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House Qel-Droma
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34 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Qel-Droma


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"The Shadows of History Haunt Us..."
―House motto

House Qel-Droma is one of two multi-order Houses serving within the Shadow Clan Arcona. The House is led by current Questor Tali Sroka with the assistance of Sofila "Sagitta" Douve Armis as Aedile. Currently there are two active Battleteams within Qel-Droma: Shadow Gate, led by Zujenia and Styx, led by Myrji Ka Sol Erinos.

History of Qel-Droma

Arcona's Ascension and Fall

During the reign of Grand Master Khyron, a Dark Jedi House was formed in the system where Ulic Qel-Droma had seen his last battle. The House was named Arcona and its first leader was Sith Warrior Donitz. Donitz however never made it to the day to see his House fully established as the day before the Grand Master was to give his official approval and blessing, he disappeared into the nothingness of Space, never to be seen again. Instead of him, Krath Pontifex Gilkane was instated into the position of Quaestor, aided by Obelisk Warrior Dreadnaught. Arcona was blessed with a large amount of talent and immediately seized Right of Supremacy among all Houses in the next vendetta. After the vendetta, Pontifex Gilkane resigned to go into the wilderness and work on his own Force understanding and Dreadnaught was called upon to establish a new House's presence elsewhere. So the leadership of Arcona fell to Krath Priestess Lioness. Lioness was eager and talented, but she had ideas not in accordance with what the Dark Council expected and was in the end forced to resign her leadership. No replacement was appointed and House Arcona began to crumble.

Nighthawk and the New Arcona

It was several months later that a young and loyel Jedi Hunter named Nighthawk approached the Dark Council with the request for permission to rebuild the presence that had once been House Arcona. He had the support of Lioness' former Aedile, Sith Warrior Shark, and together they began a steady process of growth. In less than a year, what had been a dead House was a flourishing assembly of 70 Dark Jedi of all ranks and so it was decided to expand Arcona into a Clan. Two new Houses were formed, House Galeres on Garrida and, on the other inhabitable world of the Coronoda system, Mar Sala, a House was established to bear his name. Sith Warrior Shark was the first Quaestor of House Qel-Droma while Nighthawk was now Consul of Arcona.

Oriens Obscurum and the Reordering

While Arcona was prospering, a neighboring Clan, Scholae Palatinae, was doing far less well. They had deteriorated to a point where barely more than a single House's worth of Jedi were left and thus it was decided to downgrade the Clan to a House. This House was then given to Clan Arcona. Many talented members, especially veteran Sith called this House their home and it became a great asset to the Clan. Then came the day when Grand Master Khyron ordered the most massive restructuring the Dark Brotherhood had ever seen. No longer were Houses to have members of all three Orders but they were to concentrate their powers on one Order and its abilities, with a Clan having one Krath House, one Sith House and one Obelisk House. House Galeres had traditionally been strong with Obelisk members and had DJM Blazer, a former CoG as their Quaestor, so it was natural for them to become the Obelisk House. Qel-Droma was as natural a choice for Krath given their namesake and location, so House Oriens Obscurum became Sith. Archpriest Gavron became the first Quaestor of the restructured House Qel-Droma.

Lord Thedek's Reign

These incidents fell just before Grand Master Khyron retired. In his place, Lord Thedek was appointed Grand Master. As a result of his ascension, Nighthawk was appointed Master at Arms and Gavron was chosen as the new Consul for Arcona. The new Quaestor of Qel-Droma was Joker, although he unfortunately had to relinquish the post shortly after appointment due to a ship collision that left him out of commission for several months, nearly killing him. Following in his footsteps were Frost (aided by AED Zander) and then Alex d'Tana (with KPN Voranyen as Aedile). In this time, House Qel-Droma had two Krath Phyles, the Dark Orb Phyle and the Loreseekers. Following a gradual decline in membership, the Loreseekers were closed, leaving Dark Orb as the only Phyle in House Qel-Droma.

