Dajorran Marshals

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New Order era.
Dajorran Marshals
General information



Bril Teg Arga

Historical information
Formed from:

40 ABY

Other information
Notable members:



House Galeres, Clan Arcona


New Order era

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The Dajorran Marshals are a branch of emergency services and law enforcement under the purview of House Galeres. The Marshals are an agency serving in the space between the individual powers of the Dajorra System, fielding resources to supply emergency response missions across the system, as well as tracking down heinous criminals who have escaped the justice of their own local government. Sharing an essential position with their sister agency, the Dajorra Defense Force, in policing the Dajorra System, the Marshals' focus are on threats from within the Dajorra System, while the DDF primarily focuses ostensibly on threats from without.


Instituted as a system-wide law enforcement organization under the direction of Socorra Erinos, the Dajorran Marshals were originally seen as a deputized organization of bounty hunters. This notion was only enhanced by their chosen motif, wide-brimmed hats with dusters. While acting at the discretion of their former Director, the Dajorran Marshals acted to provide immediate response to evolving situations.

Following Wulfram’s appointment to the position of Proconsul of Arcona’s ally, Odan-Urr, the Arconan summit chose Bril Teg Arga as the Dajorran Marshals’ new leader. As acting Starosta, Bril has worked with the summit to tighten the Marshals’ operational focus while maintaining the vision and spirit of its previous leaders.

Operation Brimstone

Now operating with new leadership, the Marshals' first test in the field came when reports of numerous attacks across Ussun's interior coast began to pour in. It soon became clear that the one responsible was Alla'su, an ancient Sith who fashioned herself as a god of the Selenian people. The false goddess unleashed her Sith war beasts, called caxqettes, onto the people of Selen. The chaos of the sudden attack meant that the Marshals' members weren't able to respond as a complete unit, but they nonetheless joined the fray when the combined forces of clans Arcona, Taldryan, Odan-Urr, and Naga Sadow responded to the threat en masse.

When the false gods Chicyiot and Tiexsema also joined the onslaught against the combined Brotherhood forces, the Marshals were there to help in whatever way they could given the rapidly changing circumstances of the battle; key mission objectives included killing caxqettes and transporting those infected to containment areas, defending allied camps from attack, and evacuating civilians to transport shuttles.

The Betrayal

While aiding in Selen's defense against the initial caxqette attacks, one of the Marshals' members operated outside of the team's mission statement. In the heat of battle, Rrogon Skar Agrona acted on an unfounded assumption that a Selenian citizen and two soldiers of the Dajorran Defense Force were infected by the caxqette parasites and attacked them. One of the soldiers, Lieutenant Hulta Fane was killed, while the civilian and the second DDF member, Sergeant Anquis, were left in critical condition due to extensive burns from Force lightning. Draca Zul of Clan Taldrya, Archian of Clan Arcona, and Evelyn Wyvern of the Siren Squadron, all intervened to stop Rrogon from causing further bloodshed, only to be threatened by the Kaleesh Sith for their efforts. In addition to using the Force to take control of Captain Wyvern's mind, Rrogon Skar fled the scene and has sense been declared AWOL.


The Dajorran Marshals are a loosely connected organization with two primary branches: Rescue and Enforcement. Even within these two branches, affiliation is loose and often on contract. Officers can contract vetted Civilian crew members, droids, and forward personnel to serve aboard individual vessels, or alongside Marshal Operations Stations.

Less strict and regimented than the Armed Forces of Dajorra, the Marshals are a high-speed/low-drag organization composed of Officers and Rescue Workers utilizing their own equipment for rapid deployment. Vessels registered to the Marshals and their individual Identifications are logged to allow quick recognition by local law enforcement and the Dajorran Armed Forces. This unconventional deployment structure allows the Marshals to rapidly deploy with well-known equipment, tailored to their personal preferences, without the stark threat of military intervention and implied force weighing heavily during enforcement.

The daily communications and operations of the Marshals are handled by a core of Civilian Employees, coordinating with the various local law enforcement agencies across the various settlements of the system. Headed by local officers and responding directly to the Starosta's purview.


The Operational Communications platform between members of the Darjorran Marshals is an Encrypted USENET known by the shorthand MUSE (Marshal Utilization Subnet - Encrypted). While encoded for use beyond a simple USENET protocol, it is the quickest form of Authenticated Communication between the Marshals, with new Authentication Protocols handed down monthly.

The MUSE Platform is simple, text and username driven with high information throughput for verified packet transmission to establish claims on bounties, as well as to coordinate actions between Operators in the field. Image and Holoprojections are supported by linking encrypted files and accessing them on supported hardware.

The MUSE USENET Lobby is wiped every 3 standard days, with the logs only accessible from dedicated Server Hardpoints in Dajorran Marshal Operations Bases.

House Galeres

In many ways, the Dajorran Marshals are a subsidiary organization to House Galeres. The Arconan House known for its distinctly martial culture and connection to the Arconan Armed Forces finds support in the areas that the Marshals specialize in law enforcement and emergency services. Galeres members find themselves at the top of the list of potential recruits and compose the bulk of the Marshals’ non-civilian personnel. In exchange for helping the House in its efforts to defend the system and the people within it, the martial House lends its support in the form of access its military installations, weaponry, and vehicles. The Nighthawk, a Marauder-class Corvette that serves as the Marshals' flagship, was granted by House Galeres, Moreover, the Marshals’ Starosta serves as a member of House Galeres’ leadership under the guidance of the House’s Quaestor, Ood Bnar, and Aedile, Sivall Zoria.

