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House Galeres
Unit Information

20 ABY - Present




Clan Arcona
The Serpentine Throne


Militant Force Order


Protection of the Clan through military might


15,000–20,000 members at peak,
10% of whom were Force Users


The Shield of Arcona


Nighthawk (Founder)


"Drive Out The Light, So That Darkness May Be Impervious"


The Great Jedi Wars, including:

Notable commanders:

Battleteam Leaders:

Former leaders:

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"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
―Sun Tzu, The Art of War

House Galeres is one of two active Houses of Clan Arcona. Created by and maintained by a proud tradition of warriors, Galeres acts as the militant arm of the their Scion. Members of this hallowed House are often distinguished combatants - the "heavy hitters" of Clan Arcona. Their focus is not wrapped in the pursuit of arcane power, but instead that which can be acquired by the blade or a blaster.


In the time of archaic Brotherhood tradition, the Dark Jedi segregated themselves not only into Clans but Orders: Obelisk, Krath, and Sith. At its inception, House Galeres was meant to serve as the barracks for the Obelisk of the Clan. What Galeres now houses is the hearts and minds of Clan Arcona's brightest and most prominent warriors. With a deep tradition, the House has created many a skilled warrior and successful leaders to see Clan Arcona through difficult campaigns.

Galerian scouts exploring the planet Eldar

The Beginning

In the days before the Exodus, Galeres was located on the planet of Coronada with the entirety of the Clan. After the Exodus and the discovery of the Dajorra System, a base was quickly established on Sukhur, the harshest of worlds in the system. While the Clan desired a foothold on each planet, the practicality of maintaining a base of operations on a planet of sifting glass seas and blistering heat was soon questioned. In an attempt to secure a new foothold on Dajorra and perpetuate their advance as a House of Arcona, they came upon the world lush planet of Eldar. Spies from the Clan's now-closed third House--House Oriens Obscurum--relayed this information back to their Summit. When House Galeres left Sukhur to colonize Eldar, they found the Dark Jedi of Oriens Obscurum waiting for them. According to those archaic traditions, Consul Halcyon Rokir declared a House Feud with Eldar as the prize for the winner. After a campaign of fierce fighting, Galeres proved stronger and took the planet as their new home base. The first Galerian base was disguised as a mining operation. It quickly hit pay dirt with the discovery of Garconian spice found by Voranyen and Gavin d'Tana. After some experimenting on Gavin's behalf, it was found that the spice was extremely potent on Humans and near Human species. Further testing showed it had effects of euphoria and bliss on the Hutt species. With the Dajorra System located near Hutt space, it became a simple effort of learning to mine and refine the abundant spice.

The 9th Great Jedi War

A great threat formed for House Galeres in the form of a false Jedi Master Omancor Crask; uniting all of the Clans under the banner of the Brotherhood to fight against the threat. Known to this date as the Ninth Great Jedi War, this war was brutal; members were lost, but allies were gained. Despite the devastating losses, the House established itself as a tour de force for the Shadow Clan in wartime. This was the initial foothold in power for Clan Arcona and House Galeres that would stretch through several prominent Brotherhood conflicts.

Hunting Jedi through the Marshes of New Tython

The 10th Great Jedi War

Once more a threat arose from the ashes of time - Jedi Master Michael Halcyon and House Odan-Urr. The brethren of Galeres once more marched to war in the name of House and Clan. This time ―at the behest of the Dark Council― they arrived on the doorstep of New Tython aiding the Brotherhood Fleet. While the legendary Void Squadron patrolled the space above, the soldiers of Galeres were deployed planet-side. Aiding in the capture of key structures of varying strategic value, the militant minded Dark Jedi of Galeres waged a deadly campaign against the Mandalorian forces they encountered on the battlefield -- those known as the Ge'tal Gaan. There were many brutal engagements, but in the end the result was a repeat of their vital performance in the previous Great Jedi War: an Arcona win aided by the loyal members of House Galeres.

The 11th Great Jedi War

The Dark Crusade began with the invasion of the Super Star Destroyer Avenger II, where a strike team of elite Dark Jedi were able to bring down the crazed Dark Jedi Master, Darth Necar. The combined efforts of both Arcona and Taldryan secured the powerful ship, which required Wuntila Arconae to tame and mount one of Necar's feared Terentatek in order to help bring down the maniacal Lord. With the fall of Darth Necar and the apprehension of the Avenger II, the Dark Crusade to reclaim the lost Sith Worlds truly began... before the final battle at Korriban.