The Rise of Mejas Doto

While the resignation of Lord Thedek and the ascension of Lord Zoraan to the Iron Throne had little effect on the House, it still marked the timeline. Some time after Zoraan had assumed rulership, House Qel-Droma had again regrown somewhat. A second Phyle was reinstated under the command of Jedi Hunter Cyrax Lionheart, but Cyrax never made it to any exploits as he was one day found dead in his chambers. Succeeding him was Proselyte Kaiann, a recent graduate of the Shadow Academy. At the same time, Alex also resigned and am ambitious young Archpriest, named Mejas Doto, was appointed the new Quaestor of Qel-Droma. Dark Orb Phyle remained in the capable hands of Krath Priest D'hak and Pontifex Voranyen continued on as Aedile.

Another Haunting Visit

Around these days, the Cathedral found itself in uproar again. Several younger Jedi had apparitions, especially of Ulic Qel-Droma and those who had been killed centuries ago. In a dreadful night, Qel- Droma came back to once again haunt the place he died, leaving two Proselytes dead before finally being dispatched by the joint efforts of the Quaestor and several of the younger Jedi. They recognized the meaning of Kasal Diglapari's prophecy and thus it was decided to name the second Phyle Hell's Gatekeepers.

The Krath Rite of Supremacy and the Exodus

Little of the history is known, lost in the times of war. The Exodus was particularly painful for the House as they fled their old home, carrying with them everything they could muster in that short time. Most of the old knowledge the House had was lost to the Emperor's Hammer, what they did save is stored, safely in the Qel-Droman archives within the Phantom Complex.

Phantom Complex

The rebuilt House Qel-Droma headquarters, referred to as Phantom Complex, is located within a secret pocket within the massive asteroid known as Port Ol'Val. Having been discovered by the members of Qel-Droma during a routine mission, this small hold-out was expanded into a massive structure after the obliteration of the House Qel-Droma temple.

Complex Proper

The Phantom Complex, named such by the fact that while the house presence is rumored, it remains unconfirmed by the general populace, yet the entire asteroid is within the grasp of Qel-Droma, is split into 4 different levels concealed between the Jerem Plaza and the Minefield quadrants. Once a small holdout for a fledgling Black Sun lieutenant, the complex had been greatly expanded to house the Qel-Dromans after the destruction of their previous temple by the Yuuzhan Vong.

On the eastern facing ends of the complex, nearest the Minefield, any viable ores were removed and minerals that would be sought after were corrupted by the Sith Alchemists to render them unusable. Electro-Magnetic pods were also placed in concealed locations, to cause disruptions in the automatic mining droids, causing them to short-circuit or even in two separate instances, turn on their handlers. After a number of equipment malfunctions, failed geological survey tests and the loss of three groups of miners, the closest shafts near the complex were abandoned.

The northern face of the complex is near the southern-most face of the Jerem Plaza cavern. Most of the buildings along that rock wall are either owned or under the influence of the Arconans, which prevents any further expansion south by the Jerem Plaza enterprises.

The headquarters is unique among the structures of Ol’Val in many respects. First and foremost it is the only complex that is completely concealed from the general public. Well placed sources in the Ol’Val administration keep the complex completely off any charts or survey maps. Another unique trait is that it is the only structure that spans from near the topmost surface to the bottom of the asteroid. The final unique trait is the extensive rail system that connects to up to three separate exit points in various structures in every zone in Ol’Val, making the headquarters the secret center of the planetoid.