Dajorra Intelligence Agency

As the premier intelligence organization in Clan Arcona, the DIA plays a vital role in helping keep the Marshals informed about events happening both within and without the system. Although the Marshals have their own civilian personnel tasked with intelligence gathering, the ability to requisition the DIA's more expansive personnel and analytic resources is something that DM leaders both past and present have taken advantage of. The need to share information between the two organizations in the pursuit of their shared goal, protecting the people of Dajorra, has led to the formation of a positive professional relationship between them.

Galeres Field Medic Corps

Because emergency services and disaster response fall within the Marshals' mission statement, they often find themselves working closely with House Galeres' premier medic corps in the field. It's not uncommon for a team of GFMC personnel to spend a rotation or two on the Nighthawk, nor is it unusual to see the Marshals lending their support to the GFMC in the form of battlefield support and defense.



K-8T0, often referred to as "Kayto", is a KX-series Enforcer Droid in the employ of Bril Teg Arga and the Dajorran Marshals. It functions in both a security and interpersonal role for the organization -- using its state-of-the-art language processing unit to translate the myriad languages the Marshals may come across in their duties, and its enhanced combat protocols to assist in the neutralization and apprehension of would-be criminals. K-8T0 is known for its haughty personality, being itself to superior to all other KX-series droids. It is fond of seeking out ways to improve its design and has painstakingly reforged its exterior parts with more precious metal in the hopes of making itself stand out from its fellow Enforcer Droids.

K-8T0 has a very formal way of addressing those it considers its superiors, using "lord" when speaking to members of the Marshals.


  • Force-imbued Pike

Headquarters and Locations

Fort Blindshot

Galeres Military Installation

As an organization nested within House Galeres and the Dajorran Defense Force, the Dajorran Marshals find their home within Fort Blindshot, specifically within the Galeres' military compound.


Main article: Nighthawk (Marauder-class)

Formerly a starship in the employ of House Galeres, the Nighthawk has since been gifted to the Marshals to aid in the completion of their mission statement.

The Nighthawk


  • 8 dual turbolaser turrets
  • 3 tractor beams


  • 87 crew for full effectiveness
  • 80 passengers
  • 300 metric tons of cargo
  • 1 squadron of starfighters

Team Roster

The following details the members who are currently active members of the Dajorran Marshals, as well as the Dajorran Defense Force (DDF) personnel who also help in its day-to-day operations.


Bril Teg Arga

Character Sheet
An Arcanist who specializes in tracking, archaeology, and combating other Force users.


Jedi Defender

Character Sheet
A Jedi Defender, farmer, and animal specialist.
Karran Val'teo
Sith Juggernaut

Character Sheet
A Sith powerhouse augmented by Nightsister magic.
Emere Galo
Weapons Specialist

Character Sheet
A sharpshooting Weapon Specialist with an unshakable resolve.
Kaled Atros

Character Sheet
A Force Disciple specializing in both conventional medicine and Force healing.

Character Sheet
A techweaver and pilot specializing in mecha-deru and astrogation.

Character Sheet
A Mandalorian and marauder known for her swift attack style.

Character Sheet
A Dathomirian Nightsister and pilot skilled in Force rage and bladework.
Luka Zarkot

Character Sheet
A grey Jedi with a penchant for connecting with animals and Force illusions.
Ellisyn Kendis

Character Sheet
A towering Mandalorian who excels in hand-to-hand and airborne combat.

[ Character Sheet]
A Herglic mercenary as skilled with a blaster as he is with a spatula and hydrospanner.


Minnow Erinos
Pilot, Scout Sniper

Character Sheet
A Nautolan pilot in the Siren Squadron and personal Fade to Bril Teg Arga, her value as an asset is unquestioned.
Foxen Erinos

Character Sheet
A Nautolan-Chagrian hybrid whose expertise in multiple weapons, connections in the mercenary world, and keen fashion sense make him a vital liaison to the Marshals.

Character Sheet
An Omwati Force user who specializes in stealth, illusions, and scouting. These skills and Bril's trust for him makes him an important addition to the Marshals' potential contacts.

Most Wanted

The list of individuals whose crimes have earned them a spot on the Marshals' Most Wanted list. These individuals are considered highly dangerous and should not be approached if seen. Any information regarding their whereabouts or activities should be reported to a local law enforcement representative or a Dajorran Marshals member.


Rrogon Skar Agrona
Sith Juggernaut

Character Sheet
A Kaleesh Sith and former member of the Dajorran Marshals. Status: Unknown. Last seen during the beginning of Operation Brimstone.

Mission Reports

Adventure Log
Title Summary Time Period Link
The New Marshalls The small outpost of Founders Mark was having trouble with a group of raiders going by the name Outlaw Country. Working with the local towns headswoman, the Marshal's rolled into town, set up an ambush, and quickly dismantled Outlaw Country to restore peace to the town. 40 ABY RP Transcript
DM Saloon The Marshals gather in a local Selen saloon to celebrate a successful first mission in running out the Outlaw Country bandits from a small Selenian town. 40 ABY RP Transcript
First of Many Now under new leadership, the Marshals are called together to engage in what Bril calls a "team-building exercise." Several of its members get to know each other before engaging in an intense game of "monarch of the hill." 42 ABY RP Transcript