With only Korriban left to conquer, the Dark Brotherhood fractured into hostilities after Lord Marshal Damon Nix uncovered that the then-Grand Master, Muz Ashen, planned to recreate the Rite of Obscuration. Jac Cotelin would lead the Taldryan forces against the Iron Throne while House Galeres and Arconan forces defended Darth Ashen as he performed the first rite, devastating Antei. The Brotherhood would be fractured between three sides: Grand Master Muz Ashen, Grand Master Emeritus Jac Cotelin, and Darth Esoteric. The battles were hollow and duplicitous as the Brotherhood weakened itself in each skirmish.

Under the banner of Dark Adept Baxir Vol, House Galeres and Arcona would rally in the thickest of the combat to prove victorious-- if any real victory could be claimed. Licking their wounds from an extended Dark Crusade as well as perilous battles on Antei and Korriban, House Galeres retreated to the Dajorra System under the guise of SCEPTER. Under the paramilitary operation, they would deploy soldiers and Force Users to move in plain sight. These operations would provide the necessary recruitment of operatives, financial gain, and time to nurse a weakened House back to health.

Perdition and the Fall of SCEPTER

A House of renowned warriors, Galeres returned to its roots and traditions. As the frontline of Arcona during skirmishes with an alien threat and the One Sith, the House found its stride under the guidance of wise and fair leaders: Celahir Erinos Arconae, Talos Erinos, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, Cethgus Entar, Atyiru Caesura Entar, and Uji Tameike. Under the last of these prominent leaders, the House would shift from a 'backroom/underworld' organization to a more 'combat oriented' entity. Returned to its roots, Galeres obscured its presence to the galaxy-at-large through close integration with the paramilitary contractor company known as SCEPTER.

With extensive effort, Galeres used its success in the private sector to fund an expansion of the House's military assets. Soulfire Strike Team would find reformation under the steady leadership of the Erinos family: Nadrin Erinos Arconae, Sashar Erinos Arconae, and Celahir Erinos Arconae. Considerable assets were previously moved to fund a team aboard a highly modified ship known as the Nighthawk during the Eleventh Great Jedi War. Under the careful leadership of an Arconan legend, Arcia Cortel, the ship would integrate itself in the Dajorra Defense Forces and the Dajorra Intelligence Agency. This created a bridge between the military contracting world and the DDF that House Galeres is now so closely aligned with.

At the height of his leadership, the One Sith aboard the flagship Perdition would attack Uji Tameike by targeting his SCEPTER forces. Blindsided with fatigue from the Dark Crusade, SCEPTER was unable to stand against the might of the One Sith as they wreaked havoc within the Dajorra System by attacking several key strategic points simultaneously.
Arconan Ships engaging Perdition forces
As a result of crippled communications throughout the system, DDF and AEF forces were slow to respond to the threat. Only through the conviction and sheer determination of Uji Tameike were the DDF, Soulfire, and Nighthawk able to complete missions that uprooted the threat.

Fall of Perdition

With the Captain of the Nighthawk - Kordath Bleu d'Tana - captured, Uji Tameike rallied the remnants of his SCEPTER forces and, with the DDF under his command, began the hunt to destroy the Perdition and the One Sith once and for all. The exploits of the Nighthawk allowed them to cripple the larger ship, creating a unique opportunity to board the vessel and take the fight directly to the Force Adept in command of the enemy forces. It would be here -- in a final, decisive battle During the Siege of Selen -- that the upstart would slay the Elder Sith Dassac and vault himself to the position of Proconsul, filling the role of Scion to the Shadow Lady Atyiru Caesura Entar.

In a final act of mercy, Uji deactivated the private military contractor SCEPTER. All of the willing and able Loyalists joined the depleted ranks of the DDF and bolstered Arcona's military might to levels that it had not previously seen since the beginning of the Dark Crusade. With a loyal military branch at his back, he was able to turn the page on an underworld organization to a House filled with Dark Jedi, Loyalists, and Mercenaries to support the Serpentine Throne and the Shadow Lady who sat upon it. With this complete integration, Force Users became military officers of the Dajorra Defense Forces with the power to command forces at the behest of the Consul of Arcona. Loyalists became prominent leaders and advisors within the DDF, AEF, and DIA. Mercenaries became valuable black operations agents to run missions off books or complete the oft difficult missions of the DIA.

