Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana

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Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana
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17 BBY

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.77 Meters





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Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Clan Arcona, Galeres, Qel-Droma, Soulfire, d'Tana, Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Dorimad Sol

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Galerian Fire



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Koskian had a rough, to say the least, up bringing. The last of twelve children, born to a poor family in the lower quarters of Pandath. His birth families name was 'Prefect', though nobody knew what that really meant. Scrapping by on what little food his father could bring home, by the time Koskian was seven he was a wiry, short boy. Taking to the streets at an early age, he learned to scavenge with his two older brothers, Adeoc and Laso. Finding what they could in dumpsters, or unattended, Koskian didn't really know the meaning of theft till much later, they would fix what they could, salvage what they couldn't, and sell it. Eventually the three moved up to simply breaking into homes in the nearby middle class neighborhoods, Koskian being the smallest of the trio he would perform the infiltration and open the doors for his brothers.

He never knew how, but on no less than three occasions Koskian knew for certain that they had tripped a silent alarm. His brothers dismissed it the first time, thinking their little brother was simply scared, until the law enforcement officials showed up demanding to know whom there parents were. After that his brothers took his word on it when he had a 'strange feeling' about something. They dodged the police on many occasions in this manner, and made a decent amount of money to augment their father's work. His parents never condoned these actions, but being as poor as the family was, they never outright forbade them either.

On a particularly bad night, Koskian had just turned twelve years of age, he watched his eldest brother Adeoc get shot in the chest three times by one of the shady traders they dealt with. Laso ran to find help, leaving the youngest of the Prefect children behind to deal with the trader. Koskian felt a rage boil up in him that had never been unleashed, hate and anger at the poverty that he and his family lived in, and he directed this at the so-called merchant. Waking up an hour later with Laso standing above him, he was told the merchant was dead, apparently of some kind of brain aneurysm, and that Adeoc was being moved to a med center.

Relived that his brother would live, he wondered what had happened when he unleashed his anger and pain.

Teen Years

While his childhood had been a rough enough environment, teenage life in the poverty stricken lower quarters of Pandath was possibly worse. Still short for his age, the Prefect child wouldn't experience his growth spurt till almost 18 years of age, he was ridiculed and targeted by others. His eldest brother Adeoc having found a steady job, and Laso gaining admittance to the Imperial Academy, Koskian was left alone. No longer a part of a 'crew' to protect him, the 14 year old Koskian focused on day to day survival, hoping to make it to 18 so as to join the Academy as well.

In a moment of distraction while attempting a pick pocket, the young thief was caught by officials, who promptly brought him before the courts. This not being the first time he found himself there, the judge demanded he be put in remedial schooling, and probation of sorts. Disliking this immensely, Koskian spent the next few months on a closed campus in lower Pandath, where his height and light build were often the subject of jokes and amusement. In this time, Koskian became acquainted with brawling, getting into many fights with larger opponents. Every time that he lost, he learned something, and eventually it wasn't the smaller boy losing, so much as the bigger ones hurting themselves.

Gaining something of a reputation as a fighter, less and less bullies came after him, and some even began trying to make friends with the runt teen. Knowing that behavior would get him out of the mandated school quicker then anything else, he took on those who came to him and had them fight for him in a sense, rarely raising a hand where he 'felt' they would be caught. And he was right every time. His feelings from childhood never betrayed him he realized, and he wondered what this uncanny sense of luck was.

Growing stronger, and gaining street cred after completing his term at the school, Koskian set off into the world. At the age of 16, he hadn't seen his parents in several years, not since he had been placed in the school, and he had no intention of going back 'home'. Gaining ruffians and thieves, the young Prefect began setting up a gang. Using what skills they offered, they carved out a territory of protected businesses, safe houses, and drug fronts. With thieves roaming the houses of the middle class neighborhoods that he and his brothers had robbed as children, Koskian began to make quite a bit of money from tributes alone. Drugs were a good source of income he found out at that time, as was getting protection money from local businesses.

