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Production information


Technical specifications

1,040 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 10
Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS

  • Heavy turbolasers (40: 10 fore, 10 aft, 10 port, 10 starboard)
  • Turbolasers (40: 10 fore, 10 aft, 10 port, 10 starboard)
  • Ion cannons (20: 5 fore, 5 aft, 5 port, 5 starboard)
  • Assault concussion missile tubes (8, turreted)
    • 30 missiles each
  • Tractor beam projectors (8: 3 fore, 2 port, 2 starboard, 1 aft)
  • Gravity well generators (4)
  • 2,795 crew
  • 244 gunners
Minimum crew:



1,600 troops

Cargo capacity:
  • 15,000 Metric Tons

Six months


Arcona Expeditionary Force Flagship


Clan Arcona

Known owner(s):

Clan Arcona

Known commander(s):

31 ABY

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The Nebula-class Star Destroyer Invicta is the current flagship of the Arcona Expeditionary Force. Assigned to Clan Arcona following the Reclamation of Antei from the Jedi and remaining Yuuzhan Vong in 31 ABY, the Invicta has participated in nearly every action of the Arcona Navy Corps since. Named after the rallying cry popularized during the conflict, many Arconans see it as the physical representation of their victory. Since 36 ABY, the Invicta has possessed a quartet of gravity well generators.

Vessel Info

The Nebula-class Star Destroyer is one of the most powerful warships to result from the New Republic's New Class Modernization Program, and the Invicta is no different. While it is only 1,040 meters long, the Nebula was designed to be the equal of an Imperial II-class vessel. There have been few interior modifications to the Invicta to differentiate her from her sisters, primarily in barracks for troops and Dark Jedi and the conversion of a few compartments into meditation chambers and databases. The ship does however also incorporate the upgraded Verpine integrated combat systems that were pioneered on the vessels first procured by the Brotherhood as part of operation Tempest Bravo in 27 ABY.


The Invicta orbiting New Tython.

Initially the Invicta did not see much in the way of combat from the time she entered Arconan service. She arrived in the Dajorra System after the planets had been purged of lingering Yuuzhan Vong, and the conflicts that the Brotherhood engaged in both externally and internally in the years that followed offered less opportunity for fleet actions then the battles in the years previously. The Invicta was deployed with the rest of the Arconan forces during the Invasion of Salas V where she served mostly as transport for ground forces and oversaw their deployment. The following conflict between the orders was also fought mostly on Antei itself, and yet again the Invicta saw no real space combat.

All of that would change during the Brotherhood's Attack on New Tython and the Jedi of Odan-Urr. The Invicta was the lead ship to engage the Jedi defenders, easily sweeping aside the paltry space forces defending the planet. She seemed once again destined for the same sort of role that she played during the operations over Salas V, but the arrival of additional forces to defend the Jedi changed that. A unit of Mandalorian mercenaries known as the Ge'tal Gaan entered the system under orders from Michael Halcyon and immediately engaged the forces of the assembled Clans and Houses. A large portion of the opposing fleet exited hyperspace nearly atop the Invicta and her support ships, putting the ship and her crew directly into the heart of the battle.

The Invicta held her own against the smaller but more numerous enemy ships, specifically focusing fire on many of the Mandalorian transports attempting to reach the planet below. Without that swift action, it is likely that the Arcona Army Corps forces on the ground would have faced far stiffer resistance. As the battle progressed, both sides seemed to take the upper hand at various points. The tide would turn decisively to the side of the Dark Jedi, however, when ships under the command of Darth Ashen himself made a micro-jump into the battle from the position they had been holding on the fringe of the system. The Invicta and her escorts served to complete the second half of a crossfire that pinned in the enemy ships, and caught between hammer and anvil the Mandalorian fleet was routed.

Artist rendering of the NSD Invicta with the newly installed Gravity Wells

During the Horizons conflict against forces led by former Grand Master Zoraan, the Invicta saw significant action against a large fleet of mercenaries that invaded the Dajorra system. After a hard fight, the Arconans managed to defeat the invading enemy forces. The Invicta, as with most of the Arconan naval forces, took a little damage, though nothing severe enough to require anything other than minor repairs.

However, the Creeping Darkness, the AEF's Interdictor, was damaged beyond repair. All major systems had been obliterated and structurally the ship had become damaged beyond the point of it being cost effective to repair. Upon careful examination by the Engineering Corps it was found that two if the gravity wells could be sufficiently repaired and were salvaged. During the repair process on the Invicta, Consul Wuntila ordered that the non-functioning gravity wells be transferred to the Invicta and repaired. Two brand new well generators were also fitted onto the ship, giving the Invicta a total of four.

During the refit, Arcona's fleets were reorganised, putting the Invicta in the Arcona Second Fleet, where it serves as the flagship. In 38 ABY, the old fleet layout was restored, returning the Invicta to the Arcona Expeditionary Force


The fighter complement, excluding the 12 Dark Jedi pilots of Void Squadron, form Arcona Expeditionary Force Wing I. Wing I is commanded by Zilghar Graviell.

There are also 18 Armored Interface Craft-4, arranged into Epsilon and Zeta transport groups.

Troop Complement

The troop complement attached to the Invicta forms the tenth division of the Arcona Army Corps. It is commanded by Major Bernard Hyleas.

  • 22 Infantry Squads - 220 Troops
  • 22 Heavy Trooper Squads - 220 Troops
  • 3 Scout Squads - 30 Troops
  • 3 Medic Squads - 30 Troops
  • 5 Engineer Squads - 50 Troops
  • 3 Droideka Squads - 6 Units
  • 4 Special Forces Squads - 16 Troops
  • 3 Wilderness Fighters Squads - 30 Troops
  • Erinos Clan



  • Named after Arcona's rally cry, "Arcona Invicta!".
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