Modern Day

Under the careful eye of Consul Emeritus, Wuntila Arconae, House Galeres continues to make progressive strides forward. Representing the best of Arcona's militant forces, they employ two teams to marshal the military forces of Arcona and enact the will of the Shadow Lady and her Scion. <to be continued>

The Societies & Cultures of Galeres

The Cultural Element

Power in the Shadows

The Dark Jedi

Wielders of a power both arcane and awe-inspiring, the Dark Jedi of House Galeres fall into two categories: Sith and Grey Jedi. Some have sought out the Brotherhood to advance their power; for others, the Force has simply guided them into Galeres’ midst. Whatever the circumstances were, the secrets of the Force unlocked by the Serpentine Throne now hold this group’s loyalty in thrall. This cabal of Force Users now integrate themselves into the Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF) as agents of the Serpentine Throne. Their command of that mystical power creates loyalty in the enlisted ranks and fear amongst the enemies of House Galeres and Clan Arcona.

Loyalty, Fidelity and Honor

The Loyalists

The rise in Clan Arcona's prominence during the Dark Crusade created a groundswell of capable--and willing--members of the DDF and AEF to be taken into the Clan's confidence. These individuals served as the pilots, soldiers, and tacticians for the Clan as it clawed its way atop the ranks of the Brotherhood's power hierarchy. Entrusted with the Serpentine Throne's mission, these strategists, tacticians, and commanders form the core of the Clan's military might. Their powers are not tied to the Force, but are often regarded just as highly within the ranks of the Clan. Their ability to sway hearts and minds to their will, the brilliance and speed of their decision-making, and their loyalty make them powerful advocates of the Clan.

Thinking outside the Box

The Mercenaries

For every mission profile there is a unit...until there isn't. Initially frowned upon within the Brotherhood, mercenaries have become a relevant and critical part of operations within House Galeres and Clan Arcona as a whole. Often tasked with missions that do not fit conventional means, the mercenaries of House Galeres work alongside both Loyalists and the Dark Jedi to bring the will of the Shadow Lady and her Scion to fruition. Whether it is their hand-eye coordination, hand-to-hand combat, or divergent minds, the mercenaries provide unique skills that no other member can deliver. They are the dashing, bold element of the military that has no name and cannot be seen on any official records.

The Societal Element

"Drive Out The Light, So That Darkness May Be Impervious"

House Galeres

Stationed at the Citadel with the Clan Summit, House Galeres proudly serves in defense of the Shadow Clan. Integrated at the highest levels of the Dajorra Defense Forces and Dajorra Intelligence Agency, the members of Galeres influence military decisions, carry out operations on the Summit’s behalf, and safeguard the members of the Clan from outside threats. In times of war, the proud warriors of House Galeres rally to the banner of the Shadow Lady and Scion with fervor and determination to do their bidding. The saying “Your will by my hands” has become the unofficial motto of House Galeres in service of the Clan Summit.



The Nighthawk, crew and ship, is in direct service to the Dajorra’s Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as such, the AGV Nighthawk acts as the forward operating base of the Intelligence Agency's Analysis Branch. It is responsible for the maintenance of Arcona’s spy network, informants and intelligence gathering. Reporting to the Director and Deputy of Dajorra’s Intelligence Agency, the Captain of the Nighthawk has developed a reputation for knowing far more than many of the Dark Jedi within the Brotherhood. Though the Nighthawk is staffed primarily by those not sensitive to the Force, it boasts an impressive compliment of Galeres-allied Dark Jedi holding various roles throughout the ship. The on-board chain of command holds absolute authority; the crew will show respect for members of the Brotherhood aboard the ship, but they will only take orders from their direct superiors.

Allies and Enemies


House Qel-Droma

Both Houses adhere to a one-Clan mentality and Galeres respects the manner in which House Qel-Droma operates. While Galeres is found embedded into the military structure, their sister house practices a more shadowy, indirect approach to dealings in the criminal underworld and politics within Dajorra and the Brotherhood. When might is not right, Galeres turns to the members of Qel-Droma for a swift response that will not tie the Serpentine Throne to the crime.

Dajorra Intelligence Agency

With the Nighthawk spearheading the relationship between the House and the DIA, Galeres looks favorably upon the assistance and requests of the DIA’s Director, Timeros Entar Arconae. Often assigned to DIA Agents, House Galeres provides entry and exit on military missions while also providing funding and assets from the DDF for high level surveillance and asset conversion. The DIA holds an unparalleled level of access within the military hierarchy, but Galeres knows that at its head sits an Elder that would never willingly place the House in a situation that compromises its loyalty.

