Fifth Great Jedi War

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The Alliance of Seven
Conflict: While the Dark Brotherhood made preparations for its move to Antei it's home in the Aurora Sector was besieged by a consortium of pirates, brigands and bounty hunters forcing the Clans to put aside their differences for the first time in years and forge the Alliance of Seven.
Date: 12 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Territories

Alliance of Seven

Pirate Consortium


Mairin Astoris



The Seven Clans

Pirates, brigands and bounty hunters.

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The Fifth Great Jedi War (also known as the Forging of the Alliance of Seven) is a conflict that took place during 12 ABY. It saw the Dark Brotherhood besieged by a consortium of pirates, brigands and bounty hunters. Under the direction of then Shadow Hand Mairin Astoris the Clans were forced to set aside their differences and unite under the banner of the Alliance of Seven.


In his absence, while Firefox secretly oversaw the construction of a new Dark Hall on Antei, several of the Clans' systems were besieged by a powerful alliance of pirates, brigands and bounty hunters. It was unclear where the pirate alliance had come from or if they were the same group of Cordona pirates who had been routed by Justinian Khyron years before.

For the first time since Archibald Zoraan had schemed his way to the Iron Throne the Clans issued a truce with one another. Under the direction of the Shadow Hand, Mairin Astoris, the Clans united to form the Alliance of Seven. Too much was at stake with the Dark Brotherhood already planning its eventual migration to the Antei system to allow it to be consumed in a petty feud with the scum of the galaxy.

Before the combined might of the Clans the pirate alliance was eventually routed.

In the aftermath of the conflict Alliance of Seven was seen as too powerful and a threat to the Imperial Remnant's grip over the Dark Brotherhood. The Remnant attempted to court martial Mairin Astoris for her involvement in helping forge the alliance, hoping to shatter it in the process. Before she could be executed the Shadow Hand fled into exile. The Imperial leadership's plan backfired and rather than break the Alliance of Seven their actions drove a wedge between the Clans and the Imperial Remnant which would later have serious repercussions during the Exodus.


The Alliance of Seven

  • Mairin Astoris, Shadow Hand
  • Alliance of Seven

Pirate Consortium

  • Pirates
  • Brigands
  • Bounty Hunters

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