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General information

Ethran Sayre Isradia, Sashar Erinos, Kieran Erinos, Zandro Erinos



Historical information

c. 12 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"We are the final burning arrow in Arcona’s quiver, a roaring light that flashes for a moment before returning all to the quiet of darkness."
―Celahir Erinos, Soulfire Captain

Soulfire Strike Team was formerly the commanding unit for all of Arcona’s Special Forces in the Army, dubbed Soulfire Strike Force. However, given the recent period of peace, Galeres’ and Arcona’s leaders decided to decommission the Soulfire of old, and reinvent the squad with a new, less formal purpose.

The Basis of Soulfire

Soulfire acts as a wealth of experience. The Squad hosts several members with incredibly varied skill sets, and rarely act as a team. Instead, the squad suit the member loadouts to the mission they are given. It goes without saying that the members who’re admitted to Soulfire are thoroughly tested to make sure that when said missions to the squad are assigned, they do not fail.

Position in Arcona

Soulfire’s position in Arcona is an interesting one. The team’s loyalties lie with the Clan and their House above all else. There is little place for individual benefit. And whilst the individuals that make up the team aren’t completely selfless, as a group their purpose is very much altruistic.

Most commonly Soulfire is called upon in the direst of moments, their history and previous successes have earned them the nickname “The Last Stand” and this very much describes the team’s function within Arcona.


Before the reform in 33 ABY Soulfire’s (then still known as Soulfire Strike Team) missions where highly controversial and therefore kept hidden from general public. During the reform Celahir, with approval of Arconan leadership, had any and all documents pertaining to Soulfire’s past destroyed to ensure the team and Clan’s deniability of involvement in any of these missions.

Since the reform Celahir and Sashar have been working tirelessly to prepare for the team’s new purpose, establishing advantageous locations for the the team to meet up and working with the Arconan summit to establish a main base somewhere in Estle City.


Soulfire’s directive has been and always will be safeguarding Arcona and its interests. Throughout its history the team has established themselves to be Arcona’s last line of defense, this does not however mean Soulfire is the sole party responsible for the Clan’s protection and instead they are mainly called upon in case everything else has already failed.

The unique composition of the team causes them to think outside of the box like no other, this has resulted in Soulfire having yet to fail to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


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As a team, Soulfire needed a headquarters, following their position in the Clan, it’s aptly called “The Last Stand”.

The Last Stand

The Last Stand is the headquarters of Soulfire, the elite core of Arcona. What many think of as an exclusive and extravagant Ithorian herdship is in fact the home of hardened killers. Gutted and totally refitted in secret, the Last Stand can house all of Soulfire and their equipment in relative comfort. The envelope has been reinforced with flexisteel and potent shielding, all done under the guise of 'accommodating exclusive guests'. The welcoming deck is now a flight deck for shuttles and troop transports. A haven for the stressed elite is now a clandestine symbol of Arconan authority.


The Last Stand is primarily comprised of a reinforced armoured envelope filled with inert gas. This lifts the entire structure up above the Estle City Skyline as it carries out it's sedate tour. Shielding officially provides protection against airborne hazards such as flying animals, debris or storms. Unofficially, it turns the Last Stand into a floating fortress against attack. Running below the envelope is the lower half of the command deck and the 'welcome' deck, a long gantry able to hold multiple craft in adjustable berths. Whatever is docked will hang out over empty air for quick deployment from the Last Stand. Connected to the gantry at the stern is the rear lookout and a sensor suite, along with a maintenance area for the engines. At the bow, the welcome deck connects to the command deck, formerly the hideout of the captain and his crew, now the nerve centre of Soulfire. The deck above was formerly the resident's quarters and extends partially into the envelope itself. The viewing galleries remain intact, though an observer would notice that there aren't many guests seen looking down. The refined dining room has become a simple cafeteria, the frippery stripped away for industrial fryers and a salad bar. The function room is now a presentation area and information centre for the planning and briefing of missions. Other rooms have been converted for the needs of Soulfire: A gym, comms centre, infirmary and a maintenance workshop. Above all that, nestled in the envelope proper, are the bunks for Soulfire. Simple rooms with a small amount of space for personal kit to be stowed and maybe a little bit of decoration to make the Spartan bunks more 'homey'.


The Last Stand is powered by four gimbled engines, capable of moving the base in three dimensions at a reasonable pace of 100 Km/h, sedate compared to the countless speeders and spacecraft that flit about the vessel, but fast enough for a ship of its size. The Last Stand can hold all the members of Soulfire and their equipment, with room to spare to take on extras if the mission calls. It's stores hold enough food and for 3 months in case of emergencies. Powerful shielding protects the Last Stand from attack, under the guise of protection from environmental dangers. The nature of the Last Stand means that it has no weapons, relying on it's powerful shielding the carry the day. In the case of battle, the Last Stand needs to rely on the members of Soulfire and whatever they have docked at the time.

Strike Points

Strike Points are advantageous places throughout the Galaxy where Soulfire can mobilize. At these places, the team has access to most of the tools and equipment they might require for their mission.

These locations have been secured by the team’s members during the reform: Further content pending competition completion.

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