Dajorran Marshals

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Dajorran Marshals
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Wulfram Armis

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House Galeres, Clan Arcona


New Order era

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The Dajorran Marshals are a Branch of Emergency Services and Law Enforcement under the Purview of House Galeres. The Marshals are an agency serving in the space between the individual powers of the Dajorra System, fielding resources to supply Emergency Response Missions across the system, as well as tracking down heinous criminals who have escaped the justice of their own local government. Sharing an essential position with their sister agency, the Dajorra Defense Force, in policing the Dajorra System, the Marshals' focus are on threats from within the Dajorra System, while the DDF primarily focuses ostensibly on threats from without.

Instituted as a System-Wide Law Enforcement Organization under the direction of Socorra Erinos, the Darjorran Marshals were originally seen as a deputized organization of Bounty Hunters. This notion was only enhanced by their chosen motif, Stetson Hats with Dusters. After recent reformations, the Dajorran Marshals act at the discretion of their Director, to provide immediate response to evolving situations.


The Dajorran Marshals are a loosely connected organization with two primary branches; Rescue and Enforcement. Even within these two branches, affiliation is loose and often on contract. Officers can contract vetted Civilian crew members, droids, and forward personnel to serve aboard individual vessels, or alongside Marshal Operations Stations.

Less strict and regimented than the Armed Forces of Dajorra, the Marshals are a high-speed/low-drag organization comprised of Officers and Rescue Workers utilizing their own equipment for rapid deployment. Vessels registered to the Marshals and their individual Identifications are logged to allow quick recognition by local law enforcement and the Dajorran Armed Forces. This unconventional deployment structure allows the Marshals to rapidly deploy with well-known equipment, tailored to their personal preferences, without the stark threat of military intervention and implied force weighing heavily during enforcement.

The daily communications and operations of the Marshals are handled by a core of Civilian Employees, coordinating with the various local law enforcement agencies across the various settlements of the system. Headed by local officers and responding directly to the Director's purview.

Bases of Operation


The Operational Communications platform between members of the Darjorran Marshals is an Encrypted USENET known by the shorthand MUSE (Marshal Utilization Subnet - Encrypted). While encoded for use beyond a simple USENET protocol, it is the quickest form of Authenticated Communication between the Marshals, with new Authentication Protocols handed down monthly.

The MUSE Platform is simple, text and username driven: with high information throughput for verified packet transmission to establish claims on bounties, as well as to coordinate actions between Operators in the field. Image and Holoprojections are supported by linking encrypted files and accessing them on supported hardware.

The MUSE USENET Lobby is wiped every 3 standard days, with the logs only accessible from dedicated Server Hardpoints in Dajorran Marshal Operations Bases.


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Allies and Enemies


House Galeres

Dajorra Intelligence Agency

Dajorra Defense Force




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The Marshals

Adventure Log

Title Summary Time Period Link
The New Marshals The small outpost of Founders Mark was having trouble with a group of raiders going by the name Outlaw Country. Working with the local towns headswoman, the Marshal's rolled into town, set up an ambush, and quickly dismantled Outlaw Country to restore peace to the town. 40 ABY RP Transcript
DM Saloon The Marshals gather in a local Selen saloon to celebrate a successful first mission in running out the Outlaw Country bandits from a small Selenian town. 40 ABY RP Transcript