Vassan Rokir

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Vassan Rokir
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17 BBY

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1.95 meters


65 kilograms


Dark Brown


Grey (right), Shadow (left)

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona, Krath Order, Rokir Family



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"Let the darkness be my tutor, as well as my thrall."
Vassan Rokir

"Our darkness shall shatter the light."
2nd Place Winner: Arcona Clan Motto Contest

Vassan Rokir is a career-long member of Clan Arcona, and an adherent of the Krath Order within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Having been a member of the Brotherhood years prior to the great Exodus, Rokir has served Clan Arcona loyally, holding almost every leadership position within it at one time or another.

Now a Consul Emeritus of Clan Arcona and patriarch of the Rokir family, Vassan serves as counsel to members of the Dark Brotherhood both new and old.


Birth and early years

Chanlin Aldus Marr was born 17 years before the Battle of Yavin, on the Royal world of Ricaldi. Ricaldi is a planet within the Melantha region of the Tapani Sector. Ricaldi is a “royal” planet, in the sense that it and its sister planets in the Melantha region, are controlled by House Melantha, an ancient family of aristocracy.

Chanlin was the only child of Haylon and Kara Marr, and while his family did not possess any royal title, they did possess something almost of equal value: technology. Haylon Marr was founder and CEO of Marr Technologies, a firm that focused mainly on private contracting of defensive weapons and devices, both on the personal and military scale. As such, Chanlin was exposed early on to the inner workings of both weapons systems and the rigors of the corporate battlefield.

Haylon Marr was a hard man, ruthless and paranoid. His main goal was to succeed and outdo the opulence of the self-centered Royalty that inhabited the rest of the Planet. But deep down, he wanted to produce technology that would protect his family, and his home, from a coming conflict he was sure was just over the horizon. But this motivation was held so deeply, that he revealed it to no one, for fear he might appear as “weak” or “sentimental.” His pride and determination were noteworthy. But he put his pride first; his family almost always came second. Kara Marr was on the other end of the scale: meek and submissive. She loved and stood by her husband, trying to be a good wife to him and raise a healthy son who might carry on his work.

Early Education and Growth

Chanlin took quite well to his schooling as a boy, excelling in language and communication. He also seemed to be at one with his home world. By the age of eight, he had memorized almost every street, building, nook and cranny that might be found in the inhabited regions. Every time his father’s work took him to a different area of Ricaldi, or off-world, Chanlin would plead to tag along to see more of the part of the universe he lived in.

Wanting to please his father, but never exactly sure how to, Chanlin submitted his application to the Imperial Academy when he was 15. His father took note of this, commenting that if Chanlin were to end up a pilot, he would at least have a fighting chance with the shield designs Marr Technologies was producing. But Haylon appeared to pay only little attention to his son’s admission into the military. Kara, however, cried and worried for her son, but acquiesced to his decision. Chanlin was upset his father didn’t react any further, but made a personal promise to show his father his worth through military achievement.

Fortunately for Chanlin, House Melantha, and thus the Melantha region in general, had strong ties to the Emperor and the New Order, making admission and transportation to the nearby Imperial Academy fairly easy. It also helped that Haylon secretly pulled some strings within the Empire to get his son into the academy. He had made quite a few friends over the years, fulfilling so many military contracts.

Imperial Years

Chanlin enrolled in the Kormo Imperial Academy, which was housed on a remote Space Platform near the fringes of the Melantha region. Over the course of his studies and training, his almost miraculous skills in language and communications served him well. His instructors began grooming him for a possible command position in the Imperial Fleet. But other forces took notice of these budding talents. And from the shadows, Chanlin had a different kind of instructor, marking his progress. Chanlin graduated the academy when he was 18, and received high marks in all categories, especially in communications and diplomacy. Haylon congratulated his son as best as he was able: with a firm handshake and a pat on the back. It wasn’t much, but it was more than Chanlin had received from his father since he was a child.

The Battle of Yavin having just occurred a few months prior, the Empire was in need of top Graduates to fill the void created with the destruction of the Death Star, and its resident command officers. With his knowledge of weapons and defensive systems, Chanlin’s first assignment was at weapons control the Imperial Corvette Lexan, stationed near his home world. While Chanlin yearned more to exercise his natural abilities in languages, his family name seemed to have him pre-destined to sit at a console.

Aboard the Lexan

The Lexan’s main assignment was system patrol and security. The tour held much boredom for Chanlin. At least at first. Soon he got to see some action, and witness events that would set the course of his thinking, and his life, for years to come.

