Major imports:


Major exports:

Solidified Tibanna


Clan Arcona

Possession Item:

ID 79965

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The inner-most planet of Sukhur is also the harshest of the planets Arcona has made use of. Sukhur was originally selected as the headquarters of House Galeres for this very reason.

Sukhur is continually baking in the glare of Dajorra, and its landscape is constantly being melted and rearranged. Sukhur's orbit gradually brings it closer to the star, and scientists have theorized that it once was a desert planet. However, the sand has now melted into a shifting sea of glass, which are often as deep as 50 meters. The only time it's safe to be on Sukhur's surface is during the long night, after the glass has cooled to a solid.

Setting eyes on the endless glass plains of Sukhur will make one forget how terrible a place it really is; the crystalline seas continue to the horizon, punctured every now and again by igneous rock formations that haven't been washed away by the ever-changing landscape.

The fact that Clan Arcona is able to maintain permanent structures on Sukhur is a testament to the skills of their engineers. Prefabricated, heat-resistant structures are sunk into the still-molten glass after sunset, resting on the rock below, and then connected by a series of tunnels. From these structures diggers carved halls and chambers out of the rock of Sukhur itself, where the heat of Dajorra cannot damage it. Tunnels run from the base to a point approximately 20 meters above glass level, ensuring that Arconans aren't trapped below.

Since leaving Sukhur for Eldar, the former House Galeres headquarters have been converted into a proverbial "Last Stand" for Arcona. The hidden base has been filled with supplies for a long-term guerilla war, should the Dajorra System ever be over-run by any enemies. The very location of this base has been stricken from all formal records, knowledge of it known only to top-ranking officials in the Arcona Military. A small garrison of troops however are stationed within the base at all times, ensuring all systems and equipments are kept in working order, should a worst-case scenario occur.


Former Galeres Base

Converted into mining facility by Zainab Mining Enterprise to extract the wealth of Solidified/Crystallised Tibanna deep beneath Sukhur's surface.

The Box

During the reign of Consul Wuntila, further uses for the inhospitable planet were discussed. At the time the number of long term prisoners held by the Shadow Clan had become so high that existing facilities were beginning to struggle to cope.

On appointment to Rollmaster, Andrelious J. Inahj was directed to find somewhere to construct a new, high security prison to facilitate the transfer of Arcona’s most dangerous (with the exception of those held on Dusk Station), many of whom were captured Force sensitives that had refused to integrate into Arcona’s ranks.

As an ex-member of the former Sukhur’s Legion, Inahj quickly decided that Sukhur was to be the new prison’s location. The horrors of its environment, whilst it would make initial construction difficult, would make escape incredibly hazardous, and Andrelious hoped that this would also discourage attempts.

Construction was begun almost immediately, with Wuntila handing over full control to agents of the Dajorra Intelligence Agency as soon as the facility became operational.

Nicknaming the prison ‘The Box’, the Agency transferred the majority of their higher security prisoners, mostly Force sensitives, bounty hunters and high ranking enemy officials, straight to The Box.

The Box is an impressive prison, its security having been designed by some of the Agency’s finest minds in tandem with Andrelious, who was given oversight during the design process. It is buried deep into the glass formations of its home planet, making it impossible to access at times when the surface above has cooled. This particular element of security was why Andrelious favoured Sukhur so highly. The path between the landing facility, which is protected from the elements by an energy shield, and the surface, is incredibly treacherous and beyond the means of all but the most skilled pilots. To date, only Andrelious, Nikola Valtiere and a handful of others have managed to successfully land and take off.

The building itself is constructed entirely of a shell of thick duracrete topping a layer of military-grade durasteel. Its only entry point is through the landing area, which is sealed with a large door also made from durasteel. This is the first of over a dozen doors that can be completely locked down. The security system was tested by several DIA operatives, as well as units from various parts of the Arconan Armed Forces and it is estimated that they are virtually impregnable: any assault would require slicers and demolition experts to work in tandem.

This already formidable defence is backed up with a set of automated defence turrets. These turrets each operate from their own system, to prevent a slicer from being able to disable them all in one go. The turrets, however, merely act as support for the armed guards that patrol the facility. These guards are among the best soldiers in the Arconan Army, although The Box is considered by some to be one of the least exciting stations available due to the incredibly low likelihood of an attack. Additionally, a single Dark Jedi, usually is assigned at all times. The dark Jedi acts as the commander of the garrison, and is in constant contact with the Arconan Summit at all times. They are also usually in charge of interrogating any prisoners as needed, using the extensive equipment provided. However, under the command of the newest Shadow Lord, Atyiru, interrogation has been kept to a minimum.

The identity of most prisoners currently held at The Box are, in theory, known only to the Consul, the DIA’s senior operatives, and the men and women stationed at the prison. The existence of The Box, however, is well known throughout the Dajorra system, with many of the Arconan leaders using a sentence there to keep both subordinates and the general populace in line.