Notable Qel-Droma Members

  • Mejas Doto
  • Vassan Rokir
  • Khobai Wrathraven
  • JaM3z Lucius Entar
  • Cyris Oscura
  • Strategos Thanatos Entar
  • Timeros Caesus Entar
  • Sashar Erinos Arconae
  • Orv Desserx
  • Marick Arconae

House Summit Chronology

Quaestors and Aediles
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates
Gavron Voranyen
Gavron Khobai Wrathraven
Khobai Wrathraven Joker
Joker Hearn
Frost Hearn
Frost Zander
Alex d'Tana Voranyen
Mejas Doto Voranyen
Mejas Doto Kaiann
Shadonyx VKaiann
Denath Ciarus Enahropes Entar
Enahropes Entar Anshar 10/01 - 02/02
Anshar Paladorion Teranioklon Entar 02/02 - 11/02
Elliad Gavron Paladorian Teranioklon Entar 11/02 - 01/03
Mejas Doto JaM3z Lucius Entar 01/03 - 03/03
JaM3z Lucius Entar Tissaya Luna Argat 03/03 - 09/03
Tissaya Luna Argat Cyris Oscura 09/03 - 11/03
Azazel Djo`tarr Alex Feng Long 11/03 - 11/03
Azazel Djo`tarr Strategos Thanatos Entar 11/03 - 02/04
Strategos Thanatos Entar Vassan Rokir 02/04 - 05/04
Cyris Oscura Vassan Rokir 05/04 - 06/04
Vassan Rokir Arcturus Xyler 06/04 - 08/04
Mejas Doto (Interim) N/A 08/04 - 09/04
Denath Ciarus Halcyon Rokir 09/04 - 11/04
Ktulu Mizheray Xyler Frost 11/04 - 02/05
Strategos Thanatos Entar Paladorion Teranioklon Entar 02/05 - 05/05
Denath Ciarus Blade Dranal 05/05 - 08/05
Valnir Kayvaan Tiberian Ark Dowell 08/05 - 09/05
Xander Drax Drodik Va'lence al'Tor 10/07 - 10/07
Xander Drax Quejo Drakai Xyler 10/07 - 12/07
Quejo Drakai Xyler Orv Dessrx 12/07 - 03/08
Zandro Savric Erinos Tirano Yamayura 03/08 - 06/08
Tyren Atema Tirano Yamayura 06/08 - 07/08
Vorion Tirano Yamayura 07/08 - 09/08
Taigikori Aybara Legorii Kryotek Entar 09/08 - 03/09
Legorii Kryotek Entar Arcturus Xyler 03/09 - 06/09
Legorii Kryotek Entar Sanguinius Tsucyra 06/09 - 11/29
Celahir Erinos Sanguinius Tsucyra 11/09 - 02/10
Celahir Erinos Driftan Housan 02/10 - 05/10
Driftan Housan Talos Erinos 05/10 - 07/10
Marick Del'Abbot Dralin Fortea 04/11 - 07/11
Marick Del'Abbot Invictus 07/11 - 12/11
Invictus Solus Gar 12/11 - 01/12
Invictus Socorra Erinos 01/12 - 06/12
Socorra Erinos Scelestus 06/12 - 01/13
Socorra Erinos Valhavoc 01/13 - 07/13
Legorii Kryotek Entar Montresor 07/13 - 09/13
Ernordeth Puer-Irae Nikola Valtiere 09/13 - 4/14
Nikola Valtiere Alaris Jinn 04/14 - 09/14
Nikola Valtiere Turel Sorenn 09/14 - 12/14
Turel Sorenn Celevon Edraven 12/14 - 03/15
Strategos Thanatos Arconae Celevon Edraven 03/15 - 06/15
Celevon Edraven Terran Koul 06/15 - 03/15
Celahir Erinos Terran Koul 03/15 - 06/24
Terran Koul 06/25 - 08/24
Terran Koul K'tana 08/24 - Present


  • Has been closed several times before, but always rises from the shadows to become a strong presence in the Clan once more.
  • Previously led by several Consuls of the Clan
  • Has a long history of association with the ACC, with Combat Masters Xizor, Cyris and Timeros all having been HQD members prior to their appointment along with former Quaestor Invictus having been a Combat Master prior to joining HQD. Furthermore, previous Quaestor Socorra Erinos was a Judge in the ACC. Marick Arconae has also been the main assistant to Combat Master Mav in the re-creation of the ACC. Ernordeth has also assisted in the new ACC material, exam, closed beta, and a judge for the open beta.

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