The Lexan

While on a standard patrol, the Lexan received a distress call from Ricaldi Spaceport Security. A group of Rebels had hijacked a squadron of experimental fighter craft from a local corporation, and were attempting to escape the system center and enter hyperspace. The Lexan responded, moving to intercept the oncoming fighters. Then an Imperial Official came in over the Comm, demanding that the fighters be disabled and captured, rather than destroyed, as they were valuable military equipment. The Captain gave the affirmative just as the fighters came into range. Chanlin was ordered to open up with Ion Cannons to disable the ships but, incredibly, despite several direct hits, no damage was done to the fighters shields. The crew wasn’t quite sure what to do. But Chanlin took a moment to look at the fighters, and recognized them from designs he’d seen in his father’s office. Marr Technologies designs.

“Sir,” Chanlin began, “I’m familiar with the shield systems of those fighters. If we recalibrate the Ion Cannons to a frequency of .0706, it should be able to bypass their shields and disable their systems.”

The Captain stared at Chanlin for a moment but, not seeing any other option, gave the order to recalibrate. Chanlin did the adjustments at lightning speed, and announced he was ready to fire. “Commence firing,” the Captain coolly ordered.

As advertised, the adjusted Ion blasts went through the shields like they weren’t even there. The Rebels were quickly disabled and pulled into the Lexan.

Chanlin had never run into any Rebels before, but his first impression was not a favorable one: they had stolen from his father. They had stolen from his family. “They had stolen from me,” he thought.

Imperial Career and Downfall

Chanlin rose in the Imperial ranks quite quickly over the next 7 years, and at the age of 25 was made Executive Officer aboard the Star Destroyer Indomitable. But his newfound rank would not last for very long, for his first assignment as XO was to provide support for an ambush. The ambush at Endor.

Chanlin and the rest of his crewmates fought valiantly during the battle, but it was for naught. The Emperor was defeated, and the Empire had an uncertain future.

Retreating from Endor, and with many of the crew dead from collateral damage, Chanlin knew that this was just the beginning of the Rebels’ quest for power. He decided then that he had to do all he could to ensure that his home not fall under the sway of the outlaws.

After fulfilling the final three years of his Tour of Duty, Chanlin returned home to tragedy. His father, so strong and resolute, was dying. It was on his deathbed that Haylon confessed his true feelings for his son, and asked forgiveness for not being a better father. In tears, Chanlin watched as his father died before he could give him the forgiveness he needed.

Chanlin became resolute himself, then. He swore he would protect his home and his mother from the Rebels that had taken him away to war while his father lay dying. Chanlin decided that any sort of normal life to be had would have to be put on hold, until he was certain that the “New Republic” never established a grip on his home.

The Emperor's Hammer

EH Logo

With the fracturing of the Galactic Empire after Palpatine's death, Chanlin found new hope within the powerful faction of the Emperor's Hammer, at first joining its TIE Corps, piloting a Missile Boat in Mu Squadron, exercising skills already honed through years of prior Imperial Service.

During this time, Chanlin sought more meaning to his career, and an increase in his influence within the EH, and thus tried his hand at military espionage with the EH Intelligence Division for a short time.

But he soon tired of the limited influence military service had garnered him, and his concerns for the safety of his homeworld during this turbulent period of galactic history brought his attention more and more to how he could best serve his people. And it was this concern that turned his attention towards politics, and the Imperial Senate.

Birth of a Politician, Birth into Darkness

Using the considerable inheritance he received upon his father’s death, Chanlin challenged the leaders of the ruling House Melantha in a political battle to refrain from bending to the overtures of the New Republic, knowing its government was founded by thieves, pirates, and malcontents. Chanlin brought to the fight his family name, and an almost unnatural charisma that seemed to draw those of influence to him at the very times he needed their support. The shadows took notice, and drew closer.

It was during one of the public rallies against joining the New Republic that Chanlin arrived at the second major crossroads in his life. After making a speech to a large crowd, he invited questions from the gathered. A dark, robed figure stepped forward, and spoke a question in a tongue unknown by anyone in the crowd. Chanlin heard the words, and knew they were all but gibberish, but somehow…he understood. He answered back, almost on reflex: “Of course I would give my life for my home. It is why I stand here today.” The dark figure at first looked surprised, and then looked pleased.

Later that day, Chanlin was approached by the mysterious figure. He was told of the power that awaited him, and the secrets to be discovered of the true masters of the galaxy. He was told they could all be his, but he must leave his home, and dedicate his life to the study of the ancient powers.