As with any gathering of thieves and lowlifes, somebody was always ready to sell out. Koskian's sixth sense, as he referred to it now, could tell who was planning on betraying him. The sensation grew the closer it came to occurring, and suddenly the police would find a would be informant at their meeting sights very dead. It was in this time that Koskian developed the quirk of using sporks as tools of destruction, after killing a soldier of his gang with one outside of a diner at night, no other weapons available to him he had taken utensils from the diner itself.

The police types found many in this state, plastic sporks shoved deep through their jugular or comparative organs and such. No law enforcement ever tracked down the crime ring to Koskian himself, and this frustrated them. No one is certain when it happened, but Koskian took on the alias 'Psyko' during this time, as his own sanity slowly eroded the more suspicious he became, killing his lieutenants when he simply suspected them of betrayal.

Discovery and Ascendancy

At about 17 years of age, Koskian, who was simply Psyko anymore, was wanted for a string of murders throughout the middle and upper quarters of Pandath, as he cut a swath through those he thought were the cause of his impoverished state. Most of his rational thought was simply gone at this point, and no one knew how he reached some of his targets, not even himself. His sixth sense was sharper then ever, showing him to passages he could never have squeezed through, yet somehow he pushed his body to do so. It's believed the first time he did this it resulted in intense pain, and eroded the thin walls he had around his sane mind, with no way to explain the how or why.

Nearing the winter months, Koskian felt...something was coming, and felt that it would be at the Pandath starport. Traveling there, he encountered a kindred spirit, at least in the feelings of anger and hate, in the form of then Jedi Hunter, Priyum Patel. Koskian could not understand the connection at the time, and Patel nearly killed him when he walked down an ally, fully aware of Psyko following him. After fighting the younger, insane man to the ground, the first time Psyko had lost a fight in years, the Force flowed between them, pulling some of Koskian's sanity back from the abyss. With coherent thoughts for the first time in two years, Priyum was able to explain many things.

Thus did Psyko learn of his sensitivity to the Force, and felt a burning will to learn more of this power. Helping Priyum complete his own mission, tracking down an agent of the Rebellion and getting information from him in a most grisly manner, he accompanied him back to the Emperor's Hammer space. Joining the Dark Brotherhood, and passing the tests that were set before him, he was sent to Clan Arcona, Priyum's own Clan. Joining House Qel-Droma, he met his Consul, the great Nighthawk, and his Quaestor Gavron Elliad. Both of these men had huge impacts on the young Obelisk's growth in the Dark Side.

Upon orders from on high that Houses would follow Order, he was moved to Galeres, where he finally found a true home. No more stuffy Krath, he found his Master, Tuojas D'Eraii, and his trainer in the way of blades, ShadowXX here. Eventually Koskian took over the House, taking on an Apprentice in future Brother Gavin Dahl, before leaving for a sabbatical of sorts.

Power and the Rediscovery

Koskian returned some years later, actually being Koskian now, having found some form of peace after assuring that his brother Laso had survived after the fall of the Empire. Spending time with both his brothers in Taanab, he was able to access bank accounts he had begun while running his gang, and departed most of the money to his brothers. Taking a sizable chunk of this for himself, he bought his own ship as well. The Class 720 Freighter Galerian Fire became his personal ship at this time, and returned him to the Coronada system in the Eos sector to find the Brotherhood in turmoil.

Returning to find his own Clan in shamble, Koskian did what he could to pick up the pieces, taking over as Quaestor of Galeres once more and waving a flag of unified Arcona. Having come back during the time of grievances against the Emperor's Hammer and its leader Ronin, Koskian didn't have to take long to choose sides. Quickly choosing to follow the lead of then Grandmaster Firefox, formerly of Arcona, Koskian threw in his support for the secession.

The Exodus came swiftly, the fleets of the Tie Corps hounding the Clans out of the safety of the Coronada system. After some travels and losses, Arcona found its way through the Maw, and Koskian got to set his gaze on what would be his first real home in years. The Dajorra System welcomed them with open arms, no sentient beings advanced enough to fight off the settling of the powerful Dark Jedi. In the years that followed, Koskian took more sabbaticals, before returning to finally take his place among the Arconae and as a leader of the Clan. He then became the Quaestor of Galeres once more, his fourth tenure in his career, and focused on making the beating heart of Arcona become even stronger.