Dajorra Defense Force

With Loyalists indoctrinated into the Clan’s power hierarchy, the relationship between Clan Arcona’s military forces and the House are at an all-time high. Force Users, much like mercenaries and DIA Agents, are assigned to lead units of varying size for specific mission profiles. While some still harbor fear of the mysticism and unknown power of The Force, the soldiers are often relieved to have a Force User assigned to their detail for missions; knowing their chances for success – and returning home – are much more favorable.


Clan Taldryan

Oppressed for so many generations by the ‘’Brotherhood within a Brotherhood”, House Galeres often perceives anything related to Clan Taldryan as a threat to be neutralized. The warrior house faced off against Taldryan without success during many of the Brotherhood’s largest conflicts. A begrudging respect blossomed from those defeats, but Galeres–and Arcona–relished in their first and subsequent victories over the Elder Clan. Many of the campaign veterans credit Taldryan for giving Arcona a purpose and target to direct its energy towards; without their presence, Arcona might never have risen to the rank of First Clan in a desperate bid to dethrone them.


House Galeres has a natural dislike for anything not directly aligned with the Consul’s vision. To know that a secret–often whispered about–sect of members exist within the Brotherhood that place loyalty to the Iron Throne above all else scares even the most devout of House Galeres. In an effort to protect their allies in Clan Odan-Urr and the Undesirables of the Brotherhood, Galeres has declared the Grand Master’s Inquisitors as persona non grata within their halls.

Typical Actions and Reactions



Galeres Soldiers conferring

A House with strong ties to an Obelisk heritage, the members of House Galeres are often considered the warriors of the shadow clan–the first to fight. Sworn to protect the Serpentine Throne, they are deeply loyal to the Shadow Lord or Lady and their Scion. This can create animosity between Galeres and other Houses due to the culture of belief that they alone are strong enough to protect the Clan against all threats.

The members are often found rushing from perceived emergency to the next emergency; absent of the calm demeanor and rationale found in Galeres’ sister house – House Qel-Droma. The almost frantic pace causes a continuous rotation of members whom can be found on the front lines; primarily coming from exhaustion due to the frenetic pace in which the House operates.


A tight knit group, the members of House Galeres often have trouble accepting outside assistance or influence. They look to their own for guidance and leadership in absence of a direct order from the sitting Consul of Clan Arcona. This can create a breakdown in communication at times, because multiple individuals may be pulling in opposite directions within the unit.

However, once a decision is made, or decided upon by the members of Arcona’s militant House, they are fully committed. There are no half measures for the Warrior House. Violently and unpredictably, they will throw themselves into combat situations. Even the probability for success is borderline suicidal. It is in these ‘all or nothing’ moments when legends of the House arise, where members of the House laugh in the face of the odds and strive for greatness or accept a good death.

Real Life


The House strives to influence its members to be the best version of themselves. While we pursue many different projects and competitions, we aim to be perfectionists in three categories:

  • Communication:

The Warrior House feeds off of competition and the back-and-forth associated with friendly rivalries. This means regular reports and constant e-mail updates. Sometimes the communication goes off on a wild tangent, but the House is always pointed towards a similar goal and shares in great cameraderie due to their frequent conversations.

  • Member Development:

The House holds a strong belief that we are not looking to make carbon copies of one or two individuals, but help each individual discover the best version of themselves. By focusing on what makes the members happy, or gives them energy, the House has found unprecedented levels of success in participation and advancement. The truest calling for any member of Galeres is to be themselves and receive any and all assistance in that pursuit.

  • Fun:

This is the basis for all things in House Galeres. Our members are encouraged to participate and develop to the level that it is fun. While some members may push themselves too hard, they are always encouraged to step back, re-center themselves and find the ‘fun’ that makes both the club and the clan magical.


We adhere to the overall Clan Arcona belief: “I can pick on you, but no one else damn well better try. While we adore our moments of insanity, perpetual joking, and bromances… we try to create an environment that is inclusive. Our leaders work side-by-side with the members to create content and drive participation that they find engaging and simultaneously drive their progress as members”. It can best be summed up in the Mission Statement of our Leadership Team: To radically and violently break down walls and roadblocks that prevent our members from growth, development, and fun. To perpetuate an environment that is inclusive, family oriented, and errors on the side of over communicating. To develop content that not only drives participation, but gives rise to actual development for both members and characters.

Important Figures

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House Galeres
Quaestor Aedile
Qyreia Arronen Rrogon Skar

Influential Leaders

These individuals have lead House Galeres or aspects of House Galeres with the highest level of honor and commitment, forever impacting the workings of the Warrior House.

Individuals with Impact

These individuals have been involved with House Galeres, helping change it for the better. Their names should not be forgotten for the great work and example they provided for House Galeres.

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