Chanlin was intrigued, and felt, somehow, that the cloaked man spoke the truth. That very day his packed his things, said goodbye to his mother, and left to become a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

A Member of the Sith

Relying first upon his piloting skills, Chanlin Marr joined the Brotherhood as a member of the Sith Order, and chose the then House Arcona as his home. He began as a Flight member of Torment Squadron aboard the House's Flagship, Eye of the Abyss, under flight leader Shotgun. The House Quaestor, Nighthawk, took an early interest in Chanlin, impressed with his enthusiasm, and creativity.

It was during this time that the numbers of Arconans swelled, after an internal conflict within Clan Scholae Palatinae. And thus Nighthawk moved to expand House Arcona into Clan Arcona. His call was quickly heeded by the Dark Council, and Clan Arcona was founded. But it was soon thereafter that Chanlin came to a personal crossroads, finding again that service in the military, even the Brotherhood's military, was too limiting. Thus he transferred into the Krath Order, and went into seclusion as a Rogue for several years in order to further his studies.


Appearing again two years before the Exodus, Chanlin rejoined Clan Arcona and took a new name to signify this rebirth: "Vassan," the name of the Marr family founder, and a great architect; and "Rokir," the name of the desolate moon of his homeworld Ricaldi, as well as that of an ancient Ricaldian warlord.

He quickly impressed the masters of Clan Arcona, and was placed as Tetrarch of the Hell's Gatekeeper's Phyle, wherein he took on students such as Paladorian, and Timeros. He led the HsGk Phyle to great success, and it was around this time that hid duty to his home called upon him.

A Senator, A Deputy Chancellor

The Force guiding him, Vassan traveled back to Ricaldi and, under his real name, soon sued to represent his people to the Imperial Senate of the Emperor's Hammer. With his natural charm, backed by his powers in the Dark Side of the Force, he was quickly elected by his people, much against the desires of House Melantha, who saw a democratic representative as a threat to their temporal control over Ricaldi.

Seal of the EH Imperial Senate

The newly minted Senator made a fast impression upon then-Chancellor Shadonyx, who, quite incredibly, made Chanlin Marr his Deputy Chancellor only months after joining the Senate. Marr served the Chancellor admirably for a great length of time, making contacts with such future Brotherhood luminaries as Trevarus Caerick, and the future Halcyon Rokir. All the while, the darkness watched intently.


But a tumult soon came, wherein Shadonyx, made weary by the weight of politics, lost his sanity and attempted to destroy the entire Senate in an act of sabotage, but he came to his senses long enough to merely step down. The Command Staff of the Emperor's Hammer moved quickly to fill the power vacuum, and elevated Chanlin Marr to Chancellor of the Imperial Senate.

Seal of the Liberal Party

Chanlin's time as Chancellor was one fraught with conflict: butting up against the EH Command Staff to better define the Senate's purpose under a Dictatorship, while at the same time working to gather as many representatives from the myriad of worlds under EH influence, and adding their unique information and culture to the collective databases of the EH Archives. Towards this end, Chanlin Marr ordered the creation of the tripartite system: The Liberal, Conservative, and Independent parties within the Imperial Senate. It was hoped that by alloting the various members of the Senate along philosophical lines of what sort of progression would be "best" for the Empire, a more productive purpose could be found for the political body.

But despite his best efforts, the Command Staff of the Emperor's Hammer would not release any form of control in order to give the Senate true purpose within the organization And thus Chanlin Marr resigned in protest, and quietly returned to Ricaldi. It would be a year before he would again emerge from the shadows.

After the Exodus


When word reached the Tapani Sector that the Dark Jedi Brotherhood had ceded from the Emperor's Hammer, Chanlin Marr, still acting-Senator of his homeworld, came to a crossroads. He knew that a Dark Brotherhood unsuppressed by the maddening restrictions of Grand Admiral Ronin would flourish with power. His instinct was to immediately leave Ricaldi, and rejoin Arcona towards a glorious new future.

However, Chanlin knew that if he were to abandon his place as Ricaldi's political represenative, the Melantha Ruling Family would almost immediately retake control of the system, and move to realign with what remained of the Empire, namely the quickly eroding EH.

His connection to the Brotherhood and the Dark Side of the Force still little more than a rumor to those outside of the Brotherhood, Chanlin confronted the Melantha Regent, Lord Symon and, using the Force, bent Symon to his will. Ricaldi's political alignment would be held as Independent, and Chanlin would remain the systems official Representative even while abroad. Shortly thereafter, Vassan Rokir made his way back to Brotherhood-controlled space.