Sometime after this, he was appointed Proconsul of the Clan, and due to a misfortune befalling his Consul during conflict with a rival Clan, was forced to lead in war time.

A New Path

Shortly after leading the Clan to victory over Scholae Palatinae in a war over young members trying to curry favor through sabotage, Koskian began looking around his old home. He did not care for what he saw, as the attitude of the Clan continued to build more and more towards arrogance and blind hatred for the other Clans. Watching his Clan turn more and more towards the ways of their former task masters within the Emperor's Hammer, Koskian resigned his position upon Consul Stratego's return to duty, and left for a sabbatical.

Returning shortly after the end of the Rite of Supremacy, Koskian made a surprising move, after being contacted by the very people he had helped defeat. Those of Scholae Palatine bore him no apparent grudge, at least on the surface, and Koskian is naturally aware he is not trusted there yet. Joining with former enemies on the behest of some he has come to admire, even during the time of war, Koskian has found new strength in this, his new home.

Koskian assisted the military forces of Scholae Palatine during the Alien invasion of Coctyus. Serving his new Clan faithfully throughout the war led to him being made head of the forces that were to reclaim the world of Caina, and the first new Quaestor of Dorimad Sol. After retaking the planet, Koskian was forced to take another sabbatical, but has recently returned to assist the House once more.

Warring with the Past

Not long after returning from his sabbatical, Scholae Palatine was called to war in aid of Plagueis, a Clan of lesser value but a possible ally. With the fleet dispatched, Koskian was called to a service he hadn't dealt with in many years, that of the military. Rank dictated command, and his experience was seen as valuable, and was given the command of the 4th Strike Regiment. Accompanying this was the rank of Lieutenant General.

Despite this appointment and awards of nobility from the reclamation of Cainia, Koskian still wonders if his clan mates truly trust him. The stress of war has begun to crack what some would call a precarious psyche, and Koskian has begun to have more and more visions of the future, a talent in the Force that he has long avoided due to his own previous madness. Dementia has not set in yet, but the Lieutenant General is certain that it is coming, and hopes to stave it off until the war is over.

Koskian lead the 4th Strike Regiment through the battle of Jusadiah, smashing portions of the Alien invasion force. The surprise attack by Arcona came as no shock to the Obelisk, the machinations of Consul Doto were well known to him. The intervention of the Dark Council fleet did surprise him in the end, and after the forces were recalled to Cainia, Koskian began cloistering himself away from his House mates, meditating on the encroaching madness.

Unexpected Changes

Over several months of focusing his mind, Koskian began to realize his connection with the Force itself was the source of his encroaching madness. The Obelisk dealt with this the only way he could determine, by limiting his usage of the Force, and training his body harder to make up for it. Already advancing into middle age, he had reached peak physical condition for an average Human, when something utterly unexpected happened.

Asked to stand watch over an experiment in one of the many Alchemy labs that Dorimad Sol used, in case any of the test subjects broke lose and the Sith scientists were inevitably unable to stop them. Not overly concerned with the details of the experiment, Koskian spent most of the afternoon of 'guard duty' trying to stay busy by annoying several of the subjects. Caged Ewoks, they didn't appreciate him so much, and on more than one occasion, the Obelisk pulled his arm back with scratches and bite marks.

It's still uncertain how the accident came about, but the results were unexpected. When the lights came back up after exploding machinery knocked out the power, Koskian felt strange, and thought he was having an out of body experience. Until he realized he wasn't in his body, and was for whatever reason caged. The Obelisk watched his body stop in mid motion, looking at it's hands, before turning and running out the room. The scientists ignored it, figuring the Obelisk's nerve had broken from the sudden flashes of light and the screaming of the ewoks.

Nearly a week later, Koskian finally convinced the Sith to release him, after his Apprentice Anarya confirmed that it was her Master. Koskian was partially certain that she knew after the first meeting, but that she had taken the opportunity to 'get back' at her Master. Freed from captivity, the now fuzzy Obelisk began tracking his escaped body, only to be called away to the crusade to retake Antei, wondering how he would explain this situation to his superiors.

