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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description









Emerald green

Personal Information

Celevon Edraven, Rrogon Skar, Marick Arconae, Atty, Timeros

Lightsaber Color(s):

Heresy Hilt, in Krath Purple, violet blade.

Lightsaber Form(s):



Inquisitorious Stiletto

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information





Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona, House Qel-Droma

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae

Known apprentices:




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K'tana is the M.I.A. former Aedile of House Qel-Droma. She has been replaced by [Maenaki Dalevi'in] by her request.

The violet and vibrantly violent Inquisitorious Savant Twi'lek Shadow is of House Qel-Droma, Clan Arcona and (her writer) has a lust for pronouns. This - once volatile - young woman is someone who very much deals with extremes. She lives to see others beset by emotion, be it rage, lust or joy. Perhaps with the hope to trigger those powerful feelings in herself that seem to be broken or hiding. K'tana fluctuates between having little-to-no attention span, acting out to test boundaries, to being focused and intently dutiful. This is her way of getting to know people.

Early Life

K'tana was born into a Twi’lek clan on Ryloth, a planet well known for its cultivation of of slaves. At a very young age she was sold into the services of a pleasure cruiser owned and operated by a Hutt of particular tastes, know by K’tana as ‘The Slug Mistress'. By the age of fourteen, K'tana had earned the title 'Little Slave Queen' due to her reputation as a loyal and fanatical servant to the Hutt.

Although K'tana adored this title, she found the emptiness that came with it to be disturbing. She murdered other slaves who seemed unworthy or disloyal to the Hutt, hoping to prove her worth and earn more power over the other slaves. She yearned for a set of distinguishing tattoos; meant to mock those who were tattooed as property. The Slug Mistress frequently mutilated faces of ill tempered servants, but she made sure that her favored Twi'lek would remain beautiful and had the teenager tattooed with flattering damson contours on her cheeks. From there, each new spot added to her long lekku was a symbol of her loyalty and the deference paid to her by the Slug.

At eighteen, K'tana found out about a conspiracy involving a male Twi'lek slave and she chose to resolve the threat with coercion, manipulation and savage brutality. The young woman used her feminine wiles to lure the man responsible into the Hutt’s entertainment room. There, K’tana forced the man to confess before she violently murdered him before the eyes of her owner and the patrons of the ship.

Soon thereafter, the Twi’lek was found by her first Master. The Slug Mistress had deemed K'tana too dangerous to live and sentenced her to death for her volatile and unpredictable nature. Before a single shot was fired, her new Master came aboard the ship. He murdered nearly everyone on the vessel, blowing up the Hutt with a grenade before dragging K’tana, kicking, screaming and emotionally devistated, into Clan Arcona.

K'tana's favorite way to blow off steam


"My name is Ka'talik. You may call me K’tana or Gate Warden. I will no longer be designated by a lower *status*. Not by you and not by anyone else."


"Beauty is a curse to a caring woman and a blessing only to whores."

K’tana is a bewitching Twi’lek woman who is of relatively average height(for a short chick) Her lekku end just before the small of her back. She has radiant, violaceous skin, and graceful features which are complemented by spots of damson ink trailing from the contours of her face to the tips of her lekku. From beneath her delicate, perfectly-painted eyebrows, two striking, almond-shaped beryl eyes seem to stare right through whoever catches her gaze. What she may lack somewhat in height, she makes up for in sheer presence and a strangely higher-than-normal pitched voice.

As K’tana spends most of her free time(lolwat) dancing or sparring, her muscles have grown strong and lithe. Were she to coat her skin in paint, she could probably pass off for any of the other Twi’lek seen around the Brotherhood...Unless they were really tall. Short for her height, K'tana wears long heels and tall platforms which accentuate her curves. Dangerous and beautiful, she moves like a poisonous snake; equally as alluring to some as she is repulsive to others. K'tana responds to being looked at with lust or contempt with an impartial soft smirk.

From Slave to Sister, From Student to Friend

The Devil

Inarya: "Why do you allow him to do this?"
K'tana: "I allow him to do as he must as my Master. Being a slave or an Apprentice means little when they're exactly the same. I'm nothing but property. He will do as he wishes."
―K'tana and Inarya talking in the med bay a few hours before the mysterious death of K'tana's first Master

The first Master, an Obelisk by the name of Jaek Kaeth, did very little to instil the young woman with anything other than the use of her body as an object and a punching bag. His combat training involved giving her bruises, broken bones and further breaking her mind to his whim.

During this time, K’tana went from being a hollow and empty teen to a psychotic and chaotic murderess. Through her lessons, she grew into a fractured and insane sadomasochist who enjoys inflicting pain as much as receiving it.

