Naruba Investments

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Naruba Investments
Organizational information
Led by:
  • Board of Directors - (Summit of Arcona)
Primary role(s):
Major products:
  • Capital finance
  • Property investment
  • Minerals trading
  • Portfolio management
Chronological and political information

14 ABY

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"Everything about Naruba Investments screams "Imperial Remnant". My guess is that it's cover for some hushed-up organization. That said, it's particularly good cover."
New Republic Intelligence Service factfile on Naruba Investments

"I submit that Naruba Investments is simply too powerful an entity to be controlled by one or several individuals. It's reckless use by traitors such as Demosthenes and Arcturus Xyler is proof of that. Because of this, I will liquidate certain aspects of the company to facilitate a smooth transition of power following this unfortunate series of events."
Mejas Doto, following the Arcona Civil War of 23 ABY

"Your future, our hands."
― Company slogan

Naruba Investments is an independent financial service, generating upwards of one billion Republic Credits in business per fiscal year since it's formation. The firm, which has offices in Naruba City, Estle City and the Financial District of Coruscant, carries out financing for capital ships to private military concerns, most notably Synergy Inc. and Kryotek Industries. It also trades in aurodium and other materials on various stock markets. In the past, Naruba Investments also carried heavy weapons manufacturing divisions, together with shipping and freight services. However, these were both dissolved under the management of Mejas Doto in favor of a more streamlined approach to business. While the company is exceptionally profitable, it is, in reality, a front for Arcona.

Staff & Mandate

The company's staff is made up almost entirely of Arcona's members. To that end, the Board of Directors is also the Summit of Arcona. When formed, then-Quaestor of House Galeres Arcturus Xyler made it clear that the company's mandate was to launder funds and assets seized by Arcona. The existence of Naruba Investments has been hidden from the rest of the Dark Brotherhood, the general consensus being it is simply too profitable to be shared with the rest of the Clans. It's uses are varied; primarily, it acts as a disguise for agents of Arcona when on assignment in the Core Worlds as the company has offices on Coruscant. As such, when members of House Qel-Droma begin a mission, the staging point is almost always located within the Financial District of Coruscant, specifically, Naruba Investments' corporate headquarters.

Board Of Directors

While Arcturus Xyler is the Chief Executive of the company, it's operations and directives come exclusively from the Clan Summit. However, the day-to-day management is overseen by the Muun accountant, Eli Naruba.

Assets & Operating Budget

Naruba Investments focuses on maintaining the property portfolio of Arcona. During the Arcona Civil War of 23ABY, the company secured financing for the military efforts of Galeres-Qel-Droma Junta, led by Demosthenes and Arcturus Xyler. However, following the Giletta incident, management of Naruba Investments was wrested from Arcturus Xyler by Mejas Doto and Vassan Rokir. It was the decision of the Consul to liquidate sections of the company that were used against them, primarily heavy weapons manufacturing. Following this, Mejas Doto assumed the title of Chief Executive and hid the existence of the company from the entire Dark Brotherhood, including Arcona. In 29ABY, Arcturus Xyler resumed his position as Chief Executive and ordered the recapitalization of Naruba Investments by means of successful cooperation with Synergy Inc.. Today, both companies enjoy a healthy and profitable relationship - Synergy Inc. offers capital finance on its products through Naruba Investments.

The company's operating budget is a closely-guarded secret, however, rumors within Arcona place it somewhere close to one billion credits. Chief Financial Officer Eli Naruba posted profits to one of its parent company's, in excess of 950,000,000 credits for the fiscal year. It can be assumed that the missing credits were skimmed and utilised by Arcona for day-to-day operations and running costs. The assets of Naruba Investments include the entire Arcona Fleet, the headquarters and buildings attached to House Qel-Droma, House Galeres and various personal ships owned by members of Arcona. As a member of the Clan, all funds and properties are essentially owned by Naruba Investments, the company acting as a laundering service.


As the corporate front for House Qel-Droma and Arcona as a whole, Naruba Investments also acts as funding for it's operations. In the last fiscal year, it is estimated that Arcona spent approximately 50,000,000 credits to finance its efforts. It also offers finance packages to customers for Synergy Inc. and also to other companies in the Core and Outer Rim. This, coupled with trading in minerals such as aurodium and nova crystals, ensures that there is a sufficient revenue stream for Arcona's operations.


Naruba Investments' corporate headquarters are located on Coruscant. However, the majority of its dealings take place on Selen, specifically within the corporate offices in Naruba City. During the Incursion, the company's non-Jedi staff were evacuated to the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II for the duration of the emergency. Eli Naruba was posted in the Financial District during the hostilities. The Board of Directors suspended trading and closed all open deals during the alien assault in order to protect it's assets from destruction. At the moment, the company remains on hiatus following the outcome of the Incursion. It is believed that the company will play a major role in future conflicts as it's existence becomes more widespread throughout the Dark Brotherhood.


  • Arcturus Xyler wrote the background for Naruba Investments.
  • The logo's "N" was taken from Arcona's emblem.