Zratis Arms Corporation

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Zratis Arms Corporation
Organizational information

Wuntila Arconae

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Board of Directors

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Arms manufacturer

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Chronological and political information

33 ABY



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The Zratis Arms Corporation - or Z.A.C as it is often known - was established in 33 ABY by Wuntila Arconae in an attempt to reduce Clan Arcona's expenditure, and is now the single largest arms manufacturer operating inside of the Dajorra System. Z.A.C is best known as the manufacturer of the KX-80 Blaster Rifle, the Erinos Plasma Projector-2 Assault Carbine (EPP-2), the Lancer Projectile Rifle Mark 1 (LPR-1), and the Erinos Adhesive Grenade (EAG).



With the discovery of solidified/crystallied Tibanna on Sukhur in 33 ABY, Wuntila Arconae established a small manufacturing plant in Korda called Selenian Armaments. After liaising with Zainab Mining Enterprise in order to gain a monopoly on the mined resource, and with help from then Quaestor of House Galeres, Cethgus Entar, Wuntila was able to fund the project with credits siphoned from Galeres' resources in order to reduce the cost of personal ranged weaponry in the unstable economic climate that followed the War of Unification.

Zratis Arms Corporation HQ in Naruba City, Selen - (35 ABY)

The plant began by manufacturing replicated mass-production firearms with the help of former employees and weapons developers from both Merr-Sonn Minutions Inc. and BlasTech Industries. House Galeres soon began operating at a much higher profit margin and was being equipped with the most up-to-date weaponry.

As Selen's population recovered from the Yuuzhan Vong and the War of Unification, stability began to return, and with it came the problems that once plagued the city of Korda. Spice distributors (mainly Ryll and Glitterstim) returned to Subterranean Korda, and with the increase in gang violence and warfare came a huge demand for weaponry. When Selenian Armaments opened its doors to private trade, supply could not keep up with demand. By 34 ABY Selenian Armaments was turning over roughly 300,000 credits in profit each fiscal term, which was an unprecedented growth rate of almost 700%. What is more, this figure was stunted by Selenian Armaments' inability to meet demand.

Market Leader

By mid-34 ABY, Wuntila decided to capitalise on the potential lost revenue and sought the financial aid of Naruba Investments to expand the manufacturing plants and establish a Galactic Headquarters. Selenian Armaments acquired more and more of the small-scale weapons manufacturers in Korda and became a legal entity, adopting the name Zratis Arms Corporation as an homage to Elspeth Zratis Kelmari, Wuntila's birth mother.

In early 35 ABY, the Zratis Arms Corporation announced its expansion into the Heavy Ranged Weaponry, explosive and armour-smithing industries. A new Corporate Headquarters was set up in Naruba City and Z.A.C was floated on the Selenian stock market. Shortly thereafter, Wuntila was approached by Sashar Arconae - his mentor and guide during his time in Arcona - and asked to create prototype weaponry for Soulfire Strike Team. Early concepts of the KX-80 Blaster Rifle, and the Erinos Plasma Projector-2 Assault Carbine (EPP-2) went to manufacture and were tested to the extreme in the advent of the Invasion of New Tython in late 35 ABY. Sashar and then Consul of Clan Arcona, Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae died during the invasion, however, the development of Soulfire's weaponry continued.

In 36 ABY, the Zratis Arms Corporation had a monopoly on all arms manufacture in the Dajorra System, and had a fiscal profit of between 125-127 million credits.

The Organisation


Given the explosive nature of the Zratis Arms Corporation's emergence into Selen's business market, the Corporations administrative policy is still very much in its infancy. Nevertheless, with the input of Naruba Investments and Zainab Mining Enterprise, and with the backing and endorsements the InterGalactic Banking Clan have bestowed upon the Zratis Arms Corporation, a number of directors were approached to help streamline and stabilise the administrative practice of the Z.A.C.

Board of Directors


In 36 ABY, the Zratis Arms Corporation announced that it would be developing a prototype of the Dar'Verd Combat Environment Suit Mark 2 (DV-CES-2).