A week before her promotion to Dark Jedi Knight, Jaek’s room mysteriously caught on fire, the blaze engulfing him as he slept and leaving behind little- aside from charred remains and ash. ("myyyyyyyssstterrriiooouuuussssllllyyyyy")

The High Priestess

During the rest of the week leading to her promotion, K’tana’s training was taken over by another Arconan, Inarya. The two Twi’lek’s bonded over more than just their race and horrific pasts. They spoke and acted as sisters; confiding in one-another and watching each others backs. The two former-slave women, having committed murder and arson together, were reluctant to part ways once the new Knight was no longer required to have a Master. Yet Inarya knew that K'tana had to be free to be responsible for herself and in control of her own actions.

Unfortunately, instead of becoming a useful member of Arcona, K’tana panicked over her new-found freedom and fled from Arcona and the Brotherhood. It would be almost a year before she stepped foot on Selen again.


Timeros: "I find your argument unconvincing...There are things that you must learn. If you insist on arguing, I shall teach you new ways to dispute your betters"
K'tana: "Whadd’ya wanna teach me first, Master number three?"
―K'tana and Timeros’ first interaction

It was more than a year later when K’tana returned to Arcona, her insanity having - for the most part - mysteriously diminished. No longer prone to fits of rage, nor flinching when a voice or hand was raised, she was now an exuberant, giggly and lustful creature with little-to-no impulse control. Where once she would have acted cold and distant, she now almost always wore a manic grin.

During the Eleventh Great Jedi War where K’tana proved her herself as a valued member of Arcona and was given second in command of Dark Forge for a short time. Soon after she gleaned a Battlefield promotion and earned her first rank of Equite.

It was during this time K’tana met Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae, the Human male who would, reluctantly, take over her training. He soon found her former Masters had been negligent at best. The Arconae began to forge the scattered-hurricane of a woman into a disciplined Assassin and effective leader. Albeit slowly and with much tension between the two. Somehow the Elder managed to convince the volatile Twi’lek into another leadership position as Battleteam Leader of Shadow Gate, where she currently resides, calling herself Big Mama Twi'lek.

The two share an opposing yet balanced alliance; each bringing more than their fair share of baggage to the table. While precarious, the dichotomy has become a double edged blade that spins end over end--circulating with devastating harmony. K’tana’s lustful nature and Timeros’ repulsion and refusal to let her win keeps the two at arm's-length while still maintaining a somewhat functional mentor and student relationship. Both Master and Apprentice are aware that their alliance will- someday - end with the tip of the blade stuck somewhere unpleasant for either, or both, of them.

The Wheel

K'tana and Atty having girl talk

The Empress


The Hermit

Shadow Gate Cover

Alias Name: Koekie Donder

Physical Description: K’tana is a creature of ego and arrogance. Although she has the ability to change her face, she changes very little. Her tattoo’s fade away, her eyes hide her pupils and become a light shade of violet. When she smiles she has teeth that are pointed like that of a feral animal. Aside from those slight differences, she sees no real point in hiding her face from mundane civilians. Besides, everyone knows all Twi'leks look the same to most humanoids anyway.

Occupation & Skills: Leader of a gang called the 27's, Koekie runs the everyday operations of prostitution and drug peddling. She uses her resources to gather Intel on the underworld dealings on Ol’val and to keep the other gangs under the supervision of Arcona and Shadow Gate. K’tana is a very proficient killer, dancer and entertainer. Koekie is head of a notorious gang that once dealt with the unstable drug, Red Eye. With either persona, people underestimate Twi’leks and K’tana/Koekie uses this to her advantage, allowing her targets to think of her as nothing more than a pretty piece of flesh they can command. Once they are certain of her obedience or impressed by her skills, they usually find the woman smirking in their face with her blade through their throat.

Random K'tana Facts

  • Out of fear that her Master, Timeros, will kill them; K'tana has hidden Liera(Kowakian Monkey-Lizard) in the Felurigade and taken May'riia (year old Rancor) to Felucia. Because of their distance, the bond between Twi'lek and Rancor has dissipated. Although it once hurt K'tana to leave them, she utterly believes they are safe and better off than in the company of cruel and malicious Humanoids.
  • Atyiru's sincerity and compassion are the only reasons why K'tana would so willingly die to protect the her Shadow Lady.
  • K'tana's style (when not in INQ Robes) is what I think Deadpool's fetishy Rule63 would wear if she needed to murder baddies in style.
  • She rarely drinks and only does drugs recreationally.
  • K'tana feels fear every single time she ends up spending five-minutes with Timeros and as his student, that happens often. There are few things as powerful and utterly devastating as terror, other than the need to resist ones own fight-or-flight response in order to survive. This tempering of her resolve has emotionally numbed the Twi'lek and she now inwardly enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with being afraid. It's the only thing that reminds her she can still occasionally feel something with intensity.
  • She loves feen fruit, combining Basic with Twi'lekki and swearing as much as she possibly can.
  • K'tana does not like cold, broody Human males. She already has several in her life that she tolerates, despite them wielding boring lectures like lethal weapons.
  • She really believes she could one day die of boredom.

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