Odd Weapons, for a Jedi

Koskian is viewed with much amusement by many Elders of the Brotherhood for his reliance on strange weapons. Primarily this is due to his creative use of plastic cutlery known as 'sporks', a spoon/fork hybrid utensil found in fast food restaurants across the galaxy as a cost reducer. Various manipulations of the Force allow Koskian to shape and mold these plastic utensils into weapons of war to be used in battle. Among his creations, some of the more notable were:

Spword - A plastic sword, usually about three feet in length, hardened to steel like quality, and a razore edge.

Spip - A surprisingly mallebale, six to eight foot length of plastic cable, that would be used as a whip.

Spaltrops - One of his more devious creations, several sporks combined could make a 'spaltrop' which would have three to four inch spikes that easily penetrated most foot wear.

Koskian and his sporks

His other happily perferred weapon is the short barrled shotgun he lovingly refers to as 'Lucy', and it has seen combat many times. While most view a weapon using solid ammunition obsolete, Koskian views it more as 'creative', in that it's almost impossible to deflect a double load of buckshot pellets, compared to the number of blaster bolts most weapons fire. Among other things, he's used the weapon with solid slugs, inciderary rounds, and on one occasion blanks just to fool with an opponent.

Many attribute this eccentric trait to insanity, and Koskian has never really denied it.

Noble Holdings

In his service to Scholae Palatine, Koskian has been rewarded with a Title of Nobility, which has entitled him to holdings and other honors.


The current holdings of Marquess d'Tana can be broken up into three sections, the parcel of land in The Heart of Caina formation, a site of sentimental importance to him, his villa within the city of Daemon, and his Mansion, Casa de Tana, on the outskirts of Cervus.

The land parcel near the Heart of Caina site is still littered with debris and prefabrication buildings from the beachhead of the reclamation campaign against the Aliens. Koskian lead Dorimad Sol in the campaign, and claimed the area when given the option to own land on the planet.

The villa, within the underground city of Daemon, he uses when on business in the capital city of Caina. It's a simple home, containing only a master bedroom, a guest room, meditation chamber, and a training room, as well as a small office with communications equipment.

Casa de Tana, near the recovering town of Cervus, it is Koskian's primary lodging. Standing two stories tall, white marble walls surround the compound, including a landing area to the side of the mansion, capable of servicing several small freighters and fighters at a time. The manor house is home to over a dozen support staff, including the Marquess Honor Guard. Koskian had a fully functional communications center installed as well, so as to coordinate his business efforts from home. It's from the Casa that he does business with the town of Cervus, trading services and favors for supplies and tradesman to help rebuild.

Honor Guard

At the current Title of Marquess, Koskian is allowed three official Honor Guards to accompany him on official business with the Clan. Instead of taking on men from the Clan military who volunteered for such service, forgoing this, Koskian chose men from his past he could trust with such duties.

Grid Tropin, Captain of the Honor Guard, a Kuati man who was formerly a part of the Clan's space force, he was discharged for insubordination during the battle surrounding Jusadiah, when Scholae Palatine came to the aide of Plagueis against the Aliens. During this battle, Grid and Koskian met, and the young Ensign proved his worth to the Primarch. He is incredibly proficient with computer systems, and is a natural shot with a rifle, and has the most amazing luck of any Human Kosk has ever met.

Cronar Stouls, of Tanaab, and Saffas Monor of Iridionia, both comrades that ran in Koskian's gang as a teenager in Lower Pandath. Cronar acts as Koskian's official body guard, and is a giant of a man, standing almost seven feet in height, and weighing at almost three hundred and fifty pounds. Despite his size, the man is quick, and capable of physically destroying most opponents swiftly. Saffas is just under six feet tall, and lanky. Fast and silent, he's incredibly talented with a knife, as well as the arts of espionage, sabotage, and generally not being seen.

Teaching the Young

Over the years, Koskian has had many Apprentices.

  • Gavin Dahl d'Tana
  • Raidoner
  • Elessar/Wolvie
  • Diablos
  • Yan Lao
  • Rhexor
  • Devani
  • Etah
  • Joshua Santhe
  • Anarya
  • Karean