Return to The Brotherhood

Vassan's return to the Brotherhood was met with a flurry of activity. The Exodus had reinvigorated the defecting members of the Organization, and therer was a newfound sense of purpose and survival, absent the stifling control of the EH Command Staff.

Upon arrival at the Brotherhood's new throne world of Antei, Vassan crossed paths once more with his old ally from the EH Imperial Senate, Trevarus Caerick, the recently appointed Oracle of the Dark Side. The Oracle saw much value in the arrival of so experienced a colleague as a former Chancellor, and soon named Vassan his Praetor. In this role, Vassan was tasked into deep and detailed research into the Origins of the Sith Order, seeking out the history of its mysterious founder.

Return to Arcona

At the same time, Vassan returned once more to Clan Arcona, where his wisdom and experience were quickly recognized by his being appointed Tetrarch of the Dark Orb Phyle within House Qel-Droma, the House's "veteran" Phyle. It was during this time and his work with Dark Orb that he was overwhelmingly promoted to Archpriest within the Krath Order.

The Challenge of Ashvroth

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Ascension in House Qel-Droma

Shortly after the Ashvroth incident, and likely in part because of it, Vassan was elevated to Aedile of House Qel-Droma, in the lead-up to what would be called the "Capital Gains" war. And only just afterwards occurred the 5th Great Sith War, in which Vassan was instrumental in gaining Arcona many victories.

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To the Clan Summit

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Upon being elevated to the Iron Throne of power within the Hall of Shadows in the Citadel on Selen, outgoing Consul James Lucius Entar presented Vassan the Abyssal Tome; the source of Arcona's secret powers and history.

For the next five days and nights, Vassan secluded himself within his new gained chambers, pouring over the Abyssal Tome, intent upon learning of the power it held.

Eye of the Abyss

In the middle of the night on the fifth night, a horrible scream echoed throughout the Hall of Shadows. His attendants rushing to his aid, they found Vassan standing above the Abyssal Tome, which lay dropped on the floor, open to its final page. And when Vassan turned to those who meant to aid him, they beheld what the powers of the abyss had wrought:

Vassan's left eye had been replaced, and scarred, by the abyss itself. He has never revealed what happened to him on that night, nor what he saw, or had shown to him, that caused his mystical injury.

It is rumored that this "eye of the abyss," in conjunction with his undamaged right eye, allows Vassan to see the world as it exists both in the light seen by all, and the shadows that lie beneath.

Force Powers

Beyond the main school of Force powers taught within the Dark Brotherhood, Vassan is also exceedingly well-versed in Arcona's secret school of powers known as Shadowcrafting.

Having refined the Clan's knowledge of these powers with his own personal investigations, Vassan has proceeded down the "Inner Darkness" path of Shadowcrafting powers. In addition, his former role as Clan Consul entitled him to specialized training in two of Shadowcrafting's four powerful rituals: "Banishment" and "Abyssal Communion."

Personal Possessions

  • A custom lightsaber, which Vassan designed himself, and had built by the master craftsman, Cyris Oscura.


  • At the time of "House" Arcona's transition to become a Clan, Vassan's submission for the Clan motto, "Our Darkness Shall Shatter The Light," lost by one vote: his own. He had tragically gone against his Dark Jedi instincts, and was a "good sport," voting for what would end up becoming the Clan's motto to this day: "Light Is Limited; Darkness Is Infinite."
  • Former Consul Nighthawk came to call then-Chanlin Marr "that idea guy."
  • Single-handedly researched and revised Clan Arcona's powers of Shadowcrafting.
  • Designed/built customized temples/headquarters for each of Clan Arcona's previous 3 Houses, Qel-Droma, Oriens Obscurum, and Galeres

Former Positions

Identification Line

KE Vassan Rokir (Krath)/Galeres of Arcona [ACC: CL:3] SB / GC / SC-SoF / AC-ToSC / DC-BP / GN-BL / BN-AuL / Cr-1D-5R-7A-7S-2E / CF-RF / DSS-AuL / SI / LS-BL / S:-21M-2Al {SA: KS: ToL - ICQ - IRC - IRO - MSN - GL - LA - D: KCORE - HS1 - HSII - MED - KP - RO - GS - O: SCORE - ISET - ESET - AST - K: